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Josie Dances -- Bob Eats

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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In Asheville for a faculty reading at Malaprop's on Sunday, I couldn't resist the view from the parking garage.  I love peeking into these lives . . . (and imagining the different people who live in these apartments . . .) Someday, when it's not bitter cold and windy, I should really take my camera and walk around the city before the rising tide of new buildings engulfs everything old. Someday . . . [Author: Vicki Lane]
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On the Night of the Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse

Around 6 -- the temperature is in the teens . . . and there are lots of clouds . . . I wonder how this image happened? There's a full eclipse coming and the moon is supposed to look blood red at totality -- but will there will be clouds -- or will I will be awake and feel like going outside around midnight? Hmmmm . . . I kinda doubt it. I surprised myself. John woke me at 11:30 and I got a few shots of the beginning stages. The moon was almost d...
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Fading Beauty . . .

For almost a month the amaryllis have bloomed and bloomed -- thirteen blossoms on three stems -- and now they are fading. Delicate petal edges crumple inward and colors grow more nuanced. Another few days and I'll move the bulbs into the bed in the greenhouse in hopes of an eventual glorious resurrection. Along with the pleasure their beauty has given us, has been the delight of hearing Josie say Ama-RILL-us! [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Another Cold Wet Day with Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Mary Oliver -- Rest in Peace

She has left us so much . . . Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me by Mary Oliver Last night the rain spoke to me slowly, saying, what joy to come falling out of the brisk cloud, to be happy again in a new way on the earth! That’s what it said as it dropped, smelling of iron, and vanished like a dream of the ocean into the branches and the grass below. Then it was over. The sky cleared. I was standing under a tree. The tree was a tree with happy leaves, a...
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Water Like a Stone

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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The Miniaturist

The premise is fascinating -- a young woman married to a wealthy man she hardy knows, a man who will not consummate the marriage, who shrinks from her touch. A house of secrets, ruled over by the man's sister, outwardly ascetic but given to fur linings in her somber garments. As Nella tries to find her way in a puzzling household and in the rich but unforgiving world of 17th Century Amsterdam, the gift of a cabinet for miniatures and the filling thereof catapults the story into mystery. Who...
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From the Archives

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Proofreading Again

Proud of myself. First I managed to get the header and the page numbers on my manuscript. (It should be easy but I have to relearn this step every time.) In glancing through the pages, I discovered several lines of little square dots that will NOT disappear with a simple delete.  (Something that Word does occasionally for its own inscrutable reasons.) I've had this problem before and always left it to someone (copy editor) else to fix. As there is no someone else at this point, I asked...
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Here We Go

The game's afoot -- again. I've written my query letter and marketing plan to begin submitting to small presses. I hope to send them off some time today to the first -- and possibly another on my list. We'll see how it goes . . . don't expect any quick results, but know that I'm working on it.  Once I've done a number of queries, I'll get onto the Birdie stories for self publishing as a collection -- I hope before summer. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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I think these would be terrific tiles . . . They make me think of William Morris . . . And I keep looking for figures in all those squiggles. But it's just a slice of red cabbage . . . And me playing with color filters. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie -- In Her Own Words

I had to share this. I wasn't there and don't have pictures but these seem to fit the theme. (Plus, there's Ali Ali sitting at the table.)  Anyway, a few nights ago, Justin was giving Josie her bath and she decided she was ready to get out. "We have to wash your face first," he told her. "Why?" she asked. Taken aback, he said, "You're too young to be asking why." She looked at him and replied,"How 'bout that."  Any day now, she'll wrest the keyboard from m...
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In Hoc Signo . . .

A few morning ago, the pre-sunrise sky looked like a cover for a sci-fi novel -- other worldly and vaguely apocalyptic. Angry red clouds seemed to promise a coming doom. To the north, though, gentle pastels set a different mood. Then I saw the crossed con trails  and thought at once (as one does) of the legend of the pagan Emperor Constantine whose vision of a cross in the sky, accompanied by the words In hoc signo vinces (By this s...
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Josie Goes French

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Light Magic

Early morning light Plays on the river birches Glitters and dances. Listen! You may hear The high, crystalline tinkle Of silvery bells. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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In Praise of Amaryllis

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie the Basketball Fan

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Happy New Year!

What lies ahead? I'm doing my best to make 2019 go well. . . The black eyed peas for luck, cooked with hog jowl for prosperity, are ready . . . So are the collards -- for greenbacks in your pocket. (Is paper money still called greenbacks? Does anyone still use paper money?) The Christmas tree came down yesterday and was dragged out the door. (Bad luck to leave the tree up in the New Year, said my grandmother, and while I know there are other traditions, this...
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Busy as a Beaver

Not chewing down trees, mind you, but beginning to address the various steps I need to take to get the Birdie book and the Civil War novel into print. I've a growing list of small presses to query and my next step is to put together a query letter, a bio, and a marketing plan.  Whew! I've also read a book on self publishing that makes me believe I can manage it for the Birdie book. And I've begun looking over the Birdie stories to see what in order they would be best present...
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High Water

  After the rains it hurries down the mountain. Two branches join and then a third. Dashing over the rocks, the water tumbles downhill. Where it soon finds the river. High water suits the geese just fine. The waters go racing on to Tennessee. High water on low land. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie Escapes the Troll

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Still Searching . . .

So. Here’s my New Year’s news. Just before Christmas my agent told me that, as her health is bad and energy low, she’s cutting back and making plans to retire. And she’s bowing out on pitching the Civil War novel any more. She’s tried 30 different big and medium sized publishers and gotten rejections – some very nice with positive things to say about the novel, the characters, the writing, but – and this is (literally) the bottom line – always with the reservation that they don’t think t...
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Our niece and nephew and their boys from Charlottesville came for a quick visit last night . . . bringing gumbo made with duck and chicken and sausage! Josie was entranced with the big boys . . . They will have a lively New Year's Eve tonight down at Justin and Claui's. I'll spend today cooking collards and black eyed peas with hog jowl and taking down the Christmas tree -- a quiet ritual I always enjoy. The lights will stay around through January. [Author: Vicki ...
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A Lovely Day at Year's End

The amaryllis are in full shout AND my replacement snow globe arrived unbroken. The little cabin sits on something of a tilt but, so do many old cabins around here . . . Best of all, after all that rain, the temperatures were in the fifties and I was able to get out and dig in the dirt. Purposeful digging -- a friend gave me a bucketful of daffodil bulbs she'd dug before Christmas and between rain, snow, cold weather, and holiday stuff, I never found the time to plant t...
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The Branches are Roaring

After a morning of heavy rain, fog draped the mountain and the branches were up. Living on a steep mountainside means we don't have to worry about flooding, but John and Justin were out in the rain unblocking some culverts to keep the water from running down the road. I heard that the French Broad was out of its banks and saw a video on Facebook of a small camper bobbing along in the flood. Thankful to be inside, warm and dry. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Black walnut As most of you will remember, a few months ago we had quite a few trees felled in order to reclaim our once spectacular view. We thought of it as our anniversary/Christmas gift to ourselves. Writing the check was a little painful but this was our view last December and this below was taken yesterday. Lots of fog all day but a view, nonetheless. All those trees ended up in a giant's pick up sticks snarl. (Having the tree guys ...
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Becoming Amaryllis

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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An Unedited Batch of Christmas Day Pictures

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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On This Day and Every Day

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