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Elon Musk escalated his feud with Mark Zuckerberg following the riots at the Capitol. Here are 11 other rivalries that have formed between some of the world's most high-powered tech leaders.

Elon Musk, left, and Mark Zuckerberg. Susan Walsh/AP; Erin Scott/Reuters While there are many close friendships among tech CEOs in Silicon Valley, there are also plenty of feuds. Some appear to be friendly rivalries, like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Others are more contentious: Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have been openly feuding for years.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Silicon Valley is a breeding ground f...
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How Quentin Tarantino Shoots a Film at 3 Different Budget Levels: Reservoir Dogs ($1 Million), Pulp Fiction ($8 Million), and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ($95 Million) Quentin Tarantino has never shied away from talking, at length and at a rapid clip, about his process. “In another life,” Colin Marshall writes in a previous post on the subject, he might have become a “foremost practitioner” of the video essay on cinema. His meticulous analyses of not only his own films but also the hundreds he references–or outright steals from–can be dizzying, the ravings of an overactive creative mind that seems impossible ...
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Kamala Harris was just sworn in as the first female vice president in US history. Here are 35 of the most powerful women in 2021.

Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and Shonda Rhimes. Tasos Katopodis/JIM WATSON/AFP/George Pimentel/Getty Images First ladies, political figures, and prominent businesswomen hold great power in the US. Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first female vice president of the United States. Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, has served for over 65 years. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. From the boardroom to Hollywood and the floor of the House of...
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I'm a lawyer who sued Alex Jones on behalf of the Sandy Hook families, leading to his deplatforming. The social media ban of Trump is troubling.

President Trump is seen at the White House on November 26, 2020. Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images Trump's ban from social media has troubling parallels with Alex Jones' ban in 2018. Public vulnerability to disinformation remains poorly understood, and our attempts to address the problem have been largely counterproductive. Before taking action, Congress should convene a panel to study solutions to disinformation which are compatible with a free and democratized internet. Mark D. Bankston i...
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35 of the most powerful women in 2021

Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and Shonda Rhimes. Tasos Katopodis/JIM WATSON/AFP/George Pimentel/Getty Images From first ladies of the United States to prominent businesswomen and leading figures in the entertainment industry, these women hold great power. On January 20, Senator Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the first female and first Black and South Asian vice president of the United States. Queen Elizabeth II, one of the best-known female leaders in the world and the longest-reigning mon...
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The Morning Watch: ‘Back to the Future Part II’ Inspires a Real Hoverboard, The Longer Version of ‘Uncle Buck’ & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, see how the gang at Hacksmith Industries use science and technology to create a real-working hoverboard modeled after the one seen in Back to the Future Part II. Plus, learn about a lost version of Uncle Buc...
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Secret Service agent rates films on accuracy of Presidential details

Vanity Fair asked former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow to examine details of presidential details in movies and television in terms of believability and execution. They missed a chance to ask him about how unbelievable it would be if the President caused 130 agents to quarantine if it were in a movie. — Read the rest
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The Deep Whiteness Of Breakout Netflix Hit Cobra Kai

Looks as though nostalgia for ’80s movies is driving something that looks less like the actual diverse world of the 2020s than the usual contemporary show. “‘Danny LaRusso, Italian kid from Jersey,’ as Vanity Fair’s Sonia Saraiya put it about the first two seasons, ‘is the most Japanese character on this show.'” – Los Angeles Times
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The life of Donald Trump Jr., who once lived out of a truck, didn't speak to his father for a year, and spent 2020 campaigning with his girlfriend

Donald Trump Jr., 42, is President Donald Trump's eldest child. Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post / Getty Donald Trump Jr., eldest son of President Donald Trump, is an executive vice president of the Trump Organization. The 43-year-old, who has five children, has lived the majority of his life in the shadow of his father and younger sister Ivanka, but since his dad became president, his outspoken, anti-political-correct stance has come into its own. While Ivanka and his father...
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Shonda Rhimes is worth at least $135 million, thanks to her #TGIT lineup and a history-making Netflix deal - see how she makes and spends her fortune

Shonda Rhimes is one of the most successful women in TV. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Shonda Rhimes has an estimated net worth of $135 million. The success of her Shondaland line-up, which includes "Grey's Anatomy," has made her a historic figure in TV and led to a multimillion-dollar Netflix deal. Her first show from that Netflix deal, "Bridgerton," was released on Christmas day. Rhimes is the first Black woman to showrun a successful primetime drama on a broadcast network and one of the hig...
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The Power of Pulp Fiction’s Dance Scene, Explained by Choreographers and Even John Travolta Himself All the great movies have a few memorable scenes; Pulp Fiction is made of nothing but. More than a quarter-century ago, that film’s release turned a young video-store clerk-turned-auteur called Quentin Tarantino into a household name. Cinephiles today still argue about which is the most memorable among its scenes, and only the most contrarian could fail to consider the dance. It comes early in the film, when the hitman Vincent Vega takes his bo...
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should not challenge Chuck Schumer to his Senate seat as she would "absolutely" lose, warns New York's top Democrat official

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (left) and Chuck Schumer (right) Samuel Corum/Getty images, Tasos Katopodus/Getty Images New York State's Democratic chairman has urged Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not to run against Chuck Schumer in the 2022 New York Senate primary. He also told the New York Post that the progressive congresswoman would "absolutely" lose if she challenged Schumer. It has been rumored for many months that Ocasio-Cortez might make a primary challenge. When asked if she would run f...
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Bill Ackman turned a $27 million bet into $2.6 billion in a genius investment. Here are 12 of the best trades of all time.

Bill Ackman. Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP The hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman is among few who minted a multibillion-dollar profit during the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. The famed investor turned a relatively modest $27 million bet into a whopping $2.6 billion windfall as the outbreak continued to drag on stocks and threatened deep economic recession.From George Soros' breaking of the Bank of England in 1992, to Michael Burry's now world-famous Big Short during the financial crisis, Ma...
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Jim Carrey's "SNL" performance as Joe Biden "brought a lot of attention to the show, but it ultimately garnered mixed reviews..."

"... with some critics saying that, despite Carrey's comedic talents, his Biden was missing the mark. 'It sounded like a great get at first. Here was a big-time star that could balance out the heft of Alec Baldwin's Trump. But after three episodes, Carrey still hasn't managed to break through,' Vanity Fair wrote in October. 'Maybe he's too physical a performer, or too needy a showman, to capture the flapjack earnestness of the former vice president.' The L.A. Times concurred writing in November ...
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The life and career of billionaire Oracle cofounder and international playboy Larry Ellison, who just announced he's leaving Silicon Valley for Hawaii

Larry Ellison. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Larry Ellison, the founder and CTO of Oracle, has a net worth of $75.2 billion, according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index. But Ellison hasn't had the tech world's typical path to success. He dropped out of college twice and didn't become a billionaire until age 49. Over the years, he's built Oracle into a $180 billion behemoth whose former employees have gone on to start companies like Salesforce.  He's also become a lavish spender, owning several h...
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The Art of Movie Posters: View Online 40,000+ Movie Posters & Learn How They’re Made If you can’t judge a movie by its poster, it’s not for the poster designer’s lack of trying. Nearly as venerable as cinema itself, the art of the movie poster has evolved to attract the attention and interest of generation after generation of filmgoers — and, safe to say, developed a few best practices along the way. Some examples go beyond effective advertisement to become icons in and of themselves: take for example, the poster for Quentin Ta...
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Is she hiding in a submarine? In a bunker? The hunt for Ghislaine Maxwell

The death of Jeffrey Epstein sparked a worldwide search for his former associate. How did the woman now known as Inmate 02879-509 keep such a low profile for so long?This time last year, Ghislaine Maxwell was off the grid. The Oxford-educated socialite was lying low as the focus of a frenzied media hunt pivoted to her after the suicide of her erstwhile lover Jeffrey Epstein.“For Ghislaine-watchers, the autumn of 2019 through to the summer of 2020 was a mystery,” says Mark Seal, the Vanity Fair s...
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Netflix introduced its own daily top 10 rankings this year. Here are the shows that ruled the lists.

"The Queen's Gambit" Netflix In February, Netflix introduced its own daily top 10 rankings of its most popular titles on the service. The streaming search engine Reelgood provided Business Insider a list of the year's most popular TV shows on Netflix, based on these lists. Reelgood used a points system to determine the top shows, from "The Queen's Gambit" to "The Umbrella Academy." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Netflix introduced its own daily top 10 rankings of i...
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12 Days of Deals Magazine Sale Gifts for Gossip and Celeb Lover

    Top Gossip and Fashion Titles Category Us Weekly (1 Year: $17.95) Cosmopolitan (1 Year: $4.95, 2 Years: $9.90, 3 Years: $14.85, 4 Years: $19.80) Vogue (1 Year: $4.99) Elle (1 Year: $4.99, 2 Years: $9.98, 3 Years: $14.97, 4 Years: $19.96) Vanity Fair (1 Year: $6.99) Harper’s Bazaar (1 Year: $4.95, 2 Years:... Read More
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Report: Apple TV+ Show Based on Gawker Media Got Scrapped After Tim Cook Intervened

An Apple TV+ series chronicling the rise of controversial blogging network Gawker Media was reportedly canned after Tim Cook learned about the project and intervened, according to a new report. Earlier this year, Vanity Fair claimed Apple was in the early stages of developing a series about Gawker. Called "Scraper," the series was reportedly pitched by two former Gawker staffers, Max Read and Cord Jefferson. According to a New York Times report on Sunday, however, Apple scrapped the show aft...
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Ivanka Trump is eyeing Florida to kick-start her political career and could opt to run for Senate, sources say

White House Senior Adviser Ivanka Trump introduces her father U.S. President Donald Trump to deliver his acceptance speech as the 2020 Republican presidential nominee during the final event of the Republican National Convention on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, on August 27, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Barria Ivanka Trump is considering the state of Florida as the place to launch her political career, sources close to her told CNN on Friday. The reports come as the first daughte...
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James Corden denounced for doing "gayface" in the Netflix movie of the Broadway show "The Prom."

Gone are the days when a nongay actor won praise for playing a gay person. I guess this is like the way they don't stage "Othello" with a white actor in dark makeup and that old-time performance would be called "blackface." A nongay actor playing gay is doing "gayface." But what's the gay equivalent of dark makeup? Arguably, it's worse than a white actor putting on dark makeup to play a black person, which is mimicking an objective, outward trait. It's an affectation of stereotypical gestures an...
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CS Soapbox: Why Ahsoka Tano is Hunting Grand Admiral Thrawn

BEGIN SLIDESHOW CS Soapbox: Why The Mandalorian’s Ahsoka Tano Wants To Find Grand Admiral Thrawn Warning! Spoilers for The Mandalorian Chapter 13, “The Jedi”  Ahsoka Tano (AKA “Snips”), the Jedi apprentice of Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars, made her debut in the feature film  Star Wars: The Clone Wars  (2008). Created by George Lucas and Dave Filoni late in the game, Ahsoka’s presence as a pivotal character in the animations made sense (ish). However, her absence in both the...
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The Obamas are producing a Netflix comedy series about the Trump administration

Vanity Fair reports that Barack and Michelle Obama are producing a comedy series for Netflix based on Michael Lewis's book The Fifth Risk that documented "the historic chaos and mismanagement that occurred in the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy during the handoff between the administrations." — Read the rest
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Nearly 6 million Americans — roughly equivalent to the entire population of Singapore — are threatened by eviction and foreclosure this month

A wave of evictions and foreclosures looms as protections aiding people who can't afford rent or mortgage payments run out in December and January. Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images Roughly 18 million Americans are behind on rent or mortgage payments as the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the country, inflicting job losses and other economic stressors. A new US Census Bureau survey found that one-third of those Americans expect to face eviction or foreclosure in 2021. At the e...
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Billie Eilish reflects on fame, COVID-19 in 2020 annual Vanity Fair interview

Much has changed for Billie Eilish in four years, as seen in Vanity Fair's annual interview with the 18-year-old singer.          [Author: USA TODAY]
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Obama says that 'snappy' slogans like 'defund the police' lose people 'the minute you say it'

Former President Barack Obama. CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images Former President Barack Obama in an interview set to be released later on Wednesday emphasized that activists and politicians who want policing reforms lose a lot of people when they use slogans like "defund the police," according to Vanity Fair. On the Snapchat political news series "Good Luck America," Obama told host Peter Hamby that such slogans have the potential to sink opportunities for reform before they can even be...
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Vanity Fair Interviews Billie Eilish for a Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth year in a row, Vanity Fair interviewed teen pop star Billie Eilish on where she is in her life, what she’s learned, where she sees herself in the future, how her work is progressing, and how her answers from previous years hold up. (Past interviews: 2019, 2018.) This year is obviously different because of the pandemic and hits differently because of it. I still marvel that Vanity Fair embarked on this project with this particular person. They could have chosen any number of u...
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Billie Eilish talks to younger Billie Eilish – with both wisdom and wit

In ‘time capsule’ interviews with Vanity Fair, the singer listens, responds and sometimes rolls her eyes at her younger selfIn 2009, a website went viral – it allowed you to send yourself a message that would automatically turn up in your inbox three years later. A friend of mine sent himself the number of a girl he liked. Given the same exercise years earlier at school, another friend sent himself the lyrics of a Black Eyed Peas song. I never sent myself anything, though I probably would have c...
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Dave Filoni Teases Ahsoka Tano’s Mandalorian Timeline

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Dave Filoni Teases Ahsoka Tano’s Mandalorian Timeline Ahsoka Tano made her live-action debut in the latest episode of Disney+’s The Mandalorian to roaring success after living in the animated small screen with The Clone Wars and Rebels and now animated showrunner and episode writer/director Dave Filoni has opened up about where in the Star Wars timeline her appearance may have been. RELATED: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: ‘The Jedi’ ...
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