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Californias Monarch butterfly population hits 'potentially catastrophic' low in 2018

California’s Monarch butterfly population hit a record low in 2018 after dropping a whopping 86 percent from the previous year. According to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, the total population has declined 97 percent since the 1980s, but this latest one year drop is “potentially catastrophic.” In the western part of the United States, monarchs migrate to California for the winter, traveling from Idaho and Utah. In 2017, the traditional California coastal sites like Pismo Beac...
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Oslo Moves to Make Its City Car Free

In an effort to make its downtown more pedestrian and cyclist friendly, Oslo will remove the couple hundred remaining parking spots left in its city center. The development aims to turn the most heavily trafficked areas into to car free zones to limit congestion, reduce pollution and make the city more walkable. Other cities have launched similar initiatives with slight public resistance but quite positive …
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Twisting tree-like sculptures redefine a public space in Montreal

Giant twisting tree-like sculptures have sprouted in downtown Montreal—and passersby are welcome to climb to the top of its gnarled canopy. The striking art installation is the latest work of local artist Michel de Broin, who was invited by the City of Montreal to help activate the recently developed International Civil Aviation Organization Plaza (ICAO). Dubbed Dendrites after the branched projections of a neuron, the large-scale artworks are clad in weathering steel and are equipped with meta...
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New Block design offers a low-cost and sustainable solution to urban infill

Los Angeles-based architecture firm Newman Garrison + Partners has unveiled New Block, a patented “green building solution” for urban developers nationwide. Created with affordability and livability in mind, New Block offers a cost-effective strategy for landowners and developers to maximize density on smaller lots, typically two-acre urban infill sites. Elements such as multi-family housing and an abundance of open space are part of New Block’s long-term sustainable concept. All architectura...
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Ducks Unlimited | Educating International Conservation Leaders

The 46th class graduated from Ducks Unlimited de México’s acclaimed RESERVA course CELESTUN, Yucatan, Mexico –-( A group of 14 natural resource professionals from Mexico and 12 other Latin American countries recently graduated from Ducks Unlimited de México’s (DUMAC) internationally recognized RESERVA training course. This intensive, two-month continuing education experience is designed to provide advanced training in the ecology and management of wetlands and other natural resou...
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UPDATE 1-IranAir finalises deal to buy 20 ATR planes -report | Reuters

UPDATE 1-IranAir finalises deal to buy 20 ATR planes -report | Reuters:"IranAir has finalised a deal to buy 20 turboprop aircraft from Franco-Italian ATR, the minister overseeing Iran's post-sanctions fleet renewal was quoted on Wednesday as saying. "Negotiations with ATR have reached the final stage; the two sides signed the contract to purchase 20 aircraft and now we are at the stage of exchanging documents," Roads and Urban Development Minister Abbas Akhoundi said, in remarks quoted by the Ir...
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Quote the quote: how well do you know your Victorian novels?

When the description “Victorian” is brought up, the image of corseted and bustled women in flouncing petticoats comes to the minds of many. Familiarized through film culture and popular imagination, many representations of the era are preserved through the literature of that period. Countless remakes and references to Victorian novels have been made throughout the centuries, making their authors household names. From Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, to Sherlock Holmes, these characters represent an...
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Donald Trump Taps Ben Carson To Lead Housing & Urban Development

Donald Trump is nominating Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who has never held public office, as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. In a statement released Monday, Trump called Ben Carson a “distinguished national leader” with a “brilliant mind.” Donald Trump will nominate Ben Carson to serve as Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development— Joe Perticone (@JoePerticone) December 5, 2016 Carson, who ran against Trump in the...
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Japan’s ‘Repaired’ Sinkhole Is Sinking Again

A massive five-lane wide sinkhole in the Japanese city of Fukuoka that was repaired in just four days is sinking again, prompting city officials to stop traffic at the busy intersection.Read more...
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Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump's Latest Top Picks

TOP STORIES The Morning Email will return Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Have a wonderful turkey day everyone! DONALD TRUMP TAPS OTHER TOP PICKS South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is the next U.N. ambassador, Trump has offered Ben CarsonHousing & Urban Development secretary ― even after that infamous statement last week ― and is said to be leaning toward Mitt Romney for secretary of state. And here’s how the transition is exactly like Trump campaigned. [Ryan Grim and Sam Stei...
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Terrifying sinkhole swallows five-lane street in Japan

Traffic today is not following normal patterns in the bustling urban center of Fukuoka, Japan after a terrifying sinkhole claimed five lanes of city streets. The sinkhole, which left the surrounding buildings intact, measured 98-feet-long, 88-feet-wide, and nearly 50-feet-deep, exposing underground pipes and electrical infrastructure. No injuries have been reported and local authorities have responded quickly to assess the damage and begin to plan a solution. Fukuoka city officials reported ...
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New rainwater-filled public pool just one feature planned for Cologne's historic harbor

Danish architects COBE have designed the transformation planned for Cologne, a 2000-year-old city in Western Germany - from an old industrial harbor into an eco-friendly neighborhood organized around a huge waterfall and a large public pool. The architects won the recent competition organized by Cologne-based urban development company, Moderne Stadt. COBE collaborated with German engineers Transsolar and German firm Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl on the design of the project, resulting in a develop...
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BOOK REVIEW: Bianca Bosker's New Book, Original Copies, Dissects China's Bizarre Knockoff Architecture Trend

In Original Copies, Bosker, the senior tech editor at the Huffington Post, presents a thorough analysis of the remarkable building replication phenomenon that has been happening across China. She begins to unravel the story by first identifying China’s cultural acceptance of counterfeiting and explains how traditional Chinese views reflect the idea of the replica as equal. Bosker gives examples to back up this point, citing how ancient Chinese emperors used to replicate the gardens and towns o...
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Iran mulls joining Cape Town aviation finance pact: minister

Iran may adopt a key international agreement that would protect the rights of foreign leasing companies as it seeks to renew its elderly fleet of passenger jets, the country's transport minister said on Sunday. The 2001 Cape Town Convention makes it easier to attract foreign leasing companies by protecting their rights to re-possess aircraft if airlines go bankrupt and is widely considered a benchmark for the international jet market. If we come to a (positive) conclusion, we will certainly proc...
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Iran expects U.S. export license for aircraft at end of September: official

Iran has been told that the United States will issue export license within weeks to facilitate the purchase of Boeing and Airbus jets and European ATR turboprop planes, a senior Iranian official said on Sunday. Approval had been expected by the end of August, but that has been pushed back to the end of September, Deputy Roads and Urban Development Minister Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan said. "Today we are expecting that (approval) by the end of September for Boeing, Airbus and ATR," he told the CAPA Ir...
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This island off of Boston was once used as a mental institution and a military fort. Visionaries just turned it into a massive urban farm.

Photo: Doc Searls IF YOU’VE EVER SEEN the Leonardo DiCaprio thriller “Shutter Island”, you know Boston’s Long Island. Outside of being portrayed in a movie, the 225-acre Long Island has served a number of strange purposes in its history. It was once home to a mental institution, a military fort, a hotel and resort, a refuge base for ex-Nazi scientists, a home for unwed mothers, and an addiction rehab center.  Until 2014, the island even served as the Boston’s largest homeless shelter, housing m...
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Futuristic ‘Straddling Bus’ in China Promises to Transform Public Transport

Last week in the Chinese coastal city of Qinhuangdao, a massive electric vehicle that can drive over two lanes of automobile traffic made its debut. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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Uber Takes on New York’s MTA with Cheap Rides in Manhattan

New Yorkers can now score a two-week unlimited UberPool commuting fare card for just $49. That makes Uber rides around much of Manhattan cheaper than taking the city's venerable subway. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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What Nature Teaches Us About Design and Leadership

“A sustainable world already exists," Janine Benyus, co-founder of the Biomimicry Institute, said at the 2016 Sustainable Brands Conference. "And we need to access that wisdom." [Author: Renee Farris]
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The Future of Cities is Bright

Seventy-eight cities competed. Only Columbus won. Last week the city in Ohio was announced the winner of the U.S. DOT Smart City Challenge. Joining the U.S. DOT and other sponsors, AT&T is giving the winning city up to $1 million in products and services to help it it solve real environmental and social challenges in order to become the city of the future.
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A Grand Strategy for Economic Prosperity and Security

Like fascism and communism in the last century, sustainability, climate action and economic inclusion are the existential challenges of the 21st century. In their new book, Joel Makower, Mark “Puck” Mykleby and Patrick Doherty present the case for a new grand strategy for global economic prosperity and security. [Author: 3p Contributor]
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Timberland Will Create Green Space in Five Cities In the U.S.

Every year for the next five years, the company will pick a city and create green space in its store that is equal to the store’s square footage. [Author: Gina-Marie Cheeseman]
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Cook County, Illinois: An Agent of Change

Cook County, Illinois, which includes Chicago and is home to over 5 million people, struggles with poverty, unemployment and homelessness -- but a new program inspired by social enterprise aims to help. [Author: 3p Contributor]
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Hundreds of All-Electric, American-Made Scooters Coming to San Francisco

Electric-scooter sharing service Scoot Networks plans to bring hundreds of new, American-made machines to the streets of San Francisco. 3p's Phil Covington spoke with Scoot's CEO about the expansion plan, and took a ride on one of the shiny new scooters. [Author: Phil Covington]
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In Philadelphia, A Bold Experiment In Sustainable Journalism

"People are starting to realize that serious journalism in big cities could actually go away," says Terry Egger, publisher and CEO of the Philadelphia Inquirer. "We need to find new ways to deliver news." [Author: Brad Edmondson]
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Kalamazoo Bike Tragedy Spotlights Safety Concerns

On June 7, a truck plowed into a group of nine cyclists as they rode through downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, killing five and injuring four in possibly the worst bike-car collision in U.S. history. This tragedy highlights many Americans' concerns about safety while riding. [Author: Andrea Newell]
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Thought Leadership Can Emerge in the Most Unexpected Places (Like Vegas)

Las Vegas is known more for its entertainment, gaming industry and debauchery than mundane activities like environmental conservation and clean technology. But thought leadership on sustainability is thriving in the city -- and it may become a laboratory for urban development.
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JPMorgan Chase’s $100M Investment in Detroit is Paying Off

Back in 2014, JPMorgan Chase made headlines with what it claimed was a $100 million investment in Detroit. Today, the evidence suggests the banking giant’s bet on the Motor City was a positive one. [Author: Leon Kaye]
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What Other Cities Can Learn From San Fran’s New Solar Law

As of Jan. 1, all new buildings in San Francisco measuring 10 stories or fewer must include a rooftop solar installation. What can other cities learn from this landmark legislation? [Author: 3p Contributor]
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4 Surprising Ways Energy-Efficient Buildings Benefit Cities

New WRI research examines the vital role building efficiency can play in shaping sustainable cities of the future, as well as ways policymakers can accelerate it in their own communities. [Author: 3p Contributor]
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