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A sustainable meal plan filled with recipes for Earth Day

Not all food is created equal, and not all foods are healthy for the planet. You’ve seen the headlines. Manufacturing plants suck up water, pollute with chemicals and damage the surrounding landscape. Raising cattle and other livestock is also associated with earth-damaging consequences. Most environmentalists agree that plant-based products offer the best balance of nutrition and sustainability. Earth Day is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to focus on foods that show our love...
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By chef and former farmer Abra Berens, Ruffage is a cookbook dedicated to vegetables. With a personal tone and a practical approach, the book contains 100+ recipes for everything from beets to turnips, sunchokes, peas and beyond. With an introduction including a glossary and a guide to a strong pantry, it’s a cookbook that’s entirely pragmatic and approachable, but the dishes themselves are at times …
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Are you accidentally eating the toxic parts of fruits and veggies?

Nearly every reference to healthy eating will list fresh fruits and vegetables at the top of the must-eat list. That’s no surprise, considering that together, they can provide nearly every vitamin and mineral a body needs. While some produce options can be gobbled up from the outer skin to the inner seed, there are parts of certain fruits and vegetables that contain dangerous substances. While most of these substances are not toxic in small doses, they can definitely make you sick, especially i...
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Diana Henry's Roasted Tomato, Fennel and Chickpea Salad

About once a week for the past I don't know how many years, I've sectioned a fennel bulb into eighths, washed a handful of cherry tomatoes, put them in a baking dish with a good glug of olive oil (more is better here) and some salt and then stuck it in a 200C/400F oven until the vegetables are tender as can be and the tomatoes have browned and slumped, about 30 minutes, though I confess I've never really timed it. I also let the dish cool in the hot oven, which helps the caramelizat...
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Italian American Girl Recipe - Eggplant Polpettone - Meatless Version

There's nothing like meatballs to go with the traditional Italian American Sunday dinner, which includes pasta.  But one thing about summer, my mother always made an eggplant version of a traditional meatball. I shared this photo via Facebook and it literally went viral in minutes and I had many requests from our community to share my mother's recipe, so here it is: Eggplant Polpettone -1 eggplant (light purple)3 eggs2 cups of bread crumbs5 spoons of grated cheese ( Romano preferred)1 tsp. of s...
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Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese

Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese: German-inspired mac and cheese pasta dish with creamy alpine cheeses, rye bread crumbs, and with the tang of caraway seeds and dijon. The post Alpine Dijon Macaroni and Cheese appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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Going to the Dogs

If you build it, they will come. If you shake the treat bag within earshot, they will come with tails wagging and tongues panting, too. The push for alternative proteins isn’t limited to just the human diet; behind the scenes, toiling away in laboratories and kitchens, the race is on to develop a more sustainable, ethical, and wholesome way to nourish man’s best friend. Wild Earth is growing their blend, and their business, from the ground up with koji, a type of fungi used in soy sauce and mis...
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Questlove and Live Nation are bringing an Impossible plant-based Cheesesteak to a venue near you

Questlove is teaming up with Live Nation to create a plant-based version of the classic Philly cheesesteak. The Questlove Cheesesteak is made from Impossible 2.0 Meat — which was made famous in the Impossible Burger — and will be featured in 40 venues across the country. Live Nation plans to introduce the Questlove Cheesesteak sometime this summer. Once the plant-based cheesesteak hits the entertainment company’s venues, it will be one of the only places in North America where people can get a ...
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Catherine Newman's Ricotta and Spinach Frittatine

Our morning routine is very rushed. Hugo has to be up by 6:10 at the latest to have enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush his teeth and get out the door (with shoes, jacket and scarf on, preferably) by 6:55 to catch the school bus. While the boys have their breakfast, their dad's showering and getting dressed (he has to leave at the same time Hugo does and has a nearly 2-hour commute each way), I'm chatting with them, packing Hugo's snack box and pounding down some kind of...
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Meatless Mondays are coming to public schools in New York City

Public schools in New York City are starting a meatless Monday program for student lunches. School officials hope the eco-friendly initiative will boost health among the student population and serve as an example for other districts to follow. “People are going to look at this, and they’re going to start to emulate what the New York City schools are doing,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shared. The new program will be implemented in 1,800 schools in the city and was originally tested in 15 schools i...
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I'm just glad it's Meatless Mondays, because meatless Fridays would seem religious.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Rolls Out ‘Meatless Mondays’ In Public Schools To Combat ‘Global Warming’ — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 11, 2019 "And they believe in Meatless Mondays...."I mean, it still does sound like religion, just steering clear of intersection with traditional Christian religion.Anyway, I see that "Meatless Monday" has a substantial Wikipedia page. It suggests that Monday is the best meatless day because it's the day you get back to work after the ind...
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Stop Calling Vegetable Planks 'Steaks'

I do not have a favorite food. In fact, I’m not sure how I would even go about classifying such a thing, as what I want to eat varies quite a bit depending on the situation I am in. But there is one food I have consistently eaten with enthusiasm from the moment I grew in teeth until now, and that food is steak.Read more...
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Turn a Can of Black Eyed Peas Into a Hearty Stew

I’d never thought I’d say this, but I am fairly obsessed with canned black eyed peas. They make a great hummus, yes, but they’re also the perfect base for an extremely filling, surprisingly delicious stew that comes together in under 15 minutes.Read more...
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Jenny Rosenstrach's Perfect Slaw

It was my father's birthday the other day and to celebrate, I used my Instant Pot to make the Korean-flavored brisket from Dinner in an Instant and it was astonishingly delicious and done in less than an afternoon. What?! (Yes, I am still in that annoying phase of Instant Pot ownership where I cannot get over how fast it is. People, meltingly tender, practically spoonable brisket! In less than three hours! I mean!) (I actually used Tafelspitz, because my butcher didn't have any Rinderbr...
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Easy Sweet Sour Apricot Tofu

Easy Sweet Sour Apricot Tofu: Super easy vegetarian meal using apricot jam, Russian dressing, and onion soup mix that creates a sweet and sour like flavor. The post Easy Sweet Sour Apricot Tofu appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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Phyllo Dough 101 by Bridget

Phyllo, or filo, dough is puff pastry’s Greek cousin. They’re both known for layers of dough. While puff pastry is created by incorporating butter into the dough, phyllo dough is virtually free of any fat—that gets added in right before baking.     Phyllo dough doesn’t puff when it bakes—it crisps. The thinner-than-paper-thin phyllo layers […]
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How to Politely Reject Things as a Vegan

My fellow vegans, it is time we address something that is keeping droves of would-be converts from joining our ranks—and tempts even the most dedicated of us into illicit animal-based infidelity. No, it’s not, animal-based cheeses or America’s fetishistic love for bacon. It’s saying no to free stuff.Read more...
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How many vegans does it take to change the world?

I’ve been doing a project recently that required an estimate of the number of people in Britain who have adopted a vegan diet. There’s no official figure for this that I’m aware of, and so numbers are fairly ad hoc and based on surveys. For instance, last year there were several headlines around the finding […]
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14 vegan and vegetarian Valentine's Day dinner ideas

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you need some romantic vegan and vegetarian dinner ideas, look no further than this list of amazing appetizers, main dishes, sides and desserts. We even found a recipe for a rich, velvety vegan hot chocolate that will surely impress your significant other! Vegan fondue Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fondue. This dairy-free cheese fondue from The Edgy Veg really spices up a romantic date night. For this plant-based ...
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Make This Buffalo Cauliflower Dip for Super Bowl Sunday

Buffalo wings and the Super Bowl go together like peanut butter and jelly, and nobody knows this like vegetarian football fans. As much as I love Buffalo cauliflower “wings,” they’re really best when deep-fried, which is a technique that doesn’t mix with alcohol consumption. Luckily, God gave us Buffalo chicken dip. Read more...
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Vegan and vegetarian food in NYC

One of the best things to do in New York City is eat. Foods like bagels, deli sandwiches, pizza, and the like will forever be intrinsic to the city’s culinary history. But a lot of these can be heavy on meats and dairy products. Thankfully, a rapidly growing plant-forward scene is making such cuisines accessible to those who couldn’t eat them previously. NYC is actually the most vegan- and vegetarian-friendly city according to a 2018 study done by WalletHub, based on metrics such as affordabi...
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How to Make Sauerkraut by Erica

Sauerkraut is one of my favorite fermented foods. The flavor is fairly neutral, so it goes with a lot of meals. My kids love it because it isn’t spicy like other ferments. It’s a great, easy way to get some good probiotics into your day! Making sauerkraut at home can really save some money—a jar […]
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7 of the biggest eco-friendly and green living myths

When you decide to go green and adopt a sustainable lifestyle, you might think that some of the biggest steps you can take in the right direction are doing things like buying a hybrid car, dropping meat from your diet or using eco-friendly products. But over the years, we have been inundated with “green” messages that are easily taken for granted, and some of them are filled with misinformation. So to help you go green the right way, here is a list of seven of the biggest sustainable living myt...
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Cottage Cheese Is the Best No-Cook Breakfast

I love to start my day with curds and whey; they’re filling, neutral enough to pair deliciously with a variety of plant parts, and (most importantly) speedy. A bowl of cottage cheese takes the same amount of time to prepare as a bowl of cereal, but will keep you fuller for much longer. (Also, if you top it with a…Read more...
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We tried the new Impossible Burger at CES heres what we thought

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is in full swing in Las Vegas. While smart home technology, televisions and wearable tech takes center stage, many surprising innovations are grabbing media attention. Take, for instance, the latest iteration of an Inhabitat favorite — the Impossible Burger. We tried the newest recipe from Impossible at this year’s CES; keep reading for our thoughts. Delicious in tacos or served as a classic burger, the Impossible Burger has become a favorite for vegeta...
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Get cozy this season with these 7 hot vegan drinks for winter

Thoughts of snowy winter days bring to mind a toasty fire, slippers, sweaters, blankets and warm drinks. It makes sense, because they all equate to the perfect combination of coziness. While traditional tea or coffee is a lovely choice, it’s fun to explore new flavors. For those that are vegan by choice or by circumstance, traditional drinks can be limiting. We’ve conjured up a varied blend of hot drink options to fit your vegan lifestyle. Note that most of these options can also be adapted for...
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Black-Eyed Pea Hummus Will Make Your New Year Better

I have always thought that black-eyed peas were bigger than New Year’s. In fact, until I moved out of Mississippi, I didn’t even know they were a New Year’s “thing.” (My family eats them pretty much all year round, usually as a simple side cooked with a little ham.)Read more...
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Cheddar Cheese Green Olive Nuggets

Cheddar Cheese Green Olive Nuggets: Easy to make Vegetarian appetizer of a cheddar cheese short dough wrapped around large green olives and baked until golden brown. The post Cheddar Cheese Green Olive Nuggets appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
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Away Vegetarian Resort – A Whole New World for Traveling Vegetarians

It wasn’t easy to be a vegetarian when I began traveling the world in 1997. At best it was difficult to find food without meat; at times it was downright impossible. Thankfully, the vegetarian/vegan trend has taken off over the past few years. Rarely do I have problems finding my kind of food these days, regardless of where I travel. Recently, however, I discovered Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which takes vegetarian travel to a whole new level. Away, which is located ju...
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