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Comedian and actor George Lopez expands his presence at San Manuel Casino

Fans of comedian George Lopez have been able to visit his restaurant Chingon Kitchen at San Manuel Casino in Highland for a while, but now they have another way to celebrate their fandom: By playing one of the casino’s George Lopez slot machines. A bank of the new George Lopez Neighborhood Tour slot machines has been placed on the casino’s second level just outside Chingon Kitchen. The slot machine debuted at San Manuel on Nov. 12, according to a news release from company Ainsworth Game Technolo...
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Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About The Hardest Part Of ‘Horrible’ Divorce

"The Voice" coach and Brandon Blackstock are splitting after nearly 7 years of marriage.
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3 Logo Trends That Will Shine in 2021

Designers started the new decade full of optimism and energy, looking to push creative boundaries. It's safe to say no one saw what was coming. The list of challenges facing brands, creatives and the world at large in 2020 have been innumerable; but they've also been shared. Collective social experiences have created moments of global...
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'The Voice' contestant Ryan Gallagher kicked off show for breaking COVID protocols

The opera singer was absent from Monday's live playoffs, with host Carson Daly saying he had to 'exit the competition.'
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An Operatic Countertenor Is Now A Top Contender On ‘The Voice’

John Holiday, 35 and from metro Houston, “has long sung jazz as well as opera, and crossover success was in his sights even before the pandemic hit. He’s sung at the Apollo Theater, opened for Jason Mraz and told The New Yorker that gospel music and Cardi B influence his classical singing. His dream: perform to a sold-out Metropolitan Opera house one week and a sold-out Madison Square Garden the next.” – Los Angeles Times
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'The Voice' contestant Ryan Gallagher abruptly leaves the competition

During Monday night's episode of "The Voice," host Carson Daly announced that contestant Ryan Gallagher would no longer be part of the singing competition show.
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A Handful of Tips for Advertisers Who Want to Capture the Rise of Gaming Streamers

In 2020, over 14 million streamers produced 650 million hours of content. Audiences are spending up to 95 minutes a day watching streams. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' gaming debut on the platform peaked at 435,000 viewers. This advertising potential mainly remains untapped for younger audiences. The space is fairly new and the playbook doesn't exist. This leaves...
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'The Voice' live shows begin: Country singers dominate top 17 following contestant's abrupt exit

The top 17 contestants on "The Voice" laid it all on the line Monday during the first live show of the season, but not without a little drama.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Why You Should Stop Using Industry Buzzwords

Here is a list of buzzwords, biz speak and hipster droppings that should be banned from every business meeting forevermore. Does the following sound familiar? Client: Our Big Data Rock Star ideated a cloud-based, scalable, native programmatic tool set that produced excellent learnings. Consultant: Well, it sounds like he took it to the next level...
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What Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

Predicting the future feels particularly daunting after the year we just had. However, there are trends and themes underway that I anticipate will color marketing in 2021. The following are five important ones: The cookie-less future A sea change for online advertising is coming. Google's industry-leading browser Chrome will stop supporting third-party cookies by early...
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Biden Announces Seven Women Will Head Up His WH Communications Team

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Sunday announced the first ever all-women senior White House communications team. The Washington Post first reported the news on Sunday afternoon. “Communicating directly and truthfully to the American people is one of the most important duties of a President, and this team will be entrusted with the tremendous responsibility of connecting the American people to the White House,” Biden said in a statement. “These qualified, ex...
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Why We Need a ‘Bye Week’ in Corporate America

2020 has stretched individuals and organizations to their full capacity. Unfortunately, the countless challenges won't disappear when Dec. 31 rolls over into Jan. 1, 2021. The issues exposed over the last year will require new answers as individuals and organizations are held to a higher standard. The bright side of 2021 rests on the abundant...
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To Reach Gamers, Advertisers Must Look Beyond Twitch

While most media companies struggled through 2020, gaming was one sector that experienced a breakthrough. For marketers, the gaming channel went from being the slightly awkward teenage cousin at Thanksgiving to the cool uncle taking the kids on spins around the block in his brand-new sports car in a very short period of time. Speaking...
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How Fashion Brands Can Achieve Inclusion Through Design

Fashion is about representing your identity, in whatever way that manifests. The challenge, for some, is that the clothes on the shelves don't always adequately reflect them. This is especially true within minority groups, plus-size consumers, transgender communities and those who simply don't align with gender stereotypes. Too frequently, fashion for these groups is about...
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John Holiday's momentum on 'The Voice' continues, as the Appleton singer advances to live playoffs

The associate professor of music at Lawrence University earned raves for his performance of "All By Myself."          [Author: Green Bay Press-Gazette]
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Digital Marketing For Wealth Management Companies – A Primer

Wealth management has always been a matter of interest for people excited about investing their hard-earned money for better returns, and it is amongst a popular financial service choice.  It plays an essential role in providing authentic pieces of advice to investors by carefully looking at their capital and asset values so that he/she can earn better returns. Wealth management has relied on direct email marketing for the past several years to generate new opportunities. But with recent a...
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5 Ways to Increase Your Work From Home Productivity

Want to spend less time on your computer during the pandemic and beyond? Here are five productivity tools I use every day along with some tips on how to get the most out of them. Test Expander Do you find yourself writing the same sentences over and over again? For example, closing an email with...
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I’m ‘Peppy,’ but Not Limited. How About You?

When I was a kid, my mom would have loved nothing more than for me to be a cheerleader. Outgoing, popular and trendy, but I marched to the beat of my own drum. I relished finding uncool things cool. And I had a desire to hide rather than put myself in front of 3,000 classmates....
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Breaking the Stereotype of Women as ‘Aggressive,’ Together

Some label us threatening. Others combative. Most of all, we get labeled as aggressive. I've been called all of the above, plus so much more. These are directed at women in leadership positions who do their jobs especially well. Over 85% of women in leadership I polled via Twitter said they had been called aggressive...
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The Truth About Being Labeled as a ‘Difficult’ Black Woman

Be less difficult. I have had two performance reviews in my career where this was the dominant piece of critical feedback. I am a Black woman. I grew up in musical theater and became a marketer and a yoga teacher. My favorite activities growing up involved singing, acting, dancing and otherwise making people smile. Some...
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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Trailblazers vs. Stereotypes

What are the stigmas and limitations you've faced? Have you thought about how women have been negatively impacted by stereotypes? At some point in your career, you or a woman you work with may have been associated with being too something. I'm hoping that something can reframed as a positive. We're collectively overcoming stereotypes, self-created...
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Breaking the Multiple Stereotypes of Being an Asian American Female ‘Introvert’

There is a certain stigma that comes with being an introvert, especially when culturally, you're taught to not draw attention to yourself. But what happens when the way you behave culturally appears to conflict with the way you behave professionally? Growing up as an Asian American woman in a big family, I was taught to...
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Inclusion Is the Gift in These Heartfelt Holiday Ads

Rebecca? Roberta? Welcome to my everyday dialogue with baristas, receptionists, shopkeepers alike, when I have to apologetically announce my name five times and spell it out letter by letter until they get it right. R-o-b-e-c-t-a. I suppose I was never asked to question how normal this situation is for people with quirky names until I...
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How Delhi Police uses data from emergency calls to track, map crime

Calls made to the Delhi Police’s emergency response support system (ERSS), the 112 helpline, are a treasure trove of data for the law enforcement agency. Electronic data — gathered from 15,000 daily calls made to emergency helpline numbers and which is retained forever — is used by the police to map crimes and generate insights from the process. This data runs the engine that is the Crime Mapping, Analytics and Predictive System (CMAPS). DCP (Operations and Communications) S.K. Singh, a veteran ...
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Tone of Voice in Chinese Sentences

Understanding and conveying the proper tone of voice in a Chinese sentence isn’t easy. Some languages (Japanese comes to mind) allow you to “codify” levels of politeness or formality directly into the verbs themselves. Or there are super formulaic sentence patterns for certain levels of politeness. Even in English it’s somewhat formulaic (“Please,” “Can you…?”, “Could you…?”), but less so in Chinese. I remember talking to an AllSet Learning client years ago about this very issue years ago. Sh...
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Coachella festival to release clothing collections: Here’s how you can snag some swag

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival isn’t just a tastemaker in music, but also in fashion, with popular brands marketing festival looks just in time for April. Now the Indio based festival has announced its own clothing collections but you won’t find any flower crowns, fairy wings or bedazzled items. The festival, which didn’t happen this year due to the novel coronavirus, is releasing a pair of clothing collections that include of T-shirts, hoodies and hats. The clothing will be availa...
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Music to our ears: "The Voice" is now on Nest Audio

You know that feeling when you’ve overplayed your favorite artist? You know all the songs by heart, and you can tell when each key change is coming. We’ve all been there: a musical rut. It happens to everyone, but now Nest Audio and Google can help get you out of it...with a little help from NBC’s "The Voice."Google is teaming up with "The Voice" to help you explore and find new music—with the new Nest Audio playing a big role this season to help fans and Artists discover and control music using...
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What Brands Can Do With Search Until TV Provides Better Measurement

Broadcast TV has a long, documented list of problems. Ratings have been in slow decline year after year for at least a decade. That slow fall off has accelerated since the beginning of the pandemic, as the ongoing shift in viewership habits towards streaming has rapidly grown. This is happening against the backdrop of clients...
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Holiday music: 8 top new Christmas albums to hear in 2020

It’s becoming increasingly clear how pop stars and other well-known musicians have spent their time during the pandemic lockdown. They’ve been recording Christmas songs. It’s amazing how many major new holiday albums and singles have been released in 2020. And it’s not like these offerings started arriving in time for Thanksgiving, which many (correctly) see as the real start of the holiday season. Some came out well before Halloween rolled around. Yeah, that’s scary. But it’s nice to see so man...
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Top Christmas albums: 7 all-time favorites to enjoy this season

Sure, there’s no shortage of new Christmas albums being released in 2020. And some of these newbies, including Carrie Underwood’s “My Gift” and For King & Country’s “A Drummer Boy Christmas,” are actually quite good. But old favorites hold powerful appeal, a reminder of the holiday traditions we’ve cherished over the years. Here are seven of our all-time favorite Christmas albums, organized chronologically. “Merry Christmas,” Johnny Mathis (1958) Let’s kick off the list with one of the most po...
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