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Iconic music venue will present live gigs you can watch in VR from your home

Because who knows when we'll go to live gigs again?
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Could the VR headset be the next Peloton?

Funding for virtual reality startups has grown more sparse over the past couple years, as investors have grappled with extended timelines for mainstream adoption. Meanwhile, connected fitness has exploded, gaining attention amid shelter-in-place as companies like Peloton have seen huge user gains with Mirror recently selling to Lululemon for $500 million. FitXR wants the virtual reality headset to become the next hot-seller in the connected fitness space. The startup, which develops the popular ...
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VR wearable can simulate temperature changes using odorless chemicals

Simulating temperature with smells? Turns out it works
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Reddit shuts down The_Donald, holographic VR, and more | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live we discuss the top tech of the day, including Reddit shutting down The_Donald.
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Facebook Has a VR Headset Prototype That Looks Like a Pair of Glasses

Comfortable, good-looking VR headsets might not be available in the near future, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available at all. According to , Facebook is researching a holographic optics design that would slim down present-day VR headsets from their bulky, brick form to something more like a thick…
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Veteran game designer Tom Hall joins VR firm Resolution Studios

Known for his work on Doom, he's looking to shake up the industry once more
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Oculus Is Dropping the Go to Focus More on the Oculus Quest

After releasing the Quest and the Rift S, Oculus’ cheapest VR headset—the Oculus Go—has been in kind of a weird place. It doesn’t offer the flexibility or features of its more expensive siblings, and it wasn’t getting a lot of support or content either, so today Oculus announced it’s discontinuing the Oculus Go…Read more...
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Facebook kills off its cheapest VR headset

Just two years after launch, Facebook announced today that it’s discontinuing the Oculus Go, the least powerful and least expensive virtual reality headset that the company sold. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the device in late 2017 was a major development for the company, which had never released a standalone headset before and was battling consumer perceptions that the technology was too expensive. Then starting at $199, the Oculus Go was largely a replacement for the sl...
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The best games for 2020: 31 games you need to try

With everything from AAA titles to indie hits, here are the best games you should be playing right now.
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Daisy Ridley to Star in ‘Baba Yaga’, a Virtual Reality Short From ‘Madagascar’ Director Eric Darnell

Star Wars franchise star Daisy Ridley hasn’t been in much since wrapping up the Skywalker Saga late last year. But she’s seemingly taken a liking to virtual reality, narrating a VR game called The Dawn of Art which dropped in February and now coming on board another VR project. This one is called Baba Yaga, and before you get too excited, no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the world of John Wick. (Baba Yaga, which the movie equates to “The Boogeyman,” is one of Wick’s nicknames.) Learn a...
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Developer Warns VR Headset Damaged Eyesight (slashdot)

Software developer Danny Bittman tweeted about how he's convinced that his eyesight was damaged from wearing a VR headset for hours a day. The BBC reports: Danny Bittman, who has worked as a virtual reality developer for four years, suggested it could have affected his eyesight. "Just had my first eye doctor visit in three years. Now I'm very worried about my future VR use. I have a new eye convergence problem that acts like dyslexia. The doc, a headset owner, is convinced my VR use caused this....
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Official Trailer for Disney Animation's VR Short 'Myth: A Frozen Tale'

"From a magic as old as the glaciers…" Disney Animation has debuted an official trailer for an interesting VR project spinning off of the beloved Frozen franchise. The official title is Myth: A Frozen Tale, and it's an 8-minute animated short film described as "an immersive journey through Arendelle lore that blends traditional hand-drawn animation with the latest in VR technology." It first debuted in front of the Frozen 2 premiere in Hollywood last year. This is another example of Disney s...
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Astronauts are using VR to train for the Boeing Starliner capsule

It allows them to prepare for virtually any scenario
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Developer Warns VR Headset Damaged Eyesight

Software developer Danny Bittman tweeted about how he's convinced that his eyesight was damaged from wearing a VR headset for hours a day. The BBC reports: Danny Bittman, who has worked as a virtual reality developer for four years, suggested it could have affected his eyesight. "Just had my first eye doctor visit in three years. Now I'm very worried about my future VR use. I have a new eye convergence problem that acts like dyslexia. The doc, a headset owner, is convinced my VR use caused this....
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Grandpa gets a little too carried away with the VR headset

Dude is 81 and seriously into it. “I set up the vive at my grandfathers house for his 81st birthday and he got a little too immersed.” A funny video from 2016 that is again making the viral rounds this week on Reddit and IMGUR. Worth watching the original. [source]
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Soon you’ll be able to exercise by racing a virtual ghost of your past self

In the age of social distancing, who needs real people to run with?
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Annecy Film Festival Includes Frozen II, Chicken Run Reunion & More!

Annecy Film Festival lineup includes Frozen II, Chicken Run reunion & more! Annecy Film Festival, the largest animation festival in the world, will be following in the footsteps of numerous others this year and be taking this year’s events online with special presentations including Frozen II, a Chicken Run reunion and stop-motion masterclass with director Henry Selick (Coraline), according to Variety. RELATED: ATX Television Festival’s Virtual Edition Programming Revealed The festival is ...
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This German town replicated itself in VR to keep its tourism alive

This article was originally published by Sarah Wray on Cities Today, the leading news platform on urban mobility and innovation, reaching an international audience of city leaders. For the latest updates follow Cities Today on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, or sign up for Cities Today News. Tourists may soon be able to explore the picturesque cross-timbered houses and historic churches of Herrenberg via virtual reality (VR), thanks to a digital twin developed with the High-...
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HP Teamed Up With Valve to Make Its Second-Gen VR Headset Even Better

Last year, HP released one of the world’s highest resolution VR headsets in the , but sadly, it was only really intended for use by enterprise customers. But for the new Reverb G2, HP partnered with Valve to create an upgraded HMD meant for both business and home users alike.
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HP teams up with Valve on Reverb G2, ‘the world’s highest resolution VR headset’

Designed to win people over from the Oculus Rift S
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Will COVID-19 mainstream AR/VR?

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact nations, businesses and the lives of billions, and the aftermath of the recession remains to be seen, some trends are already emerging, such as the embracing of digitization. From video conferencing tools to project management platforms, companies, institutions and individuals are becoming adjusted to remote environments. This brings back into the spotlight the technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Both have thus far failed to l...
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Facebook Expects Half Its Workforce to Stay Remote Indefinitely

Facebook is the latest tech giant to broaden its telecommuting policies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In a livestreamed employee townhall Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to “aggressively” ramp up hiring for remote workers and begin taking applications for permanent remote work among…Read more...
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What to Look for in a Good VR Headset

Many films produced between the 1970s and the 1990s attempted to deal with the concept of virtual reality.… The post appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Oculus Quest VR adds hand tracking for one-year anniversary

20 new beatmaps are also coming to Beat Saber
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Apple's purchase of NextVR aligns with its long-term ambitions to become a major player in the XR ecosystem

Business Insider Intelligence and eMarketer are now Insider Intelligence, a digitally-focused research company from Insider Inc. Learn more about what we offer. This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Connectivity & Tech Briefing subscribers earlier this morning. To get this story plus others to your inbox each day, hours before they're published on Business Insider, click here. The iPhone-maker's latest purchase signals that Apple is banking on live events like sports and co...
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How a sports-gear company created the first virtual trade show for the outdoor industry, where media personalities and influencers can connect with brands in a video-game-style simulation

Outdoor Retailer is the largest biannual trade show for the outdoor industry, but it had to cancel its summer exposition due to COVID-19. Gearmunk, a gear review platform, configured a virtual solution: the Thin Air Outdoor Media Show, which will run June 24 to June 26. It's being recognized as the first virtual trade show for the outdoor industry, however, the idea for it has been floating in Gearmunk leaders' minds for a while. Any type of content creator, whether blogger, YouTuber, or influ...
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Kevin Rose on health apps, crypto, and how founders get through this time with their sanity intact

Kevin Rose has been in the spotlight since cofounding the early social news aggregation site Digg in late 2004. A genial whiz kid turned serial entrepreneur, he has since become as well-known for launching a whole lot of slickly designed products, some of them out of his startup incubator Milk (later acquired by Google), and North, an incubator that would later lead him to a site for watch enthusiasts called Hodinkee in New York. Along the way, Rose has been investing, at times as an angel, f...
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Next-Level Zoom – The Virtual Reality Version

“The weird feel of us meeting in a virtual fishtank, with real people able to peek in, makes me think of a possible future where performers work in VR, while directors or creators observe in video panels, able to provide more emotional nuance with their faces. VR isn’t able to blend moving around and using real facial expressions yet, which makes VR theater performances feel more like dance and puppetry than real living, talking faces. But this hybrid of VR and video chat feels like something n...
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Sketchfab launches team platform to share and collaborate on 3D models

Sketchfab is enabling multiplayer mode today with a new Sketchfab for Teams feature. The startup lets you share 3D models with other people in your company so that they can view, edit and download models. It could be particularly useful for companies working on augmented reality products, video games or even e-commerce websites with 3D configurators or visualizations. Sketchfab has been working for years on a 3D model viewer for web browsers. It now works really well on both desktop and mobil...
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Here's a First Look at the Tech Behind Sony's Finger-Tracking VR Controllers

Thanks to a few patent filings that have surfaced over the last two years, we’ve had an idea that Sony’s been tinkering with finger-tracking technology for a line of new VR motion controllers. It’s still unclear whether these controllers are intended to be a successor to PlayStation Move or part of the kit for the…Read more...
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