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Human Capital: Uber’s Black employee base shrinks

Welcome back to Human Capital, where I break down the latest in diversity, equity and inclusion, and labor in tech. TL;DR: This week, Apple announced its third head of diversity and inclusion in four years, Uber’s Black employee base shrunk despite the company committing to anti-racism and Reddit brought on its second Black board member this year.  Meanwhile, Facebook’s content moderators spoke out against the company for forcing some of them to work in the office during a pandemic and a ne...
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Daily Crunch: Roblox is going public

Roblox opens its books, Snap makes an acquisition and Pfizer and BioNTech seek regulatory approval for their vaccine. This your Daily Crunch for November 20, 2020. The big story: Roblox is going public The child-friendly gaming company filed confidentially to go public in October, but it only published its S-1 document with financial information late yesterday. How do the numbers look? Well, Roblox is certainly growing quickly — total revenue increased 56% in 2019, and then another 68% in t...
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Mixtape podcast: Building a structural DEI response to a systemic issue with Y-Vonne Hutchinson

It’s time for another episode of Mixtape, where we take a look at diversity, inclusion, equity and the human labor that powers tech. This week we spoke to Y-Vonne Hutchinson, the CEO of ReadySet, a consulting firm that works with companies to create more inclusive and equitable work environments. Hutchinson tells us that the work she did for ten years in international human rights, labor rights law and advocacy helped prepare her for the work she does today. “My last job was in Nicaragua wh...
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How to build a diverse and inclusive workforce as a small business

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Hiring diverse talent can help your business better innovate. Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Smaller businesses are better poised to create diverse and inclusive teams than big corporations — as long as they start early. Finding top talent for your company requires diversifying your network before you start hiring and expanding the scope of what you're looking for in candidates. You can also make your hiring strategy more inclusive by standardizing the...
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14 tech organizers and labor experts share their ideas for re-empowering American workers

Over the past half century, workers' wages have stagnated, their rights have been eroded, and whistleblowers have faced frequent retaliation for calling attention to the problems. But in the tech industry, a new alliance of workers from warehouses to cubicles — bolstered by the pandemic and anti-racism protests — is speaking with a louder and more unified voice than ever. They're demanding everything from better pay and workplace protections to a bigger say over how the products they build are...
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15 organizers behind worker movements at Amazon, Google, Uber, Kickstarter, and other tech companies say the industry has reached an inflection point and that things aren't going back to the way they were before (UBER, AMZN, GOOG, GOOGL)

Tech workers across pay scales, job types, geographies, and companies have joined together in unprecedented shows of solidarity. Even higher-paid workers, traditionally reliable cheerleaders for their employers, are more comfortable speaking out — often publicly — to advocate for coworkers and a larger voice over how business is done. The widening rift between rank-and-file employees and executives has been years in the making, but a global pandemic and sweeping protests against systemic racis...
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Twitter critics spurred SF accelerator Acceleprise to commit to adding a person of color to its Friday future-of-work panel, along with a promise to do that for all future events

Acceleprise, a software startup accelerator headquartered in San Francisco, announced that it was organizing a future-of-work panel this week featuring an all-star list of panelists including Zoom CEO Eric Yuan.  The firm's announcement quickly attracted some critics on Twitter, who pointed out that no black founders, tech executives, or venture capitalists made the list of panelists.  Acceleprise responded by committing to organizing more diverse panels in the future, and upon further proddin...
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A diversity consultant says real change may hit the tech industry due to the George Floyd protests and the coronavirus crisis. Silicon Valley hasn't changed much after past scrutiny, but this time could be different.

Silicon Valley has long had a diversity problem, but in the past the industry has largely been able to evade addressing it. But a combination of the coronavirus crisis and the protests over the death of George Floyd have led to a new moment in the Valley where it may be finally forced to contend with its own legacy of systemic racism, said Y-Vonne Hutchinson, CEO of ReadySet and an expert on inclusion and diversity issues. People inside and outside tech companies are no longer as enthralled wi...
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This biracial woman knew nothing about Silicon Valley before she founded a startup — now she's trying to help other non-traditional entrepreneurs succeed in tech

Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon succeeded in Silicon Valley despite not knowing anything about the tech industry before she moved to the area — and despite being a biracial woman. But Dixon recognizes she was lucky; entrepreneurs who are women or people of color have struggled to gain a footing in the valley. Hoping to use the lessons she's learned and pass them on, Dixon's founded a new startup that offers training courses designed for non-traditional entrepreneurs like herself. When Mandela...
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Silicon Valley has diversity problems, now let’s focus on a fix

“Silicon Valley has developed an echo-chamber. It doesn’t require a lot of research to clearly see that the majority of people working there are very similar when it comes to race, gender, socioeconomic background, and education. And that is a huge diversity problem.” These blunt words were spoken by Y-Vonne Hutchinson, an American diversity activist who recently spoke at the TechChill conference hosted in Riga, Latvia. Hutchinson is a former international human-rights lawyer and founder of the ...
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When Companies Get Serious About Diversity and Sexual Harassment, They Call Her

Y-Vonne Hutchinson helps tech firms master inclusion—and she says the Valley's wave of mea culpas over sexual harassment is just step one.
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What Uber's Leadership Change Means For Diversity In Tech

NPR's Rachel Martin speaks to tech industry recruiter and consultant Y-Vonne Hutchinson about the resignation of former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, and the message it sends to Silicon Valley.
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