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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's vaccine mandate ban won't make airlines or other large businesses drop their plans, legal experts say

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Reuters/Lucas Jackson Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Monday banning vaccine mandates in the state. Legal experts told Insider the order is unlikely to have an impact on large businesses that will have to comply with a proposed federal vaccine mandate. Law professor Dale Carpenter called Abbott's order "more of a political statement than a legal statement." Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order banning vaccine mandates in the state is un...
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"For many years, Yusuf Islam has been pretending he didn’t say the things he said in 1989, when he enthusiastically supported the Iranian terrorist edict against me and others."

"However, his words are on the record, in print interviews and on television programs. … I’m afraid Cat Stevens got off the peace train a long time ago.”: Salman Rushdie emailed Howard Fishman, the author of a long Washington Post article called "The Meaning of Yusuf/Cat Stevens/After a brilliant but turbulent career, he is reemerging on the public stage. How should we feel about him­ — and his music — now?"  Fishman, who is a culture writer, and who clearly wants to be able to indulge hims...
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Doctor who defied Texas abortion ban is sued

By Jamie Stengle | Associated Press DALLAS — A San Antonio doctor who said he performed an abortion in defiance of a new Texas law has been sued by two people seeking to test the legality of the state’s near-total ban on the procedure. Former attorneys in Arkansas and Illinois filed lawsuits Monday against Dr. Alan Braid, who in a weekend Washington Post opinion column became the first Texas abortion provider to publicly reveal he violated the law that took effect Sept. 1. Under the law, the res...
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Maximizing sleep can offer psychological benefit to immigrated Latinx adolescents

While access to mental health services may be limited by financial, logistical and/or practical factors among recently migrated families, a new study by University of Houston psychology researchers suggests that maximizing sleep can offer psychological benefit to adolescents in this at-risk group.
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Carl Jung Offers an Introduction to His Psychological Thought in a 3-Hour Interview (1957)

In the 1950s, it was fashionable to drop Freud’s name — often as not in pseudo-intellectual sex jokes. Freud’s preoccupations had as much to do with his fame as the actual practice of psychotherapy, and it was assumed — and still is to a great degree — that Freud had “won” the debate with his former student and friend Carl Jung, who saw religion, psychedelic drugs, occult practices, etc. as valid forms of individualizing and integrating human selves — selves that were after all, he thoug...
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UH researcher receives $2.7 million grant to detect cancer biomarkers in blood by counting exosomes

University of Houston engineering researcher Wei-Chuan Shih has been awarded $2.7 million from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering to detect cancer biomarkers in blood by counting exosomes.
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Improving access to mental health services in low-income communities

When it comes to improving access to mental health services for children and families in low-income communities, a University of Houston researcher found having a warm handoff, which is a transfer of care between a primary care physician and mental health provider, will help build trust with the patient and lead to successful outcomes.
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A Futurist's View of the Post-Pandemic Workforce

Given that I wrote a book about the rapid transformation of work as we knew it back in 2018, people often ask me what has surprised me about how human capital is evolving today. As a Workforce Institute Board Member, I’d like to share my topline thoughts, some of which have been derived as the result of quantitative research, and others which came about through engagement with organizations and futurist groups such as the Association of Professional Futurists (APF), the Future Today Institute, t...
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UH researchers report new gut–liver drug recycling process

A team of University of Houston pharmaceutical researchers is reporting a newly recognized process of drug metabolism in the intestines - followed by recycling through the liver - that could have important implications for developing treatments for intestinal diseases and for taking multiple medications at the same time.
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Scientists identify new gut-liver drug recycling process

A team of University of Houston pharmaceutical researchers is reporting a newly recognized process of drug metabolism in the intestines - followed by recycling through the liver - that could have important implications for developing treatments for intestinal diseases and for taking multiple medications at the same time.
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University of Houston researchers develop more resilient yeast for cellulosic ethanol

In Texas, Science News reports that University of Houston researchers have developed a more resilient yeast to convert corn stover into ethanol that has yields on a par with producing ethanol from corn kernels. By genetically modifying baker’s yeast, the aldehydes byproduct of the feedstock preprocessing that often kills yeasts and has thus far limited the ability to produce cellulosic ethanol from corn stover and other crop wastes are defused. With the aldehydes converted into alcohol, the toxi...
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The pressure is off and high temperature superconductivity remains

Using a new pressure quenching (PQ) technique at high temperatures to induce superconductivity in iron selenide (FeSe) crystals, superconductivity was achieved by Paul Chu and team at the Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston - and sustained without pressure.
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Have a pandemic plan? Most people did not

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, medical experts have stressed the importance of having a plan in the event of a positive test result. A new study by University of Houston psychologists reveals 96% of healthy, educated adults did not have a comprehensive plan in mind.
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More efficient tests may one day replace endoscopy

A University of Houston biomedical researcher is widening the net, looking for symptoms of other proteins -- not just blood - found elevated in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. The new biomarkers may one day replace the invasive endoscopy to determine what's going on inside the intestines.
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Using the ancient art of Kirigami to make an eyeball-like camera

Using Kirigami, the Japanese art of paper cutting, a mechanical engineer at the University of Houston has developed a camera with a curvy, adaptable imaging sensor that could improve image quality in endoscopes, night-vision goggles, artificial compound eyes and fish-eye cameras.
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Psychology researcher reports existence of discrepancies between dream jobs and employment realities

When it comes to career aspirations for teenagers, a University of Houston psychology researcher believes it's best to shoot for the moon, so you can at least land in the stars. The truth is the moon may sometimes be unreachable.
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The job you want vs. the job you get

The perfect job may remain elusive according to new research from the University of Houston which points to major discrepancies between young people's dream jobs and employment realities.
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Altered microstructure improves organic-based, solid state lithium EV battery

Researchers at the University of Houston, in collaboration with Rice University, published a paper detailing how to improve energy density in a novel electric vehicle battery - a step toward a more cost-effective, easily recycled battery that would allow EVs to travel farther and charge faster at a low cost.
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Does zinc inhibit or promote growth of kidney stones? Well, both

In the first study to validate conflicting theories, a University of Houston researcher has confirmed that the zinc actually does inhibit and promote the growth of kidney stones at the same time.
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A different assessment of "America’s Dangerous Obsession" with innocence on death row

Thirteen years ago, in an article titled , 3 Harv. L.& Pol'y Rev. Online (2008), I explained the basis for my concern that "progressive criminal justice reform efforts concerning innocence issues, abolition of the death penalty, and sentencing disparities may contribute to, and even exacerbate, the forces that have helped propel modern mass incarceration."  That old article feels fresh again upon seeing this new lengthy Atlantic piece by Elizabeth Bruenig titled "America’s Dangerous Obsession W...
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The Legal Profession’s Printing Press is 18 Years Old

The legal profession’s printing press turned eighteen years old on Thursday. More aptly said, WordPress is eighteen.Eighteen years ago, personal publishing to the Web was in its infancy. Google’s Blogger, Six Apart’s Movable Type, Live Journal, and other blogging software powered around around one million blogs.Today, WordPress, co-founded by then college student at the University of Houston, Matt Mullenweg, and Mike Little, is powering over 40% of all sites on the web, 64% of websites with con...
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HFTP Announces 2021 Paragon Award Recipients – Tanya Venegas and Sanjay Nadkarni

Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA and Sanjay Nadkarni, Ph.D. have been selected as the 2021 Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) Paragon Award recipients for their excellent direction of the HFTP Research Centers and their impactful tutelage over hospitality students and HFTP student members. Venegas is Global Head of Customer Success for HotStats, Inc., but had previously served as director/executive director of the HFTP Americas Research Center at the University of Hou...
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A behavioral health care app to address COVID-related health disparities in racial, ethnic populations

A University of Houston researcher is developing a behavioral health care app to address COVID-related health disparities in racial and ethnic populations, where health inequality has been magnified during the pandemic.
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Building a better LED bulb

A University of Houston research team is developing an LED bulb that emits less of that troublesome blue light often associated with health issues. The new bulb will rely on the safer violet segment of the visible light spectrum.
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Does driving wear you out? You might be experiencing 'accelerousal'

If you're an anxious driver, accelerousal may be in your genes. Accelerousal is a term for stress provoked by acceleration events, even small ones. New research from the University of Houston takes a look at the phenomenon.
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Researchers in the Antarctic experience an isolated, confined, extreme environment akin to space - so their lives are ripe for study

The International Space Station as seen by astronauts from NASA's space shuttle Endeavour on February 19, 2010. NASA Experts want to study how astronauts might handle extreme isolation when colonizing another planet. Though replicating the conditions of long-term space travel on Earth is tough, Antarctica is a close proxy. A study found that people working in Antarctica felt decreasing satisfaction and enthusiasm over time. See more stories on Insider's business page. Space and hu...
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Persuading consumers to go green

University of Houston researchers identify messaging formula for businesses to more effectively persuade customers to adopt eco-friendly behavior.
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The Geek in Review Ep. 114: Pablo Arredondo on CaseText’s New WeSearch Tool and How the Neural Net Is Making Its Way Into Legal Information

We hope that you like your Geek in Review with a little extra geekiness this week because we dive in with CaseText’s Chief Product Officer Pablo Arredondo on their innovative search tool, WeSearch.  This completely unique method of indexing texts into what Arredondo calls a “sublimely complex, 768-dimensional vector space”  creates a truly beautiful, and useful method of searching not just the words in the documents, but the concepts and meanings of those documents. Unlike the Artificial Intelli...
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Astronauts' mental health risks tested in the Antarctic

Astronauts who spend prolonged time alone in space face mental health stressors like loneliness, isolation and more. A University of Houston psychologist developed the Mental Health Checklist, a self-reporting instrument for detecting mental health changes in isolated, confined, extreme environments. She's reporting results that show significant declines in positive emotions.
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Life expectancy lower near superfund sites

Living near a hazardous waste or Superfund site could cut your life short by about a year, according to a new study published by a University of Houston engineer. The study is the first nationwide review of all hazardous waste sites and not just the 1,300 sites on the national priority list managed by the federal government.
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