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Bass Station II turns 2.5: filter tracking, paraphonic mode, microtuning

Novation’s Bass Station has reached the 25 year mark – and their Bass Station II synth gets a significant set of updates as “2.5” to celebrate. Think new sound design possibilities and architectural wonders, plus microtuning. Let’s look: Let’s face it – as much as the 90s were a great era for techno and dance music and pop, and even as they saw the gradual rise of computers for audio (which, hey, we like around here), the decade did not produce a lot of classic synths. The Bass Station is one ...
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Free Cakewalk DAW for Windows gets big updates, more stretchy audio

Welcome to an alternate universe. You knew the world where acquisitions killed products. In this one, products get better, faster – and go from costing hundreds of dollars to being totally free. Let’s catch up with what’s new in Cakewalk for Windows. First, DAWs – music production software bundling lots of different features – do as much as they do because producing music is pretty demanding. Multitrack recording, editing, arrangement, working with patterns and sequences, working with audio, m...
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Jet Airways upgrade vouchers to go digital

Full service carrier Jet Airways has been making small changes to it’s frequent flyer program JetPrivilege (JP) over the past few months. In May the carrier announced that frequent flier miles would no longer expire as long as the account had one activity every 18 months. Now the carrier is digitizing it’s upgrade voucher process. … The post Jet Airways upgrade vouchers to go digital appeared first on Bangalore Aviation. >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Logic Pro 10.4.2, MainStage 3.4: why you’ll want to update now

The new Logic adds multi-track Smart Tempo, and sorely needed external storage of sounds, among other improvements – and live performance-friendly MainStage syncs up with Logic’s latest instruments, effects, and features. Note that Mojave actually isn’t specifically mentioned in these updates – but pro audio users will, as always, want to move nice and slow with major OS updates to let hardware and software developers catch up and find any issues. But existing Logic users should grab this one....
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How to Find Out if You're Eligible for the New iPhone Upgrade

The 2018 iPhone lineup release is mere hours away, and Apple will certainly be unveiling all sorts of exciting developments. For most of us, all that really matters is if we can get it immediately.Read more...
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How to Migrate to a Solid-State Drive Without Reinstalling Windows

Installing a solid-state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make for your desktop computer. And the easiest way to get one into your system is to physically install it, connect the right cables, and reinstall Windows from scratch.Read more...
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Apple may release an updated MacBook Air this year

There is no such thing as an inexpensive Apple laptop. The least painful entry into MacOS, save buying a refurb or hunting down a used MacBook online, is the MacBook Air. They're great! Well, they're great so long as you need to crunch numbers, do some VERY light gaming or type for a living. I've owned two of them. If the first hadn't been destroyed falling off the back of a motorcycle and the second hadn't been futzed up by Costa Rica's crazy temperatures, I'd still be using them. That said, ...
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Novation Circuit 1.7 adds song mode and more, in yet another update

Every time you think, okay, that’s the last update for Novation’s Circuit – there’s another one. What started as a simply entry-level groove box continues to evolve. Version 1.7 is out now. As with past updates, you can get it by connecting your Circuit and heading to Novation’s Web hub for content, updates, and managing your own creations, Novation Components. Find it here: New in this build: Chain patterns, make songs. It’s called “Patter...
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Apple MacBook Pro revision boosts CPU, display – so should you buy?

If you’ve been waiting for a revision of Apple’s MacBook Pro, it’s here. And Apple gives its users some significantly improved CPU performance, among other features. That’s not making Mac buying decisions much easier, though. The MacBook Pro retains the same radical redesign, love it or hate it, that we saw in the previous revision. That includes some choices that upset some users. The keys still lack travel, which can be less satisfying for regular typists. There’s still a TouchBar and no ded...
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Bitwig Studio 2.4: crazy powerful sampler, easier control

The folks at Bitwig have been picking up speed. And version 2.4, beta testing now, brings some promising sampler and controller features. The big deal here is that Bitwig is going with a full-functioning sampler. And as Ableton Live and Native Instruments’ Maschine pursue somewhat complex and fragmented approaches, maybe Bitwig will step in and deliver a sampler that just does all the stuff you expect in one place. (I’m ready to put these different devices head to head. I like to switch workfl...
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Mini Refines the Clubman and Countryman for 2019

Mini plans to launch updated versions of its two most commodious models this summer. While many of the refinements are incredibly boring (like a new particulate filter that adheres to new European emission mandates), there are tastier aspects to cherry pick. For example, the Clubman and Countryman gain receive upgraded transmissions in Europe — which hopefully carries […] The post Mini Refines the Clubman and Countryman for 2019 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Video: 2018 Ford Mustang Gets Upgraded in the UK

The Ford Mustang in its newest form has finally arrived in the United Kingdom, being available in two variants and coming with a handful of upgrades compared to last year`s model. The new 2018 Ford Mustang is also highlighted in the video below, the muscle car bragging with the gorgeous design and performance characteristics under the hood. Once arriving in UK next weeks, the 2018 Ford Mustang will be available in two variants – the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, which is priced at £36,645, as well as the...
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FL Studio 20 for Windows and now Mac, with Hell-freezing functionality

FL Studio aka Fruity Loops has hit a version the developers are dubbing FL Studio 20. At age 20, the software still includes lifetime free updates – and a bunch of new features, including freezing of audio, and Hell freezing over. The “Hell freezing over” bit you’ll see a lot around this release. It’s a reference to a claim developers Image-Line made that they’d add native Mac support “when Hell freezes over.” The comment at the time wasn’t so outrageous: FL Studio had been built a Windows-nat...
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Jet Airways introduces JetUpgrade to bid for upgrades

Jet Airways has introduced a bidding system to allow passengers to bid for upgrades on it’s flights. Passengers will be able to place a bid to upgrade to the next available class of service – Economy to Premiere (business) or Premiere to First. To bid for an upgrade, passengers can place a bid under the … The post Jet Airways introduces JetUpgrade to bid for upgrades appeared first on Bangalore Aviation. >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades to Delta One on All Domestic Flights Now Available — Including Hawaii

The latest news from Delta Air Lines announces that members of the SkyMiles program who have earned Medallion elite level status can receive day-of-departure complimentary upgrades to Delta One on all flights within the 50 United States effective as of... The post Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades to Delta One on All Domestic Flights Now Available — Including Hawaii appeared first on The Gate.
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Serato DJ gets more modern features, no longer requires hardware

Serato’s new software gets support for 64-bit and high-resolution displays – and now you can run it in “practice mode” without having to plug in a controller. Hello, prepping on airplanes. And in very big news, Serato Lite (formerly Serato Intro) now runs without any license or any controller at all. So you can get going for free – and plug in entry-level controllers if you like. Some software releases you can just meet with “ah, finally.” And that’s the case here. Serato’s newest update isn’t...
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Ableton Live 10 arrives: how you’ll use it, what it means for Max for Live

After weeks of watching Ableton’s trainers and testers have the fun, Live 10 is now the current version. Here’s what that means for you. Live 10 is now the official release version of Ableton Live. If you didn’t jump on the discounted upgrade or preorder pricing, that’s done. Live reverts to its original pricing and retains the same editions Live 9 had (Suite, Standard, Intro). What you get with Live 10: lots of new Devices including the Wavetable synth and Echo multi-engine delay, automatic C...
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Logic Pro X 10.4: New effects, and play and mix audio without a click

Apple’s free update to Logic adds a slew of new FX. But the banner feature is Smart Tempo: record without a click, and mix and match audio, automatically. Playing to click tracks has been the bane of DAW and sequencer users since the beginning. The idea of Smart Tempo is, you record with a human feel, and automatic detection adjusts the tempo track to match. You can then either keep those tempo changes or sync up the result to a clock. Apple confirms this is the same automatic detection we fir...
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Ableton Live 10 now in public beta; here’s what you need to know

Electronic musicians have been living with the idea of Live 10 for a while. Now, the actual software is available in a public beta. Here’s how it works. Who can join the public beta? You need a registered copy of Ableton Live 9 Standard or Live 9 Suite. Earlier versions and entry level/bundled versions of the software don’t qualify. How do I join in? Ableton uses bug tracker Centercode to share current in-development testing builds of their software, and to collect data on how you’re using it....
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djay Pro 2 brings algorithms and machine learning to DJing

A.I.D.J.? The next-generation djay Pro 2 for Mac adds mixing and recommendations powered by machine learning – and more human-powered features, too. When Big Data meets the DJ The biggest break from how we’ve normally thought about DJ software comes in the form of automatic mixing and selection tools. One is powered by machine learning working with DJ sets, and one from data collected from listening (Spotify). Automix AI is a new mixing technology. And hold on to your hats, folks, if the “s...
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I Want to Replace My Entire Keyboard With Fidget Spinner Keys

2017 was poised to be one of the most disappointing years in history, filled with a non-stop barrage of depressing developments and defeats. But then, with a last-minute, game-winning buzzer-beater, a company called Hammer revealed a series of replaceable fidget spinner key caps for your keyboard and partially…Read more...
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New Elektron Octatrack OS is here, and trig conditions are awesome

Elektron have shipped their Octatrack OS 1.30B. Sequencer trig conditions, powerful rules that determine how sequences play, are here. And they’re wicked. Normally, the way step sequencers work is, each step triggers a note, if a note is there, or doesn’t if a note isn’t there. Sounds obvious. If you watch a clarinet player reading a music score, they look at the page, play clarinet notes where there are clarinet notes, and play rests where there are rests. But wait: a sequence is just a set o...
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Ableton Live is going 64-bit only – so what does that mean?

Later this year, Ableton Live will only be available in a 64-bit version. But what does that mean for you? This is a development that has some implications for Ableton Live’s compatibility, stability, the pace of features and improvements, and that question of “wait, which version am I supposed to choose on the Ableton download page?” Ableton invited CDM to their offices to discuss the change and give us a chance to understand the thinking behind the decision and to help figure out what users ...
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US Army Still Seeking M4A2+ Carbines?

After being cancelled in mid-2016, could the M4 Carbine upgrade program still be alive? That is the suggestion from a line in the US Army’s justification for its research budget in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, which references an “M4A2 Plus Rifle” as a new weapons development effort: The justification is a little dated – […] Read More … The post US Army Still Seeking M4A2+ Carbines? appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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macOS High Sierra upgrade requires some caution

macOS High Sierra (10.13) is out today. And that means it’s time to check in on compatibility with all your gear. High Sierra is mostly about under-the-hood changes, and what Apple promises will be some forward-looking architectural improvements. There’s a new high-performance 64-bit Apple File System, intended for those internal flash drives. There are major changes to graphics support, dealing with the GPU and Apple’s own Metal API – though no indication that has any particular implications ...
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Easy Home Renos For You This Summer

Source Now that summer has truly set in and the kids are out of school for the season it’s a fantastic time to think about some of those home renovation ideas that you have been putting off. School time is a busy time for everyone, what with ushering kids to and from school in the morning and afternoon, after school clubs, homework and not to mention your own jobs and having to take care of chores around the house. With the summer here it frees up some of your time, and if they’re going away to...
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Lone Wolf Distributors Teasing Billet Glock Extractors

Despite being bemoaned by many a “learned” firearms enthusiast MiM, or metal injection molding, is a common process used to create small parts. It is expensive to set up.  But when used in high-volume applications for small complex components, it can create cost-effective ready-to-go parts in just one go where machining billet is too costly. When done […] Read More … The post Lone Wolf Distributors Teasing Billet Glock Extractors appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Maschine 2.6.5 makes it easier to manage ideas, routings

Ableton has accustomed a lot of us to the idea of having a grid of bits of ideas we can trigger and layer (among other similar metaphors in drum machines and the like). So of course that same functionality would make sense elsewhere. Maschine Jam took Native Instruments’ groove workstation into a different direction by focusing on how you generate, transform, and arrange ideas. Now that focus on workflow is finding its way into the whole Maschine family, both in the form of refinements to Jam an...
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10 Conferences That Excel at Exclusive VIP Experiences

Do you want attendees to squeal like pre-teens at their first boy band concert? Then consider offering exclusive experiences and upgrades at your next event. Read on for examples you can apply to your events. Have you ever scored backstage passes? Then you know the thrill of experiencing things few have before you. There’s a […] The post 10 Conferences That Excel at Exclusive VIP Experiences by Christina Green appeared first on
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Rule the Playground With a Chainsaw-Powered Tricycle

As a kid, you probably came up with a lot of terrible ideas your parents wisely stopped you from carrying out; that’s why you’re alive today. But once grownup, you’re free to try anything that pops into your mind, like upgrading a toddler-sized tricycle so that it’s powered by an old chainsaw.Read more...
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