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Road to Endgame: ‘The Avengers’ Changed Cinema and Avoided the Mistakes of Past Marvel Movies

(Welcome to  Road to Endgame , where we revisit all 22 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ask, “How did we get here?” In this edition:  The Avengers changed studio filmmaking, though not before ticking off The Pentagon.) The Avengers  is as close as you can get to a quintessential blockbuster experience. Few films before or since have resulted in such widespread global celebration, something even the film’s third sequel,  Avengers: Endgame,  may or may not match. Only time will tell...
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The Unpopular Opinion: 10 Years Later, Zack Snyder’s ‘Watchmen’ is the Best-Case-Scenario for Anyone Adapting the Comic

(Welcome to The Unpopular Opinion, a series where a writer goes to the defense of a much-maligned film or sets their sights on a movie seemingly beloved by all. In this edition: Zack Snyder’s Watchmen adaptation is a best case scenario situation.) I will be the first to admit that Zack Snyder’s interpretation of Watchmen isn’t perfect. In fact, in some respects it’s a very strangely paced and plotted film, very long with meandering diversions into the psyches of its large and often disconn...
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3 More Seconds of Game of Thrones' Final Season Plus Our First Look at The Lion King's Mufasa

HBO is teasing us once again, this time with Game of Thrones, Watchmen, and His Dark Materials. Sylvester Stallone is working on a non-Marvel or DC superhero movie. Alex Kingston teases River Song’s potential with the new Doctor. Plus new looks at Captain Marvel, Doom Patrol and more. Watch out, spoilers have a case…Read more...
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HBO 2019 Teaser Has Footage from ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Watchmen’, ‘Deadwood’ & More

HBO has quite the slate of programming coming to the cable channel this year, and they want to get everyone excited for what’s in store. That’s why they’ve released a 2019 sizzle reel with new footage from the anticipated return of shows like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies, not to mention new shows like Watchmen, His Dark Materials and The Righteous Gemstones. Plus, fans will be excited to see a quick tease of the Deadwood movie, along with a slate of the rest of the HBO original movies an...
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New Footage from Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Deadwood, and More Debuts!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New footage from Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Deadwood, and more debuts! Ahead of the season finale for True Detective tonight, HBO has released a new teaser for their 2019 programming slate including new footage from the final season of Game of Thrones, the return of Big Little Lies, the highly anticipated Deadwood movie, and brand new shows like Watchmen, His Dark Materials, Los Espookys, and more! Check it out in the player below! PB = PB || ...
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‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season, ‘Deadwood’ Movie, ‘Watchmen’ Series Teased in Trailer

HBO has offered a sneak peek at footage from the final season of “Game of Thrones,” the “Deadwood” movie reboot, Meryl Streep in “Big Little Lies,” and a slew of new series, including “Watchmen.” HBO unleashed a jumbo-sized two-minute trailer on its YouTube channel and other online platforms, capitalizing on the heightened traffic online and […]
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TV Bits: ‘Happy!’, ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Therapy Dog’, ‘One Day At a Time’, ‘The Last O.G.’, ‘Twilight Zone’, ‘Watchmen’, ‘Treadstone’

In this edition of TV bits: “Weird Al” Yankovic will play a Smoking Man Baby on Happy! Some nerdy professor named a beetle after Game of Thrones dragons. Fox is developing an animated series called Therapy Dog. Watch the trailer for One Day At a Time season 3. Oh, and watch the trailer for The Last O.G. season 2, too. Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone adds DeWanda Wise & Jessica Williams. Hong Chau joins the cast of Watchmen. Bourne spin-off series Treadstone fills out its cast. Syfy’s demente...
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HBO’s Watchmen Adds Dustin Ingram in Key Role

HBO’s Watchmen adds Dustin Ingram in key role Following the recent addition of Golden Globe nominated-actress Hong Chau, Deadline reports that Dustin Ingram (Sun Records) has joined the cast of HBO’s Watchmen series. Created by Damon Lindelof from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s limited comic book series of the same name, Ingram will be playing a key recurring role but further details about his character are still under wraps. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlo...
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‘Watchmen’ Casts ‘Sun Records’ Alum Dustin Ingram in Recurring Role

The mystery surrounding Damon Lindelof‘s upcoming Watchmen series is not getting any clearer, even with the casting of a “key” supporting character. Dustin Ingram, star of the CMT series Sun Records, is joining the Watchmen cast in a recurring role that remains undisclosed. The HBO series inspired by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons iconic graphic novel has released some footage and shared a vague synopsis, but we still have little clue what Watchmen is about. But the latest casting news adds to ...
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Hong Chau Joins HBO’s Watchmen in Key Role

Hong Chau joins HBO’s Watchmen in key role According to Deadline, Golden Globe nominated-actress Hong Chau (Downsizing) has signed on to join the ensemble cast of HBO’s upcoming Watchmen series. Created by Damon Lindelof from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s limited comic book series of the same name, Chau is set to portray a key role with the outlet saying her character name is “Lady T.” but further details about her character are still being kept under wraps. PB ...
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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops Watchmen Fire in Response to Criticism

House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) won the race for New York’s 14th congressional district by leading with her democratic socialist politics and running on a progressive platform advocating for an increased marginal tax rate on the wealthy and universal healthcare. Much to the surprise of her new…Read more...
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HBO 2019 Reel Reveals First Look at Watchmen and Game of Thrones

HBO 2019 reel reveals first look at Watchmen and Game of Thrones HBO has released a brand new 2019 preview reel, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from their highly-anticipated new and continuing original series. First up is a first look at Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen featuring Jeremy Irons as Ozymandias. The teaser also provided the first footage from the upcoming final season of the premium cable network’s multi-awarded fantasy series Game of Thrones. The short scene gave us a glimpse of ...
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‘Watchmen’ TV Series Footage Revealed With ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Tease and More

HBO knows what you want: teasers! The cable network has a big year ahead in 2019, with the final season of Game of Thrones airing, along with their Watchmen show, Big Little Lies season 2, and more. To get everyone hyped up, HBO has released a 2019 teaser that features our first look at Watchmen TV series footage, along with a Game of Thrones season 8 tease, a clip from Big Little Lies season 2, and more. Check it out below. Watchmen TV Series Footage and More Watchmen Oh wow, there’s...
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Here's Your First Look at the Final Season of Game of Thrones, and Watchmen Too

While movies and TV shows were getting awards during the Golden Globes, HBO dropped the first footage of their two biggest genre properties of 2019: Game of Thrones and Watchmen.Read more...
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HBO Unveils First Footage of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 (Watch)

HBO released a teaser for their 2019 programming slate, which featured the first footage from the final season of “Game of Thrones” and the “Watchmen” series. In the clips, fans get to see Daenerys arriving at Winterfell, where she is greeted by Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. “Winterfell is yours, your grace,” Sansa says to […]
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Superhero Bits: ‘Captain Marvel’ Runtime Possibly Revealed, ‘Batman: Hush’ Voice Cast & More

Who is lending their voices to the animated Batman: Hush movie? How long is Captain Marvel according to AMC Theatres? Could Avengers: Endgame introduce an obscure Marvel character? When does Once Upon a Deadpool hit Blu-ray and Digital? Want to get some Shazam shoes like director David F. Sandberg? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. With the Captain Marvel movie coming out in a couple months, you’ll need a primer on the Marvel character. Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider...
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The Most Anticipated TV of 2019

As the number of scripted series continues to grow (more than 500 in 2018), it is not just a race to produce the biggest quantity, but also the highest quality programming. Looking at the upcoming slate for 2019, there appears to be no shortage of unique stories coming. Here, Variety previews the most anticipated scripted […]
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Masks Save Lives in New HBO’s Watchmen Teasers

Masks save lives in new HBO’s Watchmen teasers HBO has released two new mysterious teasers for their upcoming Watchmen TV series. Created by Damon Lindelof from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s limited comic book series of the same name, the teasers both feature police officers with yellow face masks covering their entire face. Check out the full photos below! Set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostalgia of the original groundbreaking gra...
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Pictures From Captain Marvel's Reshoots, Teasers for HBO's Watchmen, and More

Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected is making its way to TV. The CW has plans for a series based on The Progeny. Cicada comes for Barry Allen in a look at the next episode of The Flash. Plus, what’s to come on Black Lightning and Future Man’s second season. Happy Spoilsgiving!Read more...
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New ‘Watchmen’ Photos Show Off More of the Police Department’s Unusual Uniforms

We’re intensely curious about what Damon Lindelof is cooking up over at HBO with his new Watchmen TV series, but in true mystery box fashion, the creator/showrunner is keeping us largely in the dark about the specifics of what he’s doing. Instead, the Watchmen Instagram account has revealed two new looks at some of the show’s characters, giving us a better view of the masked police officer characters seen in last month’s first look photo. Take a look below. New Watchmen Photos ...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Black Widow’ Movie Character Details, Stephen Colbert’s Full Stan Lee Tribute & More

Want a first look at the upcoming Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds? How long has Chris Pine known that he would return as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984? When will DC’s Legends of Tomorrow return from the midseason break? What would Spider-Man look like in a vibranium suit in the MCU? What do the breakdowns for Black Widow supporting characters tell us about the movie? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. A giant squid monster is on the loose in the promo for the next epi...
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‘Watchmen’ Actor Tim Blake Nelson Says the HBO Show is “Way Beyond” a Standard Adaptation

You may know Tim Blake Nelson as the hapless Delmar O’Donnell in the Coen Brothers’ Homeric comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou?, but the successful character actor is about to step into a totally different type of world with Damon Lindelof‘s unconventional new Watchmen TV series. In a recent interview, Nelson (who also appears as the title character in the Coens’ upcoming western anthology The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) says the Watchmen HBO show is “way beyond your run of the mill comic adaptatio...
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Tim Blake Nelson Sheds A Little Bit of Light on His Mystery Watchmen Role

Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen TV series, slated for HBO, is a bit of a cipher. How direct of an adaptation of the comic or its world will it be, and why is there so much secrecy around the characters and plot details? How mad, precisely, will this make Alan Moore?Read more...
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Updates From Godzilla vs Kong, Jonny Quest, and More

Godzilla vs Kong casts an Iron Fist star. Lego Batman Movie and potential Nightwing director Chris McKay could bring Jonny Quest to the big screen. The CW wants a lot more of the new Charmed. Plus, Swamp Thing could be adding another DC villain, and casting rumors for the Game of Thrones prequel. Spoilers get!Read more...
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Jeremy Irons Playing Older Ozymandias in HBO’s Watchmen

Jeremy Irons playing older Ozymandias in HBO’s Watchmen Legendary actor Jeremy Irons joined HBO’s Watchmen TV series back in June, but his role was kept under wraps. Now, according to a report by SlashFilm, we’ve learned the veteran actor will play the older version of Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias! The site also broke the news that veteran actress Jean Smart (Fargo) has also joined the cast of the show as a “mysterious FBI agent.” Speculation must now begin in earnest as we try to uncover wha...
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Exclusive: Jeremy Irons is Older Ozymandias in the ‘Watchmen’ TV Series, Jean Smart Joins the Cast as an FBI Agent

HBO’s Watchmen has been officially ordered to series, but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of information out there about this mysterious project. This show, like justice, has gone hooded – its identity remains a well-kept secret. However, a few new details have come to light. We knew that Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons had joined the cast, but /Film has learned that he is playing none other than the older version of Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, a key character from the original Watchmen comic serie...
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Great, Bob! Damon Lindelof’s ‘Watchmen’ Casts ‘Mad Men’ Actor James Wolk

James Wolk is heading to an alternate universe. The former Mad Men actor – Wolk was famously on the receiving end of Vincent Kartheiser’s meme-worthy “Not great, Bob!” zinger, hence the headline of this article – is the latest to join the cast of HBO’s Watchmen. LOST creator Damon Lindelof is “remixing” the iconic superhero graphic novel by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons for the small screen, and Wolk has joined a sprawling cast as a major recurring character. Read more about Wolk’s ...
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Superhero Bits: Wolverine Podcast Second Season Details, ‘Hellboy’ Test Screening Reactions & More

Will Batman have any part in the Elseworlds crossover coming to the Arrowverse? What do early reactions from a test screening of Hellboy have to say? Want to see Roger Corman‘s awful adaptation of Fantastic Four? Why didn’t Superman use his powers to find Martha in Batman v Superman? What can we expect from the second season of the Wolverine podcast? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Felicity discovers a new secret about Oliver in “The Demon,” the next episode of the s...
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James Wolk Joins HBO’s Watchmen in Recurring Role

James Wolk joins HBO’s Watchmen in recurring role According to Deadline, actor James Wolk (Zoo, Tell Me a Story) has signed on to join the ensemble cast of HBO’s Watchmen. Created by Damon Lindelof from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s limited comic book series of the same name, Wolk has been cast for a key recurring role but further details about his character is currently being kept under wraps. Set in an alternate history where “superheroes” are treated as outlaws, Watchmen embraces the nostal...
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A Truly Ridiculous Rumor About Matt Smith's Role in Star Wars: Episode IX

The Hellboy movie might have added another iconic hero from the comics. Get a suitably democratic new look at Captain Marvel courtesy of Brie Larson. Fox is looking to do its own take on War of the Worlds. Plus, new behind-the-scenes looks at Joker, and what’s to come on Legends of Tomorrow. Spoilers, go!Read more...
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