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Boyue Likebook Muses Now Available on Amazon

The Boyue Likebook Muses features a s a 7.8 inch E Ink Carta touchscreen display with a resolution of 1782×1448 and 300 PPI. It also has a WACOM layer and comes with a stylus. In order to take notes effectively Boyue has incorporated the same note taking software that the Likebook Mimas employs. Underneath the hood is a 8 core 1.5 GHZ processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. This is the 3rd e-reader ever made with an octa-core processor. It also has support for Bluetooth, WIFi,...
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The E-ink Kindle-competitor Android should have made a long time ago

A cross between a Kindle, a Wacom, and an Android Tablet, the E-Pad is something that should’ve been launched years back… by Amazon, Samsung, or perhaps even by Adobe. Designed to be a touchscreen tablet with an e-ink display and a stylus, the E-Pad closes the gap between owning a digital device, and a notepad and pencil, and conceptually, that’s a pretty remarkable thing. Here’s why…Tablets (or even folding phones now) always promised to be one thing. The evolution of laptops and notebooks, d...
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Sweet 16: Wacom’s Cintiq 16 pen display makes retouching photos a breeze

Wacom’s Cintiq pen displays are usually reserved for the pros (or wealthy enthusiasts), but the new Cintiq 16 brings screen and stylus editing to an approachable price. Does it cut too much to get there? The post Sweet 16: Wacom’s Cintiq 16 pen display makes retouching photos a breeze appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Apple could build macOS feature to use your iPad as extra Mac display

According to a report from 9to5mac’s Guilherme Rambo, Apple is working on a feature that would let you pair your iPad with your Mac to turn your iPad into a secondary Mac display. That feature codenamed Sidecar could ship with macOS 10.15 this fall. If you’ve been using Luna Display or Duet Display, you’re already quite familiar with this setup. Those third-party hardware and software solutions let you turn your iPad into an external display. You can then extend your Mac display, move windows to...
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The Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

Wacom, Logitech If you own a new iPad, then you’re probably familiar with the Apple Pencil. It’s the ultimate stylus for writing notes and creating digital art. Thing is, the Pencil is pretty pricey. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great alternatives. As soon as the Apple Pencil hit the market, it raised the standard for all tablet styluses. It’s sleek, easy to use, and it’s built for both casual note takers and professional digital artists. But with a $90 to $130 price tag—for the first ...
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Acer’s ConceptD 9 is part laptop, part graphics tablet

When it comes to competing for the hearts and minds of creatives pros, some (see: Huawei) attempt to beat Apple at its own game. Others go an entirely different route. Acer’s ConceptD 9 falls firmly in the latter camp. More so that the rest of the line announced at an event today in Brooklyn, the 9 lives up to the “concept” part of the product name, with a unique swiveling tablet display that works as a sort of easel with Wacom pen support. With countless hybrid devices having flood the marke...
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10" ereader for note-taking and reading with micro SD

Are there any large ereaders with Wacom capability and micro SD storage? As a primary note-taking device, I'd like the assurance of a backup of any notes on the micro SD card in case something were to happen to the internal memory or device. Anything available or coming?
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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Deandra "Nika" Tan

from her Instagram feed by Mike RhodeDeandra "Nika" Tan's work is being exhibited in Arlington's Aurora Hills Library for two months, ending next week. Her artist's statement for the small exhibit reads:Deandra "Nika" Tan is a Virginia-based writer and artist who primarily leverages the medium of comics to tell her stories. Her visual art style combines elements of Japanese manga and vintage art illustrations, which she then further adapts to fit the tone of whatever project she's w...
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Here's an Incredibly Slick and Surprisingly Affordable Way To  Convert Paper Drawings Into Digital Files

One day, the idea of making marks on sheets of flattened tree guts to share ideas with others will be laughable. But for now, the experience of writing or drawing on a piece of paper still feels more natural than it does on a glass or plastic tablet. Moleskine’s new Adobe Creative Cloud connected Paper Tablet strives…Read more...
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Moleskine’s paper notebook lets you draw in vectors right inside Adobe Illustrator!

Teaming up together to achieve the near impossible, Adobe and Moleskine have debuted the Paper Tablet, a book and pen combo that translates sketches on paper to digital sketches on Adobe’s software… but that’s not all. The sketches you make on Moleskine’s Paper Tablet don’t just appear as scanned images on your computer. They get vectorized within Adobe Illustrator, giving you an infinite set of possibilities to take your doodles and actually begin working on them in vector software.The magic ...
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Note Pro announced

Press conference on 23 Feb in China: 首款带前光的10.3寸大屏电纸书Note Pro 文石产品经理Lufee介绍,BOOX Note Pro采用的是10.3英寸纯平柔性电子墨水屏,分辨率为1872×1404(227 PPI)。支持手笔双触,搭配4096级压感的WACOM电磁笔,毫秒级灵敏反应,可以模拟真实的纸笔原笔 迹书写体验。 Note Pro的机身极其轻薄,在搭载4100mAh的超大容量电池下,整机厚度仅7.1mm,重量约390g,单 手即可轻松握持。配置方面,Note Pro的内存从前代产品的2GB+32GB升级到了4GB+64GB,这样的电纸书内存搭配方案目前在全行 业内仅BOOX一家。此外还有强大的安卓6.0开放系统以及性能强悍的四核1.6GHz处理器加持,可以完 美兼容各种安卓应用,给用户带来前所未有的畅快使用体验。 让人惊喜的是,Note Pro内置均匀双色温前光系统,冷暖各32级亮度可以自主调节,从此阅读不受外部光线限制。其柔和光线均匀 地覆盖屏幕,不直接刺激眼睛,长时间阅读不伤眼。这是目前国内上市的首款带前光的1...
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Photography news: Wacom’s slimmer pen, Leica’s cinema special edition

In this week's photography news, Wacom launches a new slimmer pen for pro users. Leica's upcoming M10-P is designed for cinema, inside and out, with built-in cinema modes in the updated software. The post Photography news: Wacom’s slimmer pen, Leica’s cinema special edition appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Delux Designer Keyboard brings every shortcut you dreamed of to your fingertips

A heaven-sent for every creative, the Delux Designer was designed for your spare hand. You know, the one that isn’t wielding the Wacom stylus. With 28 absolutely essential keys (including 12 specially programmable hotkeys) and a dial, the Delux Designer is the only keyboard you’ll ever need to work your creative software.The Delux Designer occupies a third of the space a regular keyboard takes. In fact, it strips down the regular keyboard to its bare essentials, putting all your important shor...
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How Wacom's New Affordable Cintiq Beats the iPad

With the iPad Pro and its tight integration with the Pencil stylus, Apple’s tablet finally became a legitimate content creation tool for artists—and legitimate competition for Wacom, whose tablets have been a staple among designers and pixel pushers for decades. Wacom’s hardware, particularly its touchscreen Cintiq…Read more...
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Wacom Showed Me the First Good Reason to Buy the Magic Leap Hype

Fields as diverse as video game development, visual effects, and industrial design all rely on 3D software, but the tools used to make it remain firmly stuck in two-dimensions. For the past few years, Magic Leap’s mixed reality goggles have been heralded as the missing link between the digital 3D world and the real…Read more...
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New LG Gram Laptops Offer Powerful, Portable Option for Small Businesses

For the consumer electronics world the end of each year is a time to look forward to the biggest event for the industry, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With just weeks away from CES 2019, LG is out the door early by introducing its ultra-light gram laptops: the new LG gram 17-inch and a new line 14-inch LG gram 2-in-1 with pen support. The new computer may be a good fit for small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking a powerful but portable option. 2019 LG Gram Series As the...
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Wacom’s latest Cintiq pen display comes without the high price tag

Wacom's Cintiq pen displays are pro-level tools -- but the company's latest addition is designed for hobbyists and students and sits at a lower price point. The Wacom Cintiq 16HD uses the same pen technology, but a lower resolution display. The post Wacom’s latest Cintiq pen display comes without the high price tag appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Wacom launches Cintiq 16, an affordable drawing tablet for aspiring creatives

Wacom has announced $649 Cintiq 16, their most affordable pen display yet. At the price of $650, it’s aimed at aspiring creatives and hobbyists who want to make a transition to more professional devices. Wacom Cintiq 16 shares some features with the $1,500 Cintiq Pro 16. These include approximately the same active area, 8192 levels […] The post Wacom launches Cintiq 16, an affordable drawing tablet for aspiring creatives appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Wacom shows off entry-level Cintiq pen display

The leap from a Wacom's Intuos (a ~$300 graphics tablet) to its Cintiq (a $1200 pen-sensitive display) was always too much for me to make: a big investment in a new way of working that I'm not sure I'd benefit from. The likelihood of me forking out receded further when the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil came along, offering better latency for less dough. That said, you don't get Creative Suite and you're stuck with Apple's cursor-less way of doing things—so I might well give the new $649 Cintiq 16 [W...
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Wacom's New Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

There’s long been a far-fetched rumor that Adobe intentionally leaks pirated copies of Photoshop and Illustrator to hook young, aspiring artists on its software before they transition into careers as professional designers. Still, many of the professional design hardware remains quite expensive for students and other…Read more...
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Wacom's New Touchscreen Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

There’s long been a far-fetched rumor that Adobe intentionally leaks pirated copies of Photoshop and Illustrator to hook young, aspiring artists on its software before they transition into careers as professional designers. Still, many of the professional design hardware remains quite expensive for students and other…Read more...
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SketchBook (autodesk) on OnyxBoox Note

Hi everyone, I'm considering getting me an OnyxBoox Note 10 ans was wondering if anyone has tried to install the Autodesk SketchBook app on one of those. Edit: or a similar digital artwork/sketchpad app I just wanted to know if the app works at all, and if the Wacom pressure is working in the app. Or maybe (if there are any artists in the audience) you could recommend another device Thanks
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Mobile App Development Trends 2019

2017 and 2018 ended up key in the versatile applications advancement. The reasonable vision of this region has changed. On the off chance that prior organizations thinking about putting resources into applications as something optional and extra, yet now it has turned out to be one of the bases focuses for legitimate speculation of cash. In the wake of performing intensive research, we have recorded down all the major up and coming portable application improvement patterns of the year 2019. This...
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Apple pencil, finally there

I have been trying electronic pencils for years and years: different 3rd party iPad styli (is that the correct plural?), the previous Apple pencil itself and previous solutions by Wacom. None of these worked good enough for me to get rid of my note book.I think has changed with the latest Apple pencil that works on a 2018 iPad Pro. The updated pencil solved a few annoyances when compared to the previous one:It snaps to your device (but still falls of in your bag)When snapped, it charges, no mor...
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This Software Engineer Turns Shampoo and Hot Sauce Into Spaceships and Robots

Software engineer by day, digital artist @spacegooose by night—Eric Geusz' illustrations need no adjectives and little introduction."I have always had a huge passion for drawing and designing things since my childhood days of hot glue and legos," says Eric on his portfolio website. "I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in film and digital media, and I have formal training in 3D, Animation and Compositing." Spoken like a true wizard of the Wacom, Mr. Geusz. Below, erasers sprout landi...
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Banuba raises $7M to supercharge any app or device with the ability to really see you

Walking into the office of Viktor Prokopenya – which overlooks a central London park – you would perhaps be forgiven for missing the significance of this unassuming location, just south of Victoria Station in London. While giant firms battle globally to make Augmented Reality a ‘real industry’, this jovial businessman form Belrarus is poised to launch a revolutionary new technology for just this space. This is the kind of technology some of the biggest companies in the world are snapping up righ...
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Onyx Boox Setups

Hi all, I am a little curious how you guys and gals use your Onyx devices. They are in an interesting niche of being very, very good at specific tasks, such as note taking and reading, but their software allows them to become so much more. I am sure there are so many great uses people discovered, that we can all learn from each other some thing. So let me start: Device: Onyx Boox Note (10.3) After getting myself a cheapish 6 inch ereader, I remembered how great eink screens are. But since I...
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Review: The iPad Pro and the power of the Pen(cil)

Laptop users have been focused for a very long time on whether the iPad Pro is going to be forced upon them as a replacement device. Depending on who you believe, Apple included, it has at one point been considered that, or a pure tablet with functions to be decided completely by the app development community, or something all its own. But with the iPad Pro, the Smart Keyboard and the new version of Apple’s Pencil, some things are finally starting to become clear. The new hardware, coupled wi...
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Canon is offering free CarePAK Plus with free accidental damage repair on the EOS R and most DSLRs

It’s all you need, really. Your shiny new EOS R is sitting on your desk next to your computer while you edit images. You reach over to grab your Wacom pen and, oops! You forgot about that mug of coffee and now your camera’s a sticky wet dead mess. But you’re in luck because you […] The post Canon is offering free CarePAK Plus with free accidental damage repair on the EOS R and most DSLRs appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Adobe is finally building Photoshop for the iPad Pro — but its biggest announcement might be a new app for painters and illustrators (ADBE)

Adobe is launching a suite of iPad apps for graphics pros, including a full version of Photoshop. But one app designed from the ground-up for styluses may be the most interesting new Adobe product. It's called Project Gemini, and it's an iPad Pro app with a focus on different "brushes" that can turn your Pencil into a range of different digital paints and drawing tools.  Adobe announced on Monday that it was finally planning to launch a version of "real Photoshop" for iPads as part of its Cre...
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