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Piano Rental Business Plays All the Right Notes When Marketing to Customers

How will your company become top-of-mind in 2019 and beyond? Sometimes a simple modification to a business policy can lead to that memorable, unique edge. Even if your industry is more than 300 years old. Small Business Trends chatted with Sarah Binder Mehta about hitting all the right notes in a traditional niche. After graduating from Cornell, Mehta made her way to the University of Michigan Law School where she focused her studies on product liability defense. She later joined forces with he...
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Empirical SCOTUS: If Ginsburg leaves, it could be the liberals’ biggest loss yet – A look back at previous justices replaced with more conservative successors

The saga over Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health seems to ebb and flow from the headlines almost daily. Part of the mystery relates to the amount of information shared with the public. We know that, while treating Ginsburg for rib fractures, doctors found malignant lesions in her lungs that were promptly removed, and that subsequent tests have shown no evidence of any other cancer. Ginsburg has since missed oral arguments and is reportedly recovering at home while keeping current with the cour...
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Law School Student Mocks The Disabled Because Why Not?

Michigan student has problem with students getting extra exam time.
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Nixon Peabody beefs up corporate practice with new hire

Law firm Nixon Peabody has hired Lior Zorea as a partner to its national corporate practice. Based in the San Francisco office, Zorea represents emerging growth companies and venture capital funds. Previously, he worked at Perkins Coie LLP. PRESS RELEASE San Francisco, CA. Lior Zorea, an experienced, well-regarded emerging growth companies, venture capital and mergers and acquisitions partner, has joined global Top 100 law firm Nixon Peabody’s national corporate practice as part of a strategic m...
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Four Roles for Artificial Intelligence in the Medical System

W. Nicholson Price IIFor the Symposium on The Law And Policy Of AI, Robotics, and Telemedicine In Health Care.How will artificial intelligence (AI) change medicine?  AI, powered by “big data” in health, promises to transform medical practice, but specifics remain inchoate.  Reports that AI performs certain tasksat the level of specialists stokeworriesthat AI will “replace” physicians.  These worries are probably overblown; AI is unlikely to replace many physicians in the foreseeable future.  A m...
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‘Believe Women’ Is Perilous Baloney

‘Believe Women' Is Perilous Baloney U.S.A. –-( I have a message for virtue-signaling men who've rushed to embrace #MeToo operatives hurling uncorroborated sexual assault allegations into the chaotic court of public opinion.Stuff it.Your blanket “Believe Women” bloviations are moral and intellectual abominations that insult every human being of sound mind and soul.A certain class of never Trump-harrumphers are leading the charge on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's...
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Law School Satire Site Takes Aim At The Easiest Target Imaginable

Ipse Dixit is bringing parody to law school.
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Let’s Join Together to Stop Out-of-Control Prosecutors

Robert Mueller U.S.A. –-( At this unique moment in American history, liberals and conservatives have something in common: an abhorrence of government prosecutors run amok.Republicans are livid at the federal fishing expedition known as the Mueller investigation. Bit players have been dragooned into an endlessly politicized probe. The media has taken sides; nonstop leaks have tainted the process. And the lead witch-hunter wields enormous and unchecked power to trump up (pun intend...
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Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit Threatens To Drag Down GOP In The Midterms

A lawsuit filed by 20 GOP-controlled states and supported by the Trump administration could end up becoming a serious liability for Republican candidates this November. The suit seeks to gut the remainder of the Affordable Care Act, and will go before a conservative Texas federal judge in early September, almost exactly one month before voters go to the polls to decide which party controls the House, the Senate, and dozens of influential state and local seats. While Republicans have campaigned s...
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Pence Family’s Shuttered Gas Stations Left Millions In Cleanup Costs To Public

GARDEN CITY, Ind. (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence turns nostalgic when he talks about growing up in small-town Columbus, Indiana, where his father helped build a Midwestern empire of more than 200 gas stations that provided an upbringing on the “front row of the American dream.” The collapse of Kiel Bros. Oil Co. in 2004 was widely publicized. Less known is that the state of Indiana — and, to a smaller extent, Kentucky and Illinois — are still on the hook for millions of dollars to clean up mor...
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Potential nominee profile: Raymond Kethledge

Like Thomas Hardiman, another potential nominee on the president’s shortlist, Judge Raymond Kethledge would bring educational diversity to a bench on which all of the current justices attended Ivy League law schools: He received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Michigan. He has returned to the law school as a lecturer to teach classes on legal writing and advocacy. (While he is there, he could bump into another potential nominee on Trump’s shortlist, Michigan Supreme...
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"The Bush lives loudly in Kavanaugh."

Said former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli II, about Brett M. Kavanaugh, who is (supposedly) one of 3 finalists for the Supreme Court nomination, quoted in "Trump narrows list for Supreme Court pick, with focus on Kavanaugh and Kethledge" (WaPo).Cuccinelli is making a very witty play on "The dogma lives loudly within you," which is something  Sen. Dianne Feinstein famously said to Amy Coney Barrett, who is another one of the 3 finalists.Kavanaugh worked in the George W. Bush White Hous...
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Anthony Kennedy, swing justice, announces retirement

[Editor’s Note: This post, originally published at 2:23 p.m., has been moved back to the top of the blog.] Justice Anthony Kennedy announced today that he would retire from the Supreme Court, effective July 31. In a letter to President Donald Trump, Kennedy wrote that “it is the highest of honors to serve on this Court,” and he expressed his “profound gratitude for having had the privilege to seek in each case how best to know, interpret, and defend the Constitution and the laws that must always...
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Lum rejoins Ropes & Gray’s private investment funds practice

Chune Loong Lum has rejoined the law firm Ropes & Gray‘s private investment funds practice as counsel in Hong Kong. Previously, Lum worked at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. PRESS RELEASE HONG KONG – June 25, 2018 – Global law firm Ropes & Gray announced today that Chune Loong Lum has rejoined the firm’s private investment funds practice as counsel in Hong Kong. Mr. Lum represents Asia- and China-focused fund sponsors in the formation, structuring and operation of private equity funds, as ...
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Lum rejoins Rope & Gray’s private investment funds practice

Chune Loong Lum has rejoined the law firm Ropes & Gray‘s private investment funds practice as counsel in Hong Kong. Previously, Lum worked at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. PRESS RELEASE HONG KONG – June 25, 2018 – Global law firm Ropes & Gray announced today that Chune Loong Lum has rejoined the firm’s private investment funds practice as counsel in Hong Kong. Mr. Lum represents Asia- and China-focused fund sponsors in the formation, structuring and operation of private equity funds, as ...
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Step One to Stop False Accusations: Exposure

Justice Law Legal Lawsuit Judges Jury Court U.S.A. –-( Incontrovertible fact: People lie.They fudge little things, like their height or weight. They exaggerate their athletic prowess or professional accomplishments. They deceive family, friends, lovers, voters, government officials, business partners and themselves. They lie about murder, theft, kidnapping, rape, and discrimination. They lie for attention, deflection, power, and profit.Often, the reasons for manufacturing devasta...
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Republicans’ Double Talk On Exempting Rural Whites From Medicaid Rules

As the Trump administration encourages states to impose work requirements on their Medicaid programs, now in place in four states and counting, two conflicting messages have emerged. The administration’s top health care officials, as well as many Republican governors and lawmakers, have argued that people living in counties with high unemployment rates should be exempted from the work requirement — a seemingly neutral standard that in practice favors rural white residents and places a heavier...
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Examining gender realities and disparities in modern federal sentencing

David Dagan has this interesting new piece at FiveThirtyEight under the headline "Women Aren’t Always Sentenced By The Book. Maybe Men Shouldn’t Be, Either." As this title suggests, the piece is about gender disparities in sentencing, and here are excerpts: Official federal sentencing guidelines don’t distinguish between female and male offenders.  They often downplay or outright disregard circumstances that are common among women, such as the role of an offender as the sole caretaker for child...
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The People You Work and Associate with Can Either Make or Break You

When I was practicing law, there was a partner at my law firm that everyone warned me to stay away from—she was apparently quite difficult to work for. It seemed that once someone got involved in a project working for this woman their career practically imploded. -One girl (a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School) became a waitress at TGI Fridays after working with her. -Another guy who had been making at least $150,000 a year dropped out and took a job with Lexis-Nexis paying $40,...
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Valerie Jarrett, former senior adviser to President Obama, to join University of Chicago Law School

Valerie Jarrett, who served in a leadership role in the Obama administration as senior adviser to the President, will join the University of Chicago Law School as a distinguished senior fellow. Jarrett's appointment begins Jan. 1, 2018. Jarrett will bring deep and wide-ranging experience in the legal profession and public policy to the University of Chicago community. She will work directly with students and faculty at the Law School and across the University, participating in academic seminars...
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Call for Papers: Michigan Young Scholars’ Conference

Michigan Law School has issued a call for papers for its Third Annual Young Scholars' Conference: The University of Michigan Law School invites junior scholars to attend the 4th Annual Junior Scholars’ Conference which will be held on April 13th–14th, 2018, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The conference provides junior scholars... [Author: Paul Caron]
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Marketing Yourself-Who, What, and How

In your career and life you need to be aware of (1) whom you are marketing yourself to, (2) what you are marketing, and (3) how you are marketing yourself. Each of these three things can make a major difference in the success of your job search. People who understand these three components can make tens of millions of dollars in a short time; get a job at a company that is not hiring; easily find positions in any economic environment. Market to the Right People. When I first started worki...
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OT2017 #5: “Oglethorpe’s Second Cousin”

We’re now halfway through the Supreme Court’s November sitting. Although the court didn’t grant any new cases last week, it gave us plenty of other things to talk about. Among the many questions we discuss: Why does Chief Justice John Roberts think one of his predecessors is underrated because of his corpulence? How can the Supreme Court bar increase the number of women delivering oral arguments? Were Dan and Leah better law clerks to Justice Anthony Kennedy than Justice Neil Gorsuch was? And wh...
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Michigan State University College of Law Ranks Number One

We’re all familiar with Michigan State University’s athletic prowess. As a Notre Dame graduate, I’ve seen on TV any number of football losses at East Lansing. Basketball Coach Tom Izzo has kept the Spartans near the top nationally for what seems like twenty years. Michigan State’s Law School though, which I am sure has received national recognition in the past, has not been discussed historically with the likes of Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Michigan. No longer. The Spartans are getting known, ...
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Kinzie recruits Litwin as VP and general counsel

Chicago-based private equity firm Kinzie Capital Partners has hired Nada Litwin as vice president and general counsel. Previously, Litwin was a partner at Fox Swibel Levin & Carroll LLP in the corporate, securities and investment management group. PRESS RELEASE Chicago, IL, August 2, 2017 – Kinzie Capital Partners LLC (Kinzie) announced today that Nada Litwin has joined their team as Vice President and General Counsel. Ms. Litwin brings over a decade of experience in securities, mergers and acqu...
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Symposium: Combating terrorist financing through corporate liability under the Alien Tort Statute

Michael Barr is the Roy F. and Jean Humphrey Proffitt Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. He filed an for financial regulation scholars and former government officials in support of the plaintiffs in Jesner v. Arab Bank, PLC. The Supreme Court has again decided to consider whether corporations can be liable for violations under the Alien Tort Statute. Jesner v. Arab Bank, PLC involves claims against Arab Bank under the ATS for allegedly knowingly and willfully financing...
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Symposium: Could this be the end of plenary power?

Margo Schlanger is the Wade H. and Dores M. McCree Collegiate Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School and the former head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. She is among the plaintiffs’ counsel in Arab American Civil Rights League v. Trump, a case in the Eastern District of Michigan challenging the constitutionality of the Trump travel-ban executive order. That case is currently stayed pending the outcome in the Supreme Court o...
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Sheer Lunacy on Campus ~ Unbelievable VIDEO

By Walter E. Williams Editors Note: AmmoLand News welcomes Walter E.Williams to our growing list of the best and brightest conservative commentators. The U.S. flag is just as offensive as Nazi and Islamic State flags and that the U.S. is the world's most evil nation. Walter E. Williams USA – -( Parents, taxpayers and donors have little idea of the levels of lunacy, evil and lawlessness that have become features of many of today's institutions of higher learning.Parents, taxp...
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