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Raising the bar: Vagabund gives the BMW R nineT a lift

We’ve always admired custom motorcycle workshops that keep pushing the boundaries. Austria’s Vagabund Moto have been doing good work since day one, but they’ve never rested on their laurels. The founding duo of Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl seems to level up on every build, relentlessly experimenting with new designs, materials and processes. Their 15th build pushes the envelope to the breaking point. It’s a 2016-model BMW R nineT with hand-formed metalwork, 3D-printed parts, and bodywork t...
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Vagabund V13: The Honda NX 650 meets 3D printing

There are some builders who have a very ‘freestyle’ approach, grinding and hammering away at metal until things look right. And then there are the builders who plan everything meticulously beforehand, getting the look and the fit millimeter-perfect—and using technology to the max. Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl of Austria’s Vagabund Moto fall into the modernist camp. Their output is precise rather than prodigious, and they’ve just finished the sleekest Honda NX650 Dominator we’ve ever seen. ...
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Vagabund’s R nine T custom comes with official approval

Most of us take it for granted that we can modify our bikes. As long as the VIN number is correct and the modifications are not visibly unsafe, there’s rarely a problem. But in some countries, the regulations are real tough. Several territories in Southeast Asia make it virtually impossible to register a custom bike. And in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, there’s the notorious TÜV system. TÜV requires official approval for almost every modified part fitted to a bike. The frame cannot be...
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A fresh spin on the airhead BMW custom from Vagabund

Vagabund Moto have built some of the sharpest BMW airheads we’ve seen. They’ve developed a signature style too: custom boxers with stark, futuristic lines, and amazing attention to the tiniest of design details. But the Austrian builders Paul Brauchart and Philipp Rabl don’t want to be pigeonholed into one style. They’ve decided to change it up, since they often find themselves working with very similar donor bikes. “We try to not stand still in our designs,” says Paul. “If you mostly do B...
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Diff’rent Strokes: Vagabund Moto bucks the BMW trend

BMW airhead customs are like AC/DC songs: after a while, it’s hard to tell them all apart. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the style is usually pleasing to the eye. But no one could ever accuse Vagabund Moto of following a conventional formula. Their approach is unique and their bikes buck the mainstream trend. So it’s ironic to learn that the owner of this razor-sharp R80 asked Vagabund to replicate the style of a custom R80 they finished two years ago. Not surprisingly, ...
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FAIR WEATHER FIEND. Vagabund’s ‘V08’ BMW R80RT Summer Brat

Written by Andrew Jones You know you’ve probably got a custom bike problem when you start ordering builds based on weather. And for Vagabund’s Paul and Phil, that’s exactly what their latest customer has gone and done. Clearly not someone who’s short of cash or indeed other bikes to ride, they were so distraught by the fact that their summer riding options didn’t include a fenderless BMW brat, they’ve gone and ordered one built to spec by Austria’s finest for those days when those damn guar...
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Smooth Operator: Vagabund’s sleek BMW R100R

For some people , building a minimalist motorcycle simply means stripping off as much stuff as possible. And practicality be damned. But there’s a higher path: one that uses complex solutions to achieve maximum simplicity, without sacrificing an iota of functionality. That’s the philosophy behind Vagabund Moto’s latest project: a super-sano BMW R100R with a smörgåsbord of hidden niceties. Hailing from Graz, Austria, designer Paul Brauchart and mechanical engineer Philipp Rabl have only been op...
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OFF-WHITE RIOT. A Lean & Mean Yamaha SR500 From Vagabund Moto

Rock ‘n’ Roll had The Blues. World War I had Franz Ferdinand. And television had Philo Farnsworth. Every big event has its ground zero, and for modern custom motorcycles, it was the inimitable Yamaha SR500. More specifically, it was Japanese Custom shops in the 90s and their ready, cheap access to the bikes that kicked things off.The post OFF-WHITE RIOT. A Lean & Mean Yamaha SR500 From Vagabund Moto appeared first on
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