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Pushing Through The Tough Times And Difficult Obstacles

Pushing through the difficult times, and the tough periods is something we all have to do. Whether it be personal, business, mental, or emotional, there are lots of variables, unknowns, and circumstances we all must handle and deal with. One of the hardest things to do is to push through ... Click to continue reading
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A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study

Scientists in the UK think they may have found a cheap, low-tech way to help fight age-related loss of vision. In a small clinical trial, people over 40 who were told to stare into a deep red light for three minutes a day had noticeable improvements to their sight. They reported being able to see better in the dark…Read more...
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Leading by Cause

Lessons throughout history inform us that cause precedes effect; actions create results. Plato explained the principle of causality, saying “every­thing that becomes or changes must do so owing to some cause; for nothing can come to be without a cause (Timaeus 28a). ” In Codex Atlanticus, Leonardo DaVinci wrote, “No effect is in Nature without cause; you understand the cause and you do not need any experience.” And as every schoolchild learns, “for every action, there is an equal a...
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Lockly Vision Review: The Swiss Army knife of smart locks

It has everything you need to secure your front door and then some. But are you willing to fork over $400?
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You May Not See as Much Color as You Think You Do

If everything in your peripheral vision suddenly changed from color to black and white, would you notice? There’s a good chance you wouldn’t—in a new study involving virtual reality, most people never realized that their surroundings had abruptly desaturated. The results add to a large body of research suggesting we…Read more...
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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Cope with Major Change

Entrepreneurship has been called the science of change. So how do entrepreneurs cope with major change? We share three ways. We discussed what makes entrepreneurs masters at managing change on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion. At times, we expect (and perhaps initiate and even desire) life transitions: changing a job […] The post 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Cope with Major Change appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Why Do My Selfies Look So Weird?

It’s a fraught thing, selfie-taking. One moment you’re thinking of yourself as more or less human-looking, and then—click—you realize you’ve got it all wrong, and that strangers on the street probably pity you, on account of your dead eyes and strange head. Or you see, on your phone, a perfectly normal-looking person…Read more...
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An Effective Leader Leads by Influence, not Authority

A successful leader leads by influence, not by wielding authority. #Leadership #prodmgmt
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Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art Reveals Heartbreaking Look At Vision’s Death

Like Vision's death wasn't already sad enough.
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Ace & Tate’s Well-Priced Eyewear Arrives in the US

Thoughtful design that ranges from the expressive to the subdued and subsequently timeless Not only are eyeglasses a necessity for many who suffer from poor or impaired vision, they’re also a stylish accessory worth changing as the occasion demands. For many, one or two pairs will do—perhaps a durable, reliable set for at-home use and ones for use in public. But, Mark de Lange, the …
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Want to be a top producer? Do these 6 things

These six ingredients are what all top producers are made of, and with hard work and dedication, anyone can become a top agent. Here's what you need to rise to the top.
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Leading With Purpose

There has been a lot written about the power of business having a purpose and how with a compelling purpose business can become a force for good, and yet many leaders I speak with really don’t fully comprehend what purpose is and why more than ever it is a pre-requisite for business survival. Simply put the different between a vision (or mission) and purpose is emotion.  Vision and mission statements are logical, they talk to the head part of the business.  Purpose is emotional and talks to the ...
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The best 4K Blu-ray players

To play the best-quality movies on a 4K TV, you need a 4K Blu-ray player that supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. 4K Blu-ray players are also capable of high dynamic range (HDR) technology for enhanced contrast and colors. The Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player balances price and performance better than any other player on the market, making it the best fit for most buyers. Streaming services might offer the most convenient way to watch movies at home, but if you want the very best vid...
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Don't Buy Glasses Online if You Have a Strong or Complicated Prescription

When you’re buying new glasses, shopping online can be an easy and often cheaper alternative to visiting a traditional eyeglass store. As it turns out, depending on your prescription, it can also mean that those glasses you buy might not be quite as useful.Read more...
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Good Leaders Have Visions Their Team Can Actually SEE

Guest post from Lee Hartley Carter: Vision in leadership is essential.   We all know it.   And yet, while we often can answer the question generally with business plan answers, we can’t often paint a picture of what that vision looks like in practice.   Often vision is couched in goals such as growing revenue 20% in 2020 or to be #1 in one’s category by 2025.   While goals are undoubtedly important, that’s not what I’m talking about here.   What I am talking about is a visio...
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Marvel’s Disney+ Trailer Breakdown: A Closer Look at ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, ‘WandaVision’ and ‘Loki’

Last night during the Super Bowl, fans were treated to the first official look at the first three live-action Marvel Studios shows that will be coming exclusively to Disney+. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki all had footage shown in the Marvel Studios Disney+ trailer, but it all went by so fast that it requires a closer look to see exactly what’s going on. So let’s take at the footage from each of the new shows and see what we can discern about each of them. The Falc...
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WandaVision: Everything we know about Marvel’s Disney+ series

Scarlet Witch and Vision are getting off the sidelines. WandaVision on Disney+ will spotlight these Avengers.
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NASA Wants You to Pick One of These 9 Names for Its New Mars Rover

NASA has narrowed down the list of possible names for its new Mars rover to just nine entries. And the public has just one week to vote for the winner. Read more...
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Open Your Eyes to Love

What I have experienced in my life has shown me that love is real, and that we are here on Earth to experience love in action through living our Vision of life. I am not referring to love as in the Cinderella story which requires one person to complete another. Rather I now have a clear awareness that love is a vibrational energy that transcends our lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Love starts with self. Learning to overcome one’s own self-blame, shame and guilt is the starting poin...
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MG Auto Expo 2020 line-up to include Vision-i MPV, 6-seat Hector, D90 & 11 more models

MG will display a total of 14 models at Auto Expo 2020. Some of these models...
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Augmented reality contact lenses get real

Back in the early Wired magazine days, we used to joke about technology that seemed to be perpetually "just around the corner" -- like storing the entire Library of Congress in a sugar cube-sized device, nanobots, and contact lens computer displays. Looks like the latter is almost ready for prime time! Just this week, startup Mojo Vision has demonstrated augmented reality in a contact lens. They've integrated a 14K pixels-per-inch display, wireless, and image and motion sensors into a wirelessly...
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Work-from-Home Mom Turns $3,000 into a $740 Million Business

This work-from-home mom wanted to contribute to her family’s finances. She did more than that – she turned a $3,000 investment into a $740 million business. On The BIGG Success Show, we discuss the story of Doris Christopher, Founder of The Pampered Chef. With $3,000 borrowed from a life insurance policy, she created a business […] The post Work-from-Home Mom Turns $3,000 into a $740 Million Business appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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Your Vision Shouldn’t Be Your To-Do List

If you had to describe what your individual church means to the world, what narrative would you give? I recently heard a pastor respond to that question with something like this, “Well, we currently take one mission trip per year, and we’re working on adding a second.” It got me thinking. Your vision is not your to-do list. It’s not the event calendar. It’s not your preaching schedule. It’s not your building repairs. It’s not your most pressing need. ...
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Pastor—God’s Vision for Your Church Doesn’t Flow Just Through You

We are the priesthood of believers. It is not necessary for a pastor to speak and listen to God for us. I have experience working with pastors who believe they are the only people who can hear the voice of God when it comes to shaping the vision and ministry strategy of a church. Here are some observations I have about these pastors and the churches they lead: The pastors are generally lonely and insecure leaders. The pastors tend to surround themselves with people who ...
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Diverse Technologies for Personal Development at CES 2020

Products that promote wellness, purify the air around us, and more Dazzling, pixel-rich screens and promising immersive entertainment options garner the longest lines at CES, but devices meant to help us improve various aspects of our lives—whatever our priorities may be—dot the floor, too. They aren’t always the most glamorous products, but oftentimes they’re the ones with the most potential. Exhibitors have sought to uncork …
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Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision this week! Sunday morning Ben Mize did the offering message from Exodus 35. His message was about how God knows our need before we do, and He will provide for us. I preached from Job 32-36. The topic of my message was how we can know God is good, great, and right no matter what we go through. Sunday evening, we had our split sessions. In the lady’s session, Katie Holt did a devotion from Matthew about how we need to have faith...
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WandaVision Set Photos: First Look at Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau

WandaVision set photos: First look at Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau As production continues for WandaVision, the first behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Disney+’s highly-anticipated MCU series have surfaced online (via Just Jared), offering us our first look at Teyonah Parris as adult Monica Rambeau. Also featuring Elizabeth Olsen’s return as Wanda Maximoff, you can check out the full photos below! In addition, the photos have also teased that the series will officially be featuring t...
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1-800 Contacts buys the at-home eye exam provider 6over6 Vision

New developments in sensor technologies, computer vision and machine learning technologies are combining to drive medical diagnostics further into the home and the latest company to make a move to push services deeper into the home is the online contact lens retailer, 1-800 Contacts. The Utah-based company has acquired 6over6 Vision for an undisclosed amount. Based in Israel, 6over6 Vision, previously raised $15 million to commercialize its in-home eye exams based on a combination of machine lea...
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What Do Managers Have To Do In Order To Become A Great Team Leader?

Four key areas to focus on to help you become a stronger leader Image Credit: Peter Dean Let’s face it, the job of a manager is very much both team- and direction-focused. Managers are the ones who need to use their manager skills to set the course, ensure consistency and develop and reinforce core values for their teams. After you get that part of the job taken care of things become considerably easier. The rest of the job is simply to hire great people and get out of their way. In order t...
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Sunday in Review

We had another great service here at Vision this week! Sunday morning Kyle Shreve did the offering message from Hebrews 11. He preached about how we give based on faith, not based on our understanding. Robert Canfield made his announcement to the church about becoming a missionary. I had the privilege of spending time with my favorite group of people here at Vision and am glad to be back. I preached from Job 25, and the topic of my message was that we are made clean and right only throu...
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