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So, A Discovery of Witches Is Now a Time-Travel Show

A Discovery of Witches—about a historian who also happens to be a powerful witch, and the ancient vampire who falls for her—is back for a second season of supernatural intrigue, spellcasting, and romance. But there’s a new element this season, as promised by that season-one cliffhanger: time travel!Read more...
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Akiba’s Trip First Memory Really Tearing it Up

A remastered version of the original Akiba’s Strip is coming in the form of Akiba’s Trip First Memory to modern consoles, bringing back all of the clothes-tearing action and moe absurdity that was so beloved of the first wacky release. The PV for the game is predictably oozing with lunacy and clothes-rending: The original Akiba’s […]
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Tsukihime Visual Novel Remake Finally Gets a Release Date

After many delays spanning over a decade, the remake of Type Moon’s premiere visual novel Tsukihime will be getting a defined release in the middle of next year. The original Tsukihime visual novel released in December of 2000 and its remake has been teased and previewed many times over the last two decades. A brief […]
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Bakemonogatari Manga Grows Supremely Gory

Bakemonogatari has strayed away from gigantic bosom and shifted back towards plot as the manga’s latest chapter has Araragi facing off with eternal vampiress Kisshot, depicting some truly gruesome visuals and sure to have many questioning the need for such a brawl when they are both essentially immortal. Those who have watched the movies and […]
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Bakemonogatari Manga Takes Passion for Breasts to a New Level

More extended dialogue and unnerving visuals are present in the Bakemonogatari manga as hero Koyomi talks further with vampiress Kissshot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade, with the situation of Hanekawa’s breast groping leading into another breast-based moment, though one that readers were perhaps not expecting. The 114th chapter again pulls no punches when it comes […]
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Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Vampire of the Mists

Welcome to Ravenloft, boils and ghouls! Where it’s always a dark and stormy night, where monsters are always under your bed, and your blood always curdles in horror—right before a vampire sucks it out. So what the hell is a gold elf from the Forgotten Realms doing here? Short answer: Not having a particularly fun time.Read more...
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BloodRayne Terminal Cut Remasters Bring Back All the Sexy Gore

Publisher Ziggurat Interactive is bringing enhanced versions of bloody Terminal Reality action games BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2 to Steam. Both the 2002 BloodRayne and its 2004 sequel BloodRayne 2 garnered attention with their highly gory, violent, and sexually-charged action, which included fountains of blood and gruesome dismemberment of the female vampire heroine’s foes. The new […]
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#TrackoftheDay: “You’re a Vampire”

One-Eyed DollUSA (2010) Image: Their Facebook. So we’re back after a giant tree down the street took out the power lines for a couple of days. We took the power company people who were working last night some Halloween candy and shortly thereafter–the power was back! A freakin’ Halloween miracle! So let’s get the day itself started properly. We do so with One-Eyed Doll from Texas. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? (I’m talking about the song now, not necessarily Texas.) In one ...
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SaDistic BlooD Gorily Humiliates Vampire Maidens

A vampire-centric tale of sex and cruelty has been properly presented through SaDistic BlooD, certain to prove popular amongst vampire fanatics or those who revel in immensely violent and gory sex scenes. The title was developed by the accomplished Black Cyc and written by Izumi Ban’ya, who might be well-known for their work on famous […]
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For sale: "genuine soil" from Dracula's castle

Back in 2012, musician-couple Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola started a fun side project called Darling Pet Munkee that just wrote garage rock songs about weird novelty advertisements a la Sea Monkeys. And one of my favorite tunes they cranked out was this one, about "Genuine Soil From Dracula's Castle." — Read the rest
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What We Do in the Shadows Teases a Few Tasty Hints About Season 3

Most of 2020 has outright sucked, but at least we got a brilliant season of What We Do in the Shadows—and news of another on the way. Though season three hasn’t started filming yet, the FX show’s New York Comic Con panel did unearth a few tantalizing hints about what to expect when the show returns.Read more...
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Dark Shadows' 12 major storylines

You've likely heard adults of a certain age nostalgically talking about rushing home every day from school in the 1960s/70s to watch Dark Shadows. I was one of them. If the timing was perfect, I could rush in from the bus stop and turn on the TV in the den just in time to hear the creepy opening theramin strains of the show's iconic intro It was campy and soapy AF, the sets moved, the boom mics were often caught in the shots, and actors frequently murdered their lines. — Read the...
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We Need More Movies Like Vampires vs. the Bronx

Director Osmany Rodriguez’s Vampires vs. the Bronx is the sort of coming-of-age movie that there simply aren’t enough of. It’s about a bunch of Black and brown kids from a part of New York City that doesn’t get nearly enough love, who all know that there are plenty of important life lessons to be learned from comic…Read more...
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Amorous Fanged Females Lust for the Male in Sanshimai ga Ore wo Yuuwaku Shite Kuru!!

Sanshimai ga Ore wo Yuuwaku Shite Kuru!! will garner the attention of males who like females with sharp fangs, as the girls of the series, for some reason, are equipped with them for plot reasons – the nudity and sexual antics likely to also prove favorable amongst readers. The plot has readers following the fate […]
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Bakemonogatari Manga Emphasizes the Vampiric Beauty of Kiss-Shot

Bakemonogatari‘s manga adaptation has kept the interests of its demographic in mind as the latest chapter has plenty of fabulous closeup shots on the delectable Shinobu as she prances about in her adult form (Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade), her distracting breasts bound to have readers unable to digest the plot. The 104th chapter mostly had Araragi […]
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Meet the Philanthropic Vampire Courts of Texas

Today I learned about the Houston Vampire Court and the Vampire Court of Dallas/Fort Worth, both member-driven organizations for "Sanguinarians" — humans who sustain themselves through blood (animal, or human) or by "draining" "psychic energies" from other humans. These are, perhaps unsurprisingly, largely off-shoots or goth and/or fetish subcultures, but there's something heartwarming about the sense of community they're able to build together. (Unless "heartwarming" is kind of ableist in this ...
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The NOS4A2 Season Finale Managed to Find Some Hope in Its Very Weird Darkness

AMC’s Joe Hill adaptation NOS4A2 wrapped up its second season last night. After bringing the epic conflict between TV’s oddest vampire and the motorcycle-riding young mom who’s trying to end his reign of terror to surreal heights in its second-to-last episode, the finale felt like a giant exhale...for the most part.Read more...
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The Night Stalker Was a Vampire Horror About the Power of Stating the Obvious

A protagonist’s utter unawareness about the supernatural danger they’re dealing with can oftentimes make horror-thriller films that much more enjoyable to watch. But there are times when all you want to see is a hero with a head on their shoulders who, when confronted with the reality that there are vampires in their…Read more...
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In ‘Midnight Sun,’ Stephenie Meyer Tells Edward Cullen’s Story

The best-selling author talks about her latest book, “Midnight Sun,” which retells “Twilight” from the vampire’s perspective. Why now? “Because I finished it,” she says.
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Stephenie Meyer Is Telling Edward’s Story, Even if It Makes Her Anxious

The best-selling author talks about her latest book, “Midnight Sun,” which retells “Twilight” from the vampire’s perspective. Why now? “Because I finished it,” she says.
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A Vintage Vampire-Slaying Kit Is Up for Auction

The kit, complete with three crucifixes and a pistol, goes up for auction next week. Experts say it might not save you from the undead, but that’s beside the point.
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A Lost Boys Prequel Musical Is Getting Closer to Release

How did David, the leader of The Lost Boys, first become a vampire? That’s the subject of an upcoming stage musical called A Lost Boys Story by G Tom Mac, who wrote the film’s unforgettable theme song, “Cry Little Sister.” The show has been in development for several years, but now, according to Mac, it’s getting…Read more...
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Solo roleplaying a Thousand Year Old Vampire

It is amazing to see some of the quality and ingenuity coming out of the indie roleplaying game community these days. Innovative ideas are bankrolled by crowdfunding campaigns and turned into beautiful books, games, and miniatures. Some of these efforts are truly unique and inspired. Such is the case with Tim Hutchings' Thousand Year Old Vampire. Just as a piece of book art, this $45 book is something to behold ($10 PDFs are also available). It is absolutely gorgeous. Thousand Year Old Vampire ...
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Spastic Vampire Comedy Vlad Love Will Suck in At Least One Way

Another vampire-centric anime series will be gracing Japanese TV in the future as Vlad Love intends to deliver a nonstop barrage of comedy after a human girl has a chance encounter with a vampire, the show’s not at all serious nature bound to make it easily palatable amongst avid anime watchers. The hyperactive trailer that […]
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Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san Dakimakura Covers Definitely Don’t Suck

The occasionally saucy Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san has capitalized on sex appeal as some dakimakura covers can now be purchased, offering buyers affectionate illustrations of one of its two vampire girls or the human heroine. The intoxicating covers naturally contain each girl’s more reserved and normal attire while also being decorated with a more sensuous version […]
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Live and Let Die, Trump-Style

The world’s greatest con artist has finally come up against a foe he can’t fool.
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What We Do in the Shadows' Scariest Vampire Is Still Giving Us Nightmares

While FX’s vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows is across-the-board delightful, we have a special affection for the show’s “energy vampire,” a character who’s both totally original and instantly recognizable. He’s also pretty terrifying—especially when he gets a sudden power boost.Read more...
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NOS4A2 Is Back to Be Weirdly Obsessed With Christmas Again in This New Teaser

If Dracula has taught us anything, it’s that evil vampires have a really hard time staying dead. It just doesn’t stick. So, of course Charlie’s back. Call it a Christmas miracle. Read more...
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Check your fear and get in gear — the VAN-PIRES are here!

The other day on Twitter, I asked people about their favorite weird 90s anthropomorphic animal-hero cartoons, for another project I'm working on. Someone skipped past the "animal" part of this question and shared this absolutely amazing gem of an opening credits sequence. Because this is a show about vans, that are also vampires, which live off of … gasoline, I guess? I have no recollection of Van-pires. I was a pretty vociferous consumer of kids CGI sci-fi stuff, but maybe I was too old by t...
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"[T]he mortality rate among patients over age 65 exceeded 26 percent, and almost all patients over 65 who needed mechanical ventilation during that period died."

According to a new JAMA article (which studied coronavirus patients in Northwell Health hospitals "in and around New York City"), reported in "Do You Want to Die in an I.C.U.? Pandemic Makes Question All Too Real/Sobering statistics for older patients sharpen the need to draw up advanced directives for treatment and share them with their families" (NYT).A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine questioned 180 patients over age 60 with serious illnesses; most said they would trade a year of life if t...
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