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WATCH: Building wealth through investing

What does the transition from buying and selling homes to growing your investment portfolio look like? Why should agents be using this strategy to build wealth? From duplexes to cemeteries, listen in as these pros explain their different takes on investment strategies.
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Chinese censors incinerate entire run of a kickstarted Call of Cthulhu RPG sourcebook

Julio writes, "Sons of the Singularity is a small RPG publisher. Last year, they kickstarted The Sassoon Files, a sourcebook for the popular Call of Cthulhu RPG and Trail of Cthulhu RPG. As a lot of publishers, theydid the printing in China. The same day that the print was finished, a Chinese Government decided that it was "problematic", so they burned the entire print run. Targeting foreign publications is a first, specially when it seems there wasn't anything problematic (the supplement was b...
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    link if you see no player There's too much glare in this room. I need to move back to the studio.
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Sarah Sanders invents treason, suggests death penalty for Democratic leadership

Sarah Sanders: "They literally accused the President of the United States of being an agent for a foreign government. That's equivalent to treason. Thats punishable by death in this country." — The Hill (@thehill) March 25, 2019 Emboldened by her bosses non-exoneration, Sarah Sanders seems to use lies to call for the death of her enemies.
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Experiencing awe is linked to decreased inflammation

In the Savvy Pscychologist, clinician Ellen Hendriksen of Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, looks at the profound psychological and physiological impacts of feeling awe, whether it comes from looking up at the expansive night sky or hearing an incredible musical performance. She reflects on scientific evidence that awe makes us "feel small" and humble, nicer, and expands our worldview, all of which seem like fairly obvious effects. But Hendriksen also points to a rec...
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Violinist shows four levels of musicianship by playing the Mario theme

Rob Landes shows how to play the Mario theme as in noob, amateur, hardcore, and elite levels.
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This sushi-making robot can churn out 2400 nigiri balls and 200 sushi rolls in an hour

One of the many amazing things about Japan is their abundance of robots, from a robot-staffed hotel to robot waiters to robots that teach English to children. This cool robot, made by the sushi-robot company AUTEC, can make 2400 nigiri rice balls and 200 sushi rolls per hour. Via Mashable
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Tour of an off-grid house in Australia

Paul and Annett built a self-sufficient, off-grid house in New South Wales with air conditioning and electrical appliances. They use just 25% of the solar energy that their rooftop solar voltaic system is capable of generating. The also have solar-heated water for showers, a biogas digester that turns waste food into combustible gas, and a composting toilet. They also have a 10,000 liter water tank, but Australia has been experiencing drought as of late, so they have to be conservative with t...
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Hollywood accent coach looks at 28 actors portraying US presidents

Erik Singer is a dialect coach who has appeared in a lot of Wired videos to talk about actors' accents in popular movies. In this video, he takes a fascinating look at the way actors have played US presidents.
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A delightfully bad US Army animation starring a talking floppy disk (1985)

From TMeeks01: This bit of ancient animation history was programmed in GW-Basic on a Mindset Computer. The "live" sets included full size props, such as the typewriter and schoolroom desk, and doll house furniture, such as the paintings and the easel. Overlays were accomplished by partially drawing the figures, rather than chromakeying the live shot, cutting away part of the character around a prop that was to be in the foreground. (via r/ObscureMedia)
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Shazam! is the first DC movie my daughter and I really enjoyed

Last Saturday night both my 11-year old daughter and I really enjoyed DC's new Shazam! True to my memories of the Shazam/Captain Marvel of my youth, but much, much more fun, Shazam! delivered on the 2 or so hours of entertainment you expect from a movie. Unlike every other DC movie we've seen. I liked Wonder Woman, my kid fell asleep. The rest of the DC universe films have been such trash we shut them off after a few minutes. My kid would rather watch YouTube garbage. I would rather w...
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Social Media Video Cheat Sheet – Infographic

More businesses and influencers are posting videos to their favorite social networking sites these days. Not all these sites are optimized for every resolution. This infographic from Motion Array serves as a cheat sheet for social media video exports:
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Watch WWE Wrestlers Elias & Finn Bálor Cover Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”

Earlier this month, in the wake of a molten Oscars performance and a vociferous fan campaign, "Shallow," Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's duet from the 2018 movie A Star Is Born, hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Shallow" isn't the #1 song in the country anymore, but it … More »
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New DROWNING ECHO Trailer Warns You To Stay Out Of The Pool

New trailer and artwork for the pool-based monster movie. Read more >>> [Author:]
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Recap: The Top 5 Drivers of 2019 (Most Wanted)

Join the MyGolfSpy staff as they discuss their thoughts on the top-performing drivers for 2019, including the longest and most forgiving options. You’ll also hear some of what our testers had to say about the drivers in the 2019 Most Wanted test.
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The works of William James Sidis, the "smartest man who ever lived"

Hans Henrik Honnens de Lichtenberg writes, "Here is a fine selection of books by the extraordinary man, William James Sidis. A January morning in 1910 hundreds of students and professors gathered in the great lecture hall at Harvard University. On stage steps up William James Sidis to present his research about the mathematics of the fourth dimension. William was just eleven years old. William James Sidis was a genius and he still has the highest IQ ever recorded, somewhere between 250 and 300....
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The Oscars' speech for Best Film Editing, edited in the style of winner Bohemian Rhapsody

I haven't seen Best Editing-winner Bohemian Rhapsody, but I have seen a certain viral scene about five times. Is it fair to characterize the whole movie by an insanely jump-cutted scene of some guys being offered a record deal at a relaxing cafe? Here's the Oscar winner's acceptance speech edited in much the same way as the film. [via Reddit] Ambient Film Tracks: I just thought that the Oscars weren't edited quite as well as they could have been so I took what I learned from the film editing ...
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Hello World

Enjoy Louie Zong's sweet song, just perfect to start the week with. Zong used a 2006 app called Virtual Singer.
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IPL Rights: YuppTV to broadcast in Aus, parts of EU, Singapore, South and Central America and more; Hotstar in the UK

YuppTV has acquired the digital broadcasting rights for VIVO IPL 2019 for broadcast in Australia, Continental Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world including South & Central America and Central & Southeast Asia. Star UK has gained the IPL 2019 broadcasting rights... ...
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Playing the long game in luxury sales

“When listing a luxury mountain home for sale, statistics show that it’s going to take at least a year to three years to sell,” notes Summit Sotheby’s International Realty agent Mary Ciminelli, an expert on the ins and outs of mountain property sales in Park City, Utah.
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Cartoonist Kayfabe: Wizard Magazine issue 17, January 1993

Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg continue down the 1990s comic book speculation rabbit hole to discuss Wizard 17 from January 1993. In this issue: • Brutes and Babes: Bart Sears on Cover design including Hip Hop Family Tree, Street Angel, and X-Men: Grand Design • Valiant gets the spotlight • Fabian Nicieza writing and editing a lot of books • Tom Palmer's X-mas recommendations • Dave Sim passes the halfway point of Cerebus and reflects on Image, Wizard, self-publishing, the direct market, and Jack Kir...
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High Vibe Honey: Week Of 25th March 2019 + TAPPING That It Is Safe To Let Go!

Hooray! Baby, it’s a new astrological year, and we have new audio equipment to celebrate! What did we ever do to get so damn lucky?! I hope that you can hear the difference and that it gives you a THRILL! Yay! In this week’s High Vibe Honey, the cards tell us that glorious things are coming but that in order to receive them, it’s necessary to let go of some old stuff that is no longer serving us. Eeeesh. So it only makes sense that our tapping is around trusting the universe and realizing that ...
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Watch Migos Perform And DJ Khaled Get Slimed At The Kids’ Choice Awards

The biggest event of the year, the Kids' Choice Awards, took place last night. And who better than Migos to ring in the occasion? Now, you might be wondering, "What song could they possibly perform?" Migos' and Nickelodeon's audiences don't exactly overlap and I can't imagine how they'd clean up a line like "Fuckin on … More »
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Watch this film of magical hand shadows from 1933

"Just a pair of hands -- and a whole lot of clever imagination." (via Juxtapoz on Instagram)
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Video from the Radicalized launch with Julia Angwin at The Strand

Last week's NYC book launch for Radicalized took the form of a fantastic conversation with the journalist Julia Angwin; the Strand folks were kind enough to video it and they've posted it to Youtube. Julia is incredibly smart and a wonderful interviewer, and we had some great Q&A as well.
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Watch Lana Del Rey Perform “Mariners Apartment Complex” Live For The First Time

Lana Del Rey headlined the first day of the Buku Music + Art Project at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans last night. It was her first live show of the year, and she made it count, bringing along backup singers/dancers and a giant wooden swing and performing her recent single "Mariners Apartment … More »
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New UK Trailer For Claustrophobic Thriller THE STANDOFF AT SPARROW CREEK

The acclaimed thriller comes to UK VOD in June. Read more >>> [Author:]
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Robocopyright: Dan Bull's rap anthem for the defeat of #Article13

Just in time for a continent-wide day of street demonstrations against Article 13 and the new Copyright Directive, British rapper Dan Bull (previously) has released a furious, amazing new song about the regulation: Robocopyright. More than a 100 MEPs have pledged to vote against the measure on Monday, and it's not too late for you to contact your MEP and tell them that you expect them to vote to defeat it.
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[Update] Michael Matteo Rossi's Thriller CHASE Coming To DVD/VOD In May

The indie thriller is coming to DVD/VOD in May. Read more >>> [Author:]
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Fritz Lang's Noir Classic THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW To Make Its UK Blu-Ray Debut [New Trailer/Artwork]

Lang's thriller comes to UK blu-ray in May from Eureka Entertainment. Read more >>> [Author:]
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