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AT&T's controversial use of the term 5G 'E' even fooled tech billionaire Marc Benioff (T, CRM)

AT&T has a controversial marketing tactic to promote its wireless network that fooled tech billionaire Marc Benioff into thinking he was connected to the latest and greatest in mobile networks — 5G .  AT&T renamed its 4G LTE Advanced Pro network for "5G E," with the "E" standing for evolution. It's not real 5G, which promises faster speeds and responsiveness.  By marketing LTE Advanced Pro networks as "5G E," AT&T has confused people and led some to incorrectly believe they're connected to a...

Complex Networks lost about $150 million in funding after Go90's demise. Here's how it bounced back.

Complex Networks benefited from Verizon's big bet on digital video when it gave the company an estimated $150 million to make series for mobile video service Go90. Verizon shut down Go90 a year ago, forcing Complex to reset its goals. But Complex was able to find its footing because it already had an established video audience, it got to keep the Go90 shows, and its series are evergreen and have a long shelf life. Visit for more stories. Three years ago, Complex Networks w...

FCC Under Fire For Putting ALEC Rep On 'Consumer' Advisory Board (techdirt)

In 2017, FCC head Ajit Pai came under fire for filling a new "Broadband Deployment Advisory Council" (BDAC) task force with oodles of industry representatives, but few if any consumer representatives or local town or city officials. Not too surprisingly the panel saw a significant amount of controversy, several protest resignations, and the arrest of a one-time panel chair for fraud, but the panel itself never actually accomplished much of anything to address the problem it was created for. Fa...
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Fastly, the content delivery network, files for an IPO

Fastly, the content delivery network that’s raised $219 million in financing from investors (according to Crunchbase), is ready for its close up in the public markets. The eight-year-old company is one of several businesses that improve the download time and delivery of different websites to internet browsers and it has just filed for an IPO. Media companies like The New York Times use Fastly to cache their homepages, media and articles on Fastly’s servers so that when somebody wants to brows...
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Ultra Wideband is here, and you can use it with the 5G Moto Mod (and save $150)

5G is rolling out in the U.S., and Motorola’s Moto Z3 is one of the few phones that can use it. Select people can take advantage of Verizon’s 5G service and enjoy a $150 discount with the purchase of a Moto Z3 and 5G Moto Mod bundle. The post Ultra Wideband is here, and you can use it with the 5G Moto Mod (and save $150) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Avalon V is Alcatel’s first Verizon-exclusive smartphone

Alcatel is has announced a new phone, the Avalon V -- but this budget device isn't what makes the announcement special. It's Alcatel's first phone on the Verizon network, and it's available now. The post The Avalon V is Alcatel’s first Verizon-exclusive smartphone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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5G is going to let even more devices go wireless, but cities are grappling with the roll out

You may not think much about the small elongated cylinders or boxes perched on rooftops or street lights. But those small wireless facilities, dubbed “small cells,” are the building blocks for 5G, an ultra-fast wireless technology that will quicken the things you do on your cellphone and unleash a new generation of devices. A mini cell tower sits atop a pole in the 20600 block of Laguna Canyon Road on April 18, 2019, in Laguna Beach, CA.. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)...
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HuffPost is asking readers to voluntarily pay to support its journalism, even as its parent Verizon made $16 billion in profits last year

HuffPost is the latest publication to ask readers to support its journalism through a new membership program. For $6 a month, supporters will get perks like HuffPost merch, exclusive newsletters, and a lighter ad load. Meanwhile, its parent Verizon had $16 billion in profits in 2018. Visit for more stories. HuffPost just became the latest news outlet to chase reader revenue. It's launched a membership program that it's pitching as a way to support HuffPost's journalism at ...
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Verizon just made it more expensive to activate or upgrade a phone in-store

Verizon appears to be incentivizing consumers to make purchases online rather than at one of its brick-and-mortar retail stores, as CNET reports that the mobile carrier is lowering activation and upgrade fees on its site and in its My Verizon app from $30 to $20 starting this Thursday. Alternatively, if you prefer a "full-service experience" at a Verizon store, you'll now have to pay $40 to activate a line or upgrade to a new device.CNET's report doesn't include many details about th...
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Daily News Roundup: What the Apple-Qualcomm Settlement Means

Apple and Qualcomm met each other in court this week in what was supposed to be a brutal trial. Turns out that wasn’t the case, as the two companies surprisingly agreed to a settlement yesterday. This means three things. Firstly, the settlement ends all ongoing legal action across the board—from Apple, Apple’s manufacturing partners, and Qualcomm. While it’s unclear why the two suddenly decided to settle, it’s very likely that neither wanted company secrets made publicly available in court. The...
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Super raises $20M to fix the home services and repairs market with its subscription service

Home owners in the US spend upwards of $300 billion annually on home repairs and maintenance — a huge sum that often comes with another, more hidden cost: the stress of finding reliable tradespeople, managing those jobs, and (in the worst-case scenario) picking up the pieces if things go wrong. Now, a startup called Super has built what it believes is a “fix” for that problem: a subscription service for maintenance and repair services for your property. Today, it’s announcing a Series B of $20 m...
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The DOJ reportedly pours cold water on Sprint and T-Mobile's merger (S, TMUS)

Shares of the US telecom provider Sprint are tumbling in premarket trading after a Wall Street Journal report indicated the company's planned merger with T-Mobile was unlikely in its current form.  The Department of Justice's (DOJ) antitrust division has concerns with the deal's current structure and the potential threat it would cause to competition.  T-Mobile and Sprint are the the third and fourth largest carriers by subscribers.  Watch Sprint and T-Mobile trade live. A planned merger betw...
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Verizon Cuts Online Upgrade and Activation Fees, Raises Its 'Full Service' In-Store Fee to $40

Verizon is upping the prices of in-store phone activations—though it’s also lowering the cost of ordering and activating phones using its app or online services, per CNET.Read more...
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T-Mobile-Sprint merger in trouble - WSJ

No. 3 and No. 4 wireless carriers are looking to combine to better fight off dominant Verizon and AT&T in their quest for customers.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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The people transforming advertising and media, Verizon's DTC move, and ad tech's privacy play

Hello! Welcome to the Advertising and Media Insider newsletter. If you got this newsletter forwarded, sign up for your own here. If you have tips or feedback, email me at [email protected] This week we published our first list of 100 people transforming business, including 10 each from the worlds of advertising and media. The $221 billion US ad industry is being upended by the rise of digital ad giants, fragmented consumer attention, and marketers' pressure for results, while media in...
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Founders’ Co-op Raises $25M to Back More Pacific Northwest Startups

Founders’ Co-op, a Seattle-based venture capital firm that has backed nearly 100 startups since its launch 11 years ago, has raised a new, $25 million fund to continue making investments.According to a document filed with federal securities regulators, it’s the fourth fund Founders’ Co-op has raised, and the money came from 99 investors.In an email message, Founders’ Co-op managing partner Chis DeVore confirmed it recently raised money for a new investment fund. Asked about the firm’s plans wit...
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Daily News Roundup: MS Office Exploits Now Make Up 70 Percent of Attacks

According to new research from Kaspersky Labs, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office is the new hotness. According to a presentation on its findings, around 70 percent of all attacks detected in Q4 2018 targeted Office. That’s up by nearly four times the percentage from just two years before, at the end of 2016. What’s most intriguing about Kaspersky’s findings, however, is that none of the most exploited vulnerabilities targeted Office directly, but exploits found in speci...
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United States: How Cyber Breaches Will Shape Your Next M&A Deal - Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP

The Verizon-Yahoo merger was rocked when two major cyber attacks were revealed mid-transaction. While the data breaches themselves had occurred years earlier, Verizon soon shaved $350 million off its original offer for Yahoo.
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OTT adoption is showing the first signs of slowing, and that could be a warning sign for Disney and WarnerMedia

OTT adoption is showing the first signs of slowing, according to a new survey report from analysts at Cowen. For the past five months, cord cutting has remained generally flat, the report noted. This suggests that the pricing for soon-to-be-launched services from Apple TV+, WarnerMedia, NBC, and Disney+ is especially important. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. OTT adoption is showing the first signs of slowing, and that may be a warning sign for the newest streamin...
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Verizon CMO Says Agencies Made Progress on Diversity Even as Female Leadership Declined

Back in 2016, Verizon CMO Diego Scotti issued a call to action to the brand's agency roster for improvement on diversity and inclusion. A year later, he shared how that led to greater accountability and progress at both Verizon and its agencies. There was, of course, still a great deal of room for improvement. Adweek...
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Wind, Sleet, and Dead Zones: My Quest to Map Chicago's Spotty 5G

It was wet, it was windy, and in less than three hours, I think I had experienced the entire gamut of bone-chilling Chicago weather: rain, sleet, and snow. And I did it all to finally get a taste of those sweet super fast 5G speeds on a real, live functioning network. While my short time testing the next generation of…Read more...
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Why the Sprint and Altice USA MVNO model is one to emulate (S, ATUS, QCOM, VZ, CMCSA, CHTR)

The current cable mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) business model being deployed by Verizon for its partnerships with Comcast and Charter is, respectively, in need of an overhaul. For background, Comcast, which launched its mobile service Xfinity Mobile in May 2017, and Charter, which entered the space with Spectrum Mobile in July 2018, both offer wireless services that can be accessed through their own network of Wi-Fi hotspots but fall back on the Verizon network that they lease when Wi...
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Week 19: Valley of the Gods and Moab, Utah

Life can slip on past you real fast. You can get so caught up in present moment challenges and the future goals that you forget where you have come from. You fail to see all you have achieved because you’re so focused on what is left to come. Hustle replaces humility. Fisher Towers Hike, Moab, Utah I love how travel humbles me. I sit under a starry sky and I can’t help but feel small. I’m no more or less important than the stars. I am but a tiny speck, and yet that speck is part of something...
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Coachella 2019: How mobile carriers are trying to beef up their cell service

When the sun starts to drop behind the San Jacinto Mountains, your cell service at Empire Polo Club will go down with it. That’s a fact of life at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival as more than 100,000 attendees try to capture every moment on their mobile devices, especially when crowds gravitate to the Coachella Stage in early evening to catch headliners such as Kasey Musgraves. Verizon Wireless logged 182,599,801 LTE connections during Indio festivals last year, two weekends of Coache...
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Grand Prix of Long Beach: Race history from 1975 to 2018

A summary of the history of the Long Beach Grand Prix races from 1975 to 2018. 1975 British driver Brian Redman, forced to adopt a conservative race strategy due to handling and differential problems, capitalizing on the misfortune that befell early race leaders Tony Brise, Al Unser and Mario Andretti to claim a stunning victory Sunday in the Long Beach Grand Prix. “I don’t like to win in this fashion,” said the proper Yorkshire gent. “I’ll be the first to admit that I backed into it. But winnin...
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Samsung's first 5G smartphone finally has a release date in the US

Samsung announced that the Galaxy S10 5G, the first Samsung smartphone that will connect to the new and faster 5G networks, will be available in the US starting in May.  Pre-orders for the Galaxy S10 5G will begin "soon," the company said.  According to Verizon's Galaxy S10 5G product page, Verizon customers will be able to pre-order the Galaxy S10 5G on April 17 at midnight. Verizon has a seemingly short exclusivity period for the Galaxy S10 5G, with other carriers saying they'll offer the ph...
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Qualcomm's new AI-powered camera design platform could popularize the use of computer vision (QCOM, T, VZ, ERIC)

This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. Visit for more stories. Qualcomm   released its next-generation AI-powered camera design platform using its latest purpose-built systems on a chip (SoCs) to better enable on-device machine learning and processing capabilities. The platforms are designed for edge computing use ...
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Speed Test Company Calls BS on AT&T's Claim '5G E' Is the Fastest Wireless Network

AT&T’s claim that its “5G E” network—which is a regular 4G network boosted with some technical tricks, misleadingly rebranded as next-generation 5G—has helped make it the fastest carrier in the country has come under skepticism, the Verge reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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How to stop robocalls spamming your phone

No matter what your politics, beliefs, or even your sports team, we can all agree on one thing: robocalls are the scourge of modern times. These unsolicited auto-dialed spam calls bug you dozens of times a week — sometimes more — demanding you “pay the IRS” or pretend to be “Apple technical support.” Even the now-infamous Chinese embassy scam, recently warned about by the FBI, has gained notoriety. These robocallers spoof their phone number to peddle scams and tricks — but the calls are real. So...
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Five Things Hollywood Needs to Know About 5G

It’s either the Next Huge Thing — a technology that alters virtually every aspect of how we work, play, communicate and travel — or an incremental lift in today’s wireless speeds and feeds. No one doubts that the implementation of 5G as the new digital standard for wireless services will change the market and make […]
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