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‘Breaking Bad’ Pop-Up Experience Coming to Los Angeles Starting Next Week

Six years after its series finale, the world has Breaking Bad on the brain again with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie set to premiere on Netflix this Friday. But now Los Angeles residents will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in a new Breaking Bad pop-up experience that’s coming to West Hollywood, taking over the same space once occupied by pop-ups for Saved By The Bell and Good Burger. Next Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Breaking Bad fans in L.A. wi...
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Breaking Bad pop-up in Los Angeles

Ok, yeah, it’s cool there’s a Breaking Bad movie coming out next week and all. It’s no trip to Albuquerque, but it’ll be nice to get your Jesse Pinkman fix for the first time in six years. And though El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will immerse us back into the sinister world we fell in love with in the late-2000s, it won’t put us smack in the middle of the show the way, say, a themed pop-up bar might. Oh, wait… here come the guys from Saved by the Max, who just in time for the Breaking Bad ...
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‘Behind the Attraction’: New Disney+ Series Will Explore the History and Evolution of Disney Theme Park Rides

Dwayne Johnson soon stars in Disney’s live-action theatrical riff on Jungle Cruise, based on one of the company’s classic theme park rides. But Johnson’s interest in Disney parks evidently extends beyond that single ride: a new report says he will executive produce a Disney+ show called Behind the Attraction which traces the history and evolution of Disney theme park rides over the years. Read more about the upcoming project below. According to Disney’s official D23 website, the new show will...
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Disney World Skyliner Gondola Abruptly Stops, Stranding Passengers in Air

The gondola system, which could transport people between Epcot, Hollywood Studios and several Disney World resorts, opened on Sept. 29. It has now been shut down.
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Open Mike: Great Armchair Adventure Books

["Open Mike" is the anything-goes, often off-topic Editorial Page of TOP. It appears on Wednesdays. Sorry this took so long to complete! While writing it I went down rabbit-holes as never before. Kind of amazed I made it back. —Ed.] - Apropos the recent "Overtourism" post, here are some smashingly good books that will allow you to go on great adventures without leaving the warmth of your own cozy hearth: Joe Simpson, Touching the Void (2004). In some ways I'm sorry this was made into a movie,...
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Volte Face: Walt Siegl goes electric

Walt Siegl builds dream machines. They’re analog fantasies on two wheels: limited edition European thoroughbreds packed with unobtanium components and clothed with impossibly beautiful bodywork. Bucket list material for the discerning petrolhead. But Walt has just done a 180-degree spin, and turned his attention away from the bellowing Italian twins and triples that have made him famous. He’s formed a partnership with industrial designer Mike Mayberry to explore the potential of electric moto...
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Litter Pickers Uncover 18th Century Grave Belonging to Possible Ancestors of Walt Disney During Clear-Up of Overgrown Village Churchyard

Litter pickers were left ‘gobsmacked’ after uncovering a grave belonging to possible ancestors of Walt Disney in an overgrown churchyard. The plot was discovered by community service workers and church volunteers during a clear up of bushes and brambles at St Margaret’s Church, in Quadring, Lincolnshire, last week. They uncovered the final resting place of William and Mary Disney and their son Richard, who died in 1766, 1765 and 1779 respectively. It is believed they were blood relatives of anim...
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Can an Island Off the Bronx With One Million Graves Become a City Park?

Friday: City officials have proposed a park where the city has been burying its indigent in mass graves since the 1800s.
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Farley the Fiddler: Disneyland’s roping, joking, fiddling cowboy hangs up his spurs and heads for the sunset

Disneyland’s Farley the Fiddler will be hanging up his spurs this holiday weekend after decades of entertaining generations of dedicated fans with music and laughter as the roping, joking, fiddling cowboy of Frontierland. Gary Francisco, better known to his legions of Disneyland fans as Farley the Fiddler, will retire from his daily Disneyland gig on Memorial Day after a half century of playing the comedic character. Dedicated fans knew they could always count on a little music and laughter from...
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Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle returns for its star turn just in time for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge debut

Sleeping Beauty Castle has gotten a little bit of TLC and sprinkling of pixie dust as the 64-year-old Disneyland icon prepares for her turn in the spotlight ahead of the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Sleeping Beauty Castle is expected to reopen May 24, after an extensive renovation that walled off the Anaheim theme park’s centerpiece landmark for four months. The decorative scrims surrounding the castle are expected come down today, May 18. “We’re so proud of how it’s turned out,” s...
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R.I.P. ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ and More: The 2019 TV Cancellation Round-Up

Whiskey Cavalier, we hardly knew ye. The series starring Lauren Cohan is just one of several shows to get the ax as networks make way for new stuff that will also probably be cancelled some day. That’s how things work in the magical world of television! We’ve compiled a list of recently cancelled shows for you – think of it as a kind of in memoriam segment. The 2019 TV cancellation roundup awaits you below. Angie Tribeca I’d heard good things about Angie Tribeca, the TBS comedy police p...
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How ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ Helped Save Disney Animation During Its Darkest Hour

(Revisiting the Renaissance is a bi-weekly series in which Josh Spiegel looks back at the history and making of the 13 films of the Disney Renaissance, released between 1986 and 1999. Today’s column both serves as an introduction to the series, and tackles the first film of the Renaissance, 1986’s The Great Mouse Detective .) The future of animation at the Walt Disney Company was bleak in 1984. It was a transitional year for the company as a whole, in which Disney narrowly avoided being the...
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28 unusual museums to visit in Southern California

It’s not surprising that there are a wealth of museums in Southern California. But you may be surprised by how varied they are. There are all types, including those devoted to art, history, cars, military vehicles, surfboards, glass objects and more. Here is a list of 28 of unusual museums to get you started exploring. LOS ANGELES COUNTY American Military Museum: More than 170 vehicles spanning World War I and Operation Desert Storm and honoring all branches of the military. 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. ...
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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Turns 30 – and Few Major Theme Parks Have Undergone So Many Massive Changes

You don’t have to go far online, whether on discussion forums, Disney Twitter (it’s a real thing, trust me), or the like, to find one of the oldest quotes from Walt Disney. It goes like this: “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination in the world.” Flowery second sentence aside, the basic notion that the theme parks of the Walt Disney Company wouldn’t exist in the 21st century as they did on their opening days makes sense. Technology evolves,...
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Two Free Audiobooks from Sync

Spring is in the air and once again Sync Audiobooks for Teens is giving us free audiobooks to fill up the summer. The first two are available today. I’ve linked in the info from the ebook or audiobook version of each title (Amazon has the best reviews), followed by the link to get your copies free, with directions to ensure you get the complete download. You’ll need the Overdrive Console loaded (directions are on Sync’s website) and I suggest you use the desktop app to ensure you download a copy...
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WIRECUTTER: How to Travel Without Leaving a Trace

In time for Earth Day, items that tourist destinations often find tossed out by travelers — and some ways that you can avoid adding to all that rubbish.
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Alternative Income Update: March 2019

It’s past the middle of the month and that means I have the numbers (and time to process them) for last month’s alternative income. This month I’m doing something a little different. The software engineer in me extracted 90% of the 2500 words that give background information each month and put them in a FAQ. For now, I’m including the FAQ in the beginning of the article. However, in future months, it will probably be a separate page… or maybe something that expands when you click on it. Pl...
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Seeing One of the Rarest Apple Devices In Action Will Make You Really Appreciate Your iPhone

For every device that a company reveals and releases, there are probably 10 that never escape the R&D lab. Sonny Dickson, who has a solid track record of leaking things Apple doesn’t want the world to see, managed to get his hands on a working prototype of the Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone (or WALT, for short)…Read more...
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Clyde Frazier criticizes LeBron James' distance from Lakers teammates

Clyde Frazier criticizes LeBron James' distance from Lakers teammates originally appeared on Walt "Clyde" Frazier thought LeBron James was coasting, so he got to roasting. The New York Knicks color commentator and Basketball Hall of Famer criticized the Los Angeles Lakers star for sitting far away from his teammates' huddle during Sunday's matinee at Madison Square Garden. "When you're the face of the NBA, I think you should be more a part of your team, n...
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Trail Mix – Zaq Suarez

Regrettably, I hopped on the Zaq Suarez train a bit late. I fell in love with the former Asheville based songwriter’s last band, The Hermit Kings, just before they disbanded. Since then, I managed to catch him live just once, though it was a terrific songwriter showcase that so aptly put on display Suarez’s songwriting acumen. Since I last saw him, Suarez his up and moved to Barcelona, Spain. According to Suarez, he just needed a change. “At some point, I could feel that the sponge of ...
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Walt Disney's Frozen Head: a science fiction movie secretly shot at Walt Disney World

Filmmaker Benjamin Lancaster spent four years secretly shooting a science fiction movie called "The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head," working with actors Daniel Cooksley and Ron Schneider to make a movie about a WDW cast-member who discovers the (urban)-legendary frozen head of Walt Disney, kicking off a series of adventures around the park. The movie premieres online later today. This is (at least) the second time someone has secretly shot a movie at Walt Disney World. (Thanks, Hugh!)
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Trail Mix – March 2019

When looking back at all the stories I have written for this magazine, perhaps the most memorable, and most powerful, was the one I wrote about Leo Welch. In 2014, the octogenarian Welch released his debut record, Sabougla Voices. Interest in Welch exploded, a second record followed in 2015, and he booked gigs around the world. Welch managed to pack a lifetime of a musical career into just three years. He died in December of 2017, one of the last great Mississippi blues men, and his...
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The Best TV Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in March 2019

We’re almost through the winter, folks. Hang in there. As February comes to a close, it’s time to take a look at what’s hitting Netflix next month, including the long-awaited Triple Frontier, Apollo 13, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and many more promising titles. Check out the best new TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in March 2019. Movies Coming to Netflix in March 2019   Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Ang Lee‘s beautiful, poetic, soulful wuxia film defies gravity and breaks...
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Not Just A Buzz Phrase: How Disney’s Mission Drives Its Continuing Success

by Michael G. Goldsby and Rob Mathews, authors of “Entrepreneurship the Disney Way“ Have you ever found yourself thinking that a mission is just a buzzword, and a mission statement is nothing more than corporate fluff? If so, you are not alone. But the sad reason behind this hasty judgment may be that for most companies, it’s true. Too many organizations lack a core mission that’s been well defined by a good mission statement. But as Disney executives are known for saying, if you don’t define y...
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A Cautionary Tale: Inheriting a BMW R100GS project

Love ’em or hate ’em, BMW’s GS behemoths have dominated the ADV market for almost four decades now. Five years ago, the 500,000th GS rolled off the Berlin production line, and we’re betting it won’t be long before the go-anywhere boxer hits the million mark. We don’t see many GS customs, though. These machines are a triumph of function over form, and most owners like it that way. So this R100GS is something of a rarity—and its backstory is rather strange too. It belongs to Hasselblad Mas...
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Would you pay $15,000 for this dinner at Disneyland?

One entrance to 21 Royal, Disney’s private-dining experience, is nestled between gift shops along 21 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG) The 21 Royal private dining room adjacent to the Disneyland Dream Suite above the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. This is where people can book an upscale dining experience for up to 12 people that includes a special one of a kind meal prepared by D...
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Nine films that should have won best picture at the Oscars

The Academy’s biggest oversights and most controversial choices from nine decades of ceremoniesThe Oscars were first held 90 years ago this May, and to date, no animated feature has won the Oscar for best picture. But as far back as the 1930s, the Academy was wrestling with how best to recognise “cartoons”. Having been nominated solely for a best music score award at the 10th Academy Awards in 1938, Disney’s groundbreaking gem made a return appearance at the next Oscar ceremony, where Shirley Te...
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The Mysterious ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie, Starring Aaron Paul, is Headed to Netflix

The Breaking Bad movie, which is still mostly shrouded in secrecy, is heading to Netflix. The streaming service will first debut the film, which has Aaron Paul returning as Jesse Pinkman. After Netflix, it will head to AMC, the network that aired Breaking Bad. This is a big reversal from the past: AMC had it first, of course, and then the series became even more popular on Netflix. It’s a sign of how much has changed in the entertainment landscape, as streaming becomes more and more prevalent. ...
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Whicker: Max Hazzard still hears his grandfather as he and UC Irvine keep winning

IRVINE — The NCAA basketball championship trophy made a rare visit to the West Coast this week. Quick, take a photo before it heads back East. So UC Irvine’s players gathered around. “But I’d seen it before,” Max Hazzard said. “It’s been at the house.” Yes, Walt Hazzard is Max’s grandfather. Next to John Wooden, he was the godfather for a real dynasty. Walt Hazzard activated John Wooden’s vicious zone-press in 1964 and was was named Player of the Year by the U.S. Basketball Writers. He was the M...
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