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Roams with a view: 10 UK peaks with stunning 360 panoramas

You don’t have to climb the highest peaks to get the best views; on top of these hills it feels like ‘the entire Earth is at your feet’It is undoubtedly true that the best views are to be had from high places, although as musical hall star Gus Elen observed:Wiv a ladder and some glassesYou could see the ’Ackney MarshesIf it wasn’t for the ’ouses in between Continue reading...
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Jalan Jalan (93): Out of nowhere...

[Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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10 great UK coastal walks: readers' tips

From Sheppey to Shetland, our readers share their favourite walks along beaches, estuaries and clifftops Pack your swimmers, a small towel, a bottle of water and take the coastal walk from Fowey Harbour to Polkerris Bay. It is a moderate to strenuous walk of almost five miles (longer if you choose the circular walk back to Fowey), but you will be rewarded with the discovery of secret beaches en route, where you can stop for a swim and take in the beautiful views. Another highlight is the shipwre...
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Sick of Driving? Here’s Why You Should Walk to Work

Most Americans learn to drive as soon as they turn 16. We’re desperate for some independence and excitement and driving feels like it can give us just that. But, ten, twenty or thirty years on, driving feels a lot less adventurous. Now, it’s a chore, and we can get sick of it.   While driving certainly serves a purpose, there are plenty of reasons to do it less. Walking to work might not be something you’ve considered, but there are so many benefits. Here’s why you should start walking to work...
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UK plans to boost cycling and walking under threat, say campaigners

YouGov survey for BikeIsBest finds 77% support changes despite protests by pro-motoring groups Government plans to boost levels of walking and cycling after the coronavirus crisis are under threat from a minority of objectors, whose views do not represent the opinions of many Britons, a pro-cycling campaign has claimed.Research carried out for the BikeIsBest organisation found 77% of Britons would support changes in their local area to encourage more cycling and walking. Continue reading...
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Citi Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards: Anything but the Subway

Some New Yorkers, still nervous about public transit, are getting around town in the fresh air, regardless of how long it takes.
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Get Up and Go for a Walk Already

Are you sitting at home? Working at home, perhaps? Working at a desk somewhere? If so, my fitness challenge to you is a simple one today: get up for a minute and take a stroll around the block.Read more...
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A Bridge From Queens to Manhattan, but No Cars Allowed

A group of transportation experts wants to build a new bridge in New York City to accommodate a surge in cycling.
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Sitting All Day May Increase Your Risk of Dying From Cancer

Need another reason to move? Sedentary behavior was linked to an increased risk of fatal cancer.
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Walking Your Dog … While Applying Social Distancing Rules

  Walking Your Dog … While Applying Social Distancing Rules By Certified Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist Mikkel Becker, in collaboration with Sure Petcare   With all the new social distancing rules for humans, walking your dog may seem crazy and out of control these days.  Here are four easy-to-apply solutions to help ease frustration and up the loose leash finesse, making outings more fun for you and your canine companion. A front or multi-point attachment harness To be...
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Trying to Walk More? 7 Tips to Stay Safe on the Roadside

Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere, especially in busier cities. Follow these important tips for staying safe by the road! When summer arrives more and more people venture outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. This is a great time for outdoor activities and various forms of exercise, especially going for a walk. When walking near a road, you need to stay as safe as possible in order to avoid potential pedestrian accidents. This article takes a look at important pedestrian ...
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Pandemic Lockdowns Lead to Less Traffic and Better Air

Fewer cars on the road during the pandemic has meant cleaner air, but not necessarily fewer traffic deaths. Can we have both?
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Slosh! Slurp! Welcome to the ‘Walktail’ Party

With most bars still takeout only, indoor gatherings discouraged and the weather warmer, Americans are sipping and strolling.
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How Walking Changes Us

“In Praise of Walking” and “In Praise of Paths” offer two very different approaches to the benefits of taking regular strolls.
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How a Daily Walk Helps Us Cope With the Coronavi

We asked readers to tell us about the walks they are taking, what they see on their travels and how they feel as they cover old ground or forge new paths.
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You Need to Walk Outside Every Day

In a time when our fitness options are limited, don’t discount the benefits of walking. Walking is free. Walking doesn’t require any fancy equipment or specialized knowledge. Walking is the most basic of motions, one of the first things we learn to do when we are young. Read more...
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Modes of Transportation, Ranked From Coolest to Least Cool

Even in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, rollerblading isn’t very cool.Read more...
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Country diary: lockdown brings a wild quiet to populated places

Wharfedale, Yorkshire: There are moments of beauty, but the silence can also be eerie and strange, or mask an underlying hostilityIn Lower Wharfedale, there are new kinds of silences everywhere. Around Beacon Hill, on the Chevin, the seismic roar of aircraft booming off to Edinburgh or Alicante from the airport nearby has given way to the white noise of a sunny heath in April; a silence textured with the bee-charged buzz of a goat willow, the delicate song of a dunnock, or the soft gloops of mat...
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The bittersweet story of Marina Abramović's epic walk on the Great Wall of China

In 1988 Abramović and Ulay trekked from opposite ends of the wall to meet in the middle, but this act of love and performance art was doomed from the startFrom the moment in 1976 that Serbian and German performance artists Marina Abramović and Ulay (Frank Uwe Laysiepen, who died last month aged 76) clapped eyes on each other they were inseparable. Ulay found Abramović witchy and otherworldly; she found him wild and exciting. Even their initial encounter was propitious: they met in Amsterdam on ...
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For Runners, Is 15 Feet the New 6 Feet for Social Distancing?

When we walk briskly or run, air moves differently around us, increasing the space required to maintain a proper social distance.
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All around us

Y esterday 's wind was wild. Power is out all around us. And we have been spared. Just a few flickers.  Late in the day, the rain (so much rain) stopped, and the wind subsided except for an occasional gust. The constant roar of the storm suddenly went silent. Suddenly Sun. We decided to walk the property, for the first time actually. All the way to the borders that were marked by the survey we had done before we moved a few months ago. The house is on high ground and most of the 5 acres ...
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