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10 of the UK's best alternative mountain and hill walks

Snowdon, Helvellyn and Ben Nevis are great climbs, so long as you don’t mind the queues on the trails. Carey Davies finds these walks just as challenging and scenic – but without the crowdsSkip Helvellyn via Striding EdgeGive this a go instead High Street via Long Stile ridge Continue reading...
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Jalan Jalan (61): Stuff deserted and unrestrained...

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Jalan Jalan (57): Upstream/Downstream

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New York considers fining pedestrians for texting while crossing

Bill introduced to state senate would fine those caught using a ‘portable electronic device’ in crosswalks $25 to $250In New York City, it seems no one can afford to miss an email or reply to a chat late, even if that means checking their phones when crossing the street. But soon these daredevils could get hit with a fine for their reckless behavior.A bill banning texting while walking has been introduced to New York’s state senate. If the bill passes into law, New Yorkers can expect to be fined...
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You can pay someone to take a walk with you in Los Angeles now

You've heard of those dog-walking apps like Wag, where you can summon someone to go walk your dog? Now there's a thing like that but for humans in Los Angeles, California. Meet Chuck McCarthy, the People Walker. They're on Facebook, if you'd like to take a walk and don't wanna be lonely. “The affable art school graduate with a bushy beard and merry eyes mostly used to work on a laptop in a Hollywood coffee shop, trying to make ends meet by creating web GIFs and landing the occasional acting...
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Jalan Jalan (59): and then we found a bowling ball...

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Exercise by Walking the Whole Airport During Your Layover

Airports are enormous (in big cities, anyway), and that’s often what we hate about them. Baggage claim is how far away?? But if you’ve got time to kill, consider using the airport’s vastness to your advantage. Walk the whole damn thing, and time yourself. Read more...
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Google Maps' New AR Walking Directions Are Pretty Cool

I didn’t expect Google to go soaring out of the gate soon soon after the company teased its augmented reality ambitions for Google Maps at yesterday’s I/O 2019 keynote, but here we go. Starting today, an unknown number of Android aficionados are getting access to an early preview of Google’s new “AR navigation…Read more...
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Jalan Jalan (58): some grisly stuff

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Jalan Jalan (52): Sad, but maybe good/safe for the neighborhood - old, damaged, dangerous house comes down - Part 2

Scroll down past the photos for a timely editorial from The Japan Times (5/4/19) that offers some context about such house-wrecking. Address the vacant home problem The estimated number of uninhabited houses across Japan continues to rise as the supply of newly built properties keeps growing despite the declining population, while the demolition of unused homes or efforts to list them on the market make slow progress. According to the Internal Affairs and Communicati...
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Jalan Jalan (60): Neighborhood Flora

Special Bonus Shots: Spring flowers Trying to Bust Out at Work [Author: [email protected] (visual gonthros)]
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One Island, 32 Miles, a Million Emotions

The author relied on strolls to clear her head. But would the Great Saunter, a 12-hour tour on the edge of Manhattan, be overwhelming?
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Of course the Victorians walked faster. They didn’t have Instagram and map apps | Ed Jefferson

Ordnance Survey is recalculating how long it takes modern walkers to complete routes. Here are the things that hold us upIt turns out that for the past 127 years anyone following standard walking directions has unintentionally been playing a game of “Are you fitter than a Victorian mountaineer?” As a result, Ordnance Survey has finally decided that it is going to shake things up and provide 21st-century directions for 21st-century walkers, with an update to the way it works out how long a given ...
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On your own in Sitka: A Self-guided Sitka Walking Tour for Boomer Travelers

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Jalan Jalan (50): Pucker Up...

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Jalan Jalan (49): Boots and Gloves

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Bengaluru Karaga – 2019

Bengaluru City Karaga is probably one of the oldest festivals celebrated in the heart of the Bengaluru. It’s celebrated in the Bengaluru Kote and Market area by a community called ‘Vahnikula Kshatriyas Thigala’. Similar Karaga and Pallakki (Oora Habba) happen in villages and towns in and around Bengaluru. I have seen Karaga in Anekal, Hebbagodi and Muthanalluru etc but this is my first time in Bengaluru. We left home early (around 12 middle of the night) and reached KG Road – Mysore Bank Ci...
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7 Ways to live an eco-friendly life while staying healthy

Being committed to sustainable living is all about balance. While staying healthy is a top priority, you also need to think about living as eco-friendly as possible. Balancing these two commitments can be challenging, but there are plenty of ways you can live an eco-friendly life while keeping yourself in top shape and all it will cost you is a little time and energy. From enjoying the benefits of fresh air to changing the way you eat, here are a few ways you can bring balance to your life and ...
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Jalan Jalan (46) [SPECIAL BAKA]: A trip to the Immigrations turns into a wandering around Cosmo Square...

I had been putting off the long journey to Cosmo Square to take care of some business at the Immigration Office for some time. When I finally went it turned out to be a wild goose change. Procedures had changed and so I didn't have to do what I thought I had to to do. A wasted trip. But why not turn a wasted trip into a Jalan Jalan SPECIAL, albeit a baka one... So off in the distance I saw this Intex Osaka complex and thought something interesting must be there... What I found was a h...
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Jalan Jalan (45) [SPECIAL]: A few more from rural Nagoya...

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Nordic walking: a pilgrims’ route from Oslo to Trondheim

This medieval pilgrim trail has a much lower profile than the Camino. And that’s a good thing for those who like to enjoy Norway’s beauty in solitudeWe were deep in the Gudbrands valley, several hundred kilometres along St Olav’s Way in Norway, when Stig Grytting got the call. Sitting outside his 13th-century farmhouse, drinking wine and eating homemade bread, he was talking about renovations to the building when the call came. Not the voice of God, you understand, but the buzz of his mobile pho...
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