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BuzzFeed to lay off 200 staff in latest round of cuts

Online publisher announces job losses to shore up finances as Verizon unveils plan to sack 800 workersBuzzFeed has announced plans to lay off hundreds of staff, as digital media firms struggle to turn a profit while dealing with the same financial issues that have plagued traditional publishers for years.Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed’s founder, said about 200 staff would be leaving, while in a separate announcement Verizon Media Group – the owner of HuffPost, Yahoo, and AOL – said it would sack about ...
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6 Quick Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

In the modern business world full of industrial espionage, cyber-attacks and other illegal activities that often target companies, it is extremely important to be protected in every way possible. Business owners often think that cyber attacks are something that happens only to large enterprises, but that’s not true. Every type of company, whether it’s a small business or a huge conglomerate, is a potential victim of cyber-attacks. Today, we are bringing you 6 quick security tips to protect your ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 59: Hanging with the Machidas

Spent the day hanging out with RichardM and Bridget at the campsite near Quartzsite, AZ.The weather was warm and not windy at all which made it quite enjoyable to sit in the sun and chat about whatever was on our mind.  It would have been a perfect setting, but the large number of RVs surrounding us tended to ruin things a little bit.  Here's three views from the top of my URRV: We did take RichardM's truck into town to check out e-bikes for Bridget but nothing suitable was found.  One plac...
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After Net Neutrality repeal, Comcast, Charter and Verizon cut investment in their networks

When Trump FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cheated his way to a repeal of Net Neutrality, he justified allowing ISPs to decide to slow down the services you want to use by saying that doing so would encourage investment in network buildout, saving America from its sad status as one of the most expensive, slowest places to use the internet in the rich world. But after a full year of neutracide, Comcast has made a liar out of Ajit Pai, reducing infrastructure spending by 3% in 2018, according to the ...
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Verizon Media to cut 7 percent of workforce

The layoffs come as Verizon looks to cut down on its costs and prioritize key business initiatives.
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Verizon cuts jobs at media unit that includes Yahoo, AOL

Verizon is cutting hundreds of jobs from its media division which includes the former internet stars Yahoo and AOL, a source familiar with the matter said Wednesday. The source said the cuts amounting to seven percent of the workforce are being made "to focus the business and realign teams" at the Verizon Media unit, which also includes news sites such as HuffPost, TechCrunch and Engadget. The exact number of cuts was not clear, but the Wall Street Journal said it would amount to around 800 po...
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Verizon to cut 7% of staff from media division

Verizon is about to cut hundreds of employees from its ailing media division as the company continues to tweak its multi-billion dollar bet on content and digital advertising.
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Verizon cuts seven percent of jobs in media unit

Verizon Communications Inc is cutting about 7 percent, or about 800 jobs, at its media unit, it said on Wednesday.
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Verizon Media Group is laying off 7 percent of its workforce

The Verizon division formerly known as Oath is laying off 7 percent of its workforce, which amounts to roughly 800 employees. Oath was created after Verizon acquired AOL, followed by Yahoo, bringing them together two years ago as a combined digital media entity with a new name. However, it seems that the organization hasn’t performed as well as Verizon executives had hoped, with layoffs, the departure of AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Verizon’s recent $4.6 billion writedown on the media business — wh...
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Verizon Media Laying Off 800 Employees, or 7% of Staff in AOL and Yahoo Group

Verizon is cutting 7% of the employees in its media group, or around 800 staffers in the division that combined AOL and Yahoo. “This week, we will make changes that will impact around 7% of our global workforce across the organization, as well as certain brands and products,” Verizon Media Group CEO Guru Gowrappan wrote in […]
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Data-broker implicated in bounty-hunters' access to mobile location data lobbied FCC to fight consent for sharing location data

When Motherboard broke the story of a thriving underground in bounty-hunters and other unsavory sorts buying realtime location data from America's cellular carriers, many were outraged that the carriers had not lived up to their year-old promises to fix that massive hole in our location data. But it wasn't every carrier: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers were vulnerable to these attacks, but Verizon customers weren't: that's because every time someone queries your location data through ...
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Electronics in RV’s

Watching all the Youtube RV episodes has got me thinking about the electronics in RV’s. What do you need to stay connected? The most common thing that I see in videos are people talking about cell phone boosting systems. They put an antenna on their roof and then they can either physically plug in their hot spot (mifi) or phone, and get a stronger cellular signal. Some of them claim it can make an area that they couldn’t get a signal in, get a strong signal. Thats interesting but I...
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Ericsson's CTO says governments are ill-prepared for the advent of 5G, as mobile broadband adoption is set to explode

Governments aren't prepared for the adoption of 5G, Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden told Business Insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In five years, the population of the world with access to mobile broadband will go from less than 60% to 92%, he said.  Ericsson thinks it needs to close the educational gap for industry leaders and governments. DAVOS, Switzerland — As the world races to adopt 5G, there are concerns that governments aren't ready. "Governments aren't as prepa...
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How Phone Companies Are Finally Verifying Caller ID Numbers

Robocalls are a scourge, leaving many people unwilling or afraid to pick up their phone unless they know the caller. If you’re waiting for a job interview or support callback, this is incredibly stressful—but now phone carriers are helping. New Standards Will Unmask Spoofing If you have T-Mobile service and a Galaxy S9, soon you will start seeing “Caller Verified” when calls arrive, if T-Mobile can verify the caller ID matches the real phone number. The Caller Verified message means that the ...
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Motorola RAZR smartphone with foldable display patent surfaces

Lenovo-owned Motorola is said to be working on reviving the RAZR series with a foldable display. The device is even rumored to go official in February, now we have our first look at what looks like Motorola RAZR courtesy of a recent registration with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The design was filed on December 17th, 2018. It shows a device with a folding screen on the inside, alongside a second smaller screen on the outside. Though the RAZR name does not appear anywhe...
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Verizon 5G rollout: Here is everything you need to know

Verizon is in the midst of a massive 5G rollout. In addition to fixed 5G service, it will also begin deploying mobile 5G in the coming months. Here's everything you need to know about Verizon's 5G network and when it will be in your town. The post Verizon 5G rollout: Here is everything you need to know appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Here's the Weather Forecast for the Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019 Tonight!

It's time for the total lunar eclipse of 2019 and if you're hoping to catch the amazing event, you better check your weather first. The National Weather Forecast for the lunar eclipse tonight (Jan. 20) is basically a coin toss for depending upon where you plan to be. It appears that about half of the United States will have clear skies which will provide a good backdrop for observing tonight's total lunar eclipse. For the rest of the nation, cloudiness will vary in degree from provi...
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Leaked screenshots reveal Verizon is already testing a video-game streaming service to compete with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon

Verizon is the latest company known to be planning a cloud gaming service. Verizon Gaming will let users stream video games directly to their smartphones and other devices. The Verge reported that the Verizon Gaming app is being tested on the Nvidia Shield, a home-theater streaming device, and will be headed to Android devices next. Other companies pursuing cloud gaming services include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, and Electronic Arts. Verizon is planning a new streaming service for video...
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Under a Blood Moon: A Look at Famous Lunar Eclipses in History

On the evening of Jan. 20 and early morning Jan. 21, the moon will undergo a total eclipse visible over all of the Americas. Today such a spectacle provides good opportunities to judge the clarity of our atmosphere based on the brightness and color of the eclipsed moon, to observe the Earth's shadow passing over prominent lunar craters, and to simply stare into the sky at a beautiful celestial show. But eclipses in the ancient (and not so ancient) past often terrified onlookers, who viewed...
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Microsoft is creating the ‘Netflix for games’: Here’s everything we know so far (MSFT)

Microsoft is making a big push to develop a streaming service for gaming. The service, which is planned for a public trial this year, aims to deliver high-end, blockbuster gaming experiences on whatever device you're using. Microsoft calls the service "Netflix for games" internally, as a shorthand for what the service intends to do. Microsoft's ambitious vision for the future of gaming doesn't involve a high-powered, expensive box sitting underneath your TV. Instead, it's as simple as Netflix...
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5G phones make a lot of promises. Here’s what to really expect

There has been a lot of marketing copy expounding the potential benefits of 5G networks, but a lot less on the practical implications of 5G smartphones. There's a reason for that. The post 5G phones make a lot of promises. Here’s what to really expect appeared first on Digital Trends.
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5G phones make a lot of promises, but here’s what to really expect

There has been a lot of marketing copy expounding the potential benefits of 5G networks, but a lot less on the practical implications of 5G smartphones. There's a reason for that. The post 5G phones make a lot of promises, but here’s what to really expect appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Verizon Will Give Subscribers Free Access To Anti-Robocall Tools

Verizon says it will give all its subscribers free access to its spam alert and call blocking tools, so long as their phones can support the features. From a report: The carrier originally rolled out those tools over a year ago as part of its $3-per-month Call Filter add-on. But starting in March, subscribers with compatible smartphones (including iPhone and Android devices) will be able fend off unwanted robocalls without having to pay extra. Verizon says it will release more info on how to sig...
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Verizon’s Newly Free Tools Will Tell You Spammers Are Calling (But Won’t Stop Them)

fizkes/Shutterstock Verizon knows you’re sick of spam calls because everyone’s sick of spam calls. Except, possibly, Verizon itself. The carrier is making a big deal about moving its formerly-paid Call Filter service to free starting in March. Which isn’t as nice as it sounds. See, the $3-a-month toolset, which will come with all supported smartphone plans in March, only displays “the level of spam risk” in the system’s built-in caller ID readout. So if a spammer is calling, it will tell yo...
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Here's why Google Fi is set to gain US subscriptions

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Apps and Platforms Briefing subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider. To be the first to know, please click here. Google lifted the lid on two new updates to its mobile service, Google Fi, in a concerted effort to grow its subscriber base: It plans to enable richer messaging via RCS and faster 4G LTE coverage abroad in 33 countries. Fi is Google’s mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service that offers phone plans that u...
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What US Cities Will Get 5G In 2019?

areebarbar/Shutterstock 5G will revolutionize the way we use the Internet, bringing high-speed data everywhere, creating smart cities, and even replacing home Internet connections. That’s what the industry says, anyway. But when is 5G coming to your city? What Is 5G? Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are racing to get 5G on your phone and in your home. But what is 5G, and how is it different from 4G LTE? 5G is the wireless standard that will replace 4G LTE. It can theoretically reach speeds up...
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Broadcast mergers were huge in 2018, which means cable bills could skyrocket — but there's a silver lining for consumers

2018 was an active year for broadcast-station M&A, with $8.9 billion in deal volume, the second-biggest year in the past decade. Consolidation among broadcasters means that station ownership is concentrated among fewer broadcast groups. It also gives them more leverage in negotiating fees, which are then passed down to consumers in the form of higher cable and satellite bills. Consolidation among TV broadcasters and distributors ends up soaking consumers as cable and satellite bills ba...
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Can Anyone Really Track My Phone’s Precise Location?

Lewis Tse Pui Lung/ It’s the year 2019, and everyone willingly carries a tracking device in their pockets. People can have their precise locations tracked in real time by the government, advertising companies, and even rogue bounty hunters. It sounds like dystopian fiction—but it’s a reality. We like debunking sensationalist stories, but this latest controversy is true. Your phone’s precise location can be tracked in several different ways. How Rogue Bounty Hunters Can Tr...
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Motorola's RAZR Is Returning As a $1,500 Folding Smartphone

A new report from The Wall Street Journal says the Motorola RAZR might be making a comeback as a $1,500 foldable screen smartphone, and it could launch as early as February. The Verge reports: The original RAZR was one of the most iconic cellphones ever made, and it seems that Motorola's parent company Lenovo is looking to cash in on that branding with an updated foldable phone (similar to the one that Samsung has teased for later this year). Per the WSJ, the new RAZR will be exclusive to Verizo...
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Verizon Plans Multiple Ad Plays Leading to Super Bowl Commercial

If Verizon gets its way, its Super Bowl advertising plans will include a 60-second commercial during the game – and a half-hour documentary that gives viewers even more of what will be discussed in the ad. The telecommunications giant is often scrutinized for the communications resources it provides its customers, but its Super Bowl campaign […]
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