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One of the world's most famous restaurants is cutting meat and fish from its menu

The meal follows recipes by chef Daniel Humm. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Blancpain Eleven Madison Park will no longer serve its famous lavender-and-honey glazed duck or butter-poached lobster. The restaurant will be entirely vegan except for the option to have milk with tea and honey. It will be the first three-Michelin-star restaurant to do away with meat and seafood. See more stories on Insider's business page. Daniel Humm, a world-renowned chef and the owner of one of the worl...
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Kiss and Tell

One small batch of nostalgia, coming right up. For someone who built a career on sweet treats, my kitchen has been churning out distinctly savory dishes lately, with desserts far and few between. It’s tough testing so many sugary indulgences when you’re baking for one, and the pandemic has cut severely into my opportunities to share. Still, there’s no denying the call of cravings, a deep, undeniable, almost primal urge for the comfort that only a bit of sugar might bring. Large pies are out of...
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No Harm, No Fowl

To anyone who still hasn’t tried any of the myriad chicken alternatives on the market now, I must ask: What are you, chicken? Ten years ago, I would have understood the trepidation. They were more frequently referred to as “mock meats,” which was fitting, considering they generally made a mockery of vegan trying to win over dubious omnivores. Old school plant proteins certainly have their place, but to compete with the hyper-realistic options now readily available, it’s time to embrace the other...
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I tried Taco Bell's new plant-based meat that's only available at one location and I was very disappointed

Me, my order, and Taco Bell. Brittany Chang/Insider On April 21, Taco Bell introduced its new plant-based protein: the Cravetarian. The Cravetarian, which is made of peas and chickpeas, is only available at one location in California. I tried the protein in a Crunchwrap Supreme and Crunchy Taco Supreme but was not impressed. See more stories on Insider's business page. On April 21, Taco Bell, a chain beloved by vegetarians and vegans, introduced its new plant-based meat: the Cravet...
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I compared Taco Bell's new meatless taco with the chain's classic vegan favorite and found the original is still the best

The black bean and Cravetarian Crunchy Taco Supremes. Brittany Chang/Insider On April 21, Taco Bell expanded its veggie-friendly menu with a new plant-based protein: the Cravetarian. I tried the Cravetarian and Taco Bell's popular vegetarian protein, black beans, in two Crunchy Taco Supremes. The black bean Crunchy Taco Supreme was far better than the Cravetarian taco. See more stories on Insider's business page. Taco Bell has long been popular with vegetarians and vegans. ...
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Broadly Speaking

What’s in a name? Broad beans are a confounding classification that encompasses a whole swath of the legume population. Some use the term interchangeably, referring to butter beans and lima beans as if they were the same thing. Defying all rational definition, in a sense, they are! Why is it that lima beans tend to get the short end of the stick, the bane of many picky childrens’ existence, while butter beans come with an air of whole luxury? Words do matter, more than one might want to admit. ...
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New School Vegan

Like a duck, placidly gliding across the water while paddling madly underneath the surface, I’ve been churning through a lot more than just ice cream in recent months. Super Vegan Scoops! is due to land in just over a month, but the real news I’ve come to share is that you have something else delicious to look forward to soon. Very soon, in fact. The Student Vegan Cookbook is due to set the world on fire (figuratively speaking; we don’t want to break any dorm rules) this fall! Inventive, inspir...
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Wordless Wednesday: Mail-Order Meals

Veestro Meal Delivery Tofu Red Curry Pad Thai Enchilada Casserole Country Fried Chick’n Chick’n Quesadilla Pasta Bolognese The post Wordless Wednesday: Mail-Order Meals appeared first on BitterSweet.
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Gooey St. Louey

At a glance, it looks like a mistake. Something must have gone wrong in the oven, or perhaps before. Maybe carelessly measured ingredients, an inaccurate thermometer, or poor technique led to such a homely appearance. Sunken in the middle, crackled and broken across the surface, it’s no wonder most versions are drowned in a flurry of powdered sugar, as if trying to cover these flaws. Then, there’s the sweetness; oh, such sweetness, as if plain sugar was a bitter pill by comparison! St. Louis go...
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The Duchess and the Pea

What could be more proper than a decorous English tea sandwich? Filled daintily but not overstuffed, crusts carefully removed, each mouthful is an architectural feat, rendered in an edible medium. History has spared no detail on this stately creation, giving full attribution to Anna Maria Stanhope, seventh Duchess of Bedford, who felt the sharp jab of hunger midday, while dinner was still many hours off. A well-mannered lady could not simply pilfer scraps from the kitchen- Heavens, no! Fashionin...
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All About That Base

Cake mixes get a bad rap- in most cases, rightly so. Little more than overpriced packages of flour, the advantage they offer to conventional baking is slim to none. Hapless bakers end up investing their precious time and money on treats that taste no better than a processed, packaged dessert straight off the grocery store shelf. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of the concept. I’ve always railed against such purported “conveniences” that merely cut out the step of measuring ingredients already rea...
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Watch the World Burn

It’s the contrarian in me, but I must admit, I love a recipe that’s meant to go wrong. Flawed by design, it tells you right in the title that it won’t turn out according to standard procedure. Burnt Basque Cheesecake has been high on my list for just that reason. Baking to golden brown perfection is not the goal here: You want to push it further, right over the edge of the cliff into dark, smoldering, ashes. Okay, the results aren’t that dire, but the top is definitely edging into “blackened” t...
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More Matzo? Say It’s Not So!

Why is this night different from all other nights? On this night, we must ask ourselves why on Earth we bought so much darned matzo meal. Don’t tell me I’m alone here. Year after year, as Passover draws nearer, I have an inexplicable fear of running out of matzo meal. Surely, THAT will be the one thing that the stores run out of right in the moment of need. Not toilet paper, not water, but matzo meal. It’s even more incomprehensible because I don’t even like the stuff. Truth be told, I hate mat...
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Gefilte? Go Fish!

“Passover is right around the corner, so I was thinking about making a vegan gefilte fish this year.” Silence. The line went dead. After a few beats, I wondered if the call had dropped altogether, until my mom hesitantly, quietly responded, “…Why?” My mother herself is a fair weather gefilte fish supporter, serving it dutifully every time tradition mandates. I get the impression that it’s more about ritual, symbolism, and classic Jewish guilt than genuine enjoyment, but for all that, her tolera...
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How to make your own homemade vegan leather from kombucha

As I recently learned from the Hobby Goblin Newsletter run by my colleague Tim Barribeau, you can apparently take that big gross SCOBY embryo thing from your kombucha and use it to produce a vegan leather substitute: Short version, you grow a scoby in a rectangular container, get it nice and thick, and then dry it out. — Read the rest
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Hanami at Home

Nothing on earth compares to cherry blossom season in Japan. Falling like snow, the sky is filled with a flurry of petals, drifting gently to coat the ground like a blanket. Perfuming the air with their delicate, unmistakable aroma, this floral profusion touches all the senses. Anyone lucky enough to experience the full bloom even once will never forget that stunning, singular beauty; I know I won’t. It’s hard to imagine enjoying that natural phenomenon every year, like clockwork, come spring. ...
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The 5 best vegan protein powders for anyone on a plant-based diet

Vegan protein powders allow people on plant-based diets to get the same nutritional benefits of a high protein diet.The best vegan protein powders should mix well, not have a bad aftertaste, and be low in both carbs and sugars.This article was medically reviewed by Erika Villalobos-Morsink, an MS, RD, and dietitan based in New York City. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Lots of people are going green in the kitchen. Between 2012 and 2017, the demand for meatless food grew by nearly 1,000%, an...
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Calculating the Perfect Pie

Be it custard or fruit, mousse or chiffon, a pie is only as good as its crust. Drawing as much passion as it does ire, the art of crafting the perfect pastry is a contentious subject among bakers and eaters alike. Everyone has an opinion about this essential dessert foundation, ranging from the most minimalist approaches inspired by the sage advice of grandmothers the world over, to high-end culinary graduate specifications that require a firm grasp of the scientific intricacies of baking to app...
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Wordless Wednesday: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Vegetable Nigiri; Hi Fi Mycology Mushroom, Aderezo, Lemon Zest. Zucchini Ahimi, Shiso, Rebel Cheese, Aderezo. Spaghetti Squash, Salsa Macha, Rebel Cheese, Scallion. Veggiepillar Maki; Fried Miso Eggplant, Sesame, Pickled Cucumber & Carrot, Topped with Avocado and Serrano, Yuzu Miso Sauce, Sesame. Fuyu Crudo; Rainbow Cauliflower, Beet Aguachile, Avocado, Roasted Beet, Salsa Macha, Sesame. Spinach & Tofu Dumplings; Cashew Cheese, Candied Cashew, Cilantro, Red Curry Oil. Lucky Robot 1303 S Co...
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Lazy Vegans Rejoice! It’s Time To Consider Plant Based Diet Food Delivery

Lazy Vegan? It’s Time To Consider Plant Based Diet Food Delivery Imagine this…it’s raining, it’s cold and you’ve just spent a whole day at work. The last thing you want to do is spend hours cooking your dinner. That’s why it might be time for you to consider plant based diet food delivery! Luckily enough, we live in a day and age where you can get more than just hamburgers and pizza delivered to your door. It’s the era of plant based diet food delivery! In fact, having plant ba...
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Flipping the Bird

When I was a kid, the closest thing I ever had to fried chicken was the sporadic nugget or tenders at Friendly’s, eaten as the obligatory protein that would unlock the gates to dessert. Meat was never a feature for me, so I had no problem making the switch to veganism, even in those early days when eating the plant-based alternative meant whipping up a pot of beans. Things sure have changed in recent years, accelerated by technological advances and the quickening drumbeat of climate change. It’s...
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Bread So Nice, I Made It Thrice

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. -Pablo Picasso Adversity gives us perspective; despair informs our joy. Without suffering, we would never know what it means to be truly happy. Human nature is to avoid pain, which is a general approach I would advocate for, too, but sometimes the greatest victories rise from the ashes, like the phoenix reborn. Much has been said about the devastation wreaked by the impossible winter storm here in Texas. It’s not what I imagined for my first ...
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Crunchy Granola with Almonds, Coconut, and Pepitas

Today I am sharing another granola recipe that I prepare at home. This is a recipe in which the granola has a higher quantity of nuts and seeds than is usually found in granola. It is one of my favorite breakfast foods. This granola is delicious and crunchy and can be enjoyed with warm or cold milk. It is also delicious with Greek yogurt and fresh fruits! Continue reading » [Author: [email protected] (AJ)]
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Wordless Wednesday: Finger Food and Handheld Meals

Nissi VegMex – Birria Tacos Lemat – Beyaynetu (Veggie Combo) HapPea Vegans – Kimchi Kimbap HapPea Vegans – Dylan Pickles Fowl Mouth – Vegan Chicken Sandwich Candle Cafe [CLOSED] – Mezze Plate Dosa by Dosa – Paper Dosa The post Wordless Wednesday: Finger Food and Handheld Meals appeared first on BitterSweet.
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A Bridgerton Too Far

Like most people burrowing in at home during the pandemic, I’ve done my fair share of binge watching, devouring shows with a bottomless appetite. Not even discerning the finer fair from downright junk food, I’ll shallow them all whole in one sitting, pausing perhaps for a breath of air, but not a crumb will be left when the day is done. As a respite from reality, even the worst programs are still tolerable. When it just so happens that I dig into an actual delicacy, however, it’s a treat that tr...
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Fritter the Day Away

From the beginning of time, when humans discovered fire and the very concept of cooking itself, fritters have bubbled up across all cultures. Defined primarily as battered and fried morsels, the specifics that flavor these nuggets are limitless. Vegetables, fruits, or proteins could be the main feature, or a combination, or none of the above. The dough could be raised by yeast or baking soda or eggs, or left unleavened altogether. Served at any meal from day break to nightfall and in between, fr...
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Let the Good Times, and Rice Balls, Roll

Get your favorite fat pants on and pull up a chair; it’s almost time for Fat Tuesday! You never need an excuse to indulge, but Mardi Gras is the best excuse to splurge on rich Cajun and Creole fare. No need to repent with fasting and self-denial for Lent, as per the Catholic tradition, though. When you’re eating plant-based, even the most lavish feast can be rationalized as a “healthier” choice. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself when I reach for a third, fourth, and maybe fifth round of f...
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Fiery Love Affair

For a spicy gift that will really set your Valentine’s heart aflame, skip the chocolates this year in favor of a more fiery expression of adoration. Chili crisp is the all-purpose condiment that makes every dish irresistible, even if it’s just a bowlful of plain white rice. Heck, you could spoon it over scoops of vanilla ice cream for dessert with equal success, too. It’s not just for heat seekers hell-bent on toeing the line between pain and pleasure. Aromatics blend in a delicate balance of n...
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Wordless Wednesday: Yalla, Let’s Go!

Yalla Organic Hummus & Grill 222 Post Road Fairfield, CT 06824 (Title Reference: What does “yalla” mean?) The post Wordless Wednesday: Yalla, Let’s Go! appeared first on BitterSweet.
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The Naked Truth

Whether you’re trying to woo over a new crush or romancing your soul mate, the best valentines are given naked. No, wait, don’t take that statement literally. DON’T strip down to your birthday suit without a clear invitation, and ideally, in private, please! What I meant to say is that you should give your lover your bare, unvarnished feelings, fully exposed and vulnerable. The greatest gift is the simple truth, which also happens to be what you’ll find the powdered peanut butter from Naked Nutr...
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