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Why factory farms are a "perfect storm" for disease pandemics

As far back as 2007, researchers warned about a novel coronavirus emerging from SARS. Long before that, experts knew that factory farms create the conditions for pandemics. Pandemics will be part of our lives as long as we continue our current methods of meat production. In 2007, a team of researchers at The University of Hong Kong published a review warning of potential dangers of SARS-related coronaviruses emerging in the near future. Four years after the SARS outbreak of 2003 the team poure...
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MD cops say sex offender refused to shut down 60-person coronavirus bonfire

A registered sex offender hosting a coronavirus party despite Maryland's ban on gatherings during the outbreak refused to shut down his 60-person drunken bonfire, cops say. The party host did not win the argument with police officers. Shawn Marshall Myers, 41, could face up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine for violating the emergency order intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Fox 13 reported. From Southern Maryland News: On March 27, 2020, at approximately 10:55 p.m., officers...
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Toxic booze in Iran sold as coronavirus cure kills 300, sickens 1,000

In Iran, there are reports of over 300 people killed and at least 1,000 sickened after consuming toxic methanol rumoured to cure coronavirus. [It does not.] Alcohol drinking is banned in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Anyone who drinks booze there is getting it from bootleggers, and in so doing, risking their lives in more than one respect. Social media accounts in Farsi pushed a fake story about a “British school teacher” and others who supposedly cured themselves of COVID-19 with whiskey and...
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Toilet paper is a giant waste of resources

Toilet paper consumption is unsustainable and requires a tremendous amount of resources to produce.Americans use the most toilet paper in the world and have been hoarding it due to coronavirus.Alternatives to toilet paper are gaining more popularity with the public. A surprising byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic has been its effect on the availability of toilet paper. American shoppers have vacuumed the shelves all around the country, stockpiling toilet paper and other paper products with p...
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Edward Snowden warns 'bio-surveillance' may outlast coronavirus

Edward Snowden is a former CIA contractor who exposed NSA mass surveillance programs. In a recent interview, Snowden expressed concern over the ways in which governments are using technology to track the spread of the virus. These new tracking measures may someday be repurposed to advance governments' mass surveillance programs, Snowden warned. As governments turn to technology to help contain the spread of COVID-19, privacy advocates are expressing concern over how new bio-surveillance prac...
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This 103-year-old philosopher's to-do list will get you through self-isolation

Like everybody else, Romanian philosopher Mihai Sora is stuck inside. He is keeping busy for a 103-year-old man, and keeping the world up to date on his indoor adventures with Facebook. His to-do list is impressive, but not so impressive it can't be used by most people. The social isolation necessitated by COVID-19 is difficult for a lot of people. Between being mostly stuck inside, having reduced contact with other people, and the creeping boredom that comes after you've done everything on your...
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Do you have a cold, the flu, or COVID-19?

Differences in symptoms exist between a cold, the flue and coronavirus.The CDC issued specific recommendations about what to do if you're sick and when to get tested.Calling the doctor is important if you feel sick or have questions. How do you know you have coronavirus? With so much misinformation flying around, it's important to understand the differences in the symptoms between Covid-19 (the infamous coronavirus), the regular flu, and a cold. A number of symptoms overlap between these three a...
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Who should get coronavirus treatments first? Doctors face ethical dilemmas

The U.S. likely doesn't have enough ICU beds or ventilators to effectively manage an influx of COVID-19 patients.Italy has been dealing with a shortage of medical resources for weeks. Doctors there have been trying to prioritize care based on who's most likely to benefit. Doctors in the U.S. will likely take a similar utilitarian approach, if resources become scarce. As the U.S. healthcare system braces for a surge of COVID-19 patients, American doctors may soon have to answer an ugly questio...
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Video shows how you may be washing your hands wrong

The video was shared by restaurateur and influencer Harjinder Singh Kukreja.It shows how some people might be missing certain parts of the hands while washing.The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Washing your hands with soap — any kind, not just antibacterial — is arguably the best thing you can do to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus. After all, the virus is able to survive on surfaces like doorknobs or packages for days, meaning you...
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This epidemiologist predicted the coronavirus pandemic 14 years ago

Lawrence "Larry" Brilliant is an American epidemiologist who's worked for the United Nations, Google and the World Health Organization.In addition to warning the public about the threat of pandemics in 2006, Brilliant also served as a consultant for the 2011 film "Contagion".Brilliant says he's "firmly confident" that the steps the U.S. is currently taking will help to flatten the curve, and provide scientists with more time to develop a vaccine or prophylactic. If there's one person who was...
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Moderna could make experimental COVID-19 vaccine available to healthcare workers by fall

There are some hard limits to the vaccine development process that mean we are not going to see any preventative immune therapies to fight the new coronavirus for at least a year to 18 months. But Moderna, which is behind the first potential vaccine to enter human clinical trials in the U.S., provided new info on Monday that indicates it will seek to provide access to the vaccine by as early as this fall, to a limited group likely consisting of healthcare workers. The company will look at possib...
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Black Monday

It looks like I played my last round of golf for awhile on this past Saturday. With Governor Andrew Cuomo’s shutdown mandate in New York State golf courses are shuttered. Only essential businesses are permitted to be open and only essential employees are allowed to work. Golf and golf courses don’t qualify as essential and I begrudgingly recognize that. But it doesn’t make it any easier to take. It’s Black Monday. Today my inbox had a bunch of emails stating… Continue Reading →
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How to keep your business running when you can’t meet face to face

There’s no dancing around it: The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting individuals and industries across the globe, and real estate agents face rising challenges of their own. To “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of COVID-19, local governments are joining the CDC and recommending social distancing — reducing close contact between people.
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Study shows how long coronavirus stays alive on common materials

A new study tested how long coronavirus stays infectious on surfaces like plastic, cardboard and metal as well as air.The results show that the virus can live from hours in air to several days on steel. The research underscores the importance of cleaning household and hospital areas and objects. A new study provided some valuable information about how long coronavirus survives on different surfaces, showing that it stays alive for quite a long time on some common materials. As the disease spre...
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Google launches Covid-19 page and search portal with safety tips, official stats and more, US-only for now

Google says Coronavirus has become its biggest search topic by a country mile this year, and to continue its efforts to harness that attention in the best possible way, late on Friday the company launched a new information portal dedicated to the pandemic as well as an improved search experience for desktop and mobile. The search experience, Google says, was updated in response to “people’s information needs expanding,” while the new information portal also provides the basic, most useful inf...
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Coronavirus: UK will pay 80% of lost wages for those laid off due to COVID-19 outbreak

'For the first time in our history, the government is going to step in and help pay people's wages,' Rishi Sunak announces The UK government will pay up to 80% of wages for workers who are at risk of being laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic, the chancellor has announced. The United States is not doing anything like this, or discussing anything like this. Why isn't the purportedly richest and most powerful and most awesomest country in the world, ours, doing the same -- or something close ...
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NY now has ~8,000 cases of Coronavirus, about half of all cases in the US

The number of coronavirus cases in New York sharply increased to nearly 8,000 cases on Friday, a result of increased testing and the continuing uncontrolled spread of the virus that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19. This is 10 times higher than what was reported earlier in the week. New York now has half of all coronavirus cases in the US. In a startlingly quick ascent, New York was closing in on 8,000 positive tests, about 1/2 the cases in the country. The # was 10x higher than what...
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'Social distancing machine' for coronavirus avoidance at work

Genius. This is a “social distancing machine.” How I’m staying safe at work Salutations, IMGURian @AllTheCoolKidsPeeTheirPants. [via]
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Can your pets catch coronavirus? Medical experts say no

Last month, a dog was quarantined in Hong Kong after having tested a "weak positive" for the novel coronavirus igniting public worry about the possibility of pets becoming infected.Medical experts are saying that there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can infect pets, which have different cell receptors.One precaution you can take to protect your pets from the pandemic is to pack an emergency "go bag" with supplies your pet may need in the case of a quarantine. Here's one le...
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How NASA is keeping coronavirus off the International Space Station

Before liftoff on every mission since 1971, NASA crew members spend two weeks in a "health stabilization" quarantine.Other employees of the agency have been given a response framework that tells them where and how to proceed with their duties.For upcoming launches, NASA is depending on Russia and SpaceX to step up to the challenge. There are no respirators in space. As concerned as you may be at the moment about coronavirus following you into your personal quarantine, imagine getting COVID-19...
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Nintendo employee contracts coronavirus, co-workers put in quarantine

Nintendo employees currently working from home in Washington state, California
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Nintendo employee contracts coronavirus, coworkers put in quarantine

Nintendo employees are currently working from home in Washington and California
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This weekend will be ‘bellwether’ for open houses in the spring

Agents haven't yet seen clients abandoning things like open houses. But handshakes may be going out of style, and some believe the worst is yet to come.
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Coachella postponed for 6 months if Coronavirus has its way

Coronavirus is cancelling events all around the world and Coachella are reportedly looking not to cancel but wait half a year to relaunch. As the Coronavirus spreads to countries around the world it is having a harsh impact on events, festivals, conventions and any large gathering, really. Coachella are the latest rumoured to be re-considering plans to go ahead. Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world and by that extension brings a lot of people from all over the globe in...
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Uncertainly In The Workplace? Send Your Employees Home to Promote Wellness, Job Security, Fear and Isolation

I wrote this article in 2008 during the Great Recession. 12 years ago, and we’re still learning the same lesson today. While you can’t compare the loss of money to the loss of life, unfortunately, the longer it takes to get the lessons, the more costly the lessons become. There’s a reason why they’re called “good” days and “bad” days. We don’t get tested on our good days. We get tested during our more challenging and uncertain days. Those tough days. Therein lies the test. That’s when the ...
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Face mask sales are up 319% as Americans ignore CDC calls to stop hoarding them

Sales of medical masks are up by a whopping 319% as civilians hoard medical supplies to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak.The CDC and WHO are urging the public not to buy and wear the masks as some hospitals are now in danger of running out of critical respirator masks. At this point, coronavirus has infected at least 1,000 Americans and more than 115,800 people around the world. In the midst of what has officially been declared a global pandemic caused by the coronavirus outbreak, American...
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Scientists calculate incubation period of coronavirus

The incubation period of a virus is the amount of time it takes for a person to show symptoms after infection.A new study examined 181 cases of SARS-CoV-2 in China, finding that the mean incubation period is 5.1 days.The results suggest that a quarantine period of 14 days is reasonable. It takes an average of 5.1 days for a person infected with the new coronavirus to show symptoms, according to recent research from Johns Hopkins University. Fortunately, an average incubation period of 5.1 day...
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Who's profiting most from the coronavirus outbreak?

The novel coronavirus has so far infected more than 110,000 people and killed nearly 4,000."Stay-at-home" companies — like Netflix and Amazon — seem to be uniquely poised to weather the outbreak.Media companies also appear to be profiting from surges in coronavirus-related traffic. The novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, has infected 110,000 people and killed 4,000 across six continents. But the virus is also wreaking economic havoc. Stock markets have plummeted in the wake...
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Prevent Coronavirus with your favourite song by ‘washing your lyrics’

We’ve all been told the most important thing we can do is wash our hands so lets get our favourite songs to aid us. We’ve all heard the recommendations as Coronavirus grips the world. “Wash your hands in the amount of time it takes to sing happy birthday twice”, “sing the national anthem whilst you wash your hands”, and so on – but that’s a little boring isn’t it? We want to sing along to the songs that we know and love (and that won’t earn us a visit from Warner Music’s lawyers). Fortu...
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The sad history of the U.S government fighting pandemics

The U.S. government was slow to respond during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.The Reagan administration didn't take the AIDS epidemic seriously for years.The government has a playbook for dealing with pandemics but does it follow it well? Responding to pandemics like Covid-19, the infamous coronavirus, is one good reason to have governments. The need for effective organization and quick spread of relevant information is paramount to stopping diseases like this in their tracks. The 20th century...
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