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Here's Why Most Modern Cars Have That Weird Flat Edge In the Bodywork Around the Wheel

There’s an extremely common design trend that may have slipped by right under your nose, slowly taking over seemingly ever new car on the road, one by one. It’s only maybe a couple inches wide at most, and at all four corners of the car. It’s purpose a mystery, until now.Read more...
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Auto Safety Feature of the Near Future: Airbags on the Outside of Cars

In World War II, tank crews would cover their vehicles in sandbags, logs and even concrete. None of these add-ons would completely stop or deflect an incoming shell, but the idea was that the more material you have to soak up an impact, the less the explosive force would penetrate into the cabin. This principle would also be useful, if impractical, during collisions between civilian cars. And a German auto supplier called ZF Friedrichshafen AG believes they've found a way to make it p...
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Volvo V70 T6 by Polestar: Spotted

A lightly fettled version of the archetypal fast Volvo - what more do you need?
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Polestar teases next-gen electric car again ahead of Geneva launch

Just two weeks before the official online reveal on February 27, Volvo's Polestar gave us another glimpse of the Polestar 2 just a couple of weeks after the first announcement. While the latest official teaser of the Polestar 2 isn't nearly as informational as the first announcement made a few weeks ago, we have still been graced by another image of a discernible part of the exterior body: the top, left-hand side of the rear end. The white Polestar logo blends into the white body to avoid dist...
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The Polestar 2, Sweden’s answer to the Tesla Model 3, begins taking shape

Volvo sister company Polestar has released a teaser image to give us our first look at the 2, its second model. Polestar tells us the 2 will arrive as a four-door fastback with a 400-hp electric powertrain and about 300 miles of range. The post The Polestar 2, Sweden’s answer to the Tesla Model 3, begins taking shape appeared first on Digital Trends.
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2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first drive

Volvo laced up its smallest station wagon in hiking clothes to create the V60 Cross Country. It's a lifted, all-wheel drive wagon that laughs at icy roads while coddling its occupants. We travel to Sweden to try it out. The post 2020 Volvo V60 Cross Country first drive appeared first on Digital Trends.
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2019 Volvo S60 Is Sophisticated and Comfortable

All-New 2019 Volvo S60 Is Sophisticated and Comfortable The 2019 Volvo S60 is a stylish compact luxury sedan that’s new from the ground up. In fact, it’s an entirely different car than the outgo...
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Over 40,000 people stared at a Volvo instead of watching the Super Bowl

Volvo didn't want you to watch the 2019 Super Bowl or the million-dollar ads that pepper it. Instead, it gave those willing to ignore the big game the chance to win a two-year subscription to a brand-new S60. The post Over 40,000 people stared at a Volvo instead of watching the Super Bowl appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Volvo's Longest Drive game took nearly 10 hours to pass

No matter how much you like Volvos, it takes dedication to win one by staring at a smartphone screen for hours. The eye-control game kept the player looking at their mobile device, which could suss out if their attention and gaze wandered away, resetting the clock. To make sure there were big enough stakes, the mobile game went live during Super Bowl 53 – and the Volvo-winning play was far longer than the second and third places, which both passed the 7.5-hour mark.
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A self-driving car expert describes the biggest problem with semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla's Autopilot and Cadillac's Super Cruise

Semi-autonomous driving systems like Tesla's Autopilot and Cadillac's Super Cruise are designed to reduce the stress of driving by automating tasks like steering, accelerating, and braking under certain circumstances, but the driver needs to be ready to take over at any moment. Those systems rely on unrealistic expectations about how well humans are able to pay attention to the road and quickly react if the semi-autonomous system needs them to take control, Mary Cummings, a professor at Duke w...
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11 Unique Content Marketing Examples Inspired By Brand Strategies

Have you been doing content marketing for quite some time? And now are you running out of ideas to create fresh, unique content campaigns? Maybe when you started with your content marketing strategy. You had loads of ideas lined up to create rich content that not only provided value to your audience, but also helped to engage them and generate leads. Maybe this is how you tried getting ideas for your content: Keyword & competition research around your topic Checking questions that people ask o...
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Toyota’s new car subscription company Kinto is gamifying driving behavior

Toyota has officially launched Kinto, a company first revealed late last year that will manage a car subscription program and other mobility services in Japan, including the sale and purchase of used vehicles as well as automotive repair and inspection. Kinto is jointly funded by Toyota Financial Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota, and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service Company, a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. Initial funding for Kinto is 1.8 billion yen, or about $16 million, a...
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Best places to visit in Sweden

Everyone knows Stockholm is full of cool things to do: the archipelago, the scenic Old Town, the Baroque-style Royal Palace — even the subway stations could keep you entertained for a very long visit. But the rest of Sweden has a lot to offer, as well, even if it doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the capital. From hip second cities to interesting lodges to gorgeous hiking trails, here are the best places to visit outside Stockholm. 1. Gothenburg (Göteborg) Photo: anderm/Shutterstock ...
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Shell open to carmaker partners in EV charging expansion

Shell is open to partnerships with carmakers to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging beyond its petrol stations, one of the oil major's executives said on Friday. As part of efforts to compete with rival BP in the growing EV sector, Shell this week bought U.S. charger provider Greenlots - a supplier for Volvo and Volkswagen's U.S. subsidiary as well as for utilities and residential sites - for an undisclosed sum. "We recognize that the customers are not just necessarily going to go to recharg...
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Can I Still Get A Discount If I Order A Car From The Factory?

As Jalopnik’s resident car buying expert and professional car shopper, I get emails. Lots of emails. I’ve decided to pick a few questions and try to help out. This week we are discussing negotiating an order on a new Volvo V60, tuning a Honda Civic and importing a car from Canada for one minor option.Read more...
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50 cool cars from the last 30 years teens missed out on

Many cool, funky, and interesting cars, trucks, and SUVs have come and gone over the past three decades from marques like Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Mazda, Subaru, and Jeep.  Entire brands such as Hummer, Pontiac, Saab, and Plymouth have disappeared.  Business Insider put together a list of 50 cars with nameplates that have been discontinued over the past 30 years.   These weren't always the most commercially successful models, but they were certainly memorable. Much has changed in ...
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If You Take a Virtual Test Drive Instead of Watching the Super Bowl, Volvo Might Give You a Car

Volvo's game plan for the Super Bowl has nothing to do with the sport, but everything to do with distracting viewers from it. The campaign, dubbed "The Longest Drive," directs people to a website, where they'll then have to watch a test drive video of the S60 Sudan. Three lucky viewers who look at their...
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Volvo Urging People Not To Watch the Super Bowl

Volvo is taking a very unique approach to its advertising for the Super Bowl this year. Rather than simply have the network air its commercials during the breaks, it has decided to compete with the game directly for viewership. Called “The Longest Drive,” the automaker’s smartphone game is reminiscent of dealer and radio contests where […] The post Volvo Urging People Not To Watch the Super Bowl appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Volvo's truck order intake slips, taking shine off bonus payout

Sweden's Volvo said on Wednesday that its fourth-quarter truck order intake fell by 14 percent to 59,535 trucks, a total below analysts' forecasts, but announced a special dividend after strong cash generation.
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Truckmaker Volvo releases brake on special dividend after strong fourth quarter

Swedish truckmaker Volvo said on Wednesday it would pay a special dividend of 5 Swedish crowns ($0.5523) per share after reporting fourth-quarter profit marginally ahead of expectations and repeating its 2019 market demand outlook.
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Waymo Met With More Than 12 Carmakers in 2016 on Driverless Tech

The memo, marked "highly confidential," was written on Aug. 18, 2016, the day Bloomberg reported that Uber Technologies Inc. was partnering with Volvo and had acquired driverless car startup Otto, a deal that triggered a bitter legal battle between Waymo and the ride-sharing giant. Waymo tried to reassure staff in the document after the news. Otto was co-founded by a former Google executive Anthony Levandowski, and Volvo was a potential partner that could manufacture cars -- something Waymo di...
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FamousGrey & Volvo Cars Belgium Presents the Next Step in Electrified Driving

A survey conducted by Volvo Cars Belgium shows that 56% of drivers of electrified cars are not aware of the origin of their electricity. 12% even admit that they charge their car with grey energy. In answer to this discrepancy, FamousGrey came up with the idea of Volts by Volvo, a green energy contract for your house, enabling you to charge your car with green energy. With Volts by Volvo, car manufacturer Volvo extends its services from producing electrified cars to offering a green energy contr...
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Ignore the 2019 Super Bowl and Volvo could reward you with a new car

Volvo doesn't want you to watch the 2019 Super Bowl or its million-dollar ads. Instead, it's giving those willing to ignore the big game the chance to win a two-year subscription to a brand-new S60. The post Ignore the 2019 Super Bowl and Volvo could reward you with a new car appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Munnich Honda recruits ex-Volvo driver Girolami for 2019 WTCR

Ex-Volvo World Touring Car Championship driver Nestor Girolami will join Esteban Guerrieri at Honda outfit Munnich Motorsport for the 2019 World Touring Car Cup season
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Volvo creates the living seawall in Sydney to help with plastic pollution

With ocean habitats being degraded by plastic pollution and replaced with seawalls, more than half of the shoreline in Sydney, Australia, is now artificial. Scientists say that the amount of plastic waste in the ocean is so massive, removing it all simply isn’t possible. So, instead of hosting more beach clean-ups or tearing down seawalls, Volvo is taking a more modern, creative approach to the problem — a Living Seawall. Volvo has teamed up with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Reef ...
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This Week in Photography Books: Douglas Ljungkvist

  For whatever reason, I’ve never been to Sweden. (Though I’m sure it’s a lovely place.) I’ve been to Copenhagen, though, so the sum total of my knowledge of Scandinavia amounts to smoking insanely good hash in the commune of Christiania, watching my brother annihilate my friend Pappy in several games of backgammon. (Yes, he beat me too.) Something tells me, though, there’s more to Scandinavia than hippies and board games. I may not have been to Sweden, it’s true, but my neighbors down the stree...
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2019 Volvo XC40 T4 Review – The Crossover That Made Me Love Crossovers

I get it. No real enthusiast should like crossovers. They’re tall, handle poorly, slurp gas, and aren’t as space efficient as the cars upon which they’re based. They aren’t a true sport-utility vehicles, either, as their on road-focused designs can’t handle rough terrain. I used to be like you. I’m a car lover, and always […] The post 2019 Volvo XC40 T4 Review – The Crossover That Made Me Love Crossovers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Volvo says electric car unit Polestar could list one day

Volvo Cars, owned by China's Geely, could in future seek external investors for its Polestar performance electric car brand and list the unit on the stock market but has no immediate plans to do so, the company said on Thursday.
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'I'm an apocalypse writer': Bradford Cox of Deerhunter, the asexual rock star for end times

He surrounds himself with beauty, has everything he’s ever wanted and really, really loves his dog. So why is the Atlantan indie rocker writing about the killing of Jo Cox and the end of the world?The door to Bradford Cox’s wood-framed house is unlocked, so I wander in. Set in a leafy bit of Atlanta, it is the kind of place that would make Marie Kondo freak out, with the entire contents of Cox’s brain seemingly emptied on to its handsome wooden furniture: a topography of shells, tools, vials and...
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Volvo recalling vehicles in New Zealand over fuel line cracks

Volvo is recalling 180 vehicles in New Zealand after investigations identified that some may have small cracks inside one of the fuel lines in the engine department.A spokesperson for Volvo Cars told the Herald the company is... [Author: [email protected]]
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