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Supreme Court case could help pick election winners

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election.
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Supreme Court case could help pick 2024 election winners

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election.
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Supreme Court case could help pick president

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election.
Tags: News, Supreme Court, Stories, US supreme court

SCOTUS could help pick 2024 election winners

The US Supreme Court will soon decide a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election. Arguments are scheduled for Tuesday.
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How the fight over the full Mueller report could lead to impeachment

Attorney General Barr has resisted sharing the unredacted Mueller report with Congress on two bases: grand jury secrecy (based in part on avoiding unfairness to those not indicted but possibly mentioned in the Report) and the risk of identifying national intelligence sources. The latter category is not in serious dispute. Although the most zealous of the pro-impeachment congressmembers demand even information that might identify a CIA mole inside the Kremlin, no one else is pushing for that. Reg...
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US Supreme Court to review LGBT case

The court will determine if job discrimination laws apply to sexual orientation or gender identity.
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Class-C arrests by Austin PD plummet after policy restrictions implemented

As bills are considered at the Texas Legislature to restrict Class-C misdemeanor arrests, Austin PD revealed that new policies limiting such warrantless detentions have radically reduced their number. "In the first three months of the year," the Statesman reported, there was a 57% decline over 2018 arrest numbers."The new changes eliminated the majority of allowable reasons officers could make an arrest for Class-C misdemeanor violations, for which the maximum punishment is only a fine, not jail...
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US Supreme Court to decide if it's legal to fire people for being gay

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments over a slate of cases that could effectively determine whether US employers have the right to fire someone for being LGBTQ+. The nation’s highest court said Monday it would hear legal arguments for Altitude Express Inc v Zarda, Bostock v Clayton County and RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes v EEOC — all three of which deal with various forms of alleged employment discrimination. The Harris Funeral Homes case involves accusations of anti-transgender discri...
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NASA's administrator lavishly praised an influential Evangelical ministry during its $10,000-a-table fundraiser. Some experts say his speech violated the Constitution.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine gave a speech in February at a Christian ministry's fundraising dinner, which advertised $10,000-a-table sponsorships. NASA said Bridenstine was approved to attend the event in his official capacity. Bridenstine expressed his support for the ministry and its mission, saying he likes the idea of "institutional" but not "influential" separation of church and state. Some government-ethics experts said Bridenstine's speech ran afoul of the First Amendment of the ...
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Ohio Legislators Propose Two Different Sports Betting Bills

Ohio lawmakers have been considering legalizing sports betting ever since the US Supreme Court ruled last year that states are allowed to do that. But there are two very different ideas on how to make that happen. The bipartisan bill from Reps. Dave Greenspan and Brigid Kelly would have sports betting in casinos, racinos and fraternal and veterans’ organizations at first. But because it would be regulated by the Ohio Lottery , sports gambling could be expanded to bars, stores and other lottery v...
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Supreme Court May Decide If You Can Sue When a TSA Screener Karate Chops Your Groin

While the TSA generally argues that 'it's not sexual assault when the government does it' in the case of Linlor v. Polson they took the argument even further. The US Supreme Court could decide if there's any limit to TSA authority because of a cert petition recently filed. Continue reading Supreme Court May Decide If You Can Sue When a TSA Screener Karate Chops Your Groin...
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United States: Lit Alerts—April 2019 - Arnold & Porter

In Nutraceutical Corp. v. Lambert, 139 S. Ct. 710 (2019), the US Supreme Court ruled that attorneys must strictly adhere to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(f)'s 14-day deadline to appeal a class certification order.
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EU Copyright Directive and lessons from the Sony Betamax – Divij Joshi

By Divij Joshi In the beginning, there was the Sony Betamax. The grandfather of recording technologies, one of the first devices to allow home video recording on tapes, overcame significant legal hurdles to even get into the market. The Betamax was taken all the way to the US Supreme Court by movie... ...
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How William Hill is hoping to score in US sports betting market

Think of William Hill and you probably think of the bookmaker's traditional high street betting shops or, perhaps, the Sports Book of the Year award it set up 30 years ago and has sponsored ever since. If Philip Bowcock gets his way, though, you might soon start to think of a UK gaming company that has expanded very successfully in the United States. The William Hill chief executive wants the US to become an increasingly important part of the business following a decision by the US Supreme ...
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United States: The US Supreme Court Finds That International Organizations' Immunity Is On Par With That Of Foreign Governments - Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton

Petitioners claim that the power plant polluted the air, land, and water in the surrounding area.
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US Supreme Court rejects Oklahoma death row inmate’s appeal

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from an Oklahoma death row inmate who argued that a racist juror tainted the outcome of his trial. The high court on Monday declined without comment to hear Julius Jones’ case, The Oklahoman reported. Jones, who is black, was convicted of first-degree murder […]
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Auto Insurance with a DUI

When it comes auto insurance, the best advice on a DUI is to not get one. I’m not being glib either. A DUI is the source of one of the biggest increases in car insurance premiums you can have. But if you do have a DUI, the next best advice is to minimize the damage. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. What Constitutes a DUI? Each state has its own specific laws regarding DUI, which is referred to as driving while intoxicated, or DWI. In some states, it’s the process of operatin...
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Tampering with the Supreme Court for political gain wrong for America

President Franklin Roosevelt’s re-election in 1936 was the largest electoral college victory since George Washington’s uncontested elections. His popular vote triumph was 60.8 percent to 36.5 percent. FDR saw the vote as an endorsement of his New Deal approach to the Great Depression. Arraigned against him was the U.S. Supreme Court, which the year before had struck down the heart of the New Deal: the National Industrial Recovery Act. With a tremendous political wind at his back, and the target ...
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Secrecy News for 04/01/19

SECRECY NEWS from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy Volume 2019, Issue No. 12 April 1, 2019 Secrecy News Blog: ENFORCING COMPLIANCE WITH CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS ENFORCING COMPLIANCE WITH CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS The House Judiciary Committee said that it will meet this week to authorize a subpoena for release (to Congress) of the complete Mueller report, without redactions, as well as the supporting evidence gathered by the now-concluded S...
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US Supreme Court rules inmate has 'no right to painless death'

A condemned inmate said the state's chosen method of death, lethal injection, would cause extreme pain.
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Class C misdemeanor arrests and incarceration in Texas, by the numbers

Beginning with the consideration of HB 482 (Thompson) in the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, the Texas Legislature will spend quite a bit of time over the coming weeks considering the consequences of arrest and incarceration for Class C misdemeanors, which in Texas are minor offenses carrying a maximum punishment of a $500 fine and no jail time.There are two ways people end up incarcerated over Class C misdemeanors. First, after the US Supreme Court okayed the p...
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Mueller report 'more than 300 pages', raising questions over four-page summary – live

Attorney general Barr wrote four-page summary in two days Trump hints in Hannity interview he has considered pardonsGo beyond the headlines: sign up to our US morning briefing 4.29pm GMT This is a mere token in the campaign for greater gun safety in the US, in contrast to New Zealand banning military-style assault weapons for civilians within days of the mass-shooting in Christchurch earlier this month, but there has been a tiny development here in America.The US Supreme Court moments ago re...
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Oracle asks Supremes to snub Google's Java API copyright protest – and have a nice cuppa tea, instead

Big Red makes its case to America's highest court that... there's no case to hear Oracle has filed its formal response to Google's plea in January for the US Supreme Court to review the two tech goliaths' long-running war over Java, Android, APIs, and copyright.…
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United States: US SC: Right Against Infringer Of Copyright Can Be Retrospectively Enforced After Registration Of Copyright - R. K. Dewan & Co

In the case of Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. dated March 4, 2019, the US Supreme Court's clarified its stand on one of the most fundamental and largely used provision
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Another useful reminder of the need for more criminal justice diversity on the federal bench

Long-time readers know I have been talking a long time about the prosecutorial tilt that impacts who gets nominated and confirmed for seats on the US Supreme Court and lower federal courts.  Encouragingly, the need for more balance in the courts is getting more attention as criminal justice reform continues to garner attention (especially among would-be Democratic Prez candidates).   Consider, for example, this piece on this topic at Slate by Kyle Barry under the headline "Democratic Presidentia...
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Pete Buttigieg: 2020 Democratic candidate surges to third place in new poll

Presidential candidate behind Joe Biden and Bernie SandersPete Buttigieg for president? Long-shot stands out in crowded field South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg won the backing of 11% of likely Iowa Democratic caucus voters. Photograph: Richard Shiro/AP Pete Buttigieg has surged to third place in a new poll of Democratic presidential candidates, ahead of Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Beto’Rourke. The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, won the backing of 11% of likely Iowa Democratic...
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Fortnite, copyright and the legal precedent that could still mean trouble for Epic Games

Anne Friedman Contributor Share on Twitter Anne Friedman is of counsel at DLA Piper where she focuses her practice on structuring and negotiating large scale sourcing and technology transactions. Andrew Deutsch Contributor Andrew Deutsch is a partner at DLA Piper concentrating on intellectual property litigation and advice, including copyright, trademark, defamation and other First Am...
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Why Police Should Be Required to Get a Warrant to Use Cell-Site-Simulators (aka, "stingrays")

Legislation heard this week in the Texas House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, HB 352 (Blanco) would require warrants for Texas law enforcement to use so-called “stingrays” or “cell-site simulators” to track people's cell phones, and provide more transparency surrounding use of these devices.So-called “Stingrays” or cell-site simulators are examples of relatively new surveillance techniques hovering at the bleeding edge of both cell-phone technology and Fourth Amendment jurisprudence. Because ...
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Rounding-up some news and commentary as SCOTUS hears argument on latest round of capital insanity

Albert Einstein is generally credited with the aphorism that "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." That quote came to mind as I was thinking about the Supreme Court's consideration this morning of a Batson claim in Flowers v. Mississippi. Here is a brief accounting of just some of the backstory of this case (with emphasis added) from this SCOTUSblog post when cert was granted: [T]he justices will once again review the case of ...
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Trump: Expanding US Supreme Court will 'never happen'

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday slapped down ambitious proposals being circulated by some Democratic White House candidates to expand the number of justices on the US Supreme Court, dismissing it as election sour grapes. Trump said Democrats were seeking to rebalance the nine-member court or draw it once again to a more liberal lean after the high court shifted to the right with the president managing to place two of his nominees -- Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh -- on the bench. "So if...
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