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Argument analysis: Spinning heads and swimming constitutional rights in debates over an accrual rule

McDonough v. Smith, argued Wednesday, saw justices and attorneys repeating metaphors about heads spinning and constitutional rights swimming. The justices seemed inclined to rule for the petitioner (supported by the United States) that his claim was timely and that the limitations period on a civil action should not begin until favorable termination of criminal proceedings. But the likely scope of the ruling remains uncertain. Respondent Youel Smith prosecuted petitioner Edward McDonough, a form...
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NRA Foundation Announces 2019 Sponsors for National BBQ and Auction and Wall of Guns

NRA Foundation Announces 2019 Sponsors for National BBQ and Auction and Wall of Guns INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -( The National Rifle Association’s 148th Annual Meetings and Exhibits will have its unofficial start at the 2019 National NRA Foundation BBQ & Auction at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., on Thursday, April 25, at 5:00 p.m. Funds raised at the attendee-favorite event sponsored by Henry Repeating Arms, Kimber and Century Arms—with a pre-event reception at 4 p.m. sponsor...
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Too much...?

This “hôtel particulier”, a former private mansion house – now a school – is very rich on decorations, maybe on the limit of “too much”? Well, it has not always looked like this, the building has been transformed during the centuries. The original building dates from the 16th century and has changed owners – and shape and decorations… - a number of times. It is today known as “Hôtel Fieubet” , but has also been known as “Hôtel Combourg”, “Hôtel Lavalette”… Below we can see s...
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A Look at the State of the Wall on the US-Mexico Border

The southern border is nearly 2,000 miles long and already has about 650 miles of different types of barriers.
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Firefighters rescue hiker stuck on rock 150 feet above ground in Chatsworth

A team of 45 firefighters rescued a hiker who found himself stuck on the face of a rock about 150 feet above ground in the Garden of Gods area in Chatsworth on Saturday. Los Angeles firefighters on Saturday rescued a man stuck on a rock face in the Garden of the Gods area in Chatsworth. (Photo by Leo Kaufman, contributing photographer.) Los Angeles firefighters on Saturday rescued a man stuck on a rock face in the Garden of the Gods area in Chatsworth. (Photo by Leo Kaufman, contributing p...
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Who are the next billion users and what do they want?

Entrepreneurs and tech executives are widening their gazes outside of developed nations for their next source of growth. Ubiquitous cheap phones and increasingly affordable phone plans such as Jio in India are helping another billion users join the internet. What do those users want though, and how are they the same and different than existing internet users? That’s the subject of a critical book by Payal Arora, entitled The Next Billion Users: Digital Life Beyond the West. The compact thesis en...
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Argument analysis: Peace cross appears safe, if not stable

For nearly a century, a 40-foot-tall stone and concrete cross has stood on a traffic median in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, just a few miles from the Supreme Court. But seven years ago, a group of local residents filed a lawsuit seeking to have the cross removed. They argue that the presence of the cross on public land violates the Constitution, which bars the government from establishing an official religion and favoring one religion over another. The state of Maryland, which owns and maintai...
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What Happens When a President Declares a National Emergency?

Today in the upside down, President Trump declared a national emergency in an effort to fund the U.S.-Mexico border. In doing so, he’ll effectively bypass Congress and gain access to billions of dollars, among other capacities, which include the ability to declare curfews and even limit our actual movements (yep).…Read more...
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Budget Deal Includes Far Less Money Than President Trump Wanted For Wall

It's not clear whether Trump will support the deal
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Rangers Prospect Corner: Barron, Hughes & Reunanen

February is crunch time in the world of hockey, with the playoffs looming and teams trying to shake that end-of-the-season fatigue. Luckily for UMass Lowell and their hot start to 2019, goaltender Tyler Wall has shown no signs of weariness. Wall turned aside all 28 shots he faced against Boston College on Feb. 8 for his fourth shutout of the season. It was the second time the New York Rangers’ 2016 sixth-round pick (174th overall) faced the Eagles in a two-week span, after he only let in one tal...
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Wizards’ Wall on injury: ‘God is telling me something’

WASHINGTON (AP) — John Wall has a history of trying to play through pain. His latest setback is forcing the Washington Wizards guard to take a different approach. “I guess God is telling me something,” Wall said Friday night about the ruptured Achilles tendon that will force him to miss at least the majority of […]
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Wizards’ Wall needs surgery on Achilles tendon; out a year

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Wizards say point guard John Wall will be sidelined for more than another year because he ruptured his left Achilles tendon while slipping and falling at home. The team said Tuesday that Wall’s surgery has not been scheduled. He is expected to be able to return to full basketball activities […]
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A ‘National Emergency’ Is Not An Option To Save Trump From Failure

Stop talking about this autocrat fever dream as if it's a thing.
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Traditional 1940s Waiheke beachfront bach fetches $3.9m

Described as a family bach, a 1940s wooden waterfront home on Waiheke Island has sold for just under $4 million. Graham Wall Real Estate was marketing the modest weatherboard at Onetangi beach. Wall said the house was unusual... [Author: [email protected]]
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Berlin Artist Philipp Scherer Talks About His Work on Game of Thrones & Unseen Westeros

This week the city of Berlin is going to host a unique exhibition called Unseen Westeros, which is going to drive all Games of Thrones fans crazy. Forty artists from the art departments of the iconic series have been working together for three years to present you something special. Are you ready to find out about the origins of Westeros and see all the places from the books that have so far remained undiscovered in the TV show? Being big fans of Games of Thrones, we could not miss the chance to...
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Rangers Prospect Corner: Kravtsov, Miller & Wall

It was an eventful week in amateur hockey between the KHL All-Star Game and college hockey teams diving in to the second half of their season. For starters, Morgan Barron registered a goal and an assist in Cornell University’s 2-0 shutout over Harvard University on Jan. 18 before dishing two more assists the next night in Cornell’s 5-1 win over Dartmouth. He added nine shots on goal between both contests and finished with a plus-three rating. The New York Rangers’ 2017 sixth-round pick (174th ov...
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Republican Arizona lawmaker revives doomed "porn tax" to fund Trump's doomed border-wall

Anti-porn troll Chris Sevier (previously) has built his career by convincing grandstanding Republican state lawmakers to introduce doomed, unconstitutional porn-tax laws that would require in-state ISPs to implement default-on censorship of "adult sites" (or, more specifically, "sites appearing an an arbitrary, unaccountable secret blacklist of allegedly adult material") and then charge $20/subscriber to turn off the filters. This is unconstitutional and stupid, which makes it perfect for p...
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Bradley Beal does not think the Wizards are better without John Wall: 'That's absolutely nonsense'

What's funny is that a lot of folks had written the Wizards off well before Wall went down for the year, and the injury had a lot of us wondering if they were better off with Beal trying to carry the team back into contention by himself. We have spent years studying the chemistry between Wall and Beal, a combustible pairing that they themselves have acknowledged, and the team's disastrous 13-22 start had us testing the trade machine to see how Washington could deal its way out of a fai...
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Border Patrol union deletes 2012 anti-border wall web page that argued walls waste taxpayer money

A union that represents agents for the U.S. Border Patrol deleted a 2012 page from their website that said building walls or fences along the U.S./Mexico border to stop desperate migrants would be “wasting taxpayer money.” VICE's Motherboard reports that the deleted web page was originally posted in 2012. It carried an argument against walls like the one Trump's pushing today, and said border barriers don’t tackle migration's root causes, and may encourage more migrants to enter the U.S. thro...
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Art in Public Spaces: A Chronicle of Art Installations in Berlin

Berlin has an international reputation for being a paradise for artists of any kind. During the last 30 years, our beloved city has seen an incredible big amount of large scale art installations, constructed not only in exhibition spaces, but also in public spaces, like squares or streets. We are crazy about artworks, especially if they are emotionally touching, impressive, contemplative, and why not, also appealing to our eyes. We prepared a list of the most remarkable and unforgettable art ins...
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Trump, the Democrats, the Shutdown and the Wall

There are issues that divide Republicans and Democrats that sometimes benefit the GOP and at another time the Democrats.  Universal healthcare and abortion are issues like this. And so might be the issue of the border wall.  If so, the Democrats should be very careful. What follows is a comment on politics, not policy. Here’s how salience works.  In 1992, the Democrats won elections on a promise of national health insurance. In 1994, the Republicans won partly by running against the actual De...
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Trump: I’m Not Flip-Flopping!!! 100 Percent Concrete Wall! Mostly.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite public equivocations by three confidants, President Donald Trump is insisting he wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. “An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED,” tweeted Trump, whose demand for congressional funding to construct one has caused a budgetary standoff. “Some areas will be all concrete but the experts at Border Patrol prefer a Wall that is see through (thereby making it possible to see what is happening on both sides).” Trump’s comments on M...
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President Trump Knocks Down Kelly’s Attempt to Soften Border Wall: Concrete Wall ‘Was NEVER ABANDONED’

(WASHINGTON) — Despite public equivocations by three confidants, President Donald Trump is insisting he wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. “An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED,” tweeted Trump, whose demand for congressional funding to construct one has caused a budgetary standoff. “Some areas will be all concrete but the experts at…
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Is it news that Trump's wall is not a wall made out of concrete?

I'm trying to read "Kelly, on His Way Out, Says Administration Long Ago Abandoned Idea of Concrete Wall" by Maggie Haberman in the NYT. The concrete border wall that President Trump has repeatedly called for as a signature campaign promise...What? Trump has been repeatedly calling for a "concrete" wall? I thought he'd been saying all along that it needs to be see-through and couldn't be a solidly opaque wall. The word "concrete" is ambiguous. Is the NYT using it to mean the opposite of "abstract...
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Trump says parts of US-Mexico border wall will be 'see-through' as bitter row over funding continues

Donald Trump has denied 'abandoning' his plan for a concrete border wall, but says that part of the proposed barrier with Mexico will be 'see-through'. Mr Trump spoke out on via Twitter on Monday morning, writing: "An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED, as has been reported by the media.
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Trump insists an 'all concrete Wall' was never abandoned

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite public equivocations by three confidants, President Donald Trump is insisting he wants to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border."An all concrete Wall was NEVER ABANDONED," tweeted Trump, whose demand... [Author: [email protected]]
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Here's what you missed this weekend: Trump tries to respond to dead children at the border, Kelly says the 'wall' won't be a real wall at all, and truculent truck drivers block Tesla Superchargers

President Donald Trump, Republicans, and administration officials have responded to a second December death of a migrant child in US custody. In an interview, outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly said Trump's "Wall" won't actually be a wall. Business Insider spoke to truck drivers pointedly blocking Tesla Superchargers as multiple reports of the trend have surfaced online. It was the weekend before New Year's Day 2019, but 2018's news didn't stop. Following the death of a second mig...
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Trump: Gov’t Won’t Reopen Until Dems Agree To Wall Or ‘Whatever They Call It’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Tuesday that parts of the federal government will stay closed until Democrats agree to put up more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border to deter criminal elements. He said he’s open to calling the wall something else as long as he ends up with an actual wall. In a Christmas Day appearance in the Oval Office, Trump issued a lengthy defense of his desire for a wall, saying it’s the only way to stop drugs and human traffickers from entering the country....
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Did a GoFundMe Campaign to Fund a Border Wall Raise Millions of Dollars Within a Few Days?

In the midst of a budget standoff between Congressional Democrats and the White House, some Americans sought to take matters into their own hands.
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John Wall leads Wizards in blowout of Lakers; LeBron James held to season low

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) and head coach Luke Walton dispute a call during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Al Drago) Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal (3) dunks the ball during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Al Drago) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) dribbles...
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