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A month after the statutory restoration of expat Canadians' voting rights, Supreme Court says taking those rights away was illegal

In 2015, Stephen Harper's Tory government began enforcing a 1993 law that stripped expatriate citizens like me of our right to vote in Canada; last month, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government restored our voting rights. But it turns out that the Liberals' action was largely symbolic: yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada broke with precedent and eroded Parliament's control over elections administration, ruling that the government had violated our constitutional rights by taking away our rig...
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Morning Docket: 01.11.19

* Divorce lawyer lays out how this Jeff Bezos divorce will go down. [VICE] * Michael Cohen is going to testify to Congress, so that's a new circus to look forward to. [CNBC] * Florida's newly passed law allowing felons to vote after they've served their sentence may have an exploitable flaw. A former Florida Supreme Court justice notes that the law requires the potential voter to satisfy their complete sentence, which might include fines or restitution payments that no one ever expects the con...
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"Why Democrats Should Not Call the Georgia Governor’s Race 'Stolen'/There are three important reasons to cool this rhetoric..."

"... despite Brian Kemp’s odious voter suppression efforts," cautions lawprof Richard Hasen (at Slate). The 3 reasons:First, rhetoric about stolen elections feeds a growing cycle of mistrust and delegitimization of the election process, an attack pushed by President Trump and other Republicans who have been yelling “voter fraud” every time they are behind in the count. I’ve already set out my fear that Trump could refuse to concede the 2020 presidential election if he is ahead in the count on el...
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"[Stacey] Abrams mulls asking a court to order a second vote in Georgia governor’s race" (WaPo).[Abrams] would rely on a provision in Georgia law that has never been utilized in such a high-profile contest. It allows losing candidates to challenge results based on “misconduct, fraud or irregularities . . . sufficient to change or place in doubt the results.”...Unofficial returns show Kemp with about 50.2 percent of the more than 3.9 million votes cast. To avoid a runoff with Abrams, he must win ...
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Why It's Such a Big Deal That Former Felons Can Now Vote in Florida

Thanks to last night’s vote, Florida will become the 48th state where people who have completed a sentence for felony are eligible to vote. (Kentucky and Iowa are the holdouts.) That means probably over a million people are granted the right to vote all at once—the largest such number since the 19th amendment.Read more...
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Georgia County Extends Voting Hours In Some Precincts After Court Order

A Georgia judge ordered Gwinnett County officials to extend voting today, AJC reports, after voters faced serious problems this morning at some polling places. Gwinnett County Superior Court Chief Judge Melodie Snell Conner ordered the county to keep three separate voting precincts open – all of which had technical problems this morning forcing people to wait for hours. Polls in Georgia are set to close at 7 p.m. ET Conner extended the hours of one precinct to 9:25 p.m. ET, another until 7:30...
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Lawsuit Announced To Stop Kemp From Overseeing Vote Count In Own Election

A self-described non-partisan advocacy group announced plans Tuesday to file an 11th-hour lawsuit to stop Georgia Secretary of State and gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp from overseeing vote-counting in his own election. Protect Democracy – a non-profit founded in part by former Obama administration staffers – is representing five Georgia voters in the planned lawsuit who claim that Kemp’s oversight of his own election violates their Constitutional right “to cast an effective vote.” “This v...
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Long Lines to Vote Are a Sign Democracy Isn't Working

It’s Election Day 2018, and people all over the country are tweeting about standing in long-ass lines for their chance to participate in our supposed democracy.Read more...
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Trump Tweet Threatens ‘Maximum Criminal Penalties’ For ‘Illegal Voting’

In a tweet Monday morning, President Trump wrote that law enforcement has been instructed to “watch closely” for “ILLEGAL VOTING and threatened “Maximum Criminal Penalties” against “anyone caught.” Law Enforcement has been strongly notified to watch closely for any ILLEGAL VOTING which may take place in Tuesday’s Election (or Early Voting). Anyone caught will be subject to the Maximum Criminal Penalties allowed by law. Thank you! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 5, 2018 The extr...
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Can Pardoned Felons Vote?

A felon can regain the right to vote via a pardon, but most felons regain that right upon completion of their sentences. Such decisions vary from state to state.
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As Midterms Approach, Notarize Lends a Hand to Absentee Voters in SD

The idea started with online complaints from voters in South Dakota, where applications for absentee ballots require the certification of a notary public.The response from Pat Kinsel, founder and CEO of a Boston-based online notary startup aptly named Notarize, was to offer its services for free—the same deal it made last year to hurricane-battered residents in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas when they learned they needed similar services to file FEMA disaster claims.“We think everything we do ...
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Supreme Court Swings North Dakota Senate Race Towards Republicans

Voter ID ruling should suppress the votes of Native Americans, just as the right wing on the Court intends.
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"Democratic secretary of state in heavily Democratic state unilaterally changes voting rule in a way that favors Democrats (and punishes Libertarians). Republicans say they’ll sue."

Reason reports.Nice of the Republicans to do the suing to help Gary, but it's in their interest to keep a Democrat from winning a Senate race.In a sudden move with suspicious timing, New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, an elected Democrat, announced today that voters in November will once again be able to vote for every candidate of a political party on the ballot by filling in just one blank. The option, known as the "straight-party" device, gives obvious advantage to parties ...
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Is A Georgia County Using The ADA As An Excuse To Disenfranchise Voters?

Tierney Sneed mentioned in this week’s voting rights primer that we’re following a proposal in Georgia by the Randolph County board of elections to shutter seven out of nine of the county’s polling places. The county’s population is 61 percent black, and, Kira Lerner notes at ThinkProgress, this would likely not have been possible if the Supreme Court had not gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013. The move to shut down the polling places rests on the claim that these locations are not compliant w...
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"The conservative Roberts majority will no doubt frame future rulings on voting restrictions and gerrymandering as solidly grounded in law and the Constitution."

"And yet it could become increasingly difficult to believe the court is doing law, not politics, if a conservative majority of Republican appointees issued decision after decision that had the effect of helping Republican candidates win elections.... Elections are the only obvious, if indirect, way for the public to express its discontent with a wayward Supreme Court. Maybe a mobilized Democratic Party can somehow overcome all the barriers of Republican entrenchment.... If a new dominant nationa...
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How Kobach’s Tenure As Sec. Of State Plays Into His Own Mess Of A Gov Race

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is known for instituting strict restrictions on who has access to the ballot box. But does Kobach’s controversial two-term tenure have anything to do with the chaos currently unfolding in his own undecided GOP gubernatorial primary, where he’s leading by only dozens of votes? Not directly, say local political experts. But in some oblique ways, it does. First off is the matter of resources. Kobach used thousands of state dollars for the frivolous voter fraud ...
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Recount In Kris Kobach’s Primary Race Could Be Overseen By Kris Kobach

The Republican primary to select a GOP senate candidate for Kansas is a nail biter, with Kris Kobach — the current Kansas Secretary of State and Trump’s go-to voter fraud guy — leading Gov. Jeff Colyer . Kansas GOP leaders are saying that a recount is very likely in the cards, and the Kansas City Star is reporting that Kobach could oversee a recount in his own race. No law requires him to recuse himself. Add to the mix that Kobach, who often claims voter fraud to shed doubt on elections, is ...
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Census Bureau Struggled To Recruit Policy Wonks To Support Citizenship Question, Emails Reveal

The Census Bureau struggled to find policy wonks willing to go on record in support of the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, with even the right-leaning American Enterprise Institute telling the bureau that it couldn’t find any experts in favor of the move, according to recently released emails. The email exchange was among hundreds released publicly on Monday night after a court order in one of the lawsuits challenging the question, which civil rights...
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Is San Francisco Registering ‘Illegal Aliens’ to Vote?

Non-citizen residents of San Francisco who have children can now register to vote in local school board elections.
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How A Kobach Breitbart Interview Is Still Coming Back To Haunt Trump’s DOJ

Like a bad penny, the Justice Department attorneys who have had to defend President Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission can’t escape an interview its leader, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, gave to Breitbart on the day of the commission’s demise. Kobach’s claims to Breitbart — which included that the commission had already produced findings and that the Department of Homeland Security, with Kobach’s consultation, was going to continue the commission’s work — have come up again and ...
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Supreme Court Is Cool With Texas-Style Apartheid

Court refuses to remove "taint" of racist gerrymandering.
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Yelp Reviews Are Politics In Neoliberal America

When members of the Democratic Socialists of America entered a Washington, D.C., restaurant this week and chanted “shame, shame” at Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen until she scurried away, it was inevitable that the online fever swamps of the right would swiftly condemn these protestors as scum. How rude…Read more...
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Kobach Wants To Track Voters With Citizen Docs, Even After Ruling Striking Law Down

Yesterday I reported on the set of instructions Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s office sent county clerks laying out guidance for complying with a federal judge’s ruling striking down his proof-of-citizenship requirement. Some of the secretary of state’s directives were pretty straight forward, and tracked closely with what U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ordered in her decisions: stop asking registering voters for proof-of-citizenship documents; make sure applicants whose registratio...
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Big Win For MAGA Hats At Supreme Court

The Roberts Court of course found no problem with voter intimidation through sartorial choices.
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Code Developed By Canadian Firm Hints at Voter ‘Disengagement’ Efforts in United States

The Trump campaign claimed that it could suppress Clinton votes twelve days before the 2016 election; unsecured files linked to a Canadian company offer insights into how that might be possible.
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Justice Breyer "apparently" took "judicial notice" of "'the human tendency not to send back cards received in the mail'"...

... so that the failure of a voter to send back a card to keep their registration active in fact "'has no tendency to reveal accurately whether the registered voter has changed residences'; it is an 'irrelevant factor' that 'shows nothing at all that is statutorily significant.'"Wrote Justice Alito for the majority in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute, released by the Supreme Court yesterday. The internal quotes are from the Breyer dissent. For more detail into this statutory interpretation...
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Gerrymandering Reform Could Be Undone By Big Money In State Politics

Allegra Kirkland reports today on an effort by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to get the courts to block a gerrymandering reform initiative. Michigan has some of the most egregiously gerrymandered maps in the country. In 2012, Republican congressional candidates got just 45.6 percent of the vote, but wound up with nine out of 14 seats. It looks like the state Supreme Court will have the final say on whether the reform measure, which would take control of the redistricting process away from par...
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Michigan Conservatives Ask Court To Allow Them To Keep Gerrymandering

Despite a resounding court defeat last week, a Michigan business group is asking the state’s top court to block a sweeping gerrymandering reform initiative from getting on the November ballot. And thanks in part to the business group’s largesse in judicial races, there’s reason to think it could yet succeed in killing the reform measure. Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution (CPMC), which is backed by the state Chamber of Commerce, on Monday filed a request with the state Supreme Court for...
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Supreme Court Votes Along Party Lines, Allows Red States To Purge Voters

If there is one thing conservatives throughout history have hated, it's people voting.
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State Election Officials… Now With Guns!

Over the weekend, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach raised some eyebrows when he appeared in a parade, riding in a jeep with what looked to be a mounted machine gun in the back. At a time when a lot of kids are freaked out about school shootings, it sounds like Kobach’s performance wasn’t well-received. The city of Shawnee apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Kobach, who’s running for the Republican nomination for governor, did not, saying the gun was a replica and blaming the k...
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