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Navy SEALs have to go 'back to the future' to help US warships survive a future fight with Russia or China

A SEAL delivery vehicle team performs a fast-rope exercise from a MH-60S Seahawk helicopter onto Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Toledo, January 17, 2005. US Navy/Journalist 3rd Class Davis J. Anderson As the US military focuses on great-power competition, special operators are rethinking their role. The Navy SEALs in particular are thinking hard about how they can support the regular Navy forces. "It's a race for relevancy," Adm. Hugh Howard, head of Naval Special Warfare ...
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Russia's risky flybys may be attempts at 'baiting us into shooting first,' top US admiral says

A Russian fighter jet flies past the Dutch frigate HNLMS Eversten in the Black Sea, June 24, 2021. Dutch Defense Ministry Russian forces have had several close encounters with NATO militaries in the Black Sea. Those encounters come amid ongoing tensions following Moscow's 2014 seizure of Crimea. Those actions may be attempts to bait US and NATO forces, the top US admiral in Europe warned. See more stories on Insider's business page. Aggressive Russian maneuvers around US and NATO f...
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The US military is changing the way it fights after it 'failed miserably' in a war game against an aggressive adversary who knew its playbook

US Navy guided-missile destroyers and guided-missile cruisers U.S. Navy photo by Lt.j.g. Caleb Swigart The US military is changing its warfighting strategy after a war game last fall, a top US general said. During the simulated conflict, the US military strategy "failed miserably," and an enemy "ran rings around" them. The exercise reportedly involved a confrontation with China over Taiwan. See more stories on Insider's business page. The US military put its warfighting strategy to the...
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A secret collision between British and Soviet submarines could've turned out much worse

A Soviet Delta III-class nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine, seen in August 1982. US Navy On May 23, 1981 a Soviet submarine and a British submarine collided in the Arctic. The accident heavily damaged both submarines, but it could've been fatal. Except for a few accounts by sailors involved, the incident has been kept quiet for 40 years. See more stories on Insider's business page. On May 23, 1981 the Soviet submarine K-211 Petropavlovsk cruised quietly at 9 knots, 150 fe...
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The Marine Corps just beat the Navy and Air Force to the latest F-35 milestone

US Marine Corps F-35Cs with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, June 30, 2021. US Marine Corps/Lance Cpl. Juan Anaya Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 said in early July that its F-35C jets reached full operational capability. That means the Corps' F-35Cs are ready for full operations before the Air Force's and Navy's F-35s. But the Corps' F-35B, the sibling to the F-35C, is not yet fully ready for combat. See more stories on Insider'...
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Here's what could make the Air Force's new jets 'sixth-generation' fighters

An F-22 and an F-35. Air Force Militaries and defense manufacturers alike have touted the impending arrival of "sixth-generation" fighter jets. Fighter generations aren't official labels but rather industry terms associated with aircraft capabilities. Here's what capabilities sixth-generation fighters could have, based on what their predecessors have been designed to do. See more stories on Insider's business page. In recent months, just about every headline associated with a n...
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The Navy sent another carrier on a rare trip to the high north. Here's how sailors kept it going in harsh conditions around Alaska

USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Gulf of Alaska after exercise Northern Edge 2019, May 25, 2019. US Navy/MCS3 Erick A. Parsons US Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt sailed to Alaska in May for exercise Northern Edge. The carrier took part in the exercise in 2019, when it became the first carrier to do so in 10 years. The trips reflect the Navy's increasing focus on the Arctic and its efforts to get used to operating up there again. See more stories on Insider's business page...
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Delivery of 3 more advanced US-made sub-hunting aircraft boosts India's plans to take on China at sea

Two MH-60R Seahawks fly over the induction ceremony for the Indian Navy's first two MH-60Rs, in San Diego, July 16, 2021. US Navy/MCS2 Sara Eshleman The US delivered two helicopters and a new maritime patrol plane to India earlier this month. The aircraft are some of the best sub-hunters available and will boost the Indian navy's capabilities. The deliveries come amid heightened tensions with China in the Indian Ocean region. See more stories on Insider's business page. India r...
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China's first stealth fighter for aircraft carriers is emerging, but a big problem still weighs it down

An FC-31 fighter jet. Reuters China's FC-31 stealth fighter was recently spotted on a mock aircraft carrier. Little is known for sure about the FC-31, but that appearance is a sign China's navy may adopt it. Like China's other advanced jets, the FC-31 has shortcomings that keep it from matching up with its US counterparts. See more stories on Insider's business page. China's J-20 fifth-generation stealth fighter is the most vaunted aircraft in the People's Liberatio...
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How the Soviet Union upended the US Navy plans to build a fleet of faster, quieter submarines

US Navy submarine USS Seawolf during sea trials, July 10, 1997. Reuters Improvements to Soviet subs in the 1980s prompted the US Navy to pursue its own more advanced subs. Work on the Seawolf-class submarines got underway in the mid-1980s, but the USSR's demise upended those plans. See more stories on Insider's business page. There are only three of them.Late in the 1950s, the Soviet Navy's nuclear-powered submarines - starting with the November-class attack submarine - could d...
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US Navy’s Shipbuilding Plan Doesn’t Meet Congress’ Needs, Lawmakers Say

The past few have come with a “check-the-box mentality,” Rep. Wittman said.
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3 times the US military brought back 'obsolete' weapons to take on new enemies

The USS New Jersey with all guns blazing. US Navy The US military regularly sends old hardware to its storage depots and boneyards. But the Pentagon has also brought back old gear and designs to counter new and emerging threats. See more stories on Insider's business page. 1. Battleships Once thought to be the cornerstone of naval power, the advent of naval aviation and the rise of the aircraft carrier in WWII was the beginning of the end for the large-gunned ships of the line.Though ...
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Satellite photos show China's new aircraft carrier coming together quickly and reveals more about its design

The Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier, departs Hong Kong, Tuesday, July 11, 2017. Associated Press Satellite imagery shows China has made significant progress on its new carrier in recent weeks. A CSIS analysis of the latest imagery said that certain aspects of the design can now be confirmed. Different from its predecessors, the ship has a flat flight deck and catapults. See more stories on Insider's business page. China has made significant progress on its newest aircraft ...
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An assassination in Haiti shows how Colombia's war machine has gone global

A Colombian soldier guards explosives confiscated by during a raid in Palmira, Colombia. REUTERS/Jaime Saldarriaga Haiti says 21 Colombian military veterans were involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise earlier this month. The former troops were working as private contractors, and their involvement reflects Colombia's prominence in the mercenary industry. See more stories on Insider's business page. BOGOTA, Colombia - Carlos Martinez joined the Colombian military at...
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The US Navy's unluckiest ship almost killed a president, and things only got worse from there

US Navy destroyer USS William D. Porter in Massacre Bay in Attu, part of the Aleutian Islands, June 9, 1944. US Navy USS William D. Porter had all the makings of another proud US Navy ship when it arrived during World War II. But the Fletcher-class destroyer's service life was marred by a serious of mistakes and errors. See more stories on Insider's business page. The US Navy has a long list of famous fighting ships known for heroic feats and proud service.But the Navy also has its...
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US Navy: First woman passes elite training scheme

The gruelling military training programme ends with a 72-hour event called the Tour.
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33 years after getting demolished by the US, Iran's navy is flexing its new muscles

The Iranian naval ship Makran seen near Iran's Larak Island in a satellite image taken May 10, 2021. Maxar via Reuters Thirty-three years ago, the US inflicted a devastating defeat on the Iranian navy. Since then, Iran has rebuilt and modernized its fleet, equipping it for operations on the high seas. Its progress was visible in June, when two Iranian warships sailed into the Atlantic for the first time. See more stories on Insider's business page. In June, two important events vau...
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Woman qualifies for Naval Special Warfare Command crew for the first time

A woman qualified to become a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command crew for the first time in the organization's history, according to a press release from the US Navy Thursday.
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With close military encounters on opposite sides of the world, Russia is sending a message to the West

British destroyer HMS Defender in the Black Sea port of Batumi, June 26, 2021. Seyran Baroyan/AFP via Getty Images Russia's military had close encounters with its US and European rivals in the Black Sea and the Pacific Ocean in June. The incidents and exercises were messages about Russia's military capabilities, experts told Insider. See more stories on Insider's business page. Close encounters between Russia's military and US and European forces in June were signals from M...
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How a war between North and South Korea could quickly become a naval showdown

South Korean navy amphibious ship ROKS Dokdo during an exercise, October 17, 2015. Republic of Korea Armed Forces South Korea's navy has rapidly grown and modernized into a first-rate force. North Korea's navy is large, but its ships are out-gunned and mostly antiquated. South Korea's navy would have an edge in a conflict, but North Korea's navy, especially its subs, would still pose a threat. See more stories on Insider's business page. Last month, two of South Korea&#...
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The 3 best air purifiers we tested in 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky An air purifier can help clean your indoor air of pollutants, dust, and smoke. We tested and researched more than 30 air purifiers to determine the best for your needs and budget. The Honeywell PowerPlus Air Purifier did the best in our air purifying tests and has a high CADR. We spend 90% of our time indoors, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, and our indoor environment can have all sorts of allergens and other irritants. That includes...
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How a cheap Swedish submarine 'ran rings' around a US aircraft carrier and its sub-hunting escorts

USS Ronald Reagan. Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kaila V. Peters/U.S. Navy via AP In 2005, the US Navy's new aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, sank after being hit by torpedoes. This didn't happen in combat but during a war game pitting a carrier task force, and its anti-submarine escorts, against a Swedish sub. That sub, HSMS Gotland, pulled off that feat despite being a relatively cheap diesel-powered boat. See more stories on Insider's business page. In 2005, US...
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The US isn't doing itself any favors by conducting military exercises in Europe's most tense region

US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Ross, seen from the Royal Navy HMS Trent, during Exercise Sea Breeze 2021, July 2, 2021. British Royal Navy/HMS Trent The US and other NATO militaries recently wrapped up the latest iteration of the Sea Breeze exercise, conducted with Black Sea countries, including Ukraine. Joint military exercises aren't inherently bad, but the US should only participate in them when doing so aligns with the US's strategic national security interests. Scott McC...
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Before 'Shark Week' and 'Jaws,' World War II taught Americans to fear shark attacks

US Navy sailors listen to an injured shipmate on Corregidor Island in the Philippines, circa 1943-1945. US Navy/Getty Images A fear of sharks and shark attacks have become well-known features of American pop culture. That fear was inculcated during World War II, when mass mobilization and far-flung battles introduced the public to sharks. See more stories on Insider's business page. Every summer on the Discovery Channel, "Shark Week" inundates its eager audiences with spectacular docum...
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After 15 years and $500m, the US Navy decides it doesn't need shipboard railguns after all

Pentagon feels it can counter Chinese electromagnetic projectiles with stuff it already has or will have shortly After more than 15 years of R&D, and half a billion dollars of funding, the United States Navy has decided to give up on the prospect of mounting enormous railguns on its ships. For the moment, at least.…
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The 'Ferrari' of US special-operations helicopters may soon be headed out of service

A US Army AH-6 Little Bird fires at targets during an offensive air support exercise, April 5, 2016. US Marine Corps/Staff Sgt. Artur Shvartsberg For 40 years, the AH-6 and MH-6 Little Birds have earned legendary status in the special-operations community. The helicopters have proven able to attack targets and transport commandos on all kinds of missions. But the Army and the special-operations community will soon have decide if the Little Bird has any life left. See more stories on Inside...
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In reversal, US military allows Navy football captain to delay service to try to play in NFL

The captain of the US Navy football team will be allowed to try to play in the National Football League after the US military reversed course on Tuesday and approved his request to delay his service.
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4 years before the Navy started blasting its new aircraft carrier, this team started planning to protect nearby animals

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford during shock trials in the Atlantic Ocean, June 18, 2021. MCS Seaman Jackson Adkins/US Navy The Navy put its new through shock trials, meant to test its response to nearby explosions, in June. More than four years before the first blast, a team of scientists went to work to protect marine wildlife. See more stories on Insider's business page. More than four years before the explosive went off beside the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford on June...
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The US Marine Corps' first F-35C squadron is now fully ready to fight from the Navy's aircraft carriers

Marines with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 fly F-35Cs. US Marine Corps The first Marine Corps F-35C squadron has achieved full operational capability. This status means the squadron is fully prepared and equipped for deployment and combat. The F-35C is specifically built for aircraft carrier operations. See more stories on Insider's business page. The first US Marine Corps F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter squadron has achieved full operational capability, meaning it is now ...
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Why US commanders are so worried about keeping track of Russia's newest subs

The Russian submarine K-560 Severodvinsk. Russian Ministry of Defense US commanders have expressed admiration and concern about Russia's new Yasen-class submarines. Yasen-class guided-missile subs have a variety of advanced technology that makes them quieter and more deadly. US officials have said the first Yasen-class sub has already shown an ability to elude detection. See more stories on Insider's business page. In 2018, the Russian Navy's most advanced submarine, the Severo...
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