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Long-Delayed Guggenheim Abu Dhabi At Last Has An Opening Date (And It’s Not Soon)

The Frank Gehry-designed museum, one of several starchitect-designed brand-name cultural institutions planned for the Emirati capital’s Saadiyat Island, is expected to be October of 2026, 16 years after the originally planned opening and a full two decades after the project was announced. – Artnet
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Major Italian Baroque Painting Turns Up At Ordinary Suburban New York Church

An art history professor happened to be in the Church of the Holy Family in New Rochelle when he saw a painting that made him do a “double take.” It turned out to be Cesare Dandini’s Holy Family with the Infant St. John, dating from the 1630s. – Artnet
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Scientists Have Created The Whitest White Ever

Their original goal was to create a paint that would effectively reflect sunlight away from a building, which required producing an extremely white pigment. – Hyperallergic
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China Now Has Its Own Version Of The Carbuncle Cup

Each year, an online architecture magazine offers a list of 80-odd edifices from which readers can vote for the ten ugliest buildings in China. What’s the purpose? “To provoke thinking about the beauty of and ugliness of architecture and promote architects’ social responsibility.” – The Guardian
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With The Walls Finally Stabilized, Reconstruction At Notre-Dame In Paris Can Begin In Earnest

Those solid, 850-year-old walls were damaged much more by the catastrophic 2019 fire than authorities realized at first. (They really could have collapsed.) Now that they’re stabilized, rebuilding can begin — and could possibly be finished in time for the 2024 Olympics. – Artnet
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What Does It Mean To Wrap The Arc De Triomphe?

Sebastian Smee: “Wrapping a triumphal arch is a way of creating something beautiful that also says: Enough with your delusions of grandeur. Away with your nationalist rhetoric, your dreams of world conquest. Away with all lies.” – Washington Post
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Fantastical Tower Proposed For Heart Of Hollywood

The proposed 22-story glass-skinned office tower would create its own bubble-like world with garden levels open to the elements on the 10th and 17th floors and an enclosed landscaped rooftop with a restaurant, all served by a funicular tram traveling up and down the sides. – Los Angeles Times
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Idled By The Pandemic, An Airplane Becomes A Canvas

The artist says, “One of the hardest things to do when you’re a graffiti artist is to scale up.” An unused Boeing 777? That’s definitely a bit larger than some street canvases. – BBC
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Refugee Kids, Cameras, And The Art Of Healing

The Syrian refugee children, presented with analogue cameras and film, “burst out laughing and say: ‘These are cameras from my parents’ time.’ … But, when they start using them, something magical happens.” – The Guardian (UK)
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The New York Public Library Changes Its Mind

After an outcry, the NYPL says its Picture Collection will remain accessible to the public – still browsable, still circulating. The collection “has been used by theater and movie production designers, cartoonists and illustrators, and artists. Among its eminent devotees were Andy Warhol and Joseph Cornell.” – The New York Times
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Christo’s Fleeting Farewell To Paris

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris: “Christo overwhelms us, prods us, makes us talk. … He plays with light, with the Paris sky that reverberates through his ephemeral work.” – The New York Times
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What If You Could Own A Piece Of An Invaluable Piece Of Art?

A good investment? Possibly. However, art investor funds have a mixed track record (including a lot of failures). –
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A Decade After Occupy, Thinking About Art’s Place In The World

“At times, the radical optimism of Zuccotti Park seems like a distant planet. Other times, it seems like we broke the ice to a growing consciousness that the status quo is not going to work.” – Hyperallergic
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Osage Nation Decries Sale Of Important Prehistoric Cave Art

The two-cave system is nestled within a 43-acre stretch of land in Missouri, about 60 miles west of St. Louis. Scholars have called it “the most important rock art site in North America” because of a collection of 290 prehistoric glyphs on its walls. – Hyperallergic
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School Mural Altered In LA After Community Complaints

The artwork was part of a 2016 project to place murals around the campus. Two years later, the Wilshire Community Coalition, a group led by Korean Americans, spoke out against the sun rays that prominently radiated from Ava Gardner’s profile. – Los Angeles Times
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Paris’s Musée d’Orsay ‘Can No Longer Be A Tourist Factory,’ Says Its New Director

That would be Christophe Leribault, until now director of the city’s Petit Palais and, before that, of the Musée Delacroix. (He replaces Laurence des Cars, who was recently appointed director of the Louvre.) The Orsay, says Leribault, “can no longer be a tourist factory.” – Artforum
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A Previously Unknown Van Gogh Is Now On View In Amsterdam

“Study for ‘Worn Out,’ as the drawing is being called, has lived in a private Dutch collection since the first decade of the 20th century. Its current owner … approached the museum to determine if it was a legitimate van Gogh.” – Artnet
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See The Six Architecture Finalists for This Year’s Stirling Prize

A bridge, a museum, a mosque… Here’s where the best of UK architecture is in 2021. – BBC
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Minoru Yamasaki – The Architect Weighed Down By The World Trade Center

His long career has become, for many, a caricature or outright failure, the stuffing wedged between the two disasters of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St. Louis and the World Trade Center in New York. – The Baffler
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Missing For Two Years Now, Where Is Maurizio Cattelan’s Golden Toilet?

The fully functional 18-carat commode, titled America, became world-famous while on exhibit at the Guggenheim. (The Trump White House wanted to borrow a van Gogh; the museum said no and offered this piece instead.) It was stolen two days after it went on display in England in 2019. – BBC
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Scaffolding At Stonehenge As First Repairs In 63 Years Get Underway

Workers will stabilize cracks and holes in the stones of the 4,500-year-old monument and will replace concrete mortar used in the 1958 repairs with lime mortar, less rigid and more breathable. – The Guardian
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Why Are Cities Still Building Super-tall Buildings?

“I’m almost insulted by the reminder that the high-rise virus continues to spread. Waste of energy, waste of resources, almost impossible to protect indefinitely. A physical reflection of late-capitalist, winner-takes-all approach to economics. And all priapic phalluses to boot.” – dezeen
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LA MoCA Makes it Official: Johanna Burton Will Be Its Solo Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
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The New Hot Spot For Art In Athens Is — Piraeus (?!)

Yes, the Greek capital’s grotty old seaport, which has been busy, industrial and unpleasant for 2,500 years, is seeing serious art galleries, and the high-end restaurants that service gallery patrons, bustin’ out all over. – T — The New York Times Style Magazine
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At LA’s MoCA, Johanna Burton Isn’t Just Executive Director, She’s Now The Only Director

Two weeks ago, she was named executive director, working alongside Klaus Biesenbach, whose title was changed to artistic director. Last Friday, Biesenbach was appointed to lead Berlin’s Neue Nationalgalerie. Now MoCA says Biesenbach won’t be replaced and Burton will be the sole director. – Los Angeles Times
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South Korea Considers Adding A Serious Museum To Its Busiest Airport

Authorities are planning to set aside two spaces at Seoul-Incheon, one in each terminal, as a satellite location for one or two major museums. Among those reportedly under consideration are the Tate Modern and the Pompidou Center. – The Korea Herald
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Peru Has A New National Museum With Thousands Of Pre-Columbian Objects

“The Peruvian government has inaugurated the Museo Nacional del Perú, a $125m museum that was initiated by the ministry of culture to preserve the country’s heritage and now boasts a collection of nearly 50,000 pre-Columbian objects” — including some looted items now repatriated. – The Art Newspaper
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The Movie Museum Is Finally Open

The new PR line is that “the long-awaited cathedral of movies is landing at just the right time — perhaps when the film industry needs it most.” – Los Angeles Times
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Coronavirus Art, But Make It Optimistic

When a retired nurse saw that hundreds of vaccine vials were empty and going in the trash, she set about creating something from them instead. – NPR
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Triomphe de Christo: Wrapping the Arc

At the Arc de Triomphe, “most in the crowd of onlookers just held their breath. It was a slow and meticulous operation, requiring [workers] to stop make adjustments to the folds in the material every few metres while avoiding touching the arch itself.” – The Guardian (UK)
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