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Psychology Around the Net: January 12, 2019

Are you ready to learn about simple, no frills self-care tips we can all follow? Why incompetent people have more confidence than you’d think they should? How men and women experience chronic pain differently? Well, good news! This week’s Psychology Around the Net has all that and more. The Free Self-Care You Should Be Doing Right Now: Setting realistic exercise schedules. Tackling one cleaning or organizing project at a time. Getting enough sleep. Extremely basic but extremely helpful self-c...
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According to the dictionary, integrity is “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” I think what needs to be added to the definition is this … Integrity is determined most by what a person does AFTER they’ve done something that’s gone against their own integrity. The post Integrity appeared first on Sexy Marriage.
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After a year in a paid mastermind group, I decided not to renew. That was a tough decision, but I feel it was the right one, and it helped me clarify something that I’d really like to experience in a bigger way. It costs $30K per year to be a member of this group. It’s been ranked as one of the top business mastermind groups in the country, and I think that’s well deserved. It was a stretch for me to decide to apply and then join, but I gained a lot of value from it. It’s fair to say that I got ...
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Making Your Hero’s Journey Real

There’s a major connection between your hero’s journey and your ability to skillfully apply the Subjective Reality lens. Let me ‘splain. When you consider that this reality could be akin to a dream world or a simulation, it reminds you to step into your power and create your experience now. It’s also a call to be more imaginative and to dream bigger. The subjective lens reminds us all to stop playing small and to stop trying to hide… and sometimes we really hate to hear that even when we so need...
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Values in Dynamic Tension

Guest post from S. Chris Edmonds: Have you prioritized your values so you know which ones are more important than the others? Or are all of your personal values “tied for first?” Here’s a way to test this idea. Note down your top four personal values, the desired principles that guide your day-to-day plans, decisions, and actions. If you’ve formalized your personal values, this exercise took mere seconds. If you’ve not formalized them, it probably took longer. ...
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Veganism Is About Power, Not Animals

Having been a consumer of animal products and a non-consumer for more than 20 years on each path, I’ve experienced both paths from the inside for significant lengths of time. I think it’s easier to make the choice by comparing each perspective experientially. I went vegan by deciding to try it for a month to see what it was like. I like encouraging people to try different lifestyle experiments in a similar fashion. Choose from a place of knowing, not from a place of ignorance. As long as you rem...
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Recognizing You Are the Value Proposition

The question reads, “How do you differentiate when you have no advantage on service offerings?” Another prompt read, “We are struggling because we used to have no competitors and now we have a strong competitor in our market. We also haven’t had a new product in five years.” All of us work in crowded markets now. If your market isn’t crowded, it soon will be. If your market isn’t yet commoditized, there are forces at work to push you in that direction. While there is still room for innovation in...
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Leadership Caffeine™—Learn to Love Uncertainty

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Are You Missing This Critical Element In Your Leadership?

When it comes to leadership in today’s faster-paced work environment, there’s no question that leaders are expected to wear many hats. Not so much in terms of tasks, but in terms of function. That’s why when we speak of leadership, there’s a tendency to tack on additional qualifiers, such as transformative leadership, servant leadership, creative […]The post Are You Missing This Critical Element In Your Leadership? appeared first on Tanveer Naseer.
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Questions to Ask Yourself to Live a Better Financial Life

If you’re reading TwoCents, then you’re probably looking for advice to live a better financial life. You may want to be more responsible with your money, or learn how to invest better, or simply have a daily reminder to look after your money.Read more...
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Uncompromising Diligence: 4 Common Term Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re buying life insurance, you’re already on the path to doing things right. However, you may not know that buying term life insurance brings with it the opportunity for errors, and people make these mistakes all of the time. But you can avoid being one of them when you purchase after having read the four secret pitfalls of term insurance. If you don’t want to suffer buyer’s remorse, keep reading. Waiting until it’s too late. Have you held off on buying life insurance? One of the reason...
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Why Organizations Need To Shift From Top-Down To Side-To-Side Focus

The following is a guest piece by Rick Miller. Most companies have a long-standing issue, worker productivity, yet they try to solve it with the same unsuccessful strategy again and again. Why not try a new strategy? Gallup estimates as many as seven out of 10 employees are not bringing their “A-game” to work every […]The post Why Organizations Need To Shift From Top-Down To Side-To-Side Focus appeared first on Tanveer Naseer.
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Managing Change Effectively

It is always fascinating to engage with a cultural change process, and a recent encounter was no exception. Some three years ago, I developed a new business strategy for a not-for-profit organisation which, faced with on-going austerity measures in the UK, wished to focus on the longer-term on sustainability and income generation. They are a relatively small organisation with a regional reach regarding members, clients, and corporate donors. The new business strategy necessitated an organisation...
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37 Powerful Questions To Test Your Character & Help You Grow

Character is combination of moral qualities, attributes, good behaviors and habits that is the whole of “you.” It’s consistent good behavior in all circumstances and with all people. It’s how we treat other people and live a purposeful life. It’s your core values. I grew up on a farm and there’s a joke that all that hard work builds character. It sure didn’t feel like it when it was below freezing and I was pitching smelly silage to feed the cattle. The lesson is character is built , it is deve...
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How do you engage two sets of employees during a merger?

This is a guest post from Doug Butler and Gregg Lederman. Ironic, isn’t it? The moment you most need the support of your people is also when getting it proves most challenging. Sure enough, only 42 percent of employees remain engaged when they feel you aren’t managing change well. If that sounds like a risk, it’s […]
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Creating a Heart-Aligned Offer (and the Results)

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Why core values need to matter more than ever to the recruiting world

Let’s start with a pull quote, from here: But a couple of things have happened. One, there has been a lot more turnover and fluidity in the workforce, so you don’t have people who stay with your company over a long period. You don’t have that kind of organizational glue that naturally happens. Two, your […]
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Finding Purpose in Work

On occasion, managers ask me how to motivate employees who seem to be disengaged and simply going through the motions at work. The way I approach this is by being intentional about connecting employees’ daily job responsibilities to an enduring organizational purpose. This is not easy. It requires the organization to do the yeoman work of identifying values and detecting its purpose. When organizations complete this work and enlighten employees as to WHY they do WHAT they do, HOW they do it, at ...
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Shared Values Drive Morale AND Profits

Years ago, ANZ Bank in Australia was the least popular bank in the country. It transformed itself by asking staff what their values were and how they could be manifested in the business. The result was a dramatic rise in standing and profits. Just last week, a colleague announced that she was going to work for a company whose values made her heart sing and brought joy to the customers. She walked away from her old job. Something is happening in the world of work. It was long thought that organiz...
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Your Name Is Priceless

A few years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of salespeople. They were running a boiler room, and when I researched the company before joining them for a phone call I discovered that they took money from their prospective clients without delivering the value they promised. There was enough evidence to make me believe that the practice was widespread, and what I found was credible enough to give me pause. As I looked more deeply into the company, I also found complaints about sexual harassmen...
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When Values Are Valuable

Earlier today I was the guest on a leadership podcast. Among other topics, we discussed organizational values. Too often the term “values” conjures up images of the corporate orientation video or inspirational break room posters and is otherwise widely ignored in the daily execution of job functions. Today I’d like to break it down a bit in hopes of making values more practical and useful in your organization, regardless of size or sophistication. Let’s start with a definition: Value: a principl...
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How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis: Set Your OWN Expectations

We’ve only got one shot at this thing called life. And yet, all too many of us tend to give it away to living other people’s expectations. All too often, young people spend the first two decades of their lives absorbing their world’s expectations for them – figuring out what their parents and communities think they should be doing. They internalize those dreams, those visions, those goals. And then, they spend the next several decades trying to fulfill others’ expectations of what their lives sh...
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Leadership and Ethics: Nigel Cumberland [Podcast] - Des Walsh

Nigel Cumberland is a leadership coach & facilitator, author, and Co-Founder of the Silk Road Partnership, a leading global provider of executive coaching and leadership training solutions. He coaches and trains leaders with organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, Google, Dell, LVMH and the Dubai Government. Previously, Nigel held multinational Managing Director and Finance Director positions with various UK an...
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Leadership and Ethics: Nigel Cumberland [Podcast]

Nigel Cumberland is a leadership coach & facilitator, author, and Co-Founder of the Silk Road Partnership, a leading global provider of executive coaching and leadership training solutions. He coaches and trains leaders with organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, Google, Dell, LVMH and the Dubai Government. Previously, Nigel held multinational Managing Director and Finance Director positions with various UK an...
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Elevate Purpose to Improve Performance

Avoid the comfort trap. I recently read a post by Steve Keating titled The Benefit of Living an Uncomfortable Life. The post reminded me of my own bipolar relationship with comfort. I’m bipolar because I want comfort, but I also want to make a difference. Steve reminds us that comfort doesn’t change anything. We must be uncomfortable to make a difference. Comfort is a Poor Goal I realized comfort is a default goal. A pursuit of comfort squeezes out all but our most elevated goals. Comfort will...
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Seeing Eye-to-Eye Around Your Leadership Table

I started my first full-time salaried job right out of college. My employer was fair and kind, but his office intimidated me. The décor and furniture didn’t help. He had two uncomfortable chairs opposite a large oak desk, a faded leather executive chair, an old metal filing cabinet, and a library of worn books lining the back wall. The room screamed my boss’s credentials. Very little, if anything, communicated: “Welcome! Come on in and have a seat.” Was this a window into his leadership personal...
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Lessons from the Great Fishing Contest

It was the day of the Great Fishing Contest. I was about seven years old. We lived in a small town with a creek that ran right through the center of the town square. Every year, the town held a fishing contest. There were prizes for the most fish, and the biggest fish, and the smallest fish, and all sorts of other things. There were prizes for different age groups, so I had a chance. I had been fantasizing about winning one of those prizes for months. My father offered to teach me some things. I...
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Preview Thursday – The Art of Servant Leadership II

Taken from the Introduction of The Art of Servant Leadership II by Art Barter In The Art of Servant Leadership II, we offer a case study in transforming a company into a servant-led organization. It starts with individual leaders who are willing to begin the inward journey of transformation of heart and soul. They allow the servant leadership behaviors to renovate their hearts, and ultimately this transfers into their hands of service. When their teams see the radical transformation of their lea...
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Your Hero’s Journey

One pattern I’ve seen among my readers (and especially CGC members) is that we’re all progressing through our own version of the hero’s journey. In our cases this isn’t about vanquishing some personified foe through violent means. It’s an inner journey where we start out living much like everyone else, we soon find ourselves dissatisfied with “normal” life, and we progress through phases of exploration, discovery, conscious creation, and ultimately leadership. Resisting the Journey Just as man...
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