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LACMA Counterpoint: An Art Historian Argues In Favor Of The Museum’s Radical Makeover

Brian T. Allen argues that LACMA’s new Zumthor makeover of its campus is just what the museum needs. “Donna Reed and Celeste Holm were attractive and workable. Lana Turner was fabulous. L.A. will always crave fabulous… I think a big, Met-style museum in Los Angeles is culturally counterintuitive, and I mean the civic culture. In L.A. style, it’s time to do something fresh.” National Review
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The Flea That Kickstarted British Art

Without Robert Hooke’s keen drawing eye, and the microscope, who knows what might have happened? You can read “the story of British art through a scientific looking glass. The Royal Society plays a bigger role than the Royal Academy.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The Fifth Week Of Whitney Protests Focuses On Palestinian Liberation

And it didn’t always go well. ‘”This is offensive to me,’ [a] vexed visitor complained. The security staffer found himself in the position of having to defend the activists’s right to protest, and soon after, he needed to separate the visitor and the protesters, as an expletive-laden physical scuffle broke out between the two sides.” – Hyperallergic
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Everyone Draws, And Everyone Should Appreciate Drawings A Whole Lot More

If you can doodle, you are drawing. And you’re not alone. “When I was a baby critic, a veteran colleague once told me to avoid drawing shows at all costs, since they were just preliminary exercises. But some of the greatest shows I have ever seen were composed entirely of graphic masterworks.” – The Observer (UK)
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The Art At Coachella Is ‘So Sick!’

The music festival actually commissions several massive artworks to go with each year. At first, it was connected closely with Burning Man; now, 20 years in, things are slightly more international. “‘It’s a great canvas: It’s green, lush, and the sky,’ says Poetic Kinetics leader Patrick Shearn of creating his kinetic artworks for the wide-open Indio setting. ‘Anything that breaks the skyline is something they’re looking for — and spectacle.'” – Los Angeles Times
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Should Notre Dame Get A Modern Spire?

Architects weigh in. Here’s one opinion: “Surely, this is an opportunity to recreate a once-hidden – and now destroyed – timber structure with a modern, fireproof, lightweight replacement. The ideal outcome would be a respectful combination of the dominant old with the best of the new.” – The Guardian (UK)
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This Presidential Museum Got Scammed

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum was all set to open a show on the Rosetta Stone, with accompanying Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts, when they invited University of Iowa art historians to prepare a presentation on the items. A grad student noticed that all was not right: About 90 of the 125 objects are “either definite or very likely fakes. … They obviously got taken and defrauded.” The Hoover Museum canceled the show. – KCRG (Iowa)
Tags: VISUAL, 04.19.19

People Still Want To See Inside Fragile Historical Buildings. Now They Can… Virtually

Churches damaged by earthquakes, buildings ravaged by fire. It’s too dangerous for visitors to enter, or perhaps the site will be damaged by visits. Now a trove of 3D models has been put online so you can explore… – The Guardian
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Canadian museums set for policy review connected to TRC call to action

Canadian museums have not done a good job including indigenous culture in their collections or on their walls. Now a new federal government initiative aims to make a review of museum policies across the country to “ensure they line up with the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and to make recommendations for best practices going forward.” – CBC
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Canadian Government Initiates A Review Of Museum Policies On Indigenous Culture

Canadian museums have not done a good job including indigenous culture in their collections or on their walls. Now a new federal government initiative aims to make a review of museum policies across the country to “ensure they line up with the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) and to make recommendations for best practices going forward.” – CBC
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Former Volunteer Docent Leaves Surprise $8 Million To Philadelphia Museum

Estelle Rubens, who died in January of 2018, was a popular guide at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts for about 15 years, and she had told officials there that she’d leave the museum and school “a little something.” – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Guggenheim’s Hilma Af Klint Show Is Most Popular In Museum’s History

“The solo show for the Swedish artist, which has been widely praised by critics, has drawn in over 600,000 visitors. That influx of foot traffic has been accompanied by a 34 percent increase in membership to the museum.” – ARTnews
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Police Identify Suspected Cause Of Notre-Dame Fire

“Paris police investigators think an electrical short-circuit most likely caused the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, … [though they] don’t have a green light to search Notre Dame’s charred interior because of ongoing safety hazards.” – Yahoo! (AP)
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Canadian Court Rules That Art By Foreign Artists Can Be Deemed Of National Importance And Prevented From Being Sold Outside Canada

On Tuesday, the appeals court restored a decision by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board preventing a Canadian auction house from shipping a painting by French artist Gustave Caillebotte to a buyer in London, England. – CBC
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While Notre-Dame Burned, There Was Also A Fire At Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque

Yes, it’s a strange bit of synchronicity. Thank heaven (as it were), the damage at Al-Aqsa is minor and the fire was put out in seven minutes. – ArchDaily
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It Took 23 Minutes After The First Alarm To Find The Notre-Dame Fire

“A fire alarm first wailed inside the Notre Dame Cathedral at 6:20 p.m. Monday, but for 23 critical minutes cathedral staff searched for a blaze, unable to find the cause. It wasn’t until a second alarm went off at 6:43 p.m. that a fire was detected in the attic of the centuries-old religious landmark.” – BuzzFeed
Tags: Art, Visual, 04.16.19

When Russia Dealt With Its Own Version Of The Notre-Dame Fire

On a frigid December day in 1857, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg (now the site of the Hermitage museum) caught fire; in less than two days, the building was completely gutted. As with Notre-Dame, a renovation project helped the fire’s spread, and as with Notre-Dame, the nation’s leader (Tsar Nicholas I) vowed that the great monument would be rebuilt in an impractically short time. Historian Paul Werth recounts how the Russians pulled it off. – The Conversation
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Rebuild Notre-Dame? No, Let’s Keep It As A Ruin (A #SlatePitch)

What’s a #SlatePitch? In keeping with the site’s original ambition to be anti-conventional wisdom, Slate has published an essay by writer and translator Bérengère Viennot (she’s the one who gets to translate Donald Trump’s speeches into French) arguing that the burned-out ruins of Notre-Dame should be preserved as “a memento mori of the 21st century.” – Slate
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It Took Two Days To Raise €1 Billion To Rebuild Notre-Dame

Huge pledges from superrich individuals and multinational corporations such as LVMH, L’Oreal, and (subsequent to this story’s publication) Disney have been pouring in since news of the conflagration hit on April 15. – London Evening Standard
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Florida’s Salvador Dalí Museum Plans $38 Million Expansion With Virtual Reality Exhibits

The St. Petersburg museum will add a 20,000-square-foot extension to house educational and community events and elaborate digital facilities, including virtual reality tech along the lines being used in its current “Dalí and Magritte” exhibition. – ARTnews
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Notre Dame’s Fire Is Tragic. Great Buildings Have Repeatedly Survived Tragedy

Philip Kennicott: “History tells us these things are all too common, even as modern media saturation makes it seem somehow unprecedented. Flip through the pages of any tourist guide to an old castle, church or palace, and there is often a litany of fires, floods, revolutions and occasional bouts of revolution and iconoclasm.” – Washington Post
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That Drunk Guy Who Broke A Thumb Off An Ancient Chinese Terra Cotta Warrior? His Trial Got Really Weird

A young shoe salesman from Delaware, who now has no idea what he was thinking at the time, did the deed at an Ugly Sweater party at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia in 2017. He was tried last week under an art theft law that could have sent him to prison for decades. Expert testimony got so strange that the jury hopelessly deadlocked. Jeremy Roebuck explains how it all went down. – The Philadelphia Inquirer
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Is The French Church Or The French State Responsible For Historic Sites Like Nôtre-Dame? Well, That’s The Problem …

In a newly relevant article brought back from the archives, Jerome Bernard explains that this question has been argued over ever since France legally separated church and state in 1905 — and that dispute is why places like Nôtre-Dame-de-Paris have been allowed to deteriorate so badly. – The Art Newspaper
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Here’s What’s Happened To The Art, Artifacts, And Organ Inside Nôtre-Dame

So far, it appears that almost all of the major art objects and relics in the cathedral were saved, thanks to a human chain formed during the fire; most will be taken to the Louvre for conservation and storage.  Amazingly, neither the stained-glass windows nor the grand organ appear to have suffered severe damage. – Smithsonian Magazine
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An Art Professor’s Painstakingly Detailed Scans And Images Of Notre Dame Could Help Rebuild It

In 2010, Andrew Tallon, an art professor at Vassar, took  to Notre-Dame and, with the assistance of Columbia’s Paul Blaer, began to painstakingly scan every piece of the structure, inside and out. They mounted the Leica on a tripod, put up markers throughout the space, and set the machine to work. Over five days, they positioned the scanner again and again—50 times in all—to create an unmatched record of the reality of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring buildings, represented as a series o...
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The Improbable Story Of The Guy Who Bought A $1k Painting Over The Internet And Sold It As A Leonardo Worth $500M

Today, of course, the contents of Lot 664 are worth far more than that: The picture has since sold once for $127.5 million and again, in a record-setting auction at Christie’s, for close to half a billion dollars. It has been held up as the “male Mona Lisa” and the “Holy Grail of old-master paintings” and derided by this magazine’s art critic, Jerry Saltz, as a “two-dimensional ersatz dashboard Jesus.”  – New York Magazine
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An Eyewitness Account Of The Notre-Dame-De-Paris Fire

Rachel Donadio: “I was standing in a hushed, pained throng along the Quai d’Orléans of the Ile Saint-Louis facing the back of the basilica, and when I watched the spire fall, I gasped and choked back tears. In this, I was not alone.” – The Atlantic
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Notre-Dame-De-Paris Fire: What We Do And Don’t Know About The Damage

As President Macron said, “The worst has been avoided” — meaning that, at least, the walls and the twin front towers didn’t collapse and there were no deaths. Here’s the current info. – The New York Times
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What Happened To Notre-Dame Could Happen To UK’s Houses Of Parliament At Any Moment

The Palace of Westminster is a crumbling fire trap, warn MPs and building maintenance professionals, and fire patrols on the premises round the clock are the only reason the place hasn’t burned up already. – The Guardian
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Catastrophic Fire Rages At Notre-Dame Cathedral In Paris

The blaze in the great medieval cathedral broke out before 7 pm local time. While no human casualties have been reported, the church’s spire and most of its roof have collapsed, smoke is pouring through the historic stained-glass windows, and crews are rushing to salvage what they can of the building’s art. – The Guardian
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