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Black Luminosity foregrounded visibility as an act of refusal

The group exhibition at SMAC gallery, curated by Gcotyelwa Mashiqa, revisited the chromatic and social properties of blackness in contemporary South African visual art The post Black Luminosity foregrounded visibility as an act of refusal appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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"In" is a gorgeous graphic novel about trying to find genuine human connections

I miss people. I like being around people, but I'm not always great at actually socializing with them. I hover around the edges of the room, unsure of what to do, heart racing with every missed opportunity for a conversational entrance. — Read the rest
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Twitter rolls out bigger images and cropping control on iOS and Android

Twitter just made a change to the way it displays images that has visual artists on the social network celebrating. In March, Twitter rolled out a limited test of uncropped, larger images in users’ feeds. Now, it’s declared those tests a success and improved the image sharing experience for everybody. no bird too tall, no crop too short introducing bigger and better images on iOS and Android, now available to everyone — Twitter (@Twitter) May 5, 2021 On Twitte...
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Can you spot all the perspective mistakes in this satirical engraving from 1754?

Nearly 150 years before M. C. Escher was even born, English satirist and social critic William Hogarth was already screwing with our sense of perspective. While Hogarth, like Escher, was interested in the mind-melting mathematics of visual art, the point of his "Satire on Perspective" from 1754 was more about reading comprehension. — Read the rest
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This Gorgeous Soul Art Tribute Was Made in Virtual Reality

This tribute to Disney and Pixar’s Soul is impressive, and even moreso when you find out how it was made. Read more...
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Projection artists recreated the world's oldest sundial on the winter solstice

On the eve of the 2020 winter solstice, creative production studio brought new life to a stone carving believed to be the world's oldest sundial. As part of Ireland's "Shine Your Light" program, organized by Creative Ireland and Raidió Teilifís Éireann, the company used projections and lighting design to illuminate the ancient Kerbstone at the Knowth Stone Age Passage Tomb at the historic Brú na Bóinne neolithic monument. — Read the rest
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The Portfolio: Percy Mabandu

Writer and visual artist Percy Mabandu talks about the energy of his portrait of Bra Winston Mankuku Ngozi, entitled ‘The Bull’ The post The Portfolio: Percy Mabandu appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Read this moving webcomic about peaches as they related to mental health and racism.

At The Catapult, writer/artist Shing Yin Khor has an incredibly beautiful illustrated essay about her relationship with peaches and depression — connecting both things back to their own Chinese heritage, and to the fruit's relationship with Confederate white supremacy in America. Khor takes a touching personal narrative and deftly weaves it through and around hundreds of years of colonialism and racism in a way that's beautiful, resonant, and thought-provoking. I came away from this short co...
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Paper Weaving Techniques

Accelerator Workshop Preview Paper Weaving Techniques GET FULL ACCESS HERE In this workshop, IAS artist-in-residence Amy Traggianese shares a step-by-step tutorial for paper weaving. You can use this for your own reference, or even share it with students! This workshop shares basic weaving techniques with simple materials students can find at home [...] The post Paper Weaving Techniques appeared first on The Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM.
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Re-imagining ALIEN as a Pixar film

Monica Ion is a London-based concept artist who has designed a number of mobile games for companies like Space Ape Games. And in her spare time, she explores other high-concept designs, such as horror movies rendered in a Pixar-esque style. View this post on Instagram My series of 4 studies of "What if Pixar did Alien?" Had a lot fun taking the atmosphere of the original Nostromo and making it more colourf...
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Berlin Artist Philipp Scherer Talks About His Work on Game of Thrones & Unseen Westeros

This week the city of Berlin is going to host a unique exhibition called Unseen Westeros, which is going to drive all Games of Thrones fans crazy. Forty artists from the art departments of the iconic series have been working together for three years to present you something special. Are you ready to find out about the origins of Westeros and see all the places from the books that have so far remained undiscovered in the TV show? Being big fans of Games of Thrones, we could not miss the chance to...
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I am neither an art connoisseur or collector, but recently, I have had the wonderful luck of being able to follow three artists, directly or tangentially connected to jazz, whom I also personally admire.  There’s John Scurry and Ivana Falconi Allen.  To that … Continue reading →
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A Guide to the Portuguese Community in Berlin

photo: Claudia Kahnt Berlin wouldn’t be the melting pot brimming with inspiration that we love if it wasn’t for the international influences from expats that never cease to shape the city with their artistic vision. The time has come to highlight the creative masterminds in the Portuguese community in Berlin. Get ready to meet a diverse crew of uninhibited artists – photographers, writers, digital illustrators, musicians – who aren’t afraid to experiment and venture beyond the conventions. By ...
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I’ve Got Rhythm Arts Integration Lesson

Often, when we look at arts integration, it's between an art form and another content area.  But we can also integrate across the arts!  In today's arts integration lesson, we're looking at the concept of rhythm in both music and visual art. This is a perfect lesson for our early childhood students in K-1.  [...] The post I’ve Got Rhythm Arts Integration Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Aboriginal Watershed STEAM Lesson

At the 2018 NAEA conference in Seattle, I had the pleasure of visiting the Seattle Art Museum.  There, I wandered into an entire gallery of Aboriginal art.  As I was reading the information about each exquisite piece, a common theme emerged: water.  Many of the pieces were highlighting the waterways of specific areas. This [...] The post Aboriginal Watershed STEAM Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Place Value Picnic STEAM Lesson

Ah, place value.  This can be such a difficult concept for students to understand in elementary school.  I remember sitting in on my daughter's 2nd grade math lesson and seeing the teacher masterfully sharing 3 different strategies for showing place value in a math problem.  Remarkably, when I came into her 3rd grade classroom, I [...] The post Place Value Picnic STEAM Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Layering Changes Earth Science and Art Lesson

Today's free lesson sample is for grades 7-8 and connects earth science and visual art.  Students will be exploring earth's layers with printmaking.  By connecting these areas, students begin to explore the ideas of changes over time and how different layers and textures contribute to a whole composition.   DOWNLOAD THIS STEAM LESSON   Looking [...] The post Layering Changes Earth Science and Art Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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African American Architects Lesson

Some things just go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  When it comes to arts integration, architecture is that PB&J.  It combines visual art, design, math and, of course, science inherently in every aspect. Often, when we talk about great American architects, we think of Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, and Michael Graves.  But what [...] The post African American Architects Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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6 Ideas: Student Independence in the Art Studio

Managing materials and supplies in an elementary school art room can be difficult! Since students in my art room choose what to create, they need to be able to set up and clean up their work spaces. Here are a few ways I set up different centers to help my 2nd through 5th grade kids [...] The post 6 Ideas: Student Independence in the Art Studio appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Richard Beavers Gallery Presents Frank Morrison’s ‘Urban Restoration’ Exhibition, 12/16-1/28

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, Richard Beavers Gallery proudly announces the Frank Morrison exhibition, Urban Restoration, which explores the reclaiming of discourse surrounding urban environments and the voices to which narrate, advocated, and profit from their existence. The ever-increasing social cache of “street art” into contemporary “fine art” spaces is evidence of the allure of new narratives. A new narrative that highlights everyday people that are often misrepresented. The c...
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Junk Art: Project Based Learning Lesson

One of the greatest things about our Arts Integration and STEAM online classes is the incredible work we see our students produce.  That's because we believe that it's more important to apply your learning to your actual teaching than it is to write an essay about it. For today's free resource, we're so proud [...] The post Junk Art: Project Based Learning Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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A New School Year… A New Teaching Strategy?

It is not every year that I’ve turned my teaching career on its head and changed my teaching strategy (thank goodness!) but that is what I did last year.   I’ve been teaching for 30-ish years, and because of connections I've made with other teachers online, I changed my elementary art classroom from a teacher-directed [...] The post A New School Year… A New Teaching Strategy? appeared first on EducationCloset.
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SUPPORT IT >> Mfon: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora

Here’s a dope new visual arts project that’s out for crowdfunding.  Three artists and producers have set out to honor the legacy of a late contemporary who inspired them by putting together a “commemorative book launching a bi-annual journal committed to establishing and representing a collective voice of women photographers of African descent.”  The GoFundMe campaign notes: …the journal is named in memory of Mmekutmfon ‘Mfon’ Essien (1967 – 2001) a sharp-witted, visionary photographer who exhib...
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Proportionate People STEAM Lesson

  Proportion is a hot topic in middle school math.  Understanding how proportion effects the relationship between quantities is typically something that 7th grade students struggle with, as it relies on the computation of unit rates associated with ratios.  In this lesson for grades 6-8, we're pairing this math standard with a visual art focus on perceiving [...] The post Proportionate People STEAM Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Upcycling Wearables STEAM Lesson

As we approach Earth Day in April, it's often a time when we talk about the benefits of recycling and caring for our planet.  And while recycling is good, upcycling may be even better.   Upcycling is the process of taking something old (aka: junk) that can't be recycled and making it into something with [...] The post Upcycling Wearables STEAM Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Art Bots: Automated Arts Integration

As soon as I read the words “Affordable Art Bots” workshop, I was in! A robot that makes art? And they are affordable? Sign me up! I knew I had to find out more about it and see if it was worth bringing this experience to my elementary students. I look forward to the yearly [...] The post Art Bots: Automated Arts Integration appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Enter the wondrous world of Walter Giers’ electronic sound art

Few people could make circuits into art quite like Walter Giers. He made them into visual objects, into aesthetic and design statements, into loud and even “annoying” performative constructions, into instruments. They aren’t simply utilitarian means to an end, but imaginative medium. Electronic Beats takes a look into Walter Giers’ mind this week in a new film, featuring interviews with family members that reveal some of his way of seeing the world. Off to Schwäbisch Gmünd, we go: The feature...
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Musical Notation Jack-O-Lanterns

[…] The post Musical Notation Jack-O-Lanterns appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Hologram Art STEAM Lesson

In this new middle school STEAM lesson, we are focusing on the connections between science and art through holograms! People of all ages are fascinated with holograms and it’s a great way to engage your […] The post Hologram Art STEAM Lesson appeared first on EducationCloset.
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Design Thinking: Game Challenge

I started off this school year with a challenge for my seventh and eighth grade art students. The challenge was to create an original game using design thinking. Though the challenge is not complete, I […] The post Design Thinking: Game Challenge appeared first on EducationCloset.
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