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Making Sense of the Phillips-Sandman Viral Video

Over the last couple days I’ve been watching the unfolding reaction and re-reactions to the video of the confrontation between Native American activist and elder Nathan Phillips and a crowd of high school students from Covington, Kentucky on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. The whole story is a good example of how we can react quickly to a zoomed in (both literally and metaphorically) video and miss a lot of what led up to it, as well as some key context. With that said, though, ...
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The Slumping Washington Capitals

from Isabelle Khurshudyan of the Washington Post, For the first time this season, the doors to the Washington Capitals’ dressing room stayed shut for just a little longer after the game, the players inside asking for more time to talk through their issues following their fifth straight loss. A team meeting such as this one probably would have happened earlier any other year, but with the Capitals still basking in their franchise-first Stanley Cup win last season, maybe the depths of this ...
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The Monday Roundup: E-bike fire, freeway lids, Whoopi Goldberg, and more

Welcome to Monday. This week’s Monday Roundup is sponsored by the Worst Day of the Year Ride, a classic Portland event with three route choices that happens February 10th. Here are the most noteworthy items we came across in the past seven days… Another front of the war on speed: Streetsblog reports that the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices voted last week to require cities to include “pedestrian and bicycle activity” when setting speed limits (yes it’s sad this is cons...
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Reporter gets unexpected call from President Trump

Washington Post reporter Dan Balz discusses an unexpected phone call he received from President Donald Trump.
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Trump thought he was on the phone with a random citizen ... it was a reporter

Washington Post reporter Dan Balz discusses an unexpected phone call he received from President Donald Trump.
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A La Carte (January 21)

There are several Kindle deals from Crossway that merit your consideration today. Also, the whole Word Biblical Commentary series has been heavily discounted. (Yesterday on the blog: A Pastoral Prayer about Joy) Be Patient with Your Slow Spiritual Growth Being patient is not the same as being apathetic. “I recently talked with my mentor about how frustratingly slow my sanctification can be. Even when I know something is true in my head, it doesn’t always shape my heart or ste...
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First Signs Of Movement Emerge In Stalled Government Shutdown Talks

NPR's Melissa Block asks the Washington Post's national political reporter Robert Costa to assess chances of progress toward ending the partial federal government shutdown, now in its 30th day.
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TSA: Many Employees Skipping Work ‘Due To Financial Limitations’

Matt Shuham contributed  reporting. The Transportation Security Administration reported Sunday that many of its staff have been calling out of work because they can’t afford to get there. According to a TSA press release, “many employees are reporting that they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations.” “Airports may exercise contingency plans due to call-outs and traveler volume in order to maintain effective security standards,” the press release added. TSA has been exper...
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It’s Time to Stop Religious Bigotry in Congress

Opinion Martin Luther King, Jr memorial monument in Washington, DC USA – -( As we take time to honor and remember the life and work of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. – whose efforts changed our nation for the better and helped end bigoted, exclusionary policies against African Americans – we should also remember his message applies to bias and bigotry in all its forms. In a 1963 speech at Western Michigan University, Reverend King said: “There are certain things in our nation...
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Need To De-Stress? Floating In Salt Water Might Be The Solution

Imagine floating in outer space. It’s pitch-dark and you’re naked. Three-quarters of your body is submerged in skin-temperature salt water that makes it difficult to tell where your body stops and the water begins. It’s so dark, there’s no perceptible difference between closing your eyes or leaving them open, aside from the slight sting of salt air. For some people, this sense of total blankness is rejuvenating . Others opt to press a button to turn the lights on. This is what floating in a s...
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Washington Post: Mueller’s Office Caught Off Guard By BuzzFeed Report On Trump

Special counsel's office reportedly not aware it would be key part of the story.
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CIA agent-turned-Batman writer will give away comics to government workers amid shutdown - The Washington Post

Cavna on King. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Report: The FTC May Slam Facebook With 'Record-Setting' Fine Over User Privacy

Federal Trade Commission staff assessing whether social media giant Facebook violated a legally binding user privacy agreement with the agency are considering slapping the company with a “record-setting fine,” the Washington Post reported Friday, citing “three people familiar with the deliberations but not authorized…Read more...
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Robert Mueller's office denies report Trump ordered Cohen to lie

Donald Trump's battle with the media reached new heights on Saturday after the special counsel investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election took the extraordinary step of disputing an explosive report. Robert Mueller’s office issued a rare public statement disputing a BuzzFeed News story that his investigators had evidence the US president directed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about a property deal in Moscow.  Mr Trump and his Republican allies have repeatedly ...
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A conspiracy of dunces

Just before Christmas, a story broke that seemed too strange — and too hypocritical — to be true. As Democratic Party elders were trying to stifle loutish impeachment threats by fanatical House freshmen, it was revealed that Democratic operatives had used cyber fraud to manipulate the 2017 Alabama Senate race. It’s hard to know precisely who masterminded the plot because the perpetrators have lawyered up and are pointing fingers at one another. But according to the New York Times and subsequent ...
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Gillibrand On Calling For Franken To Resign: ‘Enough Was Enough’

At a campaign stop in Iowa Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who said Tuesday that she will run for President, was asked about her December 2017 call on former Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) to resign in light of multiple groping allegations. Dozens of Democratic senators ultimately called on Franken to resign, and he did eventually announce his resignation in December 2017.  In her response to the question Friday, captured below by The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel, Gillibrand said that in light ...
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"But on Friday, Trump and Pence spoke again. And again, some said they were unhappy to associate the antiabortion movement with a president they dislike."

I'm reading the Washington Post article about yesterday's March for Life, "Trump and Pence give surprise addresses at antiabortion March for Life."[L]last year, when Trump addressed the crowd, some complained that the polarizing president distanced those who aren’t fans of Trump from the antiabortion movement. In this shifting environment, the march leaders picked science as their theme this year — under the headline, “Unique from Day One: Pro-Life is Pro-Science.”March for Life president Jeanne...
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US senator says Saudi crown prince must be 'dealt with' over Khashoggi murder

A key US senator on Saturday said the Saudi crown prince was responsible for Jamal Khashoggi's murder and must be "dealt with", as he threatened new sanctions. Republican Lindsey Graham, an influential ally of President Donald Trump, has previously said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was complicit in the grisly killing of Washington Post contributor Khashoggi in October. "I have concluded that the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States cannot move forward until MBS has ...
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Week In Politics: Special Counsel's Office Challenges 'Buzzfeed' Report

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart and Politico reporter Eliana Johnson about a report from Buzzfeed News that special counsel Robert Mueller's office is challenging that says Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.
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Brave New World

Art by A.F. Branco Brave New World USA –-( Brave New World. Liberals always like to remind us we’re all children of immigrants but for many, they didn’t have FREE welfare & food stamps available when they came here for just showing up. Did you enjoy this cartoon? Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news! You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations: National Rifle Association (NRA)...
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The Government's Secret UFO Program Funded Research on Wormholes and Extra Dimensions

Documents released by the Department of Defense reveal some of what its infamous Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program was working on. From a report: The Department of Defense funded research on wormholes, invisibility cloaking, and "the manipulation of extra dimensions" under its shadowy Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, first described in 2017 by the New York Times and the Washington Post. On Wednesday, the Defense Intelligence Agency released a list of 38 research t...
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Facebook fears no FTC fine

Reports emerged today that the FTC is considering a fine against Facebook that would be the largest ever from the agency. Even if it were ten times the size of the largest, a $22.5 million bill sent to Google in 2012, the company would basically laugh it off. Facebook is made of money. But the FTC may make it provide something it has precious little of these days: accountability. A Washington Post report cites sources inside the agency (currently on hiatus due to the shutdown) saying that ...
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The FTC is reportedly considering hitting Facebook with a 'record-setting' fine over privacy issues (FB)

Facebook's privacy nightmare may be about to get worse. According to a new report from The Washington Post published Friday, regulators at the US Federal Trade Commission are considering hitting Facebook with a "record-setting" fine over user privacy concerns.  There's no word yet on exactly how big this record-breaking fine might be, but the Washington Post's report said it is "expected to be much larger" than the previous record fine, a $22.5 million penalty against Google. The FTC allows (in...
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US Regulators Have Met To Discuss Imposing a Record-Setting Fine Against Facebook For Some of Its Privacy Violations: Report

U.S. regulators have met to discuss imposing a record-setting fine against Facebook for violating a legally binding agreement with the government to protect the privacy of its users' personal data, The Washington Post reported Friday [Editor's note: the link may be paywalled; alternative source], citing three people familiar with the deliberations. From the report: The fine under consideration at the Federal Trade Commission, a privacy and security watchdog that began probing Facebook last year,...
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"I Attended The School Where Karen Pence Teaches. I Would Never Send My Kids There."

A couple of days ago, national news outlets reported that second lady Karen Pence is returning to her job teaching art at Immanuel Christian School, a small, private K-8 school in Springfield, VA, that bars LGBTQ+ staff and students.The school requires to accept the definition of marriage as "the uniting of one man and one woman in a single, exclusive covenant union as delineated in Scripture." In its , the school states that it can refuse or expel students who participate in or even support...
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Trump 'tried to cut off' disaster relief money for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

President Trump attempted to cut off federal disaster aid to Puerto Rico, it has been reported, which may have prompted deputy Housing and Urban Development secretary Pam Patenaude to resign. In October, the president inaccurately tweeted that the Puerto Rican government was planning on using the disaster relief money for Hurricane Maria to pay off old debts. Although untrue, Mr Trump then reportedly attempted to prevent disaster-relief money from going to Puerto Rico, and instead requested th...
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BuzzFeed Reporter Defends Bombshell Cohen Report: ‘This 100 Percent Happened’

BuzzFeed reporter Anthony Cormier defended on Friday his blockbuster story revealing that President Donald Trump allegedly asked Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” Cormier told Alisyn Camerota and John Berman that his reporting was “rock solid” and that “this 100 percent happened.” Cormier’s report details how Trump ordered Cohen, his former lawyer and fixer, to lie to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cormier and co-writer Jason Leopold cite ...
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WaPo: No detailed records of 5 Trump-Putin meetings

CNN's John Avlon has a timeline of two of President Trump's meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There are no detailed records of five personal meetings Trump has had with Putin, The Washington Post reports.
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Color Rudy Giuliani Unimpressed On The New Bombshell Cohen Report

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was reportedly very unimpressed by Buzzfeed News’ bombshell report that President Donald Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his efforts to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow. From a Washington Post reporter: Just in, Rudy Giuliani’s response to Buzzfeed story: “If you believe Cohen I can get you a great deal on the Brooklyn Bridge.” — Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) January 18, 2019 Per BuzzFeed News, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump were also i...
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McConnell Encourages Pompeo To Run For Senate Despite Trump’s Objection

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to run for the Kansas Senate seat that will be left vacant by retiring Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) despite President Donald Trump’s strong objection. According to a Thursday Washington Post report, Trump considers Pompeo his best and most loyal Cabinet member and wants to keep him where he is. As for Pompeo, he is reportedly of two minds. On the one hand, it would be an unorthodox move for someone in a pr...
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