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Get Unlimited Access to 3,000+ Courses for $1: Sign Up for Coursera’s Black Friday Special (Available Until December 4)

The pandemic has lessened the appeal, such as it was, of going out to shop on Black Friday. Of course, for a while there, it precluded the possibility of going out for any reason, even an educational one. Thus the past year or two has seen many all over the world discover the appeal of online learning. Of the platforms already active in that sector, Coursera has perhaps most enthusiastically collaborated with established universities and other educational institutions. The site offers, as previ...
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The government's response to making homeownership more attainable is buying $1 million mortgages

Everyone wants a house right now, and that means Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have to pay up.Newsday LLC / Contributor/Getty Images Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will soon buy mortgages of nearly $1 million in high-priced markets. The higher loan limits — required by law — come as home prices surge at historic pace across the US. The agencies aim to make homes attainable, but they're just catching up to a runaway market. Mortgages are pretty expensive right now. Even the government is shelling...
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Natural COVID-19 infection offers protection from gamma and delta variants of SARS-CoV-2

Natural infection with COVID-19 offered protection from reinfection when the gamma and delta variants predominated, according to a new University of Michigan study that also provides levels of antibodies needed to protect against reinfections.
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Prior infection with SARS-CoV-2 continues to provide protection from reinfection

Researchers from the University of Michigan investigated the correlation between SARS-CoV-2 infection and the severity of reinfections.
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"I remember that day well" — the day Roe was decided — "because it was also the day when former president Lyndon B. Johnson died."

"I was one of the editors of the Michigan Daily, the student newspaper at the University of Michigan, and we had a passionate argument that went late into the evening over which should be our lead story. Should it be legalized abortion across the nation? Or the man who sent tens of thousands of young Americans to die in the Vietnam War? Most of the female editors saw the historic importance of Roe and understood the impact it would have on women’s lives. Most of the male editors — myself include...
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How Can We Improve Mental Health Treatment for Black Youth?

Black youth are more likely to experience stressors that put them at greater risk for mental health challenges. However, their needs are not being adequately addressed by current mental health treatments. Research shows that dropout rates for Black youth in treatment are high, and many standardized treatments are less effective for Black youth than for other groups. These disparities will likely only get worse unless something is done. After all, COVID has disproportionately hurt Black families...
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Everyone's a Grinch this Christmas

It's going to be a Grinchy Christmas.Rey Del Rio/Getty Images Americans have a pessimistic view of the economy right now, and it's making for a Grinchy Christmas. Wealthier shoppers are spending but grumbling about gift availability during the supply shortage. Lower-income shoppers are feeling the burn of inflation and are largely unable to shop. America is running out of Santas, evergreens, and gifts. None of that makes for a very Merry Christmas.Just ask holiday shoppers, many of wh...
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The Drugs Used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans

Many of us living in the parts of the world where marijuana has recently been legalized may regard ourselves as partaking of a highly modern pleasure. And given the ever-increasing sophistication of the growing and processing techniques that underlie what has become a formidable cannabis industry, perhaps, on some level, we are. But as intellectually avid enthusiasts of psychoactive substances won’t hesitate to tell you, their use stretches farther back in time than history itself. “For ...
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A 3-foot-long mammoth tusk hidden on the ocean floor could offer clues about the ancient creatures

Members of the science team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute observe the mammoth tusk.Darrin Schultz © 2021 MBARI Scientists discovered a 3-foot-long mammoth tusk roughly 10,000 feet below the ocean's surface. The deep sea is ideal for preserving remains, though mammoth fossils rarely wind up there. The tusk belongs to a young female mammoth. Scientists are using it for clues about how she lived. To the untrained eye, it may have looked like a giant wood log. In reality, sc...
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Wall Street's verdict is in: the US economy is booming again

Company earnings have consistently beaten Wall Street estimates in the second quarter.JOHANNES EISELE/Getty Images A wave of positive economic data led JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley to boost their growth forecasts Wednesday. The Atlanta Fed's growth tool also improved, hitting Q4 growth will be the strongest since Q3 2020. The estimates suggest the US economy is booming as hiring rebounds and Americans spend big for the holidays. The 2021 recovery is going out with a bang.Economists were fl...
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Bo Schembechler Statue on U-M Campus Defaced With Red Paint

A statue on the University of Michigan campus of legendary football coach Glenn “Bo” Schembechler has been vandalized and a message supporting sexual assault victims of a former sports doctor scrawled on the steps beneath it.
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Study reveals extra burden of COVID-19 adverse events in end-stage kidney disease patients

Patients undergoing long-term dialysis, especially Black and Hispanic patients and those living in nursing homes, were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a nationwide study by University of Michigan researchers.
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Get Unlimited Access to 3,000+ Courses for $1: Sign Up for Coursera’s Black Friday Special (Available Until December 4)

The pandemic has lessened the appeal, such as it was, of going out to shop on Black Friday. Of course, for a while there, it precluded the possibility of going out for any reason, even an educational one. Thus the past year or two has seen many all over the world discover the appeal of online learning. Of the platforms already active in that sector, Coursera has perhaps most enthusiastically collaborated with established universities and other educational institutions. The site offers, as previ...
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Warren accuses GOP senator of 'Red Scare tactics' after he suggests Biden nominee is a communist because of where she was born

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on September 28, 2021.Patrick Semansky-Pool/Getty Images Warren blasted Kennedy after he suggested Biden's nominee for comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova, is a communist. Omarova was born in Kazakhstan during the Soviet era, but came to the US in 1991 and is a citizen. "Sexism, racism, pages straight out of Joe McCarthy's 1950s Red Scare tactics," Warren said in response to Kennedy. Democratic...
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Retired Violin Professor Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charges

Authorities say a longtime University of Michigan violin professor pleaded guilty to transporting an underage girl across states lines for sex back in 2002.
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Republicans are soiling Americans' view of the economic recovery

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell speaks at a press conference alongside Senate Republicans.Alex Wong/Getty Images Democrats and Republicans are extremely split over how they see the US economy. The GOP's pessimism is worse than the depths of the Great Recession, while Democrats are mostly cheery. Republicans see inflation as a major risk, but their general disapproval contrasts with strong hiring and spending in 2021. Americans' spending is surging, GDP has fully rebounded, and ...
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Health Experts Want to Know More About Flu at U-Michigan

Federal health experts are visiting the University of Michigan to learn more about hundreds of flu cases diagnosed by the campus health service.
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Why consumer sentiment just hit a 10-year low even as stocks, housing prices, and the broader economy are at record highs

A consumer shops at a retail store. Nam Y. Huh/AP Photo The University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index fell to a 10-year low on Friday.The decline comes even as the stock market, housing prices, and economic output have hit record highs.Here's why consumers are having a souring outlook on the economy despite recent gains.Consumer confidence fell to a 10-year low on Friday, dropping below the lowest levels seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and approaching the same levels comin...
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Joe Manchin and Larry Summers were both right about inflation but disagree on Biden's agenda. Who's right will determine the path of his presidency and the economy.

Larry Summers, president emeritus of Harvard University (L)/ Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) (R). Joshua Roberts/Reuters; Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Two famous Democrats, Sen. Joe Manchin and Larry Summers, agree on inflation and disagree on Biden's agenda. Manchin thinks Build Back Better will worsen inflation, but Summers thinks the costs of not doing it are huge. While Democrats squabble, Americans are getting angrier and angrier about the economy. Take your standard center-left Democrat.He'...
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How Nature Helps Us Heal

Here’s one silver lining to the pandemic: with gyms, museums, and stores closed, many of us were forced to spend more time outside. I was able to ditch my car and more safely pedal the 3.5 miles on pedestrian-friendly streets to work at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland, where I work practicing hospital medicine. One morning last spring, I was reflecting on how good the ride outside made me feel when I walked in to see a 68-year-old patient with several significant behavioral and med...
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When Rising Revenue Spells Trouble

Readers in industries where the pace of change has slowed and ambiguity has decreased, please stop reading. This post isn’t for you. Everyone still here? Thought so. An interconnected world where technology advances at a dizzying pace and new companies emerge, scale, and decline in the blink of an eye means never a dull moment for corporate leaders. Despite conceptually understanding that this change mandates fresh strategic approaches, Roger Martin (among others) has highlighted the mistakes co...
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Electronic dating violence increases in preadolescence but curves as teens reach adulthood

Electronic dating violence—including electronic harassment, coercion and monitoring—starts increasing in preadolescence but curves as teens reach young adulthood, according to a new University of Michigan study.
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Cool girls don't drink alcohol anymore

Shea Gomez, the founder of No Booze Babes Shea Gomez Young women are using Instagram to show others you can be both "cool" and sober. Retired Party Girl and No Booze Babes are online communities for those rethinking their relationship to alcohol. Alcohol alternative drink sales rose this year, on the heels of the "trendy" sober curious movement. Shea Gomez is a cool girl. Gomez's Instagram feed is a mosaic of her in trendy pink crop tops and dresses, flashing a toothy smile outlined wi...
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The monthly jobs report moves markets, policy, and headlines - but the picture has been distorted by reported figures that haven't kept up with reality

President Joe Biden. Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images Friday's October jobs report showed an economy that is pretty good, adding 531,000 jobs. It revised the figures upward from August and September, too. Preliminary figures have been coming in below revisions, resulting in warped discourse - and policy. This fall, President Joe Biden "gambled" that cutting off federal unemployment benefits would get Americans back to work and help end the labor shortage, but September data "blew a hole" t...
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The Delta wave wasn't as bad for the economy as we thought

Hiring picked up in October - and it wasn't too shabby in August and September either. PeopleImages/Getty The Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly jobs report showed strong hiring in October. But the report also showed that hiring was stronger than originally reported in August and September. Altogether, the report shows Delta didn't pummel the economy as much as expected. October marked what looks like another turning point in America's economy, as recovery roared back and ...
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Ghost of automotive icon confronts his ugly, tragic side in '10 Questions for Henry Ford'

University of Michigan's Andy Kirshner, a noted musician and filmmaker, turns his attention to documentary fiction with a portrait of Henry Ford.        [Author: Detroit Free Press]
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Inflation and increased trust in the GOP to handle the economy are becoming real problems for Democrats

Stock photo Getty Images Inflation and voter perceptions about the economy are emerging as serious problems for Democrats. A recent NBC/Marist poll found voters favor the GOP to handle the economy by an unprecedented 18 percentage points over Democrats. The Republican sweep in Virginia's statewide elections could be a wakeup call. A trend is emerging around how voters perceive the Democratic Party's ability to handle the economy - it's bad, and it's gotten worse over the co...
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Column: Rising oil prices are fuelling expected inflation: Kemp | Reuters

Column: Rising oil prices are fuelling expected inflation: Kemp | Reuters Past changes in oil prices are closely associated with U.S. consumers’ and investors’ expectations for overall inflation in future, which helps explain why they are sensitive for central banks and other policymakers.In the last three decades, the rise and fall in oil prices has correlated with expectations about future inflation measured by the University of Michigan’s monthly consumer survey and breakeven rates derived ...
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Americans are depressed. The solution? Throw money at it.

The US has one of the highest rates of depression in the world. Supporting people economically can help. Samantha Lee/Insider The United States has a crisis of depression, but our solutions are too individualistic. Pandemic welfare programs have shown money helps mental health. We must agitate for a more equal society if we want a happier future. P.E. Moskowitz is an author, runs Mental Hellth, a newsletter about capitalism and psychology, and is a contributing opinion writer for Insider. ...
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Billionaire Seeks To Build Largely Windowless Dorm In 'Social and Psychological Experiment'

The University of California, Santa Barbara is preparing to spend $1.5 billion on a new 4,500-person student dorm designed by a billionaire mega-donor whose layout so closely resembles that of a prison a consulting architect resigned in protest, according to the Santa Barbara Independent. From a report: The architect likened it to a "social and psychological experiment with an unknown impact on the lives and personal development of the undergraduates the university serves" in his resignation let...
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