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Summer Music Festival, Camp, and School Seeks Development Manager

The Walden School ( seeks a Development Manager to join the School’s dynamic, fun, and collegial San Francisco-based administrative team. The Development Manager, with the Executive Director and Board’s Development Committee, helps lead the School’s annual fund and overall development effort. The ideal candidate is highly collaborative, exceptionally organized, has excellent persuasive written and oral communication skills (including communicating in email/online, letter, teleph...
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"These days, we understand Thoreau to have been a nonpracticing gay man, whose retreat to his weatherized cabana at Walden was... an anti-heteronormative broadside."

I'm trying to read "Thoreau in Love/The writer had a deep bond with his mentor, Ralph Waldo Emerson. But he also had a profound connection with Emerson’s wife" by James Marcus (The New Yorker). I've taken an ongoing interest in Thoreau ever since I encountered him when I was a high school student in the 1960s, and I've noticed and blogged things about him throughout the 17 years of this blog, and I'm even also interested in the subject of historical figures who might have been gay. How did I mis...
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An 18-Year-Old Spends a Year Alone Building a Log Cabin in the Swedish Wilderness: Watch from Start to Finish

Henry David Thoreau has at times been upbraided by critics for “everyone’s favorite incriminating biographical factoid,” writes Donovan Hohn at The New Republic: “During the two years he spent at Walden Pond, his mother sometimes did his laundry.” The author who became “America’s original nature boy “played at rugged self-sufficiency,” it is said, “while squatting on borrowed land, in a house built with a borrowed axe”; he played at rugged individualism while relying on friends and famil...
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On the Pandemic and Career Downsizing

Earlier this summer, the Labor Department released a report that included a shocking statistic: close to 4 million people had quit or resigned in April. These numbers remained high in the spring months that followed. The business press began calling this workplace exodus the “Great Resignation.” In my latest essay for the New Yorker, published earlier this week, I took a closer look at this trend. There are many different factors powering the Great Resignation, and it impacts many different dem...
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Henry David Thoreau's tax protest expanded lessons

Thoreau's Cove, circa 1908, on Walden Pond near Concord, Massachusetts. (Photo from the U.S. Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons) Nature is a healing touchstone for many. That was especially evident when we reduced our socializing due to COVID-19. A walk in a park was a way to get out of our self-imposed lockdowns and stay safely distant from others while embracing the environment. Many people went further as the coronavirus pandemic continued, moving from crowded cities to suburban...
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Podcast #616: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling

Editor’s Note: This is a rebroadcast. It originally aired June 2020. One of the most burning questions in life is what it is you’re called to do with it. What is your life’s purpose? What great work are you meant to do? Guidance on this question can come from many sources, and my guest today says that one of the best is the Bhagavad Gita, a text of Hindu scripture thousands of years old. He’s a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, and author of The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey t...
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12+ Best Day Trips from Boston

What are the best day trips from Boston? Have I got a post for you! Boston is a brilliantly situated city, surrounded by seaside towns, cool beaches, and natural wonders. Whether you’re staying in downtown Boston or out in the suburbs, whether you’re traveling with kids or on your own, there’s so much to see throughout Massachusetts and beyond. And if there’s anything I know like the back of my hand, it’s Boston day trips — the ones that are worth it (Newburyport! Providence! Portland!), and t...
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Podcast #358: The Stranger in the Woods — The Story of the Last True Hermit

Editor’s Note: This is a rebroadcast. The episode originally aired in November 2017.  Have you ever just wanted to get in your car, drive off into the middle of nowhere, leave behind the hustle and bustle of civilization, and just be by yourself?  Well, in 1986 a man named Christopher Knight did just that and lived alone in the Maine woods without any, any human contact for 27 years until he was discovered in 2013. My guest today wrote a biography — The Stranger in the Woods — about this...
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Tillie Walden Needs an Editor: Spinning and On a Sunbeam

Two Tillie Walden books have been holding down the edge of my to-do stack table for years now. And they work well in that function, as Spinning (2017) is just under 400 pages, and On a Sunbeam (2018) is over 540! These are bricks of books, is what I’m saying. Walden does gorgeous art, spare and thought-provoking and expressive, in a variety of genres. Spinning is an autobiography, the story of her time as a teenage figure skating competitor and [...]
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Republican presidential hopefuls are contesting 'shadow primaries' to avoid angering Trump, report says

Nikki Haley, left, and former Vice President Mike Pence, right, are taking part in "shadow primaries" for 2024, Politico reported. Getty Images Republican presidential hopefuls are taking part in "shadow primaries," Politico reported. Sen. Tom Cotton, former VP Mike Pence, and Nikki Haley are campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. GOP 2024 hopefuls are looking for ways to kickstart their bids without angering Trump, Politico said. See more stories on Insider's business page. Republican...
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‘Walden’ Review: An Ambitious West End Debut That Grapples With Big Ideas

Producer Sonia Friedman returns to the post-pandemic West End not with a safe revival but with a succession of brief runs for three socially-distanced world premieres by young writers, and it is an impressive act of faith in the future. But while Friedman looks to the future of theater, young U.S. playwright Amy Berryman looks […]
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Snorkel AI scores $35M Series B to automate data labeling in machine learning

One of the more tedious aspects of machine learning is providing a set of labels to teach the machine learning model what it needs to know. Snorkel AI wants to make it easier for subject matter experts to apply those labels programmatically, and today the startup announced a $35 million Series B. It also announced a new tool called Applications Studio that provides a way to build common machine learning applications using templates and predefined components. Lightspeed Venture Partners led the r...
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Hannah Arendt: Change the world, not yourself

It is not often that a neighbourhood squabble is remembered as a world-historical event. In the summer of 1846, Henry David Thoreau spent a single night in jail in Concord, Massachusetts after refusing to submit his poll tax to the local constable. This minor act of defiance would later be immortalised in Thoreau's essay 'On the Duty of Civil Disobedience' (1849). There, he explains that he had been unwilling to provide material support to a federal government that perpetuated mass injustice – i...
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R.L. Stine’s ‘Just Beyond’ TV Series at Disney+ Enlists ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Director Marc Webb

Last year, we learned that Gooosebumps author R.L. Stine’s horror anthology graphic novel series Just Beyond from BOOM! Studios was being turned into a TV series at Disney+. At the time, only Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) had been announced as the writer, executive producer and showrunner. Now Disney has brought in Amazing Spider-Man franchise director Marc Webb to get behind the camera for the series. The Hollywood Reporter has news ...
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Sunday Firesides: Every Man Needs His Own Walden(s)

In recent years, it’s become fashionable to question the authenticity of Thoreau’s famous experiment in seeking greater solitude, simplicity, and self-reliance on the shores of Walden pond. “Do you know his cabin was just two miles from the town of Concord?” “That he sometimes went home to have dinner with friends and family?” “He didn’t even own the land on which he lived — Emerson did!” Yet, Thoreau never intended for his sojourn to be something entirely “pure.” Instead, his point from the...
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A List of 132 Radical, Mind-Expanding Books from Rage Against the Machine

If you like Rage Against the Machine, but don’t like their “political bs,” you haven’t actually listened to Rage Against the Machine, whose entire raison d’être is contained within the name. What is “the Machine”? Let’s hear it from the band themselves. Singer Zack de la Rocha pointed out that the title of their second album, 1996’s Evil Empire, came from “Ronald Reagan’s slander of the Soviet Union in the eighties, which the band feels could just as easily apply to the United States.” The Mach...
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2021 Golden Globes are closing these Beverly Hills streets

BEVERLY HILLS — The first in a series of road closures will begin Wednesday near the Beverly Hilton to make way for this Sunday’s 78th annual Golden Globe Awards. According to the city, beginning at 6 a.m. Wednesday, the eastbound curb lane of Wilshire Boulevard east of Whittier will be closed, as will Merv Griffin Way in both directions between North Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards. Both stretches will remain closed until 4 a.m. Monday. The following additional street closures/restrictions...
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Dana Walden Says Disney Productions Are Among L.A.’s ‘Safest Places’ With Low COVID Rates

After adapting to COVID protocols last summer and fall, most of Disney’s TV productions have maintained virus transmission rates of less than 1%, making them “some of the safest places” in Los Angeles, Disney TV chief Dana Walden told a group of Harvard University undergrads on Sunday. Walden held a virtual Q&A Sunday morning as […]
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The Air Force's 2nd B-21 bomber is under construction as the first one starts 'to look like a bomber'

An artist's rendering of the B-21 bomber at Dyess Air Force Base. Northrop Grumman/US Air Force A second B-21 Raider bomber is under construction at Northrop Grumman's facility in Palmdale, California, while the first one slowly takes shape ahead of its expected roll-out in early 2022. The lessons learned from the construction of the first B-21 Raider are being used to improve the second one, which will be used for structural testing. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories....
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"And their eyes — wow, it was like someone turned the lights on."

The image is from Earl Shaffer's Appalachian Hike Diary (1948), every page of which you can see at that link, at the Smithsonian website. I'm reading about Shaffer this morning in "Walking off the War on the Appalachian Trail," a new article at Gaia GPS. The author is Abby Levene.Shaffer was the first person to through-hike the Appalachian Trail: He travelled alone, walking around 17 miles a day. Shaffer packed light. He nixed a tent when he realized his poncho could double as a shelter. He men...
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Mads Mikkelsen & Armie Hammer to Lead Billion Dollar Spy

Mads Mikkelsen & Armie Hammer to lead Billion Dollar Spy After dipping their toes into the spy world with Casino Royale and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mads Mikkelsen and Armie Hammer are returning to the world of covert deception as they’ve signed on to star in the cold War thriller The Billion Dollar Spy, according to . RELATED: Jennifer Lopez & Armie Hammer to Lead Lionsgate’s Shotgun Wedding PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone |...
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Argument analysis: Due process, causation and stopping points for a 1945 doctrine in a 2020 world

Attorneys and justices explored competing causation standards and competing understandings of due process on Wednesday during oral argument in Ford v. Montana Eighth Judicial District (consolidated with Ford v. Bandemer). The cases present a question of personal jurisdiction: whether individuals injured in automobile accidents involving Ford cars can sue Ford in the states in which the accidents took place (Montana and Minnesota) if Ford regularly sells, ships and markets cars in those states bu...
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Surfing citizen scientists collect important ocean data

A new U.S. nonprofit called Smartfin is enlisting surfers to collect data on warming oceans. Smartfin distributes special surfboard fins, which track location, motion, temperature and other data while surfers ride the waves. “Most people who really call themselves surfers are out there, you know, almost every single day of the week and often for three, four hours at a time,” Smartfin’s senior research engineer Phil Bresnahan told Chemistry World. You could hardly imagine a group that is already ...
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Episode #52: It’s Spooky Season + The Home Edit Joins Us!

Hello, hello. It’s officially spooky season (our podcast, our rules) and this week we’re chatting about all the fall things. We’re also joined by Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit! They’ve got a new Netflix show streaming as well as a book that’s about to launch … so we have a lot of chat about. You can stream the episode here on the blog or on  iTunes ,  Spotify ,  Google Play ,  TuneIn ,  Pocket Casts , and  Stitcher . You can find the podcast posts archive here . Show Notes:  -Link to Davi...
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Alice Koller, Author Of ‘The Feminist Walden,’ 94

Koller, author of An Unknown Woman, inspired many women to consider their lives as full and complex – but she wasn’t necessarily pleased with her own experience. “It is a paradox that her life provided inspiration for so many, even as she continued to struggle. In 1991, Bantam republished An Unknown Woman, and it’s now a sought-after title on Amazon.” – The New York Times
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Infringing Polish Website Isn’t Subject to Personal Jurisdiction in the United States–AMA v. Wanat

AMA Multimedia sued Marcin Wanat, Maciej Madon, and MW Media, a Poland-based partnership. AMA was only able to serve Wanat, so he’s the only defendant in the lawsuit. He moved to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction in the United States. The district court agreed. The Ninth Circuit affirms in 4 opinions from a 3-judge panel: a consensus opinion, two concurrences (one from the author of the consensus–it’s unusual for the author of the lead opinion to write an opinion concurring with him/her...
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22 books that will expand your mind and change your life, according to a productivity expert

Find a comfortable spot and pick up a book. Vincent West/Reuters Darius Foroux is an entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster who has written extensively about how to live a productive, more useful life.In this piece, he writes that reading books is one of the very best ways to learn something, or become totally immersed in another perspective or time.Not every single book will be, or should be, lifechanging, but a select few can truly change the way you think.Below, Foroux identifies 22 books ...
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Detroit Firearm Instructors Unite To Give 1,938 Women Free Shooting Skills

Detroit Firearm Instructors Unite To Give 1,938 Women Free Shooting Skills U.S.A. –-( Firearm Instructors united August 15th and 16th in Taylor – a Detroit suburb – to provide free firearm training to 1,938 metro-Detroit women. They answered a call for assistance by Rick Ector, a Detroit Firearm Instructor, who conducts an annual program to give women a free range safety briefing and a free shooting lesson. Last year, 814 local women were trained by the program. At that point in...
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Russell Kirsch, developer of the pixel, 1929–2020

Russell Kirsch (previously) the American computer scientist who created a digital image of his son Walden in 1957, has died of Alzheimer's disease at age 91. The image, created on a SEAC, is widely considered one of the most influential images in the history of photography. Via TechCrunch: His research group used "a rotating drum and a photomultiplier to sense reflections from a small image mounted on the drum." In lieu of grid-based sampling of the image, a mask was placed on it pierced a...
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Kremmling, CO - Days 1 & 2

Tuesday, Aug 11 Broke camp and left that wonderfully isolated boondocking spot on Independence Mountain this morning.  Got down the steep parts with no issues, using lowest gear and the occasional  tapping of the brakes. It being the cool of the morning still and a short driving distance to Walden and the propane dealer there; there were no issues filling up the propane tank on the URRV.  Often, when its hot out and I've been driving a while, the tank apparently heats up enough to...
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