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New Skincare On Sale at Ulta

Ulta’s Spring Haul Event is in full force with plenty of savings on makeup, beauty, and more. Here’s a few brand new skincare picks available now on sale at! Pixi Beauty Bags $15 Each On Sale Pixi has some new skincare beauty bags available that include deluxe sizes of some of their newest and popular products! Choose from: Vitamin-C Beauty in a Bag Includes: Vitamin C Cleaning Clothes (10), Vitamin C Lotion (0.5 oz), Vitamin-C Tonic (1.3 oz), and Vitamin-C Caviar Balm (0.5 oz) ...
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Versed The Fix Emergency Eye Mask A Miracle for Dry Eyes

Versed The Fix Emergency Eye Mask ($18) is an absolutely miracle for dry eyes! I guess all my reviews are eye treatments today eh? But I’ve been lucky lately with eye creams and you know when I find one to love I have to immediately dash over here and write all about them. Versed The Fix Emergency Eye Mask is a provitamin B5 and Vitamin E eye mask that acts to hydrate and de-puff eyes. You can use it as an overnight mask or you can apply it, leave it on for ten to twenty minutes, and wipe it of...
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New Skincare Picks for Spring 2021

From exfoliating treatments to new serums there’s a little something in the skincare world for everyone at the moment! I know I’m here for all the latest skincare picks. Take a look! Paula’s Choice Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm $28 My must have of the moment! Catch my review on this one! It’s a soft balm that does an excellent job of quickly removing my makeup but the best part is the fact it doesn’t strip skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft after use! Bliss Drench & Quench 4 Hyal...
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This week I'm obsessed with... Soap & Glory Best Washes Uplifting Body Wash!

Soap & Glory Best Washes Uplifting Body Wash - 500ml - $14 - enriched with a multi-vitamin mix: Vitamin B5 - to soften & keep skin healthy; Vitamin C - known to brighten and  improve the appearance of skin; Vitamin E known to nourish & keep skin hydrated - for skin that feels healthier and happier.    Of course what I care most about is how it smells - this one is designed to uplift the senses with a citrus, fruity floral fragrance featuring uplifting notes of grapefruit and exuberant rhub...
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Vitamin E to Blame for 'Vast Majority' of Vaping Illness Cases, CDC Says

Federal health officials are finally confident enough to single out a primary culprit for the wave of acute lung illnesses linked to vaping: an additive called vitamin E acetate often found in unregulated THC products.Read more...
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Vaping Patients May Be Prone to Relapse, C.D.C. Warns

New findings indicate the outbreak of severe lung injuries may have peaked, but cases are still surfacing. The agency is urging doctors to monitor people closely after hospitalization.
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 Sperm Helped By Vitamin E and Selenium in Brazil Nuts Here is an article from Men's Health about ways for men to spice up their sex life and  The site gives a number of foods that are good for a man's reproductive system.  In terms of fertility, tell the man in your life to eat Brazil Nuts and liver...maybe not what he's used to, but it's worth a try.  Read more: Fertility Jewelry, religious themes and more The food: BRAZIL NUTSThe benefit: Shape up your swimmersCigarette smoke,...
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9 New Products to Reboot Your Skin Care Routine!

Our skin’s needs change with the season, so switching up our skincare at those intervals makes sense. But what about more specialized needs, like brightening or exfoliating? It’s always a good time to reboot your skin care routine when you have a specific concern. There are plenty of new skincare launches out, and wading through the choices can be overwhelming! Here’s what I’ve been testing: Liquid ExfoliKate Triple Acid Resurfacing Treatment from Kate Somerville is a 10% alpha hydroxy en...
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Amyris, Millennials, China and the Mousetrap

In California, Amyris has started industrial scale production of what it believes is “the world’s best tasting and lowest cost zero calorie natural sweetener” and therein lies a tale. Of Amyris and, by extension, almost everyone else who will — soon or later — follow in its wake.   Originally, it was going to be fuels, and then there was a period of bulk chemicals around its farnesene production chops — they called it biofene. Picking right is a barrier to entry As Amyris CEO John Melo tells...
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All about Facial Oils!

Image Courtesy via Mareefe Updated from 22nd September, 2013. If you have been following me for a long time, you would already be aware that I love facial oils. I have tried the carrier oils and the blended ones both and the best one till date was the grapeseed oil . I used one from soulflower but I am sure it would be the same in any brand. So, if you are looking for a good moisturizer or night cream, I would definitely suggest the grapeseed oil. You could also look out for anti-aging serum...
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Older Americans Are ‘Hooked’ on Vitamins

Sixty-eight percent of those 65 and older take vitamin supplements. Much of what we once believed about the benefits is wrong.
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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Do you have a good day time moisturizer to recommend for me? I am looking for something without sun protection. Among the plethora I have tried in the last year itself from Kama Eladi Hydrating face cream to Just Herbs Indian Ginseng Elixir to Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream, I love Kama as a brand but their moisturizer felt too heavy for summer use, liked Just Herbs but not enough and Olay Regenerist is worth a second try. After all that, I got the body shop vitamin E moisture cream ...
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These Are the Top 7 Beauty Benefits of Vitamin E to Your Routine

There are a few life lessons we learned as a child that served us well in adulthood - eating vegetables, looking both ways before crossing the street, and being nice to people. And then there are lessons we should've paid more attention to, like incorporating vitamins into our beauty routine. Turns out, Mom was on to something. Vitamin E has a host of unexpected beauty benefits that are becoming more and more popular. Did you know that applying pure vitamin E oil can aid in sunburn relief and ...
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11 Natural Oils For All Your Aging Beauty Woes

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6 Tricks To Save Your Bangs From Summer Heat & Humidity

Summer is here and while our wardrobes are thrilled (hello mules, gingham, and a fresh pair of sunnies), our hair is less enthused. For those of us with bangs, the hot weather usually means frizz, sweat, and a whole lot of maintenance. But when everyone from Brigitte Bardot to Alexa Chung to Solange makes having bangs look so effortless, we’re not about to throw in the towel that easily. We’ve done our research and found the best tools and products to keep your mane under control, leaving more ...
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Amyris says “double the revenue” in sight with Nenter Vitamin E Partnership as DSM Vitamin A partnership unveiled

In California, Amyris said it expects revenue related to its Vitamin E partnership with Nenter to more than double based on the current success of the program. During 2016, the company shipped approximately $9 million of farnesene to Nenter for conversion to Vitamin E and expects 2017 shipments to Nenter to be about $20 million. The company also announced today that as part of its focus on growing its relationship with DSM, it is entering into an exclusive licensing agreement for Vitamin A wi...
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How to Grow Younger as You Get Older

Image Source: Anti-aging medicine prides itself on its practices of using particular chemical compounds alone or in conjunction, in an attempt to produce age-reversing effects. Most anti-aging experts believe that the signs of aging are actually symptoms of more basic problems and that aging begins at the cellular level. So it follows that by improving your cellular health, they can improve your overall health, making you live longer and stay healthier.   Hormone Treatment The ...
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Create A New Look With A Head-Turning Butt

Rock that bikini, ‘kill’ that dress, bomb in those skinny jeans. Get your dream bum. Few things turn heads the way a well fitting pair of pants on a lady does. Men and women alike will be craning their necks trying to catch a glimpse for varying reasons. The men will naturally have the thoughts that only a man can when he see a well-rounded bum, while the women will be mostly wondering what they have to do to have theirs looking that good.  Here is the deal. Several routes could get y...
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Science of beans and rice only?

After searching the internet and this forum I have yet to find anyone who can tell me exactly why you cant not survive on beans and rice alone. I mean, I've heard people say you cant, but they have never gotten into the why of it. I sat down, crunched the numbers for what I consider a rationed daily serving of beans and rice in an emergency which is 3 cups rice/3 cups beans COOKED and got this: 1317 Calories 258g carbs 87% DailyValue 50.4g fiber 204% DV 194.7g starch 2.4g suger 5.1g Fat 9%...
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New City Color Cosmetics Launches

Several new products have just launched at City Color Cosmetics! If I'm being honest, I'm excited to try them all! Here's what's new:  Mattifying Balm ($7.99)- A Total Different Level of Makeup Primer. Gives a smoother and younger looking skin.  Upgraded Formula Mattifying Balm Primer is a base for foundation and face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer, easy to blend non-sticky. Primer Oil ($12.99)- City Color's New multi-use Primer Oil creates a flawless, silky, even-ton...
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Beauty Buy Of The Week: Pro Naturals Hair Repair System

Dry, dull, split ends, dry scalp…frizzy hair. Damaged hair is not fun. Hot styling tools, years of dyeing or using extensions can take it’s toll on your tresses and restoring it back to […] The post Beauty Buy Of The Week: Pro Naturals Hair Repair System appeared first on My Fashion Life.
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Cage-Free, Free-Range, Pasture-Raised or Organic Eggs: An Egg-ucation

My son Alex and his girlfriend Natalie have been raising chickens in their backyard for the past five years. So I know that depending on the breed of the hen, the color of a farm (backyard) fresh egg can naturally be white, brown, blue or even green. Alex has also taught me the colors of the egg says a lot. Eggs that are the freshest and most full of nutrients will have a bright orange and plump yolk with perfectly clear whites, while those that are not will be a pale yellow with dull, speckle...
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Here's how much you should eat dry fruits TNN | Jan 29, 2016, 12.00AM IST

Healthy, tasty, packed with nutrition, easy to carry -it's easy to go nuts over nuts. Dry fruits are not just delicacies but are powerhouses of nutrition. Packed with proteins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, these are little factories of good health. Since most of the water is extracted from dry fruits, their nutrients are condensed into small packages. But if you are watching your weight, dry fruits should be eaten in moderation as they are nutrient dense in sugars too, and t...
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Sephora Rouge Balm Launches

If you’re shopping the Sephora VIB Rouge sale today you might wanna grab up some of the new Sephora Rouge Balms ($12.50). Available in eight shade selections the Sephora Rouge Balm is new gel lipstick formula with a balmy texture that has a creamy gel texture that provides a dazzling, juicy shine on lips with an SPF 30 and Vitamin E to get lips smooth, soft, and nourished. Shades include: Delicate Pink Enchanting Blush Soft Rose Bashful Beige Sweet Fushia Gentle Coral Subtle Peony Mild Plum I...
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Top Trends to Rock This Prom Season

Last Thursday night, the First Daughters experienced many firsts. Malia (17) and Sasha (14) Obama attended their first White House state dinner on March 10th, which was their first major formal event. It was also the first time we got to see them step out as beautiful young women in glamorous evening gowns. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the pair got to meet Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. Wow! Talk about #LIFEGOALS… With prom season quickly approaching, the Obama sisters’ elegant an...
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Make: Lip Scrub Stick

Banish dry lip skin with this deeply exfoliating scrub… This post comes from our friend Abbye Churchill — artist, herbalist and co-author of A Wilder Life. No matter how experimental or creative you are with your lipstick shade, “caked around chapped lips” has never been en vogue. Banish dry lip skin with this deeply exfoliating scrub that’s a snap to make. This recipe makes use of ingredients you may already have at home in the kitchen pantry. Gentle yet effective brown sugar and blue corn...
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Make: Honey Face Mask

Sweet to taste, but even sweeter when used on the skin. This post comes from our friend Abbye Churchill — artist, herbalist and co-author of A Wilder Life. Winter can be a beast on delicate facial skin. The brutal one-two punch of cold weather outside and dry heat inside can leave the skin parched and angry, clamoring for moisture anywhere it can find it. Enter, honey. Yes, honey. Sweet to taste, but even sweeter when used on the skin, honey has curative properties that make it a unique ...
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