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6 Masturbations-Tipps, die alle Frauen kennen sollten

Stell dir Folgendes vor: Du bist auf einer Party und eine Freundin fragt dich: „Mit wem hattest du den besten Sex deines Lebens?“ Lisa Finn, Sexualpädagogin bei Babeland, hofft, dass jede Frau diese Frage folgenderweise beantworten würde: „Mit mir.“ Schließlich wird dich niemand jemals so beglücken können wie du dich selbst.„Wenn du eine Möglichkeit findest, dich auf dein eigenes Vergnügen auszurichten, wirst du für den Rest deines Lebens in guten Händen sein“, sagt sie. Diese Fähigkeit ist wie...
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The Vagina Bible: The Vulva and the Vagina — Separating the Myth from the Medicine Kindle Edition

The Vagina Bible $15 from Amazon Note: this book is currently free to rent if you have Amazon Prime. Since reading The Vagina Bible, there have been several instances in which I wanted to recommend it to other women who asked had questions or expressed ignorance about how their body works. I’m sure it’s a combination of me spending time in different online communities these days, but I have been consistently reminded how very little that women — and others with vaginas — know about their b...
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Vulva emphasized in new K-Y lube logo

"America's #1 lubricant brand" K-Y has a new look. Intentionally designed to represent a vulva, the brand's new logo is described as follows by its creator, Design Bridge New York: A strong symbol of female sexual power was placed right at the heart of the new brand identity – the ruby. Framed perfectly by the newly crafted K & Y, the ruby is a celebration of the vulva and a symbol of uncompromising passion and enjoyment. This new, unapologetic distinctive asset transforms across touchpoints to ...
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Intimpflege: Wer oder was ist eigentlich DEODOC?

Lasst uns doch mal über INTIMPFLEGE sprechen: Was ist eigentlich eine Vulva? Was gibt es an Pflege? Und wer oder was ist eigentlich DEODOC? Dieser Artikel erschien zuerst bei TheOriginalCopy Fakt ist: wie alle haben Special Forces in unserem Badezimmer stehen. In sorgfältiger Recherchearbeit haben wir Pflege- und Kosmetikprodukte ausgewählt, die sich um spezielle Themen kümmern. Während das eine Produkt den Haarwachstum auf natürlicher Basis ankurbelt, kommt die Mascara mit integri...
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Female Sexual Anatomy 101

Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Female Sexual Anatomy 101 Okay.  We women all know we have “girl parts’ and “lady bits” and what Oprah calls as a Va-ja-ja, but it’s time to start acting like grown-ups and refer to the parts of your... Posted from - Sex Toy Reviews Female Sexual Anatomy 101
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Study Finds Only Half Of British Women Can Identify a Vagina, Can You?

The Daily Mail is a trash paper whose highest purpose is to mop up cat urine, but this headline caught my eye:Read more...
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Vagina Video Game Devs: Apple Asked Us To Change Everything For App Store

La Petite Mort is a game about touching a pixelated vulva. There is technically no nudity in the game since everything is rather abstracted, but the general gist was still enough to get the game taken down from the app store. (NSFW warning.)Read more...
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Outercourse is the New Intercourse

Foreplay is important and outercourse is the new intercourse. Watch this video for tips on better foreplay.
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