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Above the law: A street legal Yamaha salt flat racer

This brutal-looking Yamaha RD350 is nearly fifty years old, but when the lights turn green, not much will be able to keep up. It might not be pretty, but it’s pretty fast. Built by land speed record holder Eric LeVine, it’s a street legal (just add mirrors) race bike. Designed to run in the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, it weighs just 281 pounds [128 kg]. Eric hails from Bainbridge Island, a town in western Washington State that’s just a ferry ride away from Seattle. He’s a principal...
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Daredevil motorbike rider Alex Harvill dies during world-record jump practice

Harvill, 28, crashed during warm-up in Washington stateAutopsy to be performed Friday after Harvill fell from bikeAn experienced motorcycle stunt rider was killed in Washington state as he practiced for an attempt at a world record jump. Related: Republicans slap down Manchin’s voting rights compromise – US politics live Continue reading...
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New Hiking Trail App Designed to Help Avoid Crowded Trails

Hiking season is underway in the Pacific Northwest and there’s a new app for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore some of Washington State’s most popular trails.
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Merida Capital raising $250 million

Marijuana plants for sale at the ShowGrow dispensary, a medical marijuana provider in downtown Los Angeles. AP Photo/Richard Vogel Welcome to Insider Cannabis, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom.Sign up here to get it in your inbox every week.Happy Friday,I had an interesting chat with Cronos Chairman Michael Gorenstein and Gingko Bioworks CEO Jason Kelly about their n...
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The Hotel Group Adds Tru By Hilton Spokane Valley To Management Portfolio

The Hotel Group (THG), a leading national hotel management and investment company, announced today the addition of the 92-room Tru by Hilton Spokane Valley in Spokane Valley, Washington, to their portfolio. Tru by Hilton Spokane Valley is the first Hilton branded Tru in Washington State and features unique decor with a vibrant and lively palette, designed with guest’s comfort in mind.
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The Latest: Pot-For-Shots Plan Stumbles in Washington State

Washington state’s new “joints for jabs” vaccination incentive program is off to a rough start.
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Washington state offers ‘joints for jabs’ to boost vaccination rates

State is offering free marijuana joints to adults that receive a Covid vaccine in program that will run until 12 JulyTo boost vaccination rates, Washington state is offering free marijuana joints to any adults that receive a Covid-19 vaccine.On Monday, the Washington state liquor and cannabis board announced the promotion, aptly called “Joints for Jabs”, that will run until 12 July. During the initiative’s run, state-licensed dispensaries can give age-appropriate customers, 21 and older, a pre-r...
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You can get a free joint if you get vaccinated in Washington State thanks to a 'Joints for Jabs' policy. Edibles and bongs are off limits.

The "Joints for Jabs" policy aims to encourage more people to get vaccinated. Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images People aged 21 and over can get a free pre-rolled joint if they receive a vaccine in Washington State. The policy, known as "Joints for Jabs," aims to encourage more people to get vaccinated. This comes as both states and companies have been offering lucrative perks to drive vaccinations. See more stories on Insider's business page. Adults in Washington Sta...
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Weed Shops Offer Free Joint to Anyone Who Gets Vaccinated in Washington State

Cannabis retailers in Washington state have received local government approval to offer a free joint to anyone who gets vaccinated for covid-19, according to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. The offer is only available to people 21 years of age and older and state approval has only been granted through…Read more...
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Washington State Approves ‘Joints For Jabs’ COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion

The Evergreen State is allowing cannabis retailers to offer a free joint to people getting their coronavirus shot.
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24 of the best summer travel reads, from Anthony Bourdain's posthumous guide to a coffee table book of the Amalfi Coast

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider To satisfy wanderlust, we rounded up 24 of the best travel books. Books on the list include coffee table books, fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, and coloring books. Want more books? Check out our lists of the and romance novels. Whether you're planning a trip or fulfill your wanderlust from the comforts of your living room, look no further. We rounded up the best trav...
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WA Concealed Carry Turnaround: Nearly 5,000 CPLs Added in May

Washington state has seen a striking turnaround in the decline of active concealed pistol licenses over the past month. May saw nearly 5,000 more CPLs added to the rolls. U.S.A. –-( EXCLUSIVE: After steadily losing ground for more than a year due to COVID-19 shutdowns of basic counter services by law enforcement agencies, Washington state sheriffs’ and police departments are evidently back in the concealed pistol license groove, reversing the decline and adding nearly 5,000 acti...
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Washington State to Pay $3.25M in Death of Prisoner

The Washington state Department of Corrections has agreed to pay $3.25 million to the family of a man who died at Monroe Correctional Complex after not receiving adequate medical care.
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If Chipman Nomination to Head ATF Isn’t in Trouble, It Should Be

ATF nominee David Chipman had a hard time defining a gun that he wants to ban. His nomination could be in trouble. (Screen snip, YouTube, Sen. Mike Lee) U.S.A. –-( ANALYSIS: If David Chipman’s nomination to head the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives isn’t already in danger of being rejected by the U.S. Senate, it should be, considering the mounting opposition to Joe Biden’s pick, who has been working as a “senior policy adviser” for the past few years a...
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Discovering Dahlias

Having been despised as garish and – frankly - the flowers of the lower classes for decades, the rehabilitation of the dahlia began with the very definitely not-at-all working class Christopher Lloyd using them extensively in his garden at Great Dixter, in Sussex. The dahlia has never looked back and the books have followed. There are three more recent and upcoming dahlia books that I’m going to discuss here over the coming weeks and the first is Floret Farm's Discovering Dahlias by Erin Benzake...
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Viking: Three More Summer 2021 Med Cruises

Viking: Three More Summer 2021 Med Cruises Viking rolls out three more summer 2021 Med cruises. And this is in addition to four recently released summer 2021 ocean cruises and a reopening of summer 2021 river cruises with 5 itineraries. Let’s take a peek at Viking’s recent announcement: New Viking 2021 Summer Ocean Cruises Los Angeles (May 24, 2021) – Viking® ( ) announced today that it will expand its presence in the Mediterranean this summer, adding a third ship to sail round...
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Bernie Sanders is trying to block Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin from getting $10 billion NASA funding for a moon-landing mission

Sen. Bernie Sanders (left) and Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos. MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty/Jim Watson/Pool via REUTERS Jeff Bezos' space company, Blue Origin, wants $10 billion to take part in a NASA moon-landing mission. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday tried to block that funding through an amendment to the Endless Frontier Act. Sanders has a long history of opposing Blue Origin, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. See more stories on Insider's business page. Bernie Sanders is trying to sto...
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Study reveals inequities in breast cancer screening during COVID-19 pandemic

Breast cancer screening took a sizeable hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests new research that showed that the number of screening mammograms completed in a large group of women living in Washington State plummeted by nearly half. Published today in JAMA Network Open, the study found the steepest drop-offs among women of color and those living in rural communities.
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The new CDC mask guidelines are confusing and could actually make the spread of COVID-19 worse, a group of leading physicians said

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images The CDC's new mask guidelines could mean more people catch the virus indoors, experts said. The CDC got the science right for fully vaccinated people, but the guidelines lacked context, they said. The guidelines could give the "misimpression" mask mandates were over, they said. ,See more stories on Insider's business page. New federal mask guidance that says fully vaccinated Americans can go maskless in most settings risks more people catching coro...
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Washington State's Largest County Says Keep the Masks On

Despite recent COVID-19 guidance from federal and state authorities, top health officials in Washington's most populous county are urging people to continue wearing face masks in public, indoor settings.
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These are the most wish-listed Airbnbs in every state, including tree houses, tiny homes, and even a potato

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Airbnb Airbnb released the most wish-listed unique listings in every state, plus the District of Columbia. The top picks are unique and memorable, from geodesic domes to tiny houses and yurts. Below, we detail key info for each, including ratings, what's included, and price. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky While the pandemic derailed many travel plans, it didn't stop travelers from planning ...
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20 of the best campsites in the US, whether you want to pitch a tent, park your RV, or sleep in a cabin with a view

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Hsa Htaw/500px/Getty Images Camping and visiting off-the-beaten-path locations look to be a continuing travel trend this summer. Whether you plan to park an RV or pitch a tent, there's no shortage of US campsites to choose from. From a horse farm in Kentucky to a bluff overlooking the Pacific, we found the best US campsites. According to a 2021 Kampgrounds of America (KOA) report, camping is on the ...
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24 great books for recent college grads to guide them through their next chapter

There are many routes you can take for college graduate gifts- practical gifts, , and more. If you're looking for something that'll inform and inspire, you can't go wrong with a book. We rounded up 21 books that any recent college grad would love to read, from memoirs to self-help. Finding the right gift for a recent grad can be tough. Should you get them some decor to liven up a new apartment? Could you chip in for a ? Would they be better off with just a or some cash?As the co...
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Grow, Cut, and Arrange

Our gardens are full of flowers and we like to have them in the house too but so many of us fail to make the best of our cut blooms. Which are the best flowers to grow for cutting at home? How should we grow them? How should we treat them to ensure they last as long as possible? How should we arrange them for the house? An inspiring new book by the owner of Washington State’s Floret Flower Farm aims to answer all these questions for gardeners on both sides of the Atlantic. Floret Farm’s Cut Flow...
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Democrat WA Gov. Inslee Signs Bill Banning Open Carry at Rallies

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, shown here in a screen clip during an interview in Iowa, has signed a bill banning open carry of firearms at rallies in public places, including the state Capitol Campus. (Screen capture, YouTube, Iowa Press) U.S.A. –-( Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee, a perennial gun-control proponent since his days in Congress, signed legislation Wednesday to ban the open carry of firearms at political rallies anywhere in the state, especially at the Capitol in Oly...
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[Review] Mosko Moto Basilisk Adventure Jacket

Jim Has A New Favorite Adventure Jacket Before I dive into why I’m so satisfied with the Mosko Moto Basilisk jacket, let me first talk about another excellent jacket to put things into perspective. For the past three years whenever I’ve undertaken a multi-day adventure motorcycle trip I’ve always turned to the most comfortable, trusted, and reliable adventure riding jacket in my collection: the Rukka ROR. But that’s about to change… The Rukka ROR jacket. The ROR is such a refined and handsom...
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Gun Owners Bought More in Past Year; Are Rights Groups Changing Landscape?

Beginning Monday in Washington State,handgun purchases will no longer be routed through the FBI’s National Instant Check System but be done by local law enforcement. Concealed pistol license holders will no longer be able to take delivery on the day of purchase. (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-( Thirty-five percent of American gun owners “say someone in the household has purchased a gun within the past year,” according to a new Rasmussen survey that also revealed the surge began in Marc...
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Bill-286 Banning Unfinished Firearms To Be Heard in Nevada Assembly Tomorrow ACT NOW!

Polymer80 PF940CVL 80% Frame Textured For Glock 19/23/32 Pistols 2 U.S.A. –-( Nevada Assembly Bill 286, which would ban unfinished receivers, will be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday May 5th 2021 at 1 PM PST. The bill will ban people in Nevada from possessing, purchasing, transporting, or receiving an unfinished frame or receiver without serializing the part. The bill does exempt firearms importers and manufacturers from the requirement. The bill does not have a...
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United States: Washington State's Paid Medical Leave (Podcast) - Lane Powell

Host Riley Moyer invites guests Katheryn Bradley and Shirley Lou-Magnuson to share tools and advice with employers navigating leave and accommodation obligations for a compliant, well-managed...
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Seeing double: capital gains tax debates in Washington and Washington

Washington's capital gains tax proposals have people talking. On both coasts. In Washington, D.C., President Joe Biden's call for those earning more than $1 million to pay a 43.4 percent tax on their investment earnings instead of the current 20 percent tax rate has anti-tax lawmakers and lobbyists working overtime to stop it before it gets going. That total comes from a return to the pre-George W. Bush tax cuts ordinary income tax rate of 39.6 percent plus the 3.8 percent Affordable Care Act i...
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