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Ending JLWOP, Virginia makes all juvenile offenders eligible for parole (and thereby moots SCOTUS consideration of Malvo case)

As effectively reported here by Daniel Nichanian at The Appeal: Political Report, Monday brought big news out of Virginia that had an echo effect on the Supreme Court's docket. The report is headlined "Virginia Makes All Children Eligible For Parole, A Major Shift For This Punitive State," and here are the details: Virginia will give hundreds of people who have been incarcerated for decades, ever since they were kids, a shot at petitioning for release. House Bill 35 will make people who have be...
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As Virginia and other states consider expanding parole, might the federal system do the same in a SECOND STEP Act?

In this 2017 Federal Probation article, titled "Reflecting on Parole's Abolition in the Federal Sentencing System," I imagined various ways modern federal sentencing reform might have been less problematic if some form of parole had been retained in the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.  I also noted how the legislation that became the FIRST STEP Act served as a kind of "parole light" while also explaining why I thought reformers "troubled by the punitive policies that the SRA helped usher into the...
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Chaos erupts inside Virginia Legislature as psycho pastor rails against gay people in opening prayer

Chaos erupted inside the Virginia State Legislature this week when a local pastor unleashed a seven-minute homophobic diatribe on the House floor. Rev. Robert Grant Jr. of the Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, Virginia was invited to give the opening prayer for the legislative session. Generally speaking, the ceremonial prayer is meant to be nonpolitical and appeal to a broad number of faiths and backgrounds. Evidently, Grant didn’t get that memo. Or, rather, he just didn’t care. AdBridg.cmd.p...
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Leftist Hijacking of the Democrat Party: Causes Concern For Nation & Armed Citizenry

Opinion Leftist Hijacking of Democrat Party: Causes Concern For Nation & Armed Citizenry New York – -( The Radical Left has hijacked the Democrat Party. That fact is clear and irrefutable. The Democrats have misused the impeachment clause of Article I Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution in a calculated attempt to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. They sought to undo it. To further show their contempt for the U.S. Constitution and for the Second...
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First Gun Bills Hit Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Monday

Opinion Masked Gun Banners Richmond, VA –-( The first flood of Virginia Democrat's anti-gun bills will hit the Virginia Legislature on Monday, January 13th, 2020. Ever since taking control of the Virginia Government, anti-gun Democrats have been eager to pass new gun control laws that only affect you. On Friday night, the legislature announced that the first ten anti-gun bills would hit the Senate Judiciary Monday at 9 AM. Democrats have introduced three universal background ch...
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WA Gun Prohibitionists Reveal Ominous 2020 Legislative Agenda

The gun control lobby in Washington State wants to push legislatio n limiting magazine capacity and require background checks on ammunition purchases. (Dave Workman photo) U.S.A. –-( Seattle-based gun control extremists — mislabeled “gun-safety advocates” in a Seattle Times report reprinted in other newspapers — have unveiled their legislative agenda for 2020, just as thousands of Evergreen State gun owners are signing an initiative petition to repeal one of their laws passed in...
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Justin Fairfax Accuser: ‘I Want Some Action From The Virginia Legislature’

Watson and a second accuser say they'll testify under oath that Virginia's lieutenant governor sexually assaulted them.
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Name will be drawn out of a hat to settle Virginia Legislature race

A three-judge panel deliberating the final certification of the recount in the Virginia House of Delegates race has determined another vote should be counted, tying the race between Democrat Shelly Simonds and incumbent Republican Del. David Yancey.
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What Democrats’ big election wins in Virginia and N.J. say about Southern California races

Democratic candidates in Southern California woke up Wednesday excited about what election results on the other side of the country Tuesday might signal for key congressional races here next year. “I was optimistic before, & now I’m thrilled,” tweeted Jess Phoenix, one of the Democrats trying to unseat Rep. Steve Knight, R-Santa Clarita, who is among at least six Republican House members from Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties who are considered vulnerable in 2018. Tonight’s election re...
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Virginia Legislature Passes Bill Legalizing Ticket Scalping

In most parts of the country, state officials are working to limit ticket re-sales and scalping.  Not so in Virginia, where a new bill has passed that guarantees the ability to resell concert and other event tickets. _________________________________________ A new bill passed in the Virginia state legislature guarantees the right of a ticket purchaser to resell them on the internet ticketing platform of their choice. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has said that he supports the bi...
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