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Turner & Hooch Reboot Trailer: Josh Peck Stars in New Disney+ Series

Disney+ has released the official Turner & Hooch reboot trailer for their upcoming series adaptation of Tom Hanks’ 1989 buddy cop comedy pic of the same name, starring Drake & Josh alum Josh Peck. The video features a young workaholic U.S. marshal who unexpectedly inherits a French Mastiff named Hooch from his late father. It also highlights Hooch’s fun and chaotic antics that will drive his new owner nuts, especially when it will somehow disrupt all of Scott’s cases. However, just like his fat...
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Looney Tunes Cartoons Trailer & Key Art Reveals Season 2 Premiere Date

HBO Max has released the Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 2 trailer and key art, announcing that the Tunes are back and loonier than ever. Bugs, Daffy, Porky Tweety, and more of your favorite Looney Tunes are serving up an all-new season of mayhem in Season 2 of Looney Tunes Cartoons premiering Thursday, July 8 on HBO Max. RELATED: HBO Max July 2021 Schedule: Movie and TV Titles Revealed In the first batch of new episodes, Bugs hops to the basketball court for an ultimate game of streetball; Porky ...
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Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere Gets Featurette, Plus Episode 2 Promo

Following the series’ return last Sunday, Adult Swim has dropped a featurette for the fifth season premiere of Rick and Morty, featuring interviews by writer Jeff Loveness (Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania), co-creator Dan Harmon, and more as they take us behind-the-scenes of episode 5.01 titled “Mort Dinner Rick Andre.” They discuss the introduction of Mr. Nimbus and Morty becoming a mythical villain in another dimension called the Hoovy World. In addition, the promo teaser for the upcoming epi...
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Exclusive Lansky Clip Featuring Sam Worthington & Harvey Keitel has an exclusive clip from the upcoming biographical crime drama Lansky, starring Sam Worthington (Avatar films, Manhunt, Terminator Salvation) and Academy Award nominee Harvey Keitel (Bugsy, The Irishman, Reservoir Dogs). RELATED: Exclusive Love Type D Trailer & Poster: Being Unlucky In Love Is Genetic David Stone (Worthington), a renowned but down-on-his-luck writer, has the opportunity of a lifetime when he receives a surprise call from Meyer Lansky (Keitel). For decades, auth...
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Netflix’s Q-Force Teaser Introduces The First Queer Spy Division

Netflix has released the first teaser for their newest adult-animated comedy series titled Q-Force, centering around fabulous and badass LGBTQ+ spies. The 10-episode series is scheduled to make its debut on Thursday, September 2. The Q-Force teaser, which you can check out below, introduces us to the main characters as they form their agency’s very first queer spy division. It also gives viewers a preview of what to expect in the action-comedy series including an extravagant Pride parade, and a...
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Excellent auditory illusion: "Bart Simpson bouncing" or "lactating piracy?"

Depending on which phrase you are looking at, the chanting in this TikTok can be heard as "Bart Simpson bouncing," "rotating pirate ship," "that isn't my receipt," "lobsters in motion," "lactating pirate ship," "that is embarrassing," "lactates In pharmacy," "I'm chasing Martian," "baptism piracy," or "that isn't mercy." — Read the rest
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Learn Kanji, one character a day, with this daily practice pad

The Beginning Japanese Kanji Language Practice Pad looks like a daily calendar. On each tear-off page is a different Japanese kanji character, along with its definition, pronunciation, sample use, stroke order, and space to practice writing it. I use it to supplement my daily WaniKani practice. — Read the rest
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Keep'em scared: Citizen app mistakenly turns a training tweet into an airplane disaster

Nearly 60,000 Angeleños were informed by Citizen that an airplane had crashed at LAX. Happily for folks worried about an airplane smashing into a terminal, Citizen had disregarded the 'Only a drill' portion of LAX's warning. ABC7: A false alarm created a major scare for more than 60,000 users of the Citizen app on Saturday when an alert was sent warning of a plane crash at Los Angeles International Airport. — Read the rest
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What lies at the bottom of Yemen's mysterious Well of Hell?

In eastern Yemen there is a hole in the ground known as the Well of Barhout, aka the "Well of Hell." Located in the Hadhramaut region, the hole is 30 meters wide and estimated to be 100 to 250 meters deep although it apparently has never been definitively measured or explored even with a camera probe. — Read the rest
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Leo Moracchioli and his fans get the party started

YouTube sensation Leo Moracchioli and his fans turned Pink's how-to on partying into an actual good time. There are entire mornings energized for me by Leo.
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Iliza Shlesinger on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Wanda Sykes on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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Impressive political ad for newcomer to Arkansas governor's race goes viral

Dr. Chris Jones is a nuclear physicist and minister who's running in the Arkansas governor's race against Sarah Huckabee Sanders. If this ad is any indication, Jones might just give the former Trump Whisperer a run for her money. Oh, and he's also the director of a makerspace/innovation hub, teaching 3D printing, CNC, laser cutting, and other "maker technologies" to the Arkansas workforce. — Read the rest
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"chekhovOS" transforms a Russian classic into an interactive online game

At the height of pandemic life, the Needham, MA-based Arlekin Players found some surprising international theatrical success by live-streaming plays over Zoom with elaborate set designs that embraced the limitations of the laptop screen. For their next trick, they've transformed Chekhov's classic play The Cherry Orchard into an interactive online game of sorts, that's already been praised in outlets ranging from LA Weekly to The New Yorker, who described the experience as: T...
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Stand out to win! How to make your buyer’s offer jump off the page

With a barrage of impressive, over-asking offers flying in, how can your buyers stand out? It's no easy task, but these tips and strategies from the pros can help move your clients to the top of the list.
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Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog Trailer

Comedy is unleashed when two of animation’s most lovable canines team up in Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog a brand-new, full-length animated family film set for release on Digital and DVD on September 14, 2021, by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. A trailer for the new movie was also released, which you can check out in the player below! RELATED: Tom and Jerry in New York Trailer Previews HBO Max’s New Animated Series Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Straigh...
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Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building Teaser Trailer Features an Unlikely Comedic Trio

Hulu has released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming comedy series Only Murders in the Building, starring Steven Martin as Charles, Martin Short as Oliver, and Selena Gomez as Mabel. The series is scheduled to make its debut on August 31. The video begins with the question, “How well do you know your neighbors?” as the unlikely trio of amateur investigators try to learn about more about their neighbors in hopes of unraveling the mystery around the murder case within their building. Check o...
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Does the Shaft REALLY Matter? ft. Mark Crossfield | NPG 86

Mark Crossfield, sometimes fondly referred to as the Grandfather of YouTube Golf, joins us to finally put the great shaft debate to rest: Do they really matter? 1:06 – Has the world of YouTube golf changed in a decade? 4:28 – Does letting “the algorithm” choose your content ultimately hurt golfers? 12:33 – What impact does our testing have on consumers? 18:40 – The Great Shaft Debate 32:06 – Mark’s verdict on shafts Watch Now Also available on: iTunes Soundcloud and all major podcast ...
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Exclusive Inside No. 9 Season 6 Clip From BritBox’s Dark Comedy Anthology has an exclusive clip from BritBox’s dark comedy anthology Inside No. 9, returning today on the streamer with a batch of new episodes for its sixth season. The BAFTA award-winning series features self-contained episodes, each with a brand-new cast (outside of the two co-creators Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith in different roles) including a number of big-name celebrities. RELATED: Exclusive In the Footsteps of Killers Trailer For BritBox’s True Crime Docuseries The clip com...
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The Body Fights Back Exclusive Trailer & Poster for Diet Culture Documentary

ComingSoon is premiering the exclusive trailer and poster for The Body Fights Back, an upcoming documentary feature about five people navigating the paradoxes of diet culture. While promises of happiness, desirability, and perfection are irresistible, joy and contentment remain out of reach. Gravitas Ventures will release the film on digital platforms including iTunes and Apple TV on July 13, 2021. RELATED: Exclusive The Holy Game Trailer Offers Look at Vatican Soccer Tournament Personal storie...
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Latest Boss Baby: Family Business Trailer Offers a Second Chance at Childhood

BEGIN SLIDESHOW A new trailer for the upcoming animated sequel The Boss Baby: Family Business has been released, offering the Templeton brothers a second chance at childhood as they rediscover the importance of family. From Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Animation, the movie will release in theaters and on Peacock on Friday, July 2. In the sequel to DreamWorks Animation’s Oscar-nominated blockbuster comedy, the Templeton brothers—Tim (James Marsden, X-Men franchise) and his Boss Baby l...
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The New York Times praises ear cleaning spoons

"Otolaryngologists strongly discourage people from scraping inside their ears. But knowing better, and doing it anyway, is part of what makes us human." — Vanessa Hua, New York Times As a happy ear spoon user, I loved reading this article about removing excess wax from your ears with a tiny metal spoon. — Read the rest
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How trophy hunting in Texas became a multibillion-dollar industry

Texas is the epicenter of the exotic game industry in the United States.People spend thousands to have a shot at hunting animals like zebras, cape buffalo, and even giraffes.We explore the costs associated with breeding, hunting, and taxidermy.See more stories on Insider's business page. Read the original article on Business Insider [Author: [email protected] (Jacqueline Baylon,Robin Lindsay)]
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Vengeance Never Dies in Kingdom: Ashin of the North Teaser Trailer

Netflix has finally released the Ashin of the North teaser trailer for its upcoming special episode of their hit South Korean zombie period drama Kingdom. Starring Gianna Jun, the prequel special episode will be available for streaming on Friday, July 23. The video highlights a woman’s thirst for vengeance for the loss of her tribe and family as she discovers a strange plant that could bring back the dead. It also gives us a preview of the terrifying and action-packed sequences that we should e...
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Trailer for ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Novelisation Reveals Previously Unseen Footage

A promo for Tarantino's upcoming novelisation gives us a glimpse at some unseen footage. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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First Teaser for Julia Ducournau’s TITANE

First look at the second film from the Raw director. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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The Suicide Squad Trailer Features New Action-Packed Footage

BEGIN SLIDESHOW With only more than a month left to go before its highly-anticipated debut, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a brand new The Suicide Squad trailer for James Gunn’s forthcoming DC movie, featuring tons of new action-packed footage. The film is slated to arrive in theaters and on HBO Max on Friday, August 6. The video, which you can check out below, provides fans a better idea of the new team’s high-stakes mission involving Project Starfish. It also highlights other supervil...
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Vain cat stares in a mirror while buddies watch TV

As four cats sit nose to screen in front of a television, watching a small animal cross a road, a fifth cat watches the good stuff: its reflection in a mirror. What could be more interesting after all? Via TikTok / @abbyfrick9 @abbyfrick9 Tell me your cat is vain, without telling me your cat is vain. — Read the rest
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Art gallery removes film that rated 5,000 women from "prettiest to ugliest"

Did Mark Zuckerberg fund this movie? It's called Uglier and Uglier. The seven-hour-long film by Song Ta has images of 5,000 university students in China, rated from 1 to 5,000 by Song. After over a million people protested the film on social media, the Shanghai gallery that had been showing the film stopped showing it and issued a statement on Weibo: "After receiving criticism, we re-evaluated the content of this artwork and the artist's explanation, we found it disrespected women, and the w...
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New Trailer and Poster for Irish Thriller BLACK MEDICINE, Starring Amybeth McNulty

The Irish set thriller comes to UK/ROI Digital in July. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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