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Trump broke the suburbs for the GOP. The rebuilding could start in Virginia

Glenn Youngkin and his ticket-mates in Virginia are looking to spark a Republican comeback that could presage midterm gains.
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With Virginia governor's race looming, Biden takes to CNN town hall to pitch his agenda to voters

The public forum comes at a pivotal moment for President Biden's social spending package, as Democrats fret over the key Virginia gubernatorial race.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Geek in Review Ep. 134 – Teaching Law Students Business Design Skills – Jessica Erickson and Josh Kubicki

Richmond Law School professors Jessica Erickson and Josh Kubicki join us to discuss how they are teaching law students not only the critical skills to “think like a lawyer” but also the understanding that they are entering the world of business. Whether that is in BigLaw, non-profit, in-house, public interest, or solo practice, they need to have a baseline of business acumen to practice and thrive. Prof. Kubicki runs Richmond’s Legal Business Design Hub that delivers leading-edge competitive ski...
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Virginia Gives Democrats a Test of Black Turnout Before 2022

Polls have consistently shown Democrat Terry McAuliffe with the overwhelming support of Black Virginians in the gubernatorial race.
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Republicans Turn Judicial Nominee’s Hearing Into Transphobic Spectacle

GOP senators took turns making offensive and false claims about a Virginia sexual assault case.
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Rudy Giuliani's odd attack ad gets mocked on social media

Rudy Giuliani used a filter to make himself look like Abraham Lincoln in an odd attack on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the reaction the ad is receiving.
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Giuliani's odd attack ad gets mocked on social media

Rudy Giuliani used a filter to make himself look like Abraham Lincoln in an odd attack on Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the reaction the ad is receiving.
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U.S. Democrats, Republicans Spend Heavily in Virginia Ahead of Governor Election

By Jason LangeWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The fundraising arms of the two major U.S. political parties poured money into Virginia last month ahead of a...
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Rudy Giuliani used a face filter to impersonate Abraham Lincoln and make a debunked claim about Terry McAuliffe

Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Alex Wong/Getty Images Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani tweeted a video featuring an Abraham Lincoln face filter. In his impersonation of Lincoln, Giuliani repeated a debunked claim about Virginia's ex-governor. "End the Clinton sleaze once and for all!" Giuliani said in his rendition of a 19th Century accent. In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani associated himself with a different ...
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Family Biking: How bikes can save the day for kids with special needs

Nate Barney with sons Weston and Calvin. Some people view family biking as an inconvenience, or a sacrifice, or a limiting mode of transportation. But biking can be a valuable source of mobility, freedom, fun, and even convenience. This can be especially true for families with special needs, needs that can be met in unique ways by a bicycle. After my column last month about using cargo bikes for children with special needs, I was contacted by someone from Texas-based cargo bike company Bun...
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McAuliffe, Youngkin Now Mum on Tax Return Disclosures

The leading candidates for Virginia governor have gone quiet on commitments both previously made to disclose at least some information from recent tax returns before the Nov. 2 election.
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Obama in new McAuliffe ad: 'Virginia, you have a lot of responsibility this year'

Former President Barack Obama speaks direct to camera in a new ad for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, warning voters that their decision will make "a statement about what direction we're headed in as a country."
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Obama warns Virginia voters they're making 'statement about what direction we're headed in as a country' in new ad for McAuliffe

Former President Barack Obama speaks direct to camera in a new ad for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe, warning voters that their decision will make "a statement about what direction we're headed in as a country."
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McAuliffe, Youngkin tied less than two weeks out from Virginia's Election Day: poll

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and Republican Glenn Youngkin are locked in a tie with less than two weeks to go until Virginia's...
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New Redistricting Committee All but Gives up Map Effort

Virginia’s new bipartisan redistricting committee has all but given up its effort to draw new congressional maps after committee members couldn't find consensus on what constitutes political fairness.
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Return to your favorite museums with Airbnb Experiences and Made By Us

As guests return to cities, Airbnb and Made By Us have partnered together to curate a wishlist of new Airbnb Experiences created by museums, theatres, archives and more nationwide Participating organizations will include the National Archives Foundation, Betsy Ross House, Atlanta History Center, HistoryMiami Museum, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Ford’s Theatre and Genesee Country Village & Museum. As guests mark their fall with trips to large and mid-sized cities, many are ch...
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Virginia Expects $2B in Public-Private Broadband Funding

Gov. Ralph Northam says Virginia has received a record number of local and private sector applications to match state investments in broadband connectivity and the state expects more than $2 billion in total broadband funding.
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Police: Boy, 13, Hit by Van, Fatally Injured

Police in northern Virginia say a 13-year-old boy was hit by a van and fatally injured while crossing a road.
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10 things in tech you need to know today

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Good morning and welcome to 10 Things in Tech. If this was forwarded to you, sign up here. ​​Plus, download Insider's app for news on the go - click here for iOS and here for Android.Let's get started.1. Facebook faces $14 million in fines tied to a federal probe. The company settled claims with the US government that it illegally reserved lucrative jobs for immigrant workers, rather than seeking out US workers for the roles. More on the settlement,...
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Terry McAuliffe abruptly ends interview, tells local Virginia reporter 'You should've asked better questions'

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe cut his interview short with a local Virginia TV station and scolded the reporter for...
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The pandemic has killed the car salesperson as we know it

Used cars are displayed on the sales lot at Marin Acura on July 13, 2021 in Corte Madera, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The pandemic has transformed jobs across industries - including car salespeople. Sales staff now spend more time fielding online chats than waiting for walk-in customers. With new cars in short supply, haggling is a thing of the past, The Wall Street Journal reports. The stereotypical car salesperson is a fast talker eager to show you around their lot's ...
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McAuliffe and Youngkin face early voting pressures in Virginia race

For nearly half a million voters in Virginia, Election Day is already over.
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40 members of Congress have violated a law designed to stop insider trading and prevent conflicts-of-interest

Marianne Ayala/Insider Insider and other media have identified numerous US lawmakers not complying with the federal STOCK Act. Their excuses range from oversights, to clerical errors, to inattentive accountants. Ethics watchdogs - and even some in Congress - want to ban lawmakers from trading individual stocks. See more stories on Insider's business page. Insider and several other news organizations have this year identified 40 members of Congress who've failed to properly report ...
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Big Virginia Abortion Test: Can It Energize Democratic Base

Democrat Terry McAuliffe has tried to use GOP threats to abortion rights to energize the Democratic base ahead of Virginia's Nov. 2 governor's election.
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Headless, Tailless Deer Carcasses Found in Eastern Virginia

Authorities in eastern Virginia are trying to determine who left three decapitated and tailless deer carcasses along a road and in a city park last week.
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I'm reading too much into the headline "Everyone Is Reading Too Much Into Virginia’s Race for Governor/Many fear that if Terry McAuliffe loses, doom for Democrats is imminent. Don’t be so sure."

That's at The New Republic.What I'm reading into that is that Democrats originally loaded a lot of meaning into that election, because they wanted to use it for leverage to argue in favor of their interests, to predict future success, and to demand support for vigorous exercise of ambition power, and that now, they see a need to dismantle that foundation, because they think they will (or might) lose, so they want to unload the extra meaning attached and isolate the election as something random a...
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This ad reveals how worried Terry McAuliffe is about the Virginia governor's race

Late last month, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said this in a debate with Republican Glenn Youngkin; "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."
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Suits Allege 29 Companies Discriminated Against Renters

Virginia’s attorney general’s office has filed lawsuits against more than two dozen real estate companies accused of discriminating against renters protected under a recent change to state law.
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McAuliffe Wants to Ban Guns, Register Gun Owners, and Restrict Carry

Terry McAuliffe is an anti-gun zealot. IMG NRA-ILA U.S.A. -( Virginians are increasingly exercising their Second Amendment rights. NICS Checks in the commonwealth were up more than 60-percent from 2019 to 2020. From 2019 to 2021 there was a 21-percent increase in the number of resident Right-to-Carry permits. National data on gun buyers in 2020 suggest that half of new gun owners are women and that new owners are more diverse than the general population. Moreover, Gallup polling ...
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Virginia governor reveals his long Covid symptoms as he urges vaccinations

Ralph Northam had a mild case in September 2020 that left him with long-lasting effects, including loss of smell and tasteMore than a year after testing positive for Covid-19, Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, is warning about the importance of vaccines and the long-lasting effects of Covid.After a mild case in September 2020 that felt like a sinus infection, Northam said in a video briefing that he was recovering quickly, and he waited for his sense of smell and taste to return. Instead, his ...
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