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Time To Be In Earnest

I'm a long time fan of the late P. D. James and her admirable mysteries. When a friend lent me James's 'fragment of an autobiography', I leapt in. It is, indeed, a fragment -- it's a record of her seventy-seventh year --places visited, events attended, honors won, people met -- interspersed with looks backward at her life and reflections on aging. (The title comes from Dr. Samuel Johnson's assertion that at seventy-seven, it's time to be in earnest about one's life. I shall keep th...
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Eventide -- Robert's View

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie and the New Stuff

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Stirrings . . .

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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A Handsome Roo

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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My Ancestry DNA by Fred LaMotte

  My Ancestry DNA results came in.  Just as I suspected, my great great grandfather was a monarch butterfly. Much of who I am is still wriggling under a stone.I am part larva, but part hummingbird too. There is dinosaur tar in my bone marrow. My golden hair sprang out of a meadow in Palestine. Genghis Khan is my fourth cousin,but I didn't get his dimples. My loins are loaded with banyan seeds from Sri Lanka,but I descended from Ravanna, not Ram. My uncle is a m...
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Dancing As If No One's Looking

She has a graceful twist to her trunk and she throws her arms wide and free as she dances alone.  Behind her stand two disapproving bachelors and to the left, like a bevy of wallflower debutantes with their chaperon, a little grove of young apple trees, sprouts from the parent trunk. [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Almost There

The Vernal Equinox (March 20) is a week away and I'm trying to pinpoint just where the sun will rise. Right about in the middle of our view (which is due east.) Three months ago, at the Winter Solstice, the sun rose all the way to the right/southeast (1), next week it'll be rising in the center (2), and by June and the Summer Solstice, it'll be way over to the left/southeast. The back to the center for the Autumnal Equinox. I find it hard to believe that it wasn't till we ...
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Those Guys . . .

Not a day goes by that I don't get an invitation on Facebook to friend some lonely guy -- usually widowed, sometimes divorced.  A great number of these fellas are really into the American flag and are generals. Many are from Texas City, Texas, or California City, California. If they're not generals, they work for Big Oil Company. Most have oddly backwards names Donnelly Joe, or Johnson Jim.  I used to take a quick look at their profiles to see if, perchance, they were real people but now wh...
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Beautiful Day

After rain last night, I was thrilled by the dawning of a sunny warm day. The good vibes still lingered from the previous night -- Carolina's defeat of Duke -- not that I especially care but John and Justin and the friends that gathered to watch the game are pretty passionate and if they're happy, I'm happy. This new daff surprised me -- not one I'd seen before and slightly different from the solid yellow ones that are the first to bloom. Still enjoying the restored view . . . ...
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A Portrait of the Artist As a Young . . .Josie

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Illustration-Frederick Richardson [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie -- The Lone Arranger

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Dawn Thunder

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Glimmering Girls

A few weeks ago when I announced my big news about the Civil War book (hereafter to be known as Within My Memory Yet,) there were lots of comments and congratulations on my Facebook page -- and among them was one from the author Merrill Joan Gerber, a FB friend. She had evidently followed the link to my author page on the Regal House website and read that I'd graduated from University of Florida. Since we were there at more or less the same time, she wondered if we might have studied u...
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The Shell Game

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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The Picky Editor

Five weeks into the critique workshop I lead, I'm editing about sixty pages a week -- three submissions of twenty pages each. I try to treat each one as if it were an edit-for-hire job -- something I do on occasion.  I read carefully, paying attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation, of course, but mainly to the flow of the story -- is the writer choosing the best way to get his/her story across? Would this word or that phrasing be a better choice? How could this confusing bit be clea...
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Weekend Odds and Ends

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Josie Is Doing Silent Ninja Moves for SnugglePuppy

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Screen grab from Google Street level map A while back I read online about the Salvadoran street food called pupusas  and was mightily intrigued. Not long after, on my way to teach my writing class, saw this modest little restaurant called Pupuseria Patty. The following week, I stopped. It's a tiny place next to a Sunoco station. There are maybe four booths and two women behind the counter. I ordered the pork and cheese pupusas  which came with some mild red sauce and...
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Back to the Library with Josie

  [Author: Vicki Lane]
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Within My Memory Yet . . .

Nothing's definite but at this moment my editor and I both like Within My Memory Yet as a title for the Shelton Laurel Massacre book. It's a line from "Lorena" --- a Civil War era song that was popular on both sides. I reference it several times in the book, and, beyond that, the line captures the long-lasting scars, grudges, pain, suspicion, and hatred engendered by the war and, more specifically by the massacre that is the key issue of my novel.    You can listen to the song "Lo...
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Three Little Maids

Three little maids from school are we Pert as a school-girl well can be Filled to the brim with girlish glee Three little maids from school Everything is a source of fun Nobody's safe, for we care for none Life is a joke that's just begun Three little maids from school Three little maids who, all unwary Come from a ladies' seminary Freed from its genius tutelary T...
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Meadowland -- An Appreciation

Martin, my longtime blog/FB friend in England surprised me with this wonderful book, saying he knew I'd been charmed by the English countryside. And I was, and still am. The book is a marvel -- beautifully and poetically expressed, it is one man's close observations, by day and night throughout a year, of a 5.7 acre field on which sheep and cows are grazed part-time, hay is cut, and bits are left to the wild. Lewis-Stempel's book made me think at first of Thoreau who had "travel...
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[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Here's My Exciting News!

My Civil War novel has found a home! After wandering in the wilderness for way too long, it will be published in the fall of 2020 by Regal House Publishing -- a small traditional press out of Raleigh, NC! I am impressed with what I've learned about Regal and believe that they will give this child of my heart their best attention. At the moment, the title is undecided. My working tile was THE WAY OF IT, but I have never really been satisfied with it. So some brainstorming is going ...
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Josies Confronts Manners

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Looking East at 8 am

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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Update.and Hints . .

  I should be getting our tax information together but instead I'm proofreading and tweaking that first (unpublished) Elizabeth Goodweather novel. I've decided  to venture into self-publishing with this orphan before doing Birdie's stories, as I want to add a few more tales before I self-publish them. And the Civil War novel? After my agent dropped out of the hunt, I spent much of January researching small presses and submitting the novel. This entailed all sorts of hoop-jumping -...
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Josie and Daddy Rough House

[Author: Vicki Lane]
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