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Disney's 'Real Life' Star Wars Lightsaber Expands in New Video

Next year, Disney will reveal the most authentic-looking real-world Star Wars lightsaber yet, and a new video just revealed our best look to date. Read more...
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Disney’s Magic Touch

I am an unabashed Walt Disney fan. Like all of us, I know he had his flaws, but it’s hard to argue with his business success. He arrived in California in 1923 with an idea for a cartoon series and the need for a distributor. Once he secured that first yes, the Disney company was born. Four years later, Walt’s distributor told Walt, pointing to a clause in their contract, that he  — the distributor, not Disney — owned the characters Walt had created and he was going to make future cartoons witho...
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Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine to Be Sold to Media Company Backed by Blackstone

The venture Blackstone is backing will be run by former Walt Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, who are hunting for content...
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Disneyland ‘Blinkin’ Lincoln’ animatronic used to go crazy and smash his chair in a robotic fit

The Great Emancipator who has starred as an audio-animatronic historic figure in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln for a half century at Disneyland got off to a rough start in 1964 when he would go crazy from power surges and smash his chair in a robotic fit. “Mr. Lincoln would sit in this chair and he would start to get up and all of a sudden he would go into this robotic fit and fling his arms around,” Disney historian Bill Cotter said in a new Disney+ show. “He literally smashed his chair into k...
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ABC News Moves Closer to Finding Top Producer for ‘Good Morning America’

ABC News is moving closer to finding a new executive producer for its flagship “Good Morning America” broadcast after a weeks-long search, according to two people familiar with the matter, a critical decision for Kim Godwin, who was named president of the Walt Disney-backed unit in April. Godwin, a former senior executive at CBS News, […]
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Disneyland and Disney World to Require Masks Indoors Again Regardless of Vaccination Status

Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida will reinstate indoor mask mandates for all theme park visitors and staff over concerns about a surge in covid-19 cases. The skyrocketing number of cases in the U.S. is due in large part to many Americans refusing to get vaccinated, as well as the more…Read more...
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7 Disneyland rides made into movies, and 7 more possible projects

While many Disneyland attractions are based on films, a few have made the journey in the opposite direction — starting as theme park rides that became major motion pictures. The upcoming “Jungle Cruise” is the latest entry in Disney’s ever-growing catalog of attempts to turn theme park attractions into film franchises — with most of them until recently becoming fabulous flops rather than breakout hits. The new “Jungle Cruise” debuting Friday, July 30 will bring the classic 1955 Disneyland ride t...
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Coast Guard base in San Pedro expanding to hold 2 new cutters, double staff

The U.S. Coast Guard broke ground on an expansion of its Los Angeles-Long Beach sector base in San Pedro on Wednesday, July 28, which officials said will eventually hold two new cutters and nearly double its staff. The approximately $35 million expansion project includes a 257-foot extension of its pier to accommodate one of its new 360-foot cutters and the building of a Naval Engineering Department facility. The project will improve the Coast Guard across the spectrum of its missions, which inc...
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That ‘Die Hard’ Prequel Has Died Harder Than Hans Gruber

There have been rumblings about a Die Hard prequel since as far back as 2009. Back then, there was a comic book called Die Hard: Year One from Boom! Studios that focused on John McClane before the events of the first movie, when he was earning his badge in 1976. Then an entirely different idea took form as a film prequel with the same title. Since then, it’s been talked about every now and then, and it ended up going by the title McClane. But thankfully, we can now confirm that the Die Hard pre...
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Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #82 - Carl Barks art

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #82 Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #82, 1947 - When his nephews take up magic as a hobby, Donald Duck decides to become a magician as well. Mischief ensues, ruining his latest stage performance. Skillfully drawn, Carl Barks tells the tale with clarity and brevity. Note the varying panel widths (see interior page below), a technique he frequently used to [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Emily Blunt rides Jungle Cruise for first time at Disneyland movie premiere

“Jungle Cruise” star Emily Blunt rode the classic 1955 Jungle Cruise boat ride for the first time with co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson during the world premiere of the new movie at Disneyland — admitting she was a little embarrassed by the oversight. “I guess I don’t do my research,” Blunt told the Hollywood Reporter. Disneyland hosted the “Jungle Cruise” movie premiere over the weekend with a red carpet arrival that featured Blunt, Johnson and co-stars Edgar Ramírez. Jack Whitehall, Veronica ...
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SDCC 2021 Was Another Letdown, But Here's What You Missed

Another San Diego Comic-Con come and gone. But... did you even notice?Read more...
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Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World

I wanted to share with you the best Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World. This is one of my favorite places to take pictures so here are some of my tops choices! Photo Opportunities at Walt. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Disney Travel 10 Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney WorldBrought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Which Disneyland rides will be closed by the ‘Jungle Cruise’ red carpet movie premiere

Rolling out the red carpet for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emily Blunt and the other stars of the new “Jungle Cruise” movie will force Disneyland to make a number of changes, closures and restrictions to rides, attractions, shows and restaurants. Disneyland will close eight attractions, alter three others, cancel fireworks, shutter a restaurant and even relocate stroller parking to accommodate the “Jungle Cruise” movie premiere on Saturday, July 24. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find ...
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Godinez honored as LA’s Firefighter of the Year, rekindling ceremony postponed by pandemic

The LA City Firefighters Association recognizes retired Capt. Rick Godinez as Firefighter of the Year at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown Los Angeles , Calif. on July 22, 2021. (Photo by Shae Hammond, Contributing Photographer) The LA City Firefighters Association recognizes retired Capt. Rick Godinez as Firefighter of the Year at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown Los Angeles , Calif. on July 22, 2021. (Photo by Shae Hammond, Contributing Photographer) The LA City Firefighters Associ...
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Celebrating Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, the Park’s First-Ever New Land

A theme park, as the man once said, is not a museum. Change is built into the DNA of a theme park, and the biggest kind of change comes in the form of an entirely new section built into the existing bones of such a park. Think of the hubris of building a new land into Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. Think of the high expense of creating such a land, of trying to create massive buzz around its arrival, and then opening well before any actual attractions would be ready. Current fans of th...
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Manga featured in opening ceremony for Tokyo Olympics

TOKYO (AP) — The athletes of the Tokyo Olympics stepped into the world of Japanese comics and graphic novels when manga was featured prominently in the opening ceremony on Friday. The placards for the country names for the parade of athletes used manga speech bubbles, and the costumes for the placard bearers and assistants had manga touches in their design. Manga roughly refers to comics and graphic novels from Japan, while anime — another popular Japanese art form — covers animation from the co...
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Which Disneyland rides, shows, restaurants and shops remain closed

Disneyland has reopened many of its most popular rides, eateries and stores, but there are still plenty of spots that remain shuttered as the Anaheim theme park continues a phased reopening following a yearlong COVID-19 pandemic closure. More than 30 Disneyland and Disney California Adventure attractions, shows, restaurants and shops remain closed nearly three months after the parks reopened. That sounds like a lot, but the number needs to be considered in context. Nearly 180 Disneyland and DCA ...
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Disneyland’s Space Mountain nearly had 4 outdoor coaster tracks and another name

Initial plans for Space Mountain by Walt Disney and his Imagineers in the early 1960s conceived of a spaceport in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland with four separate roller coaster tracks weaving inside and outside a towering futuristic peak with a much less majestic name. “Walt and the team had an idea to do a spaceport within Tomorrowland,” Disney Imagineer Owen Yoshino said in a new Disney+ show. “The featured anchor attraction would be Space Voyage.” Walt Disney Imagineering takes a behind-the-scen...
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Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise lacks one thing Walt Disney really wanted: Live animals

The original Jungle Cruise attraction that mixed together ideas from Oscar-winning wildlife documentaries, a Humphrey Bogart-Katherine Hepburn film and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” lacked one thing Walt Disney really wanted: Live lions, tigers and giraffes. “Walt did originally want to have real animals in the Jungle Cruise,” Imagineer Vanessa Hunt said in a new Disney+ series. “It was quickly discovered that would lead to a not very exciting trip for our guests. Animals like to sleep a lot du...
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How Star Tours saved Disneyland at a low point in the park’s history

Disneyland was struggling for new ride ideas in the 1980s after a slate of mediocre Disney films when Walt Disney Imagineering turned to Star Wars creator George Lucas for a boost of creative inspiration that would eventually lead to Star Tours coming to Tomorrowland. “I wanted to have an involvement in Tomorrowland,” Lucas said in a new Disney+ series. “I thought that was a portion of the park that had always been a little less than it could have been.” It certainly helped Lucas was a lifelong ...
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Van Nuys man gets 8 months in prison for counterfeiting driver’s licenses, passports and other documents

LOS ANGELES — A San Fernando Valley man was sentenced Monday to eight months in federal prison for participating in a document-trafficking ring that created and sold counterfeit United States passport cards, Social Security cards, driver’s licenses and other documents. Nestor Perez, 32, of Van Nuys, pleaded guilty in April to one count each of conspiracy to produce, transfer and possess false identification documents, and producing false identification documents. Two co-defendants were sentenced...
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Walt Disney Presents - comic series checklist

- - - - - - - - - - Walt Disney Presents v1 Dell 1959-61 Four Color Comics v2 #997 Four Color Comics v2 #1181 2 3 - non-attributed Manning art 4-6 - - - - - - - - - -Home / Dell / A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Gang intervention workers and activists welcome $6 million plan to reduce violence in L.A. County

Johnny Torres is often the first person at the scene of a shooting in Los Angeles County’s First District. A crisis and gang intervention worker, Torres isn’t there to investigate a crime, but to support the needs of victims and their family members. Sometimes that support looks likes covering hospital expenses. Other times it’s helping families relocate for fear of retaliation from local gang members. In worst case scenarios, it could be helping cover funeral expenses. Then, there is the long p...
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LA County judge can’t be sued for false assertion that Walt Disney’s grandson has Down syndrome

A federal appellate court this week chided a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge for “inappropriate” and “inaccurate” comments that Walt Disney’s adult grandson has Down syndrome, but nevertheless ruled that the judge is protected from legal consequences. A panel of the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Thursday upheld a lower court dismissal of a civil rights lawsuit by Disney heir Bradford Lund against Los Angeles County Judge David Cowan, who had placed the grandson under guardianship....
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Disneyland seamlessly blends in new Jungle Cruise scenes while erasing ride’s troubled past

Walt Disney Imagineering has done a masterful job of seamlessly integrating playful new scenes into the Jungle Cruise while stripping the boat ride of racist tropes just as Disney prepares to launch a new film franchise based on the opening day Disneyland attraction. The Jungle Cruise attraction officially reopens on Friday, July 16 after undergoing a major makeover to remove outdated cultural depictions and add a woman of color at the center of the revamped backstory of the attraction. The Disn...
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Uncle Scrooge #11 - Carl Barks art & cover

Uncle Scrooge #11 Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge v1 #11, 1955 - With an old Southern mansion at stake, Scrooge must raise a sunken steamboat and finish a race started by his uncle 85 years before. In an odd scene, Scrooge idealizes and fantasizes about being a plantation owner. That aside, Carl Barks' artwork is terrific throughout, especially the buoyant steamship on page 10. His second tale [Author: Unknown]
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Tyra Banks Believes Her Ice Cream Company Could Help Make Her the Next Walt Disney

Smize Cream isn’t just an ice cream shop. Tyra Banks hopes her new ice cream company, named after her signature modeling expression of “smiling with your eyes,” is the start of an empire with a reach and scope akin to Disney. “Walt Disney is one of my inspirations, my role models,” Banks, 47, tells me […]
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Lionsgate Announces Comedy Revenge Wedding & Untitled Adele Lim Feature

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney) Lionsgate has announced two new comedies are currently in development, the first titled Revenge Wedding which will be produced by Jordan Schur of Suretone Pictures, Andrew O’Connor of What If It Barks Films, and Kristin Burr of BURR! Productions, with Jessica Friedman of BURR! co-producing. The logline for the film is being kept under wraps. James Myers and Chisom Ude are overseeing the project for Lionsgate. Erin Westerman, president of P...
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Disneyland: Get a first look at the revamped Jungle Cruise ride

Animals get the last laugh in Disneyland’s reimagined Jungle Cruise. That’s what park officials told invited guests at an early morning preview of the attraction on Friday, June 9. Ken Potrock, president of the resort, said that fans can expect “all the heart, all the humor and some new humor” on the 6-8 minute ride. “This is one of Walt’s attractions,” he added. Sign up for our Park Life newsletter and find out what’s new and interesting every week at Southern California’s theme parks. Subscri...
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