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A Fortnite Security Flaw Reportedly Put Millions of Players at Risk of Malware

Epic Games says it was aware of the issue and worked to solve it
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‘Just Dance’ is the Next Movie Adaptation To Try to Break the Video Game Curse

Just Dance is becoming a movie. You heard that right: the Ubisoft dancing game first released in 2009 will be getting a movie adaptation from Screen Gems. Maybe this will be the one to break the video game adaptation curse. Deadline reports that Screen Gems has acquired the motion-picture rights to Just Dance following a competitive bidding situation with multiple studios. The studio is set to develop a movie adaptation of the bestselling video game that got 120 million video game players of...
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A Guide to Kingdom Hearts 3, for the Disney Fan Who Has No Idea What This Franchise Is

At the end of the month—outside of any potential, agonizing last-minute delay—one of the most anticipated moments for games in 2019 is going to happen: After years and years of waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally come out. Are you a Disney fan who’s wildly confused as to what the deal is? We’re here to...let’s say …Read more...
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The best free-to-play games of 2019

Believe it or not, free-to-play games have evolved into engaging, enjoyable experiences. Here are a few of our favorites that you can play right now, including Warframe and the perennially-popular League of Legends. The post The best free-to-play games of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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‘Breaking Bad’ Mobile Game Will Make Fans the Ones Who Knock (On Their Phones)

Soon, you can be the one that knocks — on your phone screen. A Breaking Bad mobile game is on its way to teach fans of the AMC drama the inner workings of the empire business and test the limits of their moral codes. The free-to-play mobile game is titled Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements and is expected to launch later this year. Eleven years after Walter White (Bryan Cranston) first took off his pants and strapped on an apron, Breaking Bad still hasn’t faded from the pop culture consciousnes...
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‘Minecraft’ Movie to Be Helmed by ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinity Playlist’ Director Peter Sollett

The Minecraft movie has found its new director. Following It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator and star Rob McElhenney‘s departure from the director’s chair after three years, Peter Sollett has been tapped as the new Minecraft movie director and writer. The Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist director steps up to helm the long-anticipated film adaptation of the popular video game of the same name. For a video game about building, it’s certainly taking a long time for the Minecraft movie...
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The best video gaming consoles of 2019

We've seen a relatively large influx of new consoles in the last year, including the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X, so we've updated our recommendations for the best dedicated game hardware. The post The best video gaming consoles of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Bellevue-based game developer Bungie splits from Activision

Both companies published a joint statement confirming that Bungie will assume full rights and responsibilities for the “Destiny”gaming franchise.
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World of Warcraft Is Getting a Little Stan Lee Cameo of Its Own

The world of...well, us, might have lost Stan Lee last year. But the World of Warcraft is gaining a lovely little tribute to the comics icon.Read more...
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There's a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You'll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

Do I need another portable gaming device weighing down my backpack every time I leave the house? My spine says no, but the retro gamer in me loves the idea of taking an NES with me wherever I roam. As handheld consoles go, My Arcade’s RetroChamp, announced at CES this year, pushes the boundaries of portable gaming.…Read more...
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The best Oculus Rift games available today

The Oculus Rift brought back virtual reality and put a modern twist to it. Grab your Touch Controllers, put on your VR headset, and jump into the fun with some of the best Oculus Rift games available now. The post The best Oculus Rift games available today appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Two Artists With Wildly Different Styles Create Stunning Posters of Your Favorite Video Games

The late, great Roger Ebert once expressed the controversial opinion that video games can’t be art. And while he was certainly entitled to that point of view, there are cases where it’s factually false—like a new art exhibit that’s soon to open in Los Angeles.Read more...
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Doom Game Soundtrack Composer Looking For Choir Of "Killer Metal Screamers"

Mick Gordon needs your SOUL. Er, voice. The post Doom Game Soundtrack Composer Looking For Choir Of "Killer Metal Screamers" appeared first on Metal Injection.
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One of the world’s most popular video games recently outed its ultra-macho character as gay

Soldier 76 from 'Overwatch' just came out as gay, but fans are reacting in different ways.
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‘Alien: Blackout’ Trailer: Don’t Look Now, But There’s a Xenomorph in Your Phone

By the time Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley wakes up at the beginning of James Cameron’s Aliens, she’s been in cryo-sleep for 57 years. A lot can happen in nearly six decades, and the franchise has begun to explore that era in the form of video games. 2014’s Alien: Isolation was a popular survival horror game that featured Ripley’s daughter Amanda, and as previously teased, that character is returning in a new game called Alien: Blackout – and the first trailer is here. The bad news? Whereas th...
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The RetroChamp Turns the Original NES Into a Nintendo Switch-Inspired All-In-One Handheld

Thirty years after the original Game Boy was first released, handheld gaming is as popular as it’s ever been. Smartphones provide endless entertainment, and Nintendo’s current flagship console is even a portable device. But what if 1983-era technology had allowed the original NES to go portable? My Arcade’s new Retro…Read more...
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Through the Looking-Glass of Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch'

None Spoilers ahead. In 1983 I played an arcade game called Dragon's Lair. In what was already a video-game cliché, a knight named Dirk the Daring attempted to rescue Princess Daphne. But the selling point was not the story—it was that it looked like a cartoon. Meanwhile, on my Atari back at home, the similarly-themed Adventure featured a protagonist who was literally just a dot. After losing a week's worth of quarters within a minute, though, I realized that Dragon's Lair was not really a game...
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The best Xbox One games you can get right now

More than four years into its life span, Microsoft's latest console is finally coming into its own. From 'Cuphead' to 'Halo 5,' the best Xbox One games offer something for everyone. The post The best Xbox One games you can get right now appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The best Xbox 360 games

The Xbox 360 thrived during a generation where games were plentiful. Here's our list of the best Xbox 360 games of all time, including all game genres and even a few special indie hits. The post The best Xbox 360 games appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The best VR headsets of 2019

Virtual reality has finally gone mainstream, but how do you find the best VR headset for you? Check out a few of our favorites, whether you want the best of the best or a budget alternative for your mobile device. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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I'm Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, and This Is How I Work

Richard Garriott is a robot. The creator of the Ultima series, including Ultima Online, the first massively multiplayer online game, runs his Austin company Portalarium from his home in New York. He telecommutes via Beam—a Segway-like robot with a video screen that lets him engage more directly with the rest of his…Read more...
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The Into the Spider-Verse Costume in Spider-Man PS4 Is Breaking My Brain, in a Good Way

There are a lot of good costumes in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Like, a lot. They kept adding them, too! And while my dear colleague Germain made a pretty solid case for why the game’s mindbogglingly clever “vintage comics-style” suit is one of its best, the game’s last slice of DLC added what has become my Spidey-Spandex of…Read more...
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The Hidden Beauty of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch's Best Ending

Netflix’s latest television experiment, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, has several possible endings to the story. Some quick, others more detailed. But one of them stands out, giving us a poetic story that—unlike all the others in the film—was only made possible through its interactivity. It may not be the only way the…Read more...
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One of the Best Emulator Front-Ends May Be Coming to Xbox One, With No Jailbreak Required

The developers of RetroArch, an all-in-one emulation front-end that allows users to download emulator “cores” for a huge number of older consoles and which recently came to the Nintendo Switch, say it is coming to the Xbox One—and unlike other consoles, users might not need to risk jailbreaking their systems to set it…Read more...
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You Can Play One of the Games From ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Now

Black Mirror is taking its interactive feature-length special to a whole other level. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is making headlines for its unique choose-your-own-adventure format, forcing its viewers to make choices that will send them hurtling down a different rabbit hole every time. It’s an experience not unlike a video game, which is fitting since the premise of Bandersnatch centers around a programmer attempting to adapt a fantasy novel into a game. With Black Mirror: Bandersnatch set in ...
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Get This Highly-Rated Computer Game for Free for the Next 40 Hours

If you’re looking for a way to fill the time between Christmas and New Years, Gog has a deal for you: a highly-rated game for free.Read more...
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How to Play One of the Games From Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch, the new, Choose Your Own Adventure-style installment of Black Mirror out today, is (as you might expect) a twisty bit of interactive fiction. And Netflix has further tied the metatextual knot by building out a real website for the episode’s fictional games studio Tuckersoft, where several of the…Read more...
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