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Top 7 Modern Marketing Techniques of 2021

Even groundbreaking products need exceptional marketing to succeed. New technology trends expand the scope & creativity of marketing practices. Brands that blend the latest technology trends with innovative marketing build a “one of a kind” presence. Technologies define how people interact with each other and with brands. With each technological evolution, a person’s way of life gets a makeover.  Companies looking to engage their audience have to get on board with the latest, freshest, and the t...
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How to Increase Employee Retention Rate and Sustain Engagement

The best way to ensure your business survives is to ensure you have the right talent working for your business. The big dilemma any company has to solve is not just to find the talent, but you also have to ensure the talent stays. Employee retention rate is a challenge every human resource department wants to solve. The issue is especially important for businesses operating in UAE. While global employee turnover rates are on the rise, a recent Hays GCC survey found that around 57% of employees i...
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4 Points Every Startup Must Check Before Applying for a Short Term Business Loan Online

By Veronica Hanks Every new business might not qualify for a line of credit from a bank; you would possibly get achievement in acquiring a one-time short time period loan (less than a year) to finance your brief operating capital needs. If you have established a good banking relationship with a banker, she or he might be inclined to provide a quick-time period observe for one order or for a seasonal stock and/or debts receivable buildup. But in most cases, small business owners in order to meet ...
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