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Halston Trailer: Ewan McGregor Wants to Change the Face of Fashion

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Netflix has released the official Halston trailer for Ryan Murphy’s newest limited series, starring Golden Globe winner Ewan McGregor as he portrays the late legendary fashion designer. The video features the designer’s rise in the competitive industry as he tries to change American Fashion with his unique vision and style. It also highlights Halston’s downfall that gets triggered by his obsession with being the best. The series will be available for streaming on May 14. Che...
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Eye Prefer Paris Book of the Month, May 2021: Book Giveaway- Paris, City of Dreams

CORRECTION: Last Friday I posted that June 19 is when Americans will be able to visit France again, it's actually June 9. My apologies. My friend gifted me this wonderful and fascinating book, Paris, City of Dreams: Napoleon III, Baron Haussmann, and the Creation of Paris, and I am passing it on to you.   Acclaimed historian Mary McAuliffe vividly recaptures the Paris of Napoleon III, Claude Monet, and Victor Hugo as Georges Haussmann tore down and rebuilt Paris into the beautiful Ci...
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Netflix’s Halston Photos Show Ewan McGregor as Iconic Fashion Designer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW In celebration of the 89th birthday of the late legendary fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, Netflix has finally released the first poster and photos for Ryan Murphy’s newest limited series titled Halston, starring Golden Globe winner Ewan McGregor. The Halston photos provided us our first look at the glamourous life of the main characters, including McGregor’s titular role, Krysta Rodriguez’s Liza Minnelli and Rory Culkin’s Joel Schumacher. The miniseries will be availab...
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Jane Goodall: We don't OWN the earth

"It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen." This remark, made in 1870 by the poet and novelist Victor Hugo, is even more relevant today. At a time when biodiversity -- the fragile web of life of which we are all a part -- threatens to disintegrate, we must not forget that we are, in many respects, the authors of our own misfortune.
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Survival depends on treating nature with respect

"It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen." This remark, made in 1870 by the poet and novelist Victor Hugo, is even more relevant today. At a time when biodiversity -- the fragile web of life of which we are all a part -- threatens to disintegrate, we must not forget that we are, in many respects, the authors of our own misfortune.
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Opinion: Our survival depends on treating nature with more respect

"It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and that mankind does not listen." This remark, made in 1870 by the poet and novelist Victor Hugo, is even more relevant today. At a time when biodiversity -- the fragile web of life of which we are all a part -- threatens to disintegrate, we must not forget that we are, in many respects, the authors of our own misfortune.
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The Passage Vivienne is the most beautifully preserved walkway in Paris in my opinion. So elegant. Another direction. Outside a flower shop. A bust of Victor Hugo in a bookstore. Seen outside a restaurant.
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‘Cockeyed’ map shows both glamour and margins of 1930s Hollywood

Maps are the safest way to travel during the pandemic - old maps even allow for time travel.This 1930s view of Hollywood captures the film factories of Los Angeles in their Golden Age.But it's not all glitz and glamour: look to the margins for the hard work done by immigrants. Maps as time machines If maps allow our imagination to travel without care or trouble, then maps of the past do one better: they are time machines into a different era. And pictorial maps, which offer the perspective a...
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"For as long as there have been stages and screens, disability and disfigurement have been used as visual shorthand for evildoing..."

"... a nod to the audience that a character was a baddie to be feared. But disability rights advocates say this amounts not just to lazy storytelling but stereotyping, further marginalizing an already stigmatized community that is rarely represented onscreen."  From "Scary Is How You Act, Not Look, Disability Advocates Tell Filmmakers 'The Witches,' a film in which Anne Hathaway’s character has disfigured hands, has resurfaced the debate over depicting evil as disabled" (NYT).  Other exampl...
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The 80 Greatest Shots in Disney Animation History [Part Four]

(Welcome to The Greatest Shots in Disney Animation History, a limited series where Disney expert Josh Spiegel selects and ranks the defining moments in one of the greatest, most important, and most influential collections of films ever made.) This part of the ongoing list covers entries 50 through 41. 50. Hercules: Hercules becomes a god What does a demigod have to do to convince his family that he’s a true god? In the case of the mythical Hercules, he has to go to Hell and back, literal...
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A Church

In the Marais you will find the beautiful church of Saint Paul-Saint Louis. You can enter a side door down at the end of this alley. The newly painted door and arch where I got red paint on my hands. The front of the church. Inside is this shell which holds holy water when there isn’t a virus going around. There are two which were a gift from Victor Hugo who lived near by. Isn’t this lovely?
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Notre-Dame Reopens Its Crypt For The First Time Since The Fire

“Before the crypt could reopen, masses of toxic lead dust from the fire had to be removed, ancient stones cleaned, ventilation systems vacuumed, lighting and interactive programs reorganized, molds eliminated and anti-COVID measures imposed. … The crypt celebrated the opening with an exhibition on the two 19th-century men who helped restore the 850-year-old medieval monument to greatness: the novelist Victor Hugo and the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.” – Smithsonian Magazine
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Rodin In His Garden At Musée Rodin

Dear Subscribers, Sorry about the error yesterday, when you received the blog Rodin In His Garden At Musée Rodin and it was about Panier de Sens. Here's the correct article for the Rodin In His Garden At Musée Rodin. Enjoy!  I can’t remember the last time I visited the Rodin Museum, so when I read there was a new exhibition, I returned. It was late morning on Saturday, when I visited. Once there, I forgot how beautiful and serene it was, an oasis of calm and order.   Rodin In His Garde...
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Kuwait relaxes book censorship laws after banning thousands of titles

A 12-person committee previously met twice a month to approve or blacklist all books published in the country, for offences including immorality or insulting IslamAfter banning almost 5,000 books in the last seven years, Kuwait’s government has relaxed its book censorship laws in a move that has been welcomed by writers and free speech activists.Kuwaiti state media reported that the country’s parliament had voted 40 to nine in favour of lifting the Ministry of Information’s control over books im...
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Will We Judge Young Looters or Learn to Love Them?

The photo stops me in my tracks. It shows a young man running from Target with stolen goods – some bedding: a package of sheets and a blanket. In the same photo, another young looter pushes a shopping cart filled with a comforter and two floor rugs. In another photo, a young teenager is stealing – what exactly? – an infant’s car seat. Fascinated, I google “looters at Target” and scores of photos hit my screen. There I see another young man carrying out a floor vacuum. Another is looting kids’...
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Your Favorite Paris Story-Part 2

A number of you submitted their Favorite Paris Story after the deadline, so I decided to run Your Favorite Paris Story Part 2. Thanks again for submitting your stories.  From Beverley Jackson (Photo Above) - My First Trip to Paris  My first trip to Paris was with my parents in 1954. We traveled with huge trunks from Los Angeles to New York by train then the new ship S S United States. No quick flights then.  I loved it all. Especially the old taxis drivers with Cigarettes dangling from ...
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Doors of the Month: Place Des Vosges

I recently realized that I have never featured a door from the Place des Vosges, so today I am presenting a variety of doors from the historic square.   A few facts about the Place des Vosges 1. It was the first public square of Paris, constructed from 1605 to 1612. It was commissioned by King Henri IV, who also commissioned the construction of the Ile Saint Louis.   2. Victor Hugo lived on the south east corner of the square and partly wrote Les Miserables living there. Today it’s...
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"It is already evident that Trump, who can no longer run for reëlection trumpeting economic achievement, will likely pivot and campaign, like George Wallace and Richard Nixon, in 1968..."

"... on 'law and order': his own autocratic, self-serving version of law and order.... He encourages armed protesters in Michigan who stormed the statehouse because the governor had the temerity to shut down non-essential businesses and require people to wear masks in public. He hints, via Twitter, that his maga supporters should come out on the streets. Four years ago, Trump raised fear in the country by portraying a dystopian world of 'American carnage,' even as crime had been declining for ye...
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15 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, March 13-19

LOS ANGELES COUNTY ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s classic, this stage version combines the wonder of childhood with the magic of stage design. When: Friday-Saturday, March 6-7 at 8 p.m.; Sunday March 8 at 2 p.m. See website for other showtimes. Where: A Noise Within, 3352 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena Tickets: $25, student rush with ID an hour before performance $20. See website for other offers. Information: 626-356-3121 ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ The Inla...
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Why lifelong learning is the international passport to success

Picture yourself at a college graduation day, with a fresh cohort of students about to set sail for new horizons. What are they thinking while they throw their caps in the air? What is it with this thin sheet of paper that makes it so precious? It's not only the proof of acquired knowledge but plays into the reputation game of where you were trained. Being a graduate from Harvard Law School carries that extra glitz, doesn't it? Yet take a closer look, and the diploma is the perfect ending to the...
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‘I’ve Already Won.’ France’s Ladj Ly on Taking Les Miserables to the Oscars

There’s still a few days to go before Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Yet at least one Oscar nominee feels he has already won big. French director Ladj Ly, whose movie Les Misérables is one of five nominated for Best International Feature Film, says he’s astonished that his tale of racist police violence in Paris’s largely ethnic-minority banlieues, or suburbs, has found a global audience at all. “There is Paris, and there are the banlieues, and they are two worlds apart,” ...
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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People, Presented in an Interactive Infographic

Click the image above to access the interactive infographic. The daily life of great authors, artists and philosophers has long been the subject of fascination among those who look upon their work in awe. After all, life can often feel like, to quote Elbert Hubbard, “one damned thing after another” -- a constant muddle of obligations and responsibilities interspersed with moments of fleeting pleasure, wrapped in gnawing low-level existential panic. (Or, at least, it does to me.) Yet some people ...
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Review: Gritty 'Les Miserables' has nothing and everything to do with Victor Hugo's novel

Ladj Ly's bleak, Oscar-nominated "Les Miserables" is a story of intolerance, economic disparity and police overreach.          [Author: USATNetwork]
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France Has Changed — And So Has 'Les Misérables'

This 2019 film is not another adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel. It portrays life in a poor Paris suburb — where the police force is corrupt and residents are struggling just to get by.(Image credit: SRAB Films/Amazon Studios)
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France’s Oscar Entry Les Misérables Is an Invigorating Tale of Poverty and Revolt

Sometimes the value of a movie lies not in telling you a story you’ve never heard, but in the way it draws you, for an hour or two, deeply into someone else’s world. That’s the power of Les Misérables, the debut feature from Mali-born French filmmaker Ladj Ly, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes last year and is France’s official entry for the Academy Awards. You’ve surely seen pictures that are sort of like Les Misérables. And yet there’s nothing exactly like it: It has a bracing, melanchol...
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14 Paris Museums Put 300,000 Works of Art Online: Download Classics by Monet, Cézanne & More

First trips to Paris all run the same risk: that of the museums consuming all of one's time in the city. What those new to Paris need is a museum-going strategy, not that one size will fit all. Tailoring such a strategy to one's own interests and pursuits requires a sense of each museum's collection, something difficult to attain remotely before Paris Musées opened up its online collections portal. There, a counter tracks the number of artworks from the museums of Paris digitized and uploaded ...
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France Has Nominated 'Les Misérables' To The Oscars — No, Not That One

France's Oscar contender for best international feature this year is titled Les Misérables. But it has nothing to do with Victor Hugo or the musical — this one is inspired by the 2005 Paris riots.
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‘The Mandalorian’ Offers Some “Redemption” in an Incredible Season Finale

Naturally, there are spoilers here. Thinks looked grim for The Mandalorian, his crew, and the asset at the end of last week’s episode. They were lured into a trap and threatened by Moff Gideon, who turns out to be a former ISB officer who oversaw the purge of Mandalore that has been so often talked around during the course of the show. There’s no way out except through the underground tunnels where the Mandalorian covert had been situated, but they can’t get through with the tools they hav...
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Hôtel Gaillard

I already mentioned this remarkable building in some previous posts, see here and here. Already from the outside it’s really amazing and it certainly has some of nicest gutters you’ve ever seen (see top picture). It’s a very large mansion (hôtel particulier) built around 1880 for a banker, Emile Gaillard (1821-1902), and it’s still referred to as Hôtel Gaillard. It may be interesting to know that he was the banker of many of France’s richest dynasties, of Victor Hugo… and that...
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The First Music Streaming Service Was Invented in 1881: Discover the Théâtrophone

Every living adult has witnessed enough technological advancement in their lifetime to marvel at just how much has changed, and digital streaming and telecommunications happen to be areas where the most revolutionary change seems to have taken place. We take for granted that the present resembles the past not at all, and that the future will look unimaginably different. So the narrative of linear progress tells us. But that story is never as triumphantly simple as it seems. In one salient count...
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