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Reconsidering The Art And Life Of Valerie Solanas

Solanas is most famous for having shot Andy Warhol, of course, but she had an artistic life long before that moment. In the beginning, the writer and Warhol Factory superstar Ultra Violet wrote, “beyond her overheated rhetoric, she had a truly revolutionary vision of a better world run by and for the benefit of women.” – The New York Times
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Memories from Warhol's Factory

Pegged on the massive new Andy Warhol retrospective opening today at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New York Times asked the likes of Fran Lebowitz, Mary Woronov, Joe Dallesandro, Viva, and many other of his friends, collaborators, and party guests to reminisce about their experiences of The Factory, in all three of its incarnations. A few bits from the New York Times feature: André Leon Talley, 69, fashion journalist. Receptionist at the Union Square Factory, 1975. The Factory was ...
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Tales From the Warhol Factory

In each of three successive spaces called the Factory, Andy Warhol created movies, paintings, time capsules and psychosexual dramas with a half-life of many decades. Here his collaborators recall the places, the times and the man.
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Ciao! Manhattan :: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Edie Sedgwick famously said she wanted “to turn the world on just for a moment.” Ciao! Manhattan, the 1973 film written and directed by Warhol Factory associates John Palmer and David Weisman, might be the closest she ever came to that ambition. It’s a complicated film, a semi-fictionalized account of Edie as Susan Superstar, who […]
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