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One of Tesla's most vocal investors sold more than $39 million of the stock ahead of the company's earnings report (TSLA)

ARK Investment Management, a relatively small but extremely vocal supporter of Tesla, has trimmed its stake by 150,000 shares ahead of the company's earnings report to be released Wednesday.  Ren Leggi, the firm's lead portfolio manager, said ARK's conviction is strong as ever, but the sales were related to overall trading strategies.  Tesla remains the top holding in ARK's portfolio, at around 10% of its investments. The electric-car company will report third-quarter earnings on Wednesday, w...

Waymo and Renault eye Paris for full-fledged robo-taxi service

Waymo and Renault are exploring the idea of launching a robo-taxi service in Paris for a route between Charles de Gaulle Airport and a major business district about 20 miles away.
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How Waymo Plans To Ease Your Autonomous Car Anxiety

As the doors closed on our Waymo trip, a friendly chime played over the Chrysler Pacifica’s speakers. Because Waymo is owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, which has some history refining the user experience, I assume this chime was carefully curated from a collection of dozens, if not hundreds, of…Read more...
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Waymo’s test riders to be offered autonomous car trips without backup drivers

In a sign of growing confidence, autonomous-car company Waymo says it will start using vehicles without backup drivers for robo-taxi tests in Arizona.
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Waymo and Renault to explore autonomous mobility route in Paris region

Waymo and Renault are working with the Paris region to explore the possibility of establishing an autonomous transportation route between Charles De Gaulle airport and La Défense, a neighbourhood just outside of Paris city limits that plays host to a large number of businesses and skyscrapers, including a large shopping center. This is part of the deal that Renault and Nissan signed with Waymo earlier this year, to work together on potential autonomous vehicle services in both Japan and Franc...
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Daily Crunch: Apple pulls Hong Kong app

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Apple pulls HKmap from App Store, the day after Chinese state media criticized its ‘unwise and reckless decision’ to approve it Less than a day after Apple was criticized by Chinese state media for allowing HKmap in the App Store, the crowdsourced map app said it had been delisted. This is Apple’s seco...
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Waymo is telling customers it will start offering rides in its autonomous cars without safety drivers (GOOGL)

Waymo has emailed users of its autonomous ride-hailing service, Waymo One, that it plans to start giving rides in vehicles without safety drivers. A Waymo representative told Business Insider that, as with its other vehicles, remote human operators will not be able to control the vehicles that don't have safety drivers. The removal of safety drivers, who can take over if a vehicle's autonomous-driving technology malfunctions, will represent a major step for Waymo and the autonomous-vehicle ind...
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Waymo to customers: “Completely driverless Waymo cars are on the way”

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle business under Alphabet, sent an email to customers of its ride-hailing app that their next trip might not have a human safety driver behind the wheel, according to a copy of the email that was posted on Reddit. The email entitled “Completely driverless Waymo cars are on the way” was sent to customers that use its ride-hailing app in the suburbs of Phoenix. It isn’t clear if the email was sent to members of its early rider program or its broader Waymo One serv...
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Google is going through a slow-motion employee revolt and its cofounders are missing in action (GOOG, GOOGL)

As tensions have mounted between Google employees and leadership, the company's cofounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are missing in action. None of the thirteen current and former employees we spoke to know exactly why Page and Brin have receded into the background, though some speculate the billionaires simply don't want to be bothered with the growing criticism the company faces. In their absence, vocal employee organizers have stepped up their efforts to overturn controversial projects l...
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Waymo’s self-driving prototypes begin exploring LA’s latticework of streets

Three prototypes decked out with a full suite of autonomous technology have started exploring LA to gather data about the city's streets, though they're being driven by engineers.
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Waymo is creating 3D maps of Los Angeles to better understand traffic congestion

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle company under Alphabet, has started creating 3D maps in some heavily trafficked sections of Los Angeles to better understand congestion there and determine if its self-driving vehicles would be a good fit in the city. For now, Waymo is bringing just three of its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans to Los Angeles to map downtown and a section of Wilshire Boulevard known as Miracle Mile. Waymo employees will initially drive the vehicles to create 3D maps of ...
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These High-Tech Sensors May Be the Key to Autonomous Cars

What were once believed to be exotic technologies are now being considered to fill in perceived safety gaps.
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Waymo Refocuses on Semis, Heads Back to Phoenix for Testing

Alphabet’s Waymo probably operates the most successful autonomous fleet in North America right now. While we can debate its technical prowess versus its rivals forever, it’s still one of the only companies offering a commercial taxi service using autonomous vehicles in North America. It also has an enviable safety record. The company has also worked […] The post appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Waymo’s huge autonomous trucks return to the roads of Arizona

Waymo is ramping up testing of its autonomous trucks with the relaunch this week of tests on freeways near Phoenix, Arizona. The company last tested there in 2017 before starting similar trials in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2018. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Waymo returns its huge autonomous trucks to the roads of Arizona

Waymo is ramping up testing of its autonomous trucks with the relaunch this week of tests on freeways near Phoenix, Arizona. The company last tested there in 2017 before starting similar trials in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2018. The post appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Waymo is bringing its self-driving trucks back to Arizona

Waymo, the autonomous vehicle company under Alphabet, is bringing its self-driving trucks back to Arizona. The company’s autonomous Chysler Pacifica hybrid vehicles, which are used in its Waymo One ride-hailing service, are a common sight on public streets in Chandler and other suburbs of Phoenix . But its self-driving Class 8 big rig trucks haven’t been in Arizona for more than year. Waymo integrated its self-driving system into Class 8 trucks and began testing them in Arizona in August...
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Nobody is going to buy Tesla — the company is on its own (TSLA)

Tesla's recent precipitous stock-price decline has led to some renewed speculation that it could be bought by a deep-pocketed tech firm. CEO Elon Musk is said to have discussed a Tesla acquisition with both Google and Apple in the past. The New York University professor Scott Galloway thinks somebody could buy Tesla in 12 months if it drops below $100 a share. But nobody will buy Tesla. The company is on its own from here on out. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A persisten...
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Aptiv’s Karl Iagnemma at TC Sessions: Mobility July 10 in San Jose

Before automakers and giant tech companies kicked off their own autonomous vehicle pilots, a startup called nuTonomy launched a self-driving taxi service in Singapore for the public, not just its test engineers. The AV industry took notice; and by October 2017 it was snapped up for $450 million by Aptiv, U.S. auto supplier and self-driving software company formerly known as Delphi. We’re excited to announce that Karl Iagnemma, co-founder of nuTonomy and now president of Aptiv Autonomous...
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Fiat Chrysler proposes 50-50 merger with Renault

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has proposed merging its business with Renault that, if accepted, would create the third largest global automaker with 8.7 million in annual vehicle sales. FCA delivered Monday a non-binding letter to Renault’s board that proposes combining the business as a 50-50 merger. FCA’s proposal illustrates the growing desire among automakers to consolidate, or form partnerships, in an environment of increasing regulatory pressure, declining sales and rising costs assoc...
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Fiat Chrysler-Renault tie up: What the maker of Jeep could gain

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Renault are reportedly in talks that could result in merging vast swaths of their businesses, a move that illustrates the growing desire among automakers to consolidate in an environment of increased regulatory pressure, sales declines and rising costs aimed at bringing next-generation technologies like self-driving cars to market. Bloomberg, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal have reported on talks of a tie up that could result in Fiat Chrysler even...
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From food delivery to self-driving cars, here's how all of Uber and Lyft's side-businesses compare (UBER, LYFT)

Uber and Lyft are doing more than just app-based taxi rides.  Both companies are investing in self-driving cars and healthcare.  Uber, meanwhile, is rapidly growing its Uber Eats and Uber Freight businesses.  We went through each company's IPO documents to compile the definitive list of the other bets each ride-hailing company is taking. Uber and Lyft have become synonymous with ride-hailing, but taxi rides are far from the companies' only business bets. Between the two, the companies are hea...
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Automakers have a choice: Become data companies or become irrelevant

Jeff Peters Contributor Share on Twitter Jeff Peters, PhD is a principal at Autotech Ventures, investing in transportation startups. He has published academic and media articles on transportation, optimization, autonomous driving and AI. More posts by this contributor Will self-driving cars kill parking? The AI in your non-autonomous car While Bezos amassed billions, Apple took over our culture,...
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Ford might have out-creeped Boston Dynamics with a 2-legged delivery robot

Ford released a video of a two-legged delivery robot called "Digit." Digit is made by startup Agility Robotics, which has partnered with Ford for a research project studying how autonomous vehicles can work together with robots to deliver packages. Digit can lift 40 lbs, and is part of Ford's plans to launch robotaxis. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ford unveiled what it hopes to be the future for autonomous delivery on Wednesday in the form of a two-legged robot. Ford is...
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Ford CTO Ken Washington at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

A conference dedicated to transportation and mobility wouldn’t be complete without hearing from Ford, the U.S. automaker with a storied 116-year history. We’re excited to announce that Ford CTO Ken Washington will participate in TechCrunch’s inaugural TC Sessions: Mobility, a one-day event on July 10, 2019 in San Jose, Calif., that’s bringing the best and brightest minds — founders, investors and technologists — who are determined to invent a future Henry Ford might never have imagined. Or maybe...
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A month after layoffs, Udacity's famous founder says the online school expects to do $100 million in revenue this year

Udacity seemed to stumble last month when it restructured and laid off about 20% of its workforce. But founder, executive chairman and interim CEO Sebastian Thrun tells Business Insider that the business is on track to do $100 million in revenue this year, up from $88 million in 2018.  He says the layoffs were not from financial struggle, but rather from a strategic change that made a good chunk of the full-time staff unnecessary. The change also came from his desire to make his start...
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The history of how Uber went from the most feared startup in the world to its massive IPO

Uber went public this month on the New York Stock Exchange in a much-watched IPO. Since it was founded in 2009, Uber has transformed the ride-hailing industry and grown to become the most valuable companies in the world. See the highs and lows of Uber in its journey from small San Francisco startup, through its extremely tumultous 2017, through to its 2019 IPO. Visit for more stories. Ten years ago, a company called UberCab made a splash in San Francisco by le...
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European companies can't compete against global giants

Finance ministers say Europe is increasingly dependent on Chinese and US technologyIt boasts the world’s second biggest economy, a huge consumer market of about 500 million people and prodigious pools of talent and capital, not to mention two of the world’s most important financial centres.But Europe is struggling to match its great rivals, the US and China, in creating the kind of global firms that increasingly dominate the 21st-century marketplace. Continue reading...
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Dara Khosrowshahi hasn't yet earned his $100 million-plus stock bonus for when Uber hits a $120 billion valuation — but there's still time for him to do it

Dara Khosrowshahi has a huge potential payout riding on Uber's post-IPO valuation hitting $120 billion and staying there for 90 consecutive days. He'd also get that payout for selling the company for $120 billion.  A source tells us his incentive is worth $100 million or more. Dara Khosrowshahi could have gotten a huge payday — totaling more than $100 million, according to a source — if Uber's IPO valuation hit $120 billion after its IPO and stayed at that level for 90 consecutive days. Even ...
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Tesla's senior director of global communications is leaving the company — here are all the key names who have departed in the past year (TSLA)

Tesla is known for its high rate of executive turnover, and the past year has been no different. During a year in which the automaker faced production and delivery issues, investigations from the federal government, and questions about the decision-making of CEO Elon Musk, departures from senior employees have added yet another challenge. Tesla's senior director of global communications Dave Arnold is leaving the company. Arnold served the electric automaker for two years. Tesla has seen a...
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Lyft executive suggests drivers become mechanics after they're replaced by self-driving robo-taxis (LYFT)

Lyft's chief operating officer, Jon McNeill, has blunt advice for drivers worried about being replaced by autonomous robo-taxis: become a mechanic. The ride-hailing company expects it will need more drivers in the next decade than it does currently, but it's still looking to the self-driving future. McNeill compared the impending revolution to the digitization of telephone switchboards in the 1970s. Last week, drivers around the world protested Uber and Lyft's stock market debuts amid what the...
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