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This Is The Director Who Sued Her Government For The Chance To Show Her Film In Her Own Country

Wanuri Kahiu isn’t happy with how much trolling and nastiness she’s gotten since her film Rafiki was banned in Kenya because it positively depicted a same-sex relationship. But middle fingers up to the haters: “Days before Rafiki was banned, it was selected for Cannes. Now she has two Hollywood projects on the go: a sci-fi series for Amazon Prime, and a gig directing Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things, in a young adult drama produced by Reese Witherspoon, making her the first African woman t...
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This Director Made A Film About Young Lesbians In Kenya, And Her International Career Is Soaring. At Home, She Gets Death Threats.

Wanuri Kahiu’s Rafiki won raves at Cannes and beyond, and she’s now become the first African woman to get a major Hollywood studio deal. In Kenya, “Kahiu has been trolled on social media, threatened with arrest and suffered endless offensive comments, sometimes from members of her own family. ‘I have seen the vilest of comments come out of people I love,’ she says.” – The Guardian
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Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Learn The Thing About Jellyfish

Millie Bobby Brown wants to learn The Thing About Jellyfish Millie Bobby Brown has joined Kenyan film director Wanuri Kahiu on her adaptation of Ali Benjamin’s 2015 young adult novel The Thing About Jellyfish, according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Stranger Things 3 Premiere Date Set for July! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd....
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First Trailer for Wanuri Kahiu's Lesbian Romance 'Rafiki' from Kenya

"I've seen how you look at me." Film Movement has released an official US trailer for the acclaimed indie drama Rafiki, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year and received quite a bit of attention as the first film from Kenya to ever play in the festival. From writer/director Wanuri Kahiu, the film is about a romance between two young girls in Kenya, still considered a taboo and choice that likely may lead to violence. Samantha Mugatsia and Sheila Munyiva star as the two leads...
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Showing Africans In Love Onscreen (And Getting Banned For Doing It)

Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu wanted to make work that showed Africans falling in love. “Americans were falling in love and Europeans were falling in love, … but Africans, we were never falling in love. The first time I saw an African couple even hold hands on screen, I was 16.”
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'Rafiki': The Lesbian Love Story That Kenya Banned And Then Unbanned

In the hopes of becoming an Oscar contender, the Kenyan film board allowed the movie to play in Nairobi for a week. Director Wanuri Kahiu sees it as the beginning of a fight for freedom of expression.(Image credit: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)
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Kenyan Judge Lifts Ban on LGBT Film ‘Rafiki,’ Enabling It to Qualify for Oscars

A Kenyan judge has temporarily lifted the ban on Wanuri Kahiu’s “Rafiki,” paving the way for the LGBT love story – which premiered in Cannes – to be submitted for the foreign-language Oscar race. In her ruling, Judge Wilfrida Okwany said Friday she was “not convinced that Kenya is such a weak society that its moral […]
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Director of banned Kenyan film about lesbian romance sues government

Wanuri Kahiu has filed a lawsuit to make Rafiki eligible for an Oscar, appealing against Kenya’s hardline conservative laws regarding homosexualityThe Kenyan director of a movie banned in her home country for telling a love story about two women has filed a lawsuit seeking to lift the ban so it can be considered as the country’s Oscars entry, court documents show.Rafiki, which means friend in Swahili, premiered at the Cannes film festival, the first Kenyan film to do so. It is adapted from an aw...
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Film Movement Nabs North American Rights For Wanuri Kahiu’s “Rafiki”

Film Movement has acquired North American rights for “Rafiki,” Wanuri Kahiu’s moving LGBT drama that world premiered in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard this month. The film is a coming-of-age story about two teenage girls whose blossoming romance is opposed by their families and community. The movie was banned in Kenya, where homosexuality is illegal, with […]
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Rafiki director Wanuri Kahiu on Cannes success and Kenya ban

Wanuri Kahiu talks about Kenya's decision to ban the film, and its success at the Cannes Film Festival.
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German Films Celebrates Cannes Films at Villa Rothschild

Mariette Rissenbeek, managing director of German Films, welcomed members of the international film industry to the German Films Cocktail at Cannes’ Villa Rothschild on Saturday. German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta, whose film “Searching for Ingmar Bergman” plays in Cannes Classics, was one of those presented on stage as well as Wanuri Kahiu (pictured above, with […]
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Cannes 2018: Director ‘saddened’ by Kenyan ban on lesbian romance Rafiki

The lesbian romance has been screened in Cannes, but can't be shown in Wanuri Kahiu's home country.
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Cannes Film Review: ‘Rafiki’

At a time when Greg Berlanti’s “Love, Simon” is belatedly bringing the subject of adolescent homosexual desire to the mall-movie crowd, along comes “Rafiki” to remind us that LGBT narratives in the mainstream are not to be taken for granted. Many international viewers would identify nothing especially subversive in Kenyan writer-director Wanuri Kahiu’s pure-hearted, candy-colored […]
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Cannes 2018: Kenyan Lesbian Drama 'Rafiki' is Sweet, But Too Cliche

One of the most anticipated premieres at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival is the first-ever film from Kenya to play in Cannes, titled Rafiki (which translates just to Friend in Swahili). Rafiki is the directorial debut of a Kenyan filmmaker named Wanuri Kahiu, and it tells a simple but sweet story of two young women who fall in love on the streets. The film is already banned in Kenya, because of deep-rooted cynicism about about same sex relationships, but that's why it's an important film. As muc...
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Wanuri Kahiu on Banned LGBT Love Story ‘Rafiki’: ‘It’s Time We Had Fun’

Wanuri Kahiu made a splash with her Sundance sci-fi short “Pumzi,” a haunting parable about a world without water. Her LGBT love story, “Rafiki,” which premieres in Un Certain Regard, was banned in her home country just after it became the first Kenyan film selected by Cannes. Kahiu talks about the importance of being a […]
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Orange Studio Acquires Cannes-Bound ‘Rafiki,”To the Ends of the World’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Launched six months ago, Orange Studio’s international sales division will be hitting Cannes Film Festival with three movies across various selections, including a pair of new acquisitions, Guillaume Nicloux’s Directors’ Fortnight player “To the Ends of the World” and “Rafiki” (pictured), Wanuri Kahiu’s LGBT love story slated for Un Certain Regard. “Rafiki” has just been […]
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Canned in Kenya, set for Cannes: Rafiki falls foul of Nairobi film censors | Hannah Summers

Wanuri Kahiu’s drama banned for ‘promoting lesbianism’ despite becoming first Kenyan film to earn showing at CannesIt is a coming-of-age tale of two girls, the daughters of political opponents, who fall in love and find their identity and dreams compromised by a conservative society.Bringing their story to the screen has proved a triumph for director Wanuri Kahiu, who made history last week after it was announced that Rafiki would be the first Kenyan film to feature at the Cannes film festival, ...
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Kenya bans 1st Cannes-bound feature film over ‘lesbianism’

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenya has banned its first feature film to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, accusing it of having “clear intent to promote lesbianism in Kenya contrary to the law.” Director Wanuri Kahiu said she is “incredibly sorry” to confirm the ban of “Rafiki,” or “Friend” in Swahili, by the Kenya Film […]
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Kenya Bans LGBT Love Story ‘Rafiki’ Ahead of Cannes Premiere

Kenyan authorities have banned Wanuri Kahiu’s “Rafiki” (Friend), an LGBT love story which will have its world premiere in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard next month. Kahiu announced the decision Friday morning, saying she was “incredibly disappointed” during an appearance on the “Morning Express” wake-up show on Kenyan network KTN. “Unfortunately, our film has been censored in Kenya, […]
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Kenya:Rafiki By Wanuri Kahiu is Country's First Feature Film At Cannes

[This is Africa] Kenya's feature-film debut at the Cannes Festival is an inspirational story of perseverance in the face of great oppression. Filmmaker and creator Wanuri Kahiu described her film Rafiki as "a story about all that is good and difficult about being in love so that for those fortunate moments we are lifted above our prejudices".
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Fun, fierce and fantastical African art | Wanuri Kahiu

We're so used to narratives out of Africa being about war, poverty and devastation, says TED Fellow Wanuri Kahiu. Where's the fun? Introducing "AfroBubbleGum" -- African art that's vibrant, lighthearted and without a political agenda. Rethink the value of all that is unserious as Kahiu explains why we need art that captures the full range of human experiences to tell the stories of Africa. [Author: [email protected] (TED)]
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She Calls Her Movies 'Afro Bubble Gum Art'

Wanuri Kahiu doesn't want to make films about suffering Africans. Her movies celebrate happiness — with a sci-fi twist.(Image credit: Ryan Lash //TED)
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