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A Sunday Walk

We had another great Sunday morning walk (this post was done back in June). The day started out cloudy but then the sun came out and there was blue sky between the clouds and it was just beautiful. The Orsay Museum across the Seine with a reflection in the smooth water. The sun reflected in the Seine. Sort of Van Gogh looking. The serene Place Dauphine full of mulberry trees. One restaurant was setting up tables outside for lunch. King Henri IV called the Vert Galan...
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"There has long been debate about which painting was van Gogh’s last work, because he tended not to date his paintings."

"Many people believe it was 'Wheatfield With Crows,' because Vincente Minnelli’s 1956 biopic 'Lust for Life' depicts van Gogh, played by Kirk Douglas, painting that work as he goes mad, just before killing himself. Andries Bonger, Theo van Gogh’s brother-in-law, who wrote down some of the events surrounding Vincent’s death, noted in a letter, 'The morning before his death, he had painted a forest scene, full of sun and life.' In 2012, the Van Gogh Museum published a paper... arguing that the let...
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Van Gogh: Postcard helps experts 'find location of final masterpiece'

A postcard helped researchers pinpoint the probable spot near the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise.
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A Clue to Van Gogh’s Final Days Is Found in His Last Painting

A researcher says he has uncovered the precise location where the artist painted “Tree Roots,” thought to be the last piece he worked on the day he suffered a fatal gunshot wound.
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Postcard reveals place where Van Gogh likely painted his last masterpiece

Experts have confirmed that a vintage postcard depicting a nature scene near where Van Gogh spent the last days of his life may be where the artist painted his final work.
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Postcard helps Van Gogh family reveal exact spot where artist painted hours before his death

An art expert has pinpointed the exact spot where Vincent van Gogh was painting just hours before he shot himself, museum officials announced on Tuesday at a ceremony commemorating the 130th anniversary of his suicide. The picture, Tree Roots, was identified as the Dutch post-impressionist painter’s last work a few years ago. Now, an early postcard has made it possible to locate the scene it depicts in Auvers-sur-Oise, a village north of Paris. Willem van Gogh, the great-grandson of the artist’s...
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Place depicted in Van Gogh's final painting found with help of postcard

French hillside scene in Tree Roots may have been painted hours before artist’s deathThe exact location from where Vincent van Gogh is likely to have painted his final masterpiece, perhaps just hours before his death, has been discovered with the help of a postcard.The scene in Tree Roots, a painting of trunks and roots growing on a hillside near the French village of Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris was first spotted on a card dating from 1900 to 1910 by Wouter van der Veen, the scientific director o...
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listening to joni: #15: turbulent indigo

Turbulent Indigo, 1994 Front Cover Turbulent Indigo is a rich album, one that demands repeated listening. Every time I hear it, I discover new sounds and meanings, and I find that it has slyly become one of my most beloved of Joni's work.The name of the album is itself enigmatic. Many reviewers have noted that it echoes an earlier masterpiece, since the colour indigo is a form of blue. I don't find much in common between 1972's Blue and this one. On Turbulent Indigo, the music is spars...
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Famous Paintings Go on Show, Without a Canvas in Sight

The French company behind flashy digital shows of Klimt, Klee, van Gogh and others is bringing fine art to a mass audience. And it’s turning a profit.
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Under the heading "Reset," British Vogue — Vogue! — has a landscape — a landscape! — on its cover.

Yes, it's David Hockney. That's sort of like getting an important actress for a normal cover, a cover about feminine beauty and fashion. They're "resetting" to a landscape — a wheat field — the very landscape that inspired Vincent Van Gogh to blow his brains out?The British Vogue Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful explains (in the Independent). He says it "highlights that at the core of everything is our planet." And — referring to the coronavirus — "As the world rushes to find its feet again, we a...
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Put a cultural spin on game night

We are all curious beings at heart, and play is one of the best ways to learn. That is why we are introducing a few new ways for you to learn more about culture in fun and engaging ways. We are now adding a way to record videos with Art Projector, a tool that uses augmented reality to bring famous artworks to wherever you are. Tap the Camera icon to start recording your thoughts about these paintings, available now in the Google Arts & Culture Android app and coming soon on iOS.While an Art Proj...
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How Georgia O’Keeffe Became Georgia O’Keeffe: An Animated Video Tells the Story

When Georgia O’Keeffe first saw the home in Abiquiú, in Northern New Mexico that she would purchase from the Catholic Church in 1945 “the 5,000-square-foot compound was in ruins,” writes the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. The artist immediately seized on its potential: “As I climbed and walked about in the ruin,” she remembers, “I found a patio with a very pretty well house and bucket to draw up water. It was a good-sized patio with a long wall with a door on one side. That wall with a door in...
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Museum visits in the COVID-19 era

There was a time when avoiding crowds in museums was a challenge. Getting to the Egyptian mummies at the British Museum before everyone else was a nearly impossible feat, and managing to get a peek of the Louvre’s Mona Lisa without hundreds of people blocking your view was the stuff of myths. But since mid-March, entire collections sit alone in galleries, undisturbed and unappreciated by the throngs of admirers who usually take so much pleasure in looking at them. A by the International Cou...
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Photo Taken By Thieves Of Stolen Van Gogh Made Public

The artist’s Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring (1884) was taken by a robber from the Singer Laren Museum near Amsterdam on March 30. Now a “proof of life” photo showing the painting between a May 30 newspaper and a biography of a (different) convicted Van Gogh thief, has been obtained by well-connected investigator Arthur Brand and turned over to authorities. – The New York Times
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Images of a Stolen Van Gogh Give Experts Hope It Can Be Recovered

A private art detective investigating the case said he was sent the images of the work, which was taken from a Dutch museum in March.
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Stolen Van Gogh: Art detective receives photos of 'stolen work Spring Garden'

Spring Garden was stolen from a museum during the coronavirus lockdown in the Netherlands in March.
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Dutch art detective says he has 'proof of life' of stolen Van Gogh painting

Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring was snatched from a museum in Laren in MarchDutch detectives are investigating two apparent “proof of life” photographs of a £5m Vincent van Gogh painting stolen from a museum during the coronavirus lockdown.The images appear to show Van Gogh’s Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring alongside a copy of the New York Times published on the day of the painting’s theft. Continue reading...
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Van Gogh and Gauguin letter about brothel visit sells for 210,000 euros

Van Gogh and artist Paul Gauguin penned the "exceptional" letter while living together in late 1888.
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Van Gogh and Gauguin letter about brothel visit sells for €210,000

‘Exceptional’ correspondence sent from Arles in 1888 is bought by Van Gogh MuseumA letter written by two of the greatest artists of the 19th century, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, about their visits to French brothels has been bought for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for €210,600 (£189,000).The correspondence, previously held in private hands, has been described as “exceptional”. The two painters entwine descriptions of their experiences living together in Arles, in Provence, with claims...
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Rare letter detailing Van Gogh and Gauguin's brothel visits sells for $237K at auction

The only known letter to have been jointly written by Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin sold for more than 210,000 euros ($237,000) when it went under the hammer in Paris on Tuesday.
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Snapchat Firm Unveils Platform Plan To Take On Google and Apple

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Snap, the company behind Snapchat, has revealed plans for a fully fledged digital platform taking on not only Facebook but also Google and Apple. The company is launching an app store, expanding its games platform and offering the facility for external developers to upload machine-learning models to build augmented reality experiences. It is allowing other apps to integrate its camera software for the first time, and incorporating businesses...
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Rare letter detailing Van Gogh and Gauguin's brothel visits could sell for $282K at auction

The only known letter to have been jointly written by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin is headed to auction in Paris.
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Toronto gets ready for the first drive-in Van Gogh art exhibit

A multi-media exhibit of Van Gogh's work was long-planned for Toronto, but then the COVID-19 shutdowns meant no one could walk through to see it. And that's when the organizers got the idea for people to drive in to see it -- with a few vehicle restrictions, so you can't go in a van to see Van Gogh. Find out more in my story at the National Post ( [Author: Jil McIntosh]
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What Do You Do With a Stolen van Gogh? This Thief Knows

Octave Durham, who went to prison for stealing two paintings by the artist, explains the difficulties encountered in this line of work.
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Pricing Strategies for a Strong Bottom Line

A price strategy is every bit as important as what you’ve got to sell. After all, they dictate what you will charge for the goods and services you have on the market. In the end, getting these pricing strategies right is a bit of a balancing act. You’ll need to find that sweet spot between market demand and maximum profits. Here’s what you will need to consider to put together a good strategic pricing model. What is Pricing? Pricing is what you decide to charge for what you’re selling. Sounds...
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Drive-in art exhibit

Starting on June 18, art lovers in Toronto, Canada, will have the chance to be fully immersed in the impressionist world of Vincent Van Gogh at a drive-in exhibit cleverly titled “Gogh in your car.” The digital art show will be held at a 4,000-square-foot warehouse and will admit 14 vehicles at a time. The show is designed to be a mesmerizing experience, as guests will be surrounded by paintings, evoking the sensation of floating in a sea of color. Visitors will remain in their cars througho...
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And Now… Drive-In Van Gogh

Art lovers will drive into the 4,000 square foot downtown industrial space and will stay inside their vehicles. It’s quite a change from the original concept, which permitted 700 people to walk inside the space at a time. – CBC
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5 Ways to Find Fashion Inspiration

Even for expert fashionistas, finding fashion inspiration for new outfits can be tricky. You could have the biggest closet in the world, but without a little fashion inspiration, it isn’t easy to make something new out of your old things. It’s more likely you’ll be tempted to clear out your collection and start over rather than work with what you have.  While there’s nothing wrong with being an “outfit repeater,” here are just a few ideas to find some fashion inspiration for your next b...
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The Writers Van Gogh Liked To Read Included Charles Dickens And Harriet Beecher Stowe

In the category of things some of us hadn’t thought enough about before this moment: “Vincent was an avid and multilingual reader, a man who could not do without books. In his brief life he devoured hundreds of them in four languages, spanning centuries of art and literature. Throughout his life, his reading habits reflected his various personae—art dealer, preacher, painter—and were informed by his desire to learn, discuss, and find his own way to be of service to humanity.” – LitHub
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The best Amazon Kindle cases

Amazon Kindles are lightweight and portable e-readers designed to go anywhere you go, but they are also fragile and prone to damage.   A good case can protect your Amazon Kindle, and they don't have to break the bank.  Because Kindles come in different shapes and sizes, make sure you choose the right case for the Kindle you own. Amazon's popular Kindle e-readers are lightweight and easy to carry around, but they are also prone to damage if you're not careful. Whether you're reading a best-sell...
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