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Unable To Get To Supplies Or Tools, Art Students Demand Partial Refunds

The Yale School of Art, NYU’s Tisch School, and many other art schools are witnessing students demand partial refunds for the rest of the semester since they can’t access anything they need. And at the Rhode Island School of Design, the move to cancel classes came very late. “Some students suspected that by staying open for another week, the university was attempting to circumvent its withdrawals and leave of absences policy, which guarantees a 20% refund of tuition fees for withdrawals during ...
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Defiant British Museum Appoints Mary Beard As Trustee

Despite her nomination being rejected by Downing Street last year, the British Museum appointed her anyway. “The Cambridge don, who will take up the role for an initial period of four years on Monday, said she was delighted. ‘It was a visit to the BM which first inspired me to work on the ancient world,’ she told the Observer. ‘I have been a huge beneficiary of this and other museums in the country over the past 60 years, and am now delighted to be able to give something back.'” – The Observer ...
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LACMA Demolition Continues Despite Calls For Quarantine

Not everyone is happy about this. “Opponents of LACMA’s building project have zeroed in on county funding that includes $117.5 million released last April, arguing that the money should be reallocated to address a pandemic that has led to mass shortages of much-needed medical supplies, such as face masks for health workers, COVID-19 test kits and ventilators for sick patients.” – Los Angeles Times
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Despite Attempts To Negotiate Rent Freezes In NY, Landlords Are Trying To Boot Small Galleries

Despite petitions with thousands of signatures and attempts at local legislation, many galleries aren’t eligible for small business loans and other relief. “April 1 is quickly approaching and small storefront gallery owners who spoke with Hyperallergic say they are feeling increasingly anxious and helpless.” – Hyperallergic
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Art Basel 2020 Postponed But Not Cancelled

“Art Basel has now moved its Swiss edition — which regularly convenes nearly 300 galleries and is considered to be among the biggest art events each year — to run from September 17–20, with preview days on September 15 and 16. … Earlier this year, Art Basel canceled its Hong Kong fair entirely after the virus’s spread in the city prevented it from taking place.” – ARTnews
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Furloughs And Pay Cuts At Cleveland Museum Of Art

“Anticipating lost revenues of more than $5 million because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Cleveland Museum of Art announced it will immediately furlough all part-time staff and temporarily lay off a portion of its unionized staff, which includes security guards. In addition, the museum mandated a five-hour-a-week reduction in salary for all nonunion employees, effectively reducing pay by about 11% to 15%.” – The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
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While The People Are Away, The Art Inside Plays

The Louvre, like museums all around the world, is closed. The humor of the meme about art like the Mona Lisa putting its feet up is its suggestion that the great, iconic works shuttered therein are letting us know how exhausted they were with our usual attention. – Washington Post
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A Peripatetic Global Art World Deals With Suddenly Staying In Place

We knew, as the climate crisis deepened, that this global art world constantly on the move was coming under necessary pressure. Now the prophylactic stasis demanded by this pandemic has violently accelerated the art world’s reassessment of what all this travel was good for. The task of artists in this new plague year will be to reestablish painting, photography, performance and the rest as something that can still be charged with meaning, and still have global impact, even when we’re not...
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If You’re Only Going To Teach Us Online, Say Yale MFA Art Students, Refund Our Tuition

“We are deeply troubled by the far-reaching repercussions of [the school’s closure],” wrote the students to the dean, “which has … severely curtailed the viability of the unrivaled visual arts education that SoA claims to provide. In light of these circumstances, we believe that financial reimbursement must play a part in the university’s forthcoming actions.” Graduate students at other art schools are making similar demands. – Artforum
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Museums And Art Handlers Are Giving Their Masks And Gloves To Hospitals

“Art spaces … are doing their part to meet the needs of medical professionals, packing up crates of gloves typically used to protect artworks from oil and dust on the hands of those touching artworks and sending off coveted N95 respirators that protect front-line health care workers from the virus.” – ARTnews
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San Francisco Art Institute Stops Enrolling Students, Prepares To Lay Off Faculty And Staff

The nearly 150-year-old school, which counts Ansel Adams, Richard Diebenkorn, and Dorothea Lange as former faculty, says that it can’t continue to operate in the near term unless it joins a larger and more stable institution and expects to cancel all fall semester classes. Students graduating this spring will get their degrees; others are being strongly encouraged to transfer elsewhere. – San Francisco Chronicle
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As Restoration Of Notre Dame Pauses, Thieves Break In

According to a report by Le Parisien, two men face charges for allegedly attempting to steal various stones from the cathedral after the government ordered a pause on reconstruction so as to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. A spokesperson for Notre-Dame told the publication that the thieves likely intended to sell the stones on the black market. – Artnet
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Bitcoin And Shares In Art – Is The Idea Dead?

Two years ago this was a hot idea as a way of expanding the art market. You could own shares in works of art. But then bitcoin value cratered and things have stalled… – The Art Newspaper
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Hong Kong Museums, Having Reopened, Close Again

“After the city sought to reintroduce normal activity, a wave of new coronavirus cases hit, largely due to returning travelers. The reversal offers a cautionary tale to countries around the world that are eager to ease restrictions on social distancing practices and get business moving back on pace.” – Artnet
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Speakers Need To Learn How To Use Stories To Connect & Engage Audiences

Stories bring out the emotion in our audiences Image Credit: Photo by Andre Guerra on Unsplash The one thing that I think that I can say that everyone will agree with me about is that when we go to the trouble of giving a speech, we want to be remembered. In order to make this happen, what we say has to use the importance of public speaking to connect with our audience. What we need to understand is that the facts that we include in our speech are not going to be tied to the audience’s emot...
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What Survived The Fire At The Museum

When fire, smoke, and water pumped in for more than 20 hours ripped through the archives at the Museum of the Chinese in America in late January, the staff thought all of the more than 85,000 pieces were lost. But “on March 8, about 20 workers wearing hard hats and gas masks passed more than 2,000 boxes filled with the beloved archives from one person to the next, down the building’s fire escape and into a truck.” Now (as soon as it’s safe to do the work) it’s preservation and sorting time. – T...
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Online Arts Festivals Quickly Replace Canceled In-Person Fests [VIDEO]

Founded by a playwright, the Social Distancing Festival has, not surprisingly, already gotten hundreds of submissions, with more coming by the minute. – BBC
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Ai Weiwei Says An Artist Must Be An Activist

In addition, as a huge show in London is suspended because of the COVID-19 outbreak, he says, “Cultural institutions are probably the last to be damaged, but the first to show how severely this can affect our understanding about art and culture, which reflect tragic human moments like this. It is very hard to predict the future, but it seems like the situation is not going to be easily resolved and will have a strong impact. All the factors that allowed for this incident still remain the same –...
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Perhaps You Can Fill Your New ‘Commute’ Time With These Art Podcasts

Ten picks from the NYT include podcasts from curators, artists, and critics in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Canada, Italy, and more. – The New York Times
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The Race To Save The Art Of The Most Famous Sculptor We’ve Never Heard Of

Luisa Roldán revolutionized the use of terra cotta for small devotional figurines and was a court sculptor for the final Hapsburg Spanish king – in the 1690s. Her work was sent to Mexico and England. So why don’t more of us know about her? – Hyperallergic
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Thieves Steal Bronze Gates To Seattle Arboretum In The Middle Of The Night

They were made by sculptor George Tsutakawa. The theft was discovered Thursday morning when gardeners arrived for work and discovered the gates missing and bolt cutters on the ground, said Ray Larson, curator of living collections at the arboretum. Thieves also stole downspouts from the visitor’s center. Known as the Memorial Gates, the artwork was commissioned in 1971 by the University of Washington and the Arboretum Foundation as a memorial to all who have loved and cared for the arboret...
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How The Scientists Leading The Notre-Dame Restoration Are Working, And What They’re Learning

“Even as they try to reclaim what was lost, they and others are also taking advantage of a rare scientific opportunity. The cathedral, laid bare to inspection by the fire, is yielding clues to the mysteries of its medieval past. ‘We’ve got 40 years of research coming out of this event,’ says LRMH Assistant Director Thierry Zimmer.” Here’s an in-depth look at what the teams are doing. (Well, were doing, before work was suspended.) – Science
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American Alliance Of Museums Asks Congress For $4 Billion In Aid

The letter notes that museums annually contribute $50 billion to the US economy, generate $12 billion in local, state, and federal tax, along with supporting 726,000 jobs, expressing worry that great losses in the cultural sector will displace thousands of workers and act as a blow to the greater economy. – Hyperallergic
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SCAD Hong Kong Will Close Permanently This Spring

SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Hong Kong, which has been in operation since 2010, has a $4 million financial deficit due to low enrollment. The tuition fee of $38,440 per year for full-time undergraduate students is considered unfeasible for most local students, while students from mainland China who would be able to shoulder the financial cost of the institution often prefer to go abroad for their educations. The school only recruited eighty-eight students, or 40 percent of i...
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Be The Curator. New Online Tool Let’s You Create Your Own Show

The charity Art UK, which lists every publicly owned oil painting on its online database and is in the process of adding every sculpture, has announced details of a new curation tool. It will allow members of the public to curate their own online shows, choosing from more than 200,000 oil paintings and 16,000 sculptures in UK galleries from the Shetlands to Scilly. – The Guardian
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Be The Curator. New Online Tool Lets You Create Your Own Show

The charity Art UK, which lists every publicly owned oil painting on its online database and is in the process of adding every sculpture, has announced details of a new curation tool. It will allow members of the public to curate their own online shows, choosing from more than 200,000 oil paintings and 16,000 sculptures in UK galleries from the Shetlands to Scilly. – The Guardian
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Holland Cotter’s Five-Point Plan To Save The Souls Of Traditional ‘Encyclopedic’ Museums

“They need to rethink the Temple of Beauty branding they’ve coasted on from the start. They need to acknowledge the often conflicted relationship between aesthetics and ethics. They need to address what their collections leave out. They need to reconsider their own role as history-tellers and history-inventors. In short, they need to redefine what ‘encyclopedic’ and ‘museum’ and ‘art’ can mean. … Here’s a five-point plan to move that process along in a post-coronavirus future.” – The New York T...
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Met Museum Expects To Be Closed Until July And To Lose $100 Million

The projections were included in a letter senior management sent to department heads on Wednesday. The museum has a three-phase plan that includes likely job losses, cutting operating costs, and reduced programming for at least a year. – The New York Times
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My Pal Inigo Philbrick, The Bernie Madoff Of The Art World

“When I first met Inigo Philbrick in 2012, he was all of 25, looked an awful lot like Justin Timberlake, and … I was immediately smitten, professionally and personally; Philbrick was sharp, fun, and funny. … And for a long time, I thought that was one of the most fortunate days of my life.” Dealer-collector-curator-Artnet columnist Kenny Schachter, for whom Philbrick made and then lost a few million dollars, writes about watching his best bud run amok, run aground, and run away. – New York Maga...
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Take In A Museum – Ten Museums That Offer Cool Virtual Tours

These virtual tours take you right inside some of the world’s most iconic institutions. Been putting off that trip to Amsterdam to explore the Van Gogh Museum? Here’s your chance to take it all in. Dreaming of a trip to Paris that includes taking in the Louvre? You can do that, too. – Yahoo!
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