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Advice from these dope-smoking lawyers is useful for non-stoners, too

The Pot Brothers at Law are California attorneys who specialize in defending people arrested on cannabis charges. They have a YouTube channel where they offer short video tips, usually a variation of the cardinal rules of interacting with cops: shut the fuck up, never consent, and don't interfere. In this video, the Pot Brothers want you to know that the smell of marijuana in California doesn't constitute probable cause. If a cop smells weed and asks you about it, say "I'm not discussing my d...
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Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy Trailer For Netflix Comedy Special Released

Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy trailer for Netflix comedy special released Netflix has released the trailer for their newest comedy special titled Smart & Classy, starring actor and comedy legend Arsenio Hall in his first stand-up special which will be available for streaming on October 29. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Coming to America Sequel Adds Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne, and More In Arsenio Hall: Smart & Classy, over the course of his illustrious career entertaining aud...
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Jane McGonigal and Institute for the Future: Free online course "How To Think Like a Futurist"

My Institute for the Future colleague Jane McGonigal is teaching a series of 5 online courses on Futures Thinking and they're free to audit! Of course nobody can predict the future but imagining the longterm future can certainly help you make better decisions in the present. Congrats Jane and IFTF! From Coursera: Do you want to think about the future with more creativity and optimism? Do you want to see what’s coming faster, so you can be better prepared for disruptions and more in control ...
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Fantastic stop motion animation of playing card control

Omozoc created this terrific stop motion animation from 1,667 photographs!
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Torchwood's Burn Gorman Shares Details on His New Expanse Villain

The return of The Expanse feels like a reunion, but there’s a “fresh face” in the mix in the form of Torchwood’s Burn Gorman. In a one-on-one interview with io9, Gorman shared details on Adolphus Murtry, whether he’s actually a villain, and why Doctor Who and Expanse fans aren’t so different in the end.
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Watch: OpenAI enabled a one-handed robot to solve a Rubik's Cube

OpenAI Inc. demonstrated a one-handed robot solving a Rubik's Cube. Apparently the real breakthrough in this milestone was teaching the system to do the task in simulation. “While the video makes it easy to focus on the physical robot, the magic is mostly happening in simulation, and transferring things learned in simulation to the real world," writes Evan Ackerman in IEEE Spectrum: The researchers point out that the method they’ve developed here is general purpose, and you can train a rea...
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Common Holly – “Crazy Ok” Video

Common Holly's sophomore album, When I say to you Black Lightning, is out at the end of the week. The Montreal musician has shared a handful tracks already, including "Central Booking," "Joshua Snakes," and "Measured," and today Brigitte Naggar is sharing one final single from the album, "Crazy Ok." … More »
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X Share “Delta 88 Nightmare,” Their First Original-Lineup Recording In 34 Years

The Los Angeles quartet X are one of the all-time great American punk bands. They came together in LA in 1977, and when that scene's city was turning toward hardcore, they were hard and fast enough to keep up. But they also made room for country, rockabilly, and beat-poetry absurdity in their music. X's first …
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Jennifer Vanilla – “Erase The Time” Video

Last month, former Ava Luna member Becca Kauffman released an excellent new track as her alter ego Jennifer Vanilla, "Space Time Motion," which landed on our list of the best songs of the week. The J​.​E​.​N​.​N​.​I​.​F​.​E​.​R. EP that the song's on is out at the end of the week, and today … More »
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A new island awaits you in 'Fortnite Chapter 2'

After a day of making people look at a black hole, Epic Games has released the next iteration in the amazingly popular battle royale shooter Fortnite. A new map, boats and bandage bazookas are just some of the 'new' things. Players can now carry an injured buddy to safety, or go fishing -- maybe both at the same time! Hope we don't run into one another!
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Fran – “So Surreal” Video

Fran is the project of Chicago's Maria Jacobson. Originally an actor by trade, she bought a guitar and taught herself to play while working at a summer repertory theater in rural Indiana. She began writing songs while teaching English in a small city in Mexico. And upon returning to Chicago, she got a band together … More »
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Someone Has to Speak Up in Jay Roach’s Bombshell Trailer

Someone has to speak up in Jay Roach’s Bombshell Trailer Lionsgate has released the official trailer for director Jay Roach’s Fox News scandal movie Bombshell, featuring a star-studded ensemble led by Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman along with Oscar nominee Margot Robbie. Also featuring our first look at John Lithgow’s Roger Ailes, you can check out the video below (via Ellentube)! Bombshell (previously titled Fair and Balanced) is described mostly as an ensemble piece, with ...
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Holy Ghost! – “Heaven Knows What” Video (Feat. Michael Imperioli)

Brooklyn synthpop duo Holy Ghost! released Work, their third full-length and their first in six years, back in June. And now they're back with a new music video for album cut "Heaven Knows What," which began its life as a demo for the Safdie Brothers' 2014 film of the same name. The video, directed by … More »
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Toy soldier parody ad highlights veterans' plight, war's horrors

Action Man: Battlefield Casualties is a set of black-comedy parody ads for a more realistic war-themed childrens' toy. It was produced by Veterans for Peace UK, to challenge a British Army ad campaign aimed at youngsters, and voiced by Matt Berry. A Veterans For Peace UK Film challenging the British Army's policy of recruiting 16 year olds into the most dangerous army jobs. More details at Director: Price James Writer: Darren Cullen Based on Original Artwork by...
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New Zombieland: Double Tap Clip Introduces Rule No. 52

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Zombieland: Double Tap clip introduces rule no. 52 Ahead of the long-awaited sequel’s debut this Friday, Sony Pictures has released another clip from Zombieland: Double Tap, featuring Tallahasse and Columbus’ doppelgangers as they break one of the survival rules. Check out the video in the player below and find out about rule no. 52! (via Bloody Disgusting) RELATED: Lupita Nyong’o Is A Zombie-Fighting Teacher In Little Monsters Red-Band Trailer Zombieland: Double Tap w...
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Jim Meskimen, deepfake face dancer

If you've been enjoying those videos where Bill Hader's face morphs uncannily into whoever he's impersonating, this one from Jim Meskimen is the overwhelming overdose. It's a perfect intentional demonstration of the special effect, generated by adversarial networks, an enchanted warning. Actor/impressionist Jim Meskimen (Parks & Recreation, Whose Line?, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) recites "Pity the Poor Impressionist" poem in 20 celebrity voices, with the help of SHAM00K.
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David Harbour riffs on Joaquin Phoenix on Saturday Night Live

I currently live three hours away from a movie theater. A six-hour toot in our jeep just to watch Joker? Not going to happen. Happily, David Harbour and the cast of Saturday Night Live goofing on Joaquin Phoenix's turn in Joker feels like more than enough to give me the gist of the flick until it pops up on streaming services.
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Beyond The Video: Fan Engagement On YouTube

While many artist's focus on YouTube's ability to deliver music and videos to their fans, the video sharing platform has a plethora of other offerings beyond this that can be invaluable resources for keeping your fanbase up to date on your activity, as well as gaining the attention of channels an communities that mesh well with your target audience. ______________________________ Gust post Jay Cook of The Daily Rind With the launch of Official Artist Channels and YouTube Music, ...
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What is Indigenous People’s Day? Great resources for talking to your kids, because Native American history is American history.

Today is the day that’s been traditionally celebrated as “Columbus Day” in the U.S., but knowing now what we know about Christopher Columbus, the holiday is fast transforming into Indigenous People’s Day for many. If you’re wondering what Indigenous People’s Day is, and want to explain it to your kids, here are a few fast […]
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New Disney+ promo video fails to mention The Million Dollar Duck

On November 12, Disney Studios is opening its treasure trove of films and videos as a streaming service for $7 a month. But its marketing team made a crucial mistake by not including The Million Dollar Duck, The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes, and The Barefoot Executive in its promo video. They should have hired me to make it.
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Here are five scams visitors to Prague should know about

Honest Guide is a YouTube channel for people interested in visiting Prague. It's got tips and cautions that are great to know about in advance of going there. I wish there were similar YouTube channels for other places. In its latest episode, Honest Guide describes five common scams that tourists should watch out for. The most interesting one is not so much a scam, but a sucker bet. Some guy has built a structure with a horizontal bar, sort of like a pull-up bar. He sets it up in the middle ...
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How to tell the difference between accents

If you don't live in England, it might be hard to tell the difference between a northern and southern English accent. If you don't live in the United States you might not know how to distinguish between a northern and southern English accent?  In this Wired video, language coach Erik Singer explains how to recognize accents that sound similar to untrained ears. Image: YouTube
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Watch A$AP Rocky Bring Out 50 Cent At Rolling Loud

This past weekend, Rolling Loud, the rap festival that regularly sets up shop in cities around the world, came to New York for the first time, taking over Citi Field in Queens for two days. There were complications. Shortly before the festival began, the NYPD requested that the festival organizers drop five New York street-rap … More »
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Alpha Calls For A Meeting In The Walking Dead Episode 10.03 Promo

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Alpha calls for a meeting in The Walking Dead episode 10.03 promo AMC has released the first promo and sneak peek for The Walking Dead episode 10.03, titled “Ghosts,” featuring the communities as they work together for a strategy on how to prepare for the Whisperers’ next attack. The new episode is scheduled to air on October 20. Check out the videos below! The new episode’s official synopsis reads: “The threat of the Whisperers return leads to paranoia sweeping over Ale...
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Man pranks his friends and family at his own funeral

Shay Bradley from Ireland died October 8, but at his funeral he came back to life. "Hello? Hello?" he said as his coffin was being lowered. "Let me out, it's fucking dark in here!" He goes on, knocking from within the coffin, and then serenading his friends and family. Apparently, Bradley had always loved pranks, and pulled this last one on the day of his funeral. According to Mashable: Bradley's daughter, Andrea Bradley, posted the video to Facebook...Kiernan said that Bradley was concerned ...
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Sarah Connor Saves the Day in Terminator: Dark Fate Clip

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Sarah Connor saves the Day in Terminator: Dark Fate clip A brand new clip from Paramount Pictures‘ highly-anticipated sequel Terminator: Dark Fate has been released, featuring the arrival of Sarah Connor as she saves Mackenzie Davis’ Grace and Natalia Reyes’ Dani. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Linda Hamilton Says Terminator: Dark Fate Took More Effort Than T2 Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger return in their iconic roles as Sarah Connor and T...
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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Goes On Tour In Season 3 Trailer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel goes on tour in season 3 trailer Amazon Prime Video has released the official trailer for the upcoming 8-episode third season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, featuring our titular rising stand-up comedian as she goes on a world tour with Shy Baldwin. Starring two-time Golden Globe winner Rachel Brosnahan, the series is scheduled to return on December 6. Check out the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 trailer in the player below! In Season 3, Midge an...
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Elsa Tries To Save Arendelle In New Frozen 2 International Trailer

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Elsa tries to save Arendelle in new Frozen 2 international trailer Walt Disney Pictures has released a new international trailer for the highly-anticipated Frozen 2, highlighting more of Anna and Elsa’s quest to save Arendelle from its impending doom. Also featuring new footage, you can check out the video in the player below! RELATED: CS Visits Disney Animation to Learn Frozen 2 Story, Music Details Frozen 2 will see the return of stars Kristen Bell (The Good Place), Id...
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Kate Kane Faces A Dilemma In Batwoman Episode 3 Promo

Kate Kane faces a dilemma in Batwoman episode 3 promo The CW has released the first promo for Batwoman‘s upcoming episode 3 titled “Down Down Down,” offering us a glimpse of what to expect for the next episode as Kate Kane tries to decide if she will fully accept the role of becoming Gotham’s newest vigilante hero or not. The episode is scheduled to air on October 20. Starring Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten, you can check out the video in the player below. The new episode is directed by Dermo...
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