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More Companies Are Joining 'Tech Exodus' From California (slashdot)

This week Digital Reality data center services announced it was also relocating its headquarters from the San Francisco Bay Area to Texas, citing factors like a low cost of living and "supportive business climate". (Though it will still maintain a "significant" presence in the Bay Area.) And Align Technology (makers of the Invisalign orthodontic dental aligners) also announced it had relocated its global corporate headquarters from San Jose, California to Tempe, Arizona, citing a "favorable co...
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More Companies Are Joining 'Tech Exodus' From California

This week Digital Reality data center services announced it was also relocating its headquarters from the San Francisco Bay Area to Texas, citing factors like a low cost of living and "supportive business climate". (Though it will still maintain a "significant" presence in the Bay Area.) And Align Technology (makers of the Invisalign orthodontic dental aligners) also announced it had relocated its global corporate headquarters from San Jose, California to Tempe, Arizona, citing a "favorable co...
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Boosted by celebrity endorsements and a controversial research program, clinics are peddling stem cell autism treatments questioned by experts

A researcher holds a box containing vials of human embryonic Stem Cell cultures from the freezer at the Burnham Institute on November 3, 2004 in La Jolla, California. Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images From Central America to Ukraine, unlicensed clinics are offering stem cell therapies as a treatment for autism.  Stem cells used mainly to treat blood disease. Their effectiveness on autism is unproven and the FDA has not licensed their use for the condition. One prominent clinic providing such tre...
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Credible fact checking can effectively reduce vaccine misinformation on social media

Social media misinformation can negatively influence people's attitudes about vaccine safety and effectiveness, but credible organizations -- such as research universities and health institutions -- can play a pivotal role in debunking myths with simple tags that link to factual information, University of California, Davis, researchers, suggest in a new study.
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Can water saving traits help wine survive climate change?

Climate change is expected to make many grape-growing regions too hot and dry to produce high-quality wine from traditional varieties. But scientists at the University of California, Davis, have found that wine grape varieties from regions that are more prone to stress have traits that could help them cope with climate change.
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13 discoveries in the last year have fundamentally altered our understanding of human history

Mikkel Winther Pedersen and other team members sample different archaeological layers in Chiquihuite Cave, Mexico. Mads Thomsen As anthropologists discovered new fossils and artifacts in 2020, our understanding of human history has changed. Thirteen discoveries in particular offered new and sometimes perplexing insights into where we came from and who our ancestors were. This year, researchers found the earliest known example of mating between different human populations, as well as eviden...
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Is it better to give than receive?

Young children who have experienced compassionate love and empathy from their mothers may be more willing to turn thoughts into action by being generous to others, a University of California, Davis, study suggests. Lab studies were done of children at ages 4 and 6.
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The vaccine breakthroughs at Moderna and Pfizer are the latest examples of how immigrants have been driving billions in American innovation for decades

Noubar Afeyan, an immigrant from Lebanon, is the co-founder and chairman of Moderna, the company behind one of the most promising potential COVID019 vaccines. Flagship Pioneering Behind both Moderna and the Pfizer-BioNTech potential coronavirus vaccines are a group of incredible scientists, biotech CEOs, and venture capitalists funding the effort — many of whom are immigrants. Business Insider spoke with Moderna cofounder and chairman Noubar Afeyan, an immigrant himself, abou...
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Can eating mangoes reduce women's facial wrinkles?

A new study from researchers at the University of California, Davis, finds eating Ataulfo mangoes, also known as honey or Champagne mangoes, may reduce facial wrinkles in older women with fairer skin. But too much mango may increase wrinkles.
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Warrior women: New evidence of ancient female big-game hunters

A recent archaeological dig in the Peruvian mountains uncovered evidence of ancient female big-game hunters. This adds to a growing consensus that women played a much bigger role in hunting than previously assumed. Gender assumptions are a constant throughout history, with culture often playing a more important role than biology. You've likely heard it like this: for most of history, women foraged, secured water, and partook in minor agriculture while men went out to hunt. Even if this was the...
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Ancient Remains in Peru Reveal Young, Female Big-Game Hunter

The discovery of a 9,000-year-old female skeleton buried with what archaeologists call a "big-game hunting kit" in the Andes highlands of Peru has challenged one of the most widely held tenets about ancient hunter gatherers -- that males hunted and females gathered.Randy Haas, an archaeologist at the University of California, Davis, and a group of colleagues, concluded in a paper published in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday that this young woman was a big game hunter, who participated ...
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Americans have bought record 17m guns in year of unrest, analysis finds

Sales surged in the spring amid coronavirus fears and climbed higher during protests for racial justiceAmericans have bought nearly 17m guns so far in 2020, more than in any other single year, according to estimates from a firearms analytics company.Gun sales across the United States first jumped in the spring, driven by fears about the coronavirus pandemic, and spiked even higher in the summer, during massive racial justice protests across the country, prompted by police killings of black Ameri...
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More than 100,000 Californians have bought a gun in response to Covid-19 crisis, report finds

Nearly half of the buyers were first-time gun owners, sparking fears about the risk of suicide and accidental injuriesMore than a hundred thousands Californians have bought a gun since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a new report has found, in a surge of gun sales that has experts worried about the risk of suicide and deadly instances of domestic violence.Researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that 110,000 people in California purchased a firearm in direct response to t...
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The distance local energy goes to bring power to the people

A study published today in the journal Frontiers in Sustainability by the University of California, Davis, sheds light on the lengths alternative energy providers go to bring electrical power to customers.
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Pesticides and food scarcity dramatically reduce wild bee population

The loss of flowering plants and the widespread use of pesticides could be a double punch to wild bee populations. In a new study, researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that the combined threats reduced blue orchard bee reproduction by 57 percent and resulted in fewer female offspring.
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UC Davis leads a consortium to develop new treatments for spinal cord injuries

Engineers at the University of California, Davis, will lead a consortium of universities, biomedical startups and nonprofit organizations to develop interventions for spinal cord injuries that can be applied within days of injury to improve long-term outcomes.
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The Democrats Now Face A Historic Opportunity For Structural Change

This article  is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis.  Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death is both a terrible tragedy and a wakeup call to Democrats. The tragedy lies in the loss of one of the country’s greatest jurists and activists, the wakeup call in the reminder that Republicans follow none of the Cold War era customs that too many Democrats — even radicals — call upon, instead of demanding fundamental change. Republicans utilize every constitutionally...
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Masks and face coverings are effective in reducing the spread of airborne particles

Laboratory tests of surgical and N95 masks by researchers at the University of California, Davis, show that they do cut down the amount of aerosolized particles emitted during breathing, talking and coughing.
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Congress' failure to pass a stimulus package carries devastating consequences for millions of unemployed workers and small businesses

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik Congress is gearing up for a major Supreme Court nomination battle, absorbing most of the attention away from another coronavirus relief bill. The GOP's swift action on the court appointment is a stark contrast with its reluctance to approve additional stimulus spending earlier this year. "It's like coasting up a mountain where every further inch that you go, you risk stopping and begin to go backwards," said Ernie Tedeschi, an...
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Wildfire on the rise since 1984 in Northern California's coastal ranges

High-severity wildfires in northern coastal California have been increasing by about 10 percent per decade since 1984, according to a study from the University of California, Davis, that associates climate trends with wildfire.
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Fructose and glucose in high fructose corn syrup deliver a one-two punch to health

Consuming high fructose corn syrup appears to be as bad for your health as consuming sugar in the form of fructose alone, according to a new study from researchers at the University of California, Davis. The study reports health risks related to the type of sugar consumed, but also reveals novel risks when sugars are combined, which has important implications for dietary guidelines.
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People's life goals relate to their personality type, UC Davis study suggests

A new University of California, Davis, study suggests that for the most part, people formulate goals consistent with their personality traits.
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When the Otters Vanished, Everything Else Started to Crumble

In 1970, Jim Estes made his first trek up to Alaska's Aleutian Islands. He was greeted by an ocean filled with furry faces.Everywhere the young biologist looked, there were sea otters -- lollygagging on kelp beds, shelling sea urchins, exchanging their signature squeals. Back then, crowds of these charismatic creatures shrouded the sprawling archipelago, congregating in "rafts and bunches, as many as 500 at once," said Estes, an ecologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz. "There w...
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Fossil turduckens are in the news again

Fossils found within other fossils happen when an animal dies with its undigested prey inside. Cases generally involve prehistoric fish and reptiles, as they tend to swallow prey whole. Scientists working in China have reported finding a thalattosaur inside the stomach of an ichthyosaur species called a guizhouichthyosaurus. This was surprising, because scientists believed there were no megapredators eating other predators at the time. When Ryosuke Motani, a paleontologist at the University o...
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Top 5 factors that make or break a relationship, according to AI

Artificial intelligence discovered key relationship predictors in psychology study of over 11,000 couples.The researchers utilized machine learning to find the best predictors of relationship success and failure.The study showed the survival of a relationship depends more on its quality than individual characteristics of the people. Does it matter more who you love or how you love? A large machine learning study analyzed data from thousands of couples to identify which characteristics are most ...
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Lawsuit Filed Over Rectal Exams For California Prison Guards

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Nearly 200 current and former California correctional officers have filed a lawsuit alleging that they were forced to take unnecessary rectal exams that amounted to sexual assault. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Sacramento County Superior Court against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Sacramento Bee reported Thursday. Several men and women told the Bee that they had been selected to become prison officers, but medical workers at a grou...
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Colleges across the US are turning to outdoor instruction for in-person classes this fall to combat the spread of COVID-19 infections

Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts is turning to outdoor instruction this fall amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark Yarchoan/Shutterstock While many colleges are deciding between in-person or remote classes this fall, Tracey Birdwell, a researcher who studies the design of educational spaces at Indiana University, believes they should consider a third alternative: the outdoors. Birdwell says that outdoor instruction could allow for socially distanced in-person meetups, and im...
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A Quarter of the Alexa Top 10K Websites Are Using Browser Fingerprinting Scripts

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: A browser fingerprinting script is a piece of JavaScript code that runs inside a web page and works by testing for the presence of certain browser features. In an academic paper published earlier this month, a team of academics from the University of Iowa, Mozilla, and the University of California, Davis, has analyzed how popular browser fingerprinting scripts are used today by website operators. Using a machine learning toolkit they developed them...
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Study identifies animal species that may be susceptible to coronavirus

SARS-CoV-2 enters our cells by binding with ACE2 receptors.A study finds many animals may provide a similar point of entry for the infection.COVID-19 has already been seen in a range of non-humans. SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus behind COVID-19, has proven to be a dangerously crafty opportunist that in many ways continues to baffle doctors. As of this writing, the official worldwide tally of humans who have died from it stands at nearly 820,000. As if that's not horrifying enough, a new st...
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Kamala Harris and Barack Obama to warn of Trump's threat to US in DNC speeches – live

Harris to accept Democratic vice-presidential nominationSenator to condemn Donald Trump’s coronavirus responseObama to warn that democracy is on the line in NovemberSign up to our First Thing newsletter 2.24am BST The three young climate activists speaking tonight are Alexandria Villaseñor, in California, Andrew Adamski, in Wisconsin, and Katherine Lorenzo, based in Nevada. In a pre-recorded video, Villaseñor, speaking the arboretum on the campus of the University of California, Davis says: ...
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