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2020 Ford Super Duty: An In-Depth Look At Dearborn’s Big Slugger

The 2020 Ford Super Duty enters a market with stiff competition from GM and Ram. Ford designs and builds all their heavy-duty engine and transmission combinations in house. The 2020 Super Duty is the most tested truck in Ford’s history, logging an excess of 15 million miles.  Meet the 2020 Ford Super Duty. It’s bigger. It’s badder. And in one striking way, it’s a little familiar. Glancing over the specs, one item will stand out immediately for Ford fans: that is the return of the 7.3. Although...
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NIH announces funding boost for Detroit Cardiovascular Training Program

The Detroit Cardiovascular Training Program at Wayne State University received notice that funding from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health will continue for the next five years with additional funding of $1.29 million.
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State Allocates Funds for Advanced Computing Hub, Incubator Programs

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for state-supported entrepreneurial programs.On Wednesday, the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) approved $250,000 to support a new advanced computing hub at Wayne State University as part of the statewide Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) program. MTRAC seeks to accelerate the transfer of technology developed at Michigan universities to the private sector for commercial development. Wayne State also manages a biomedical MTRAC program tha...
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"The Life of Charlie Burrell: Breaking the Color Barrier in Classical Music"

The Life of Charlie Burrell: Breaking the Color Barrier in Classical Music by Charlie Burrell and Mitch Handelsman Monika Vischer of Colorado Public Radio writes: The "Jackie Robinson" of Classical Music ~ Charlie Burrell In a precedent-setting career, Burrell excelled in both the classical and jazz musical worlds and broke down racial barriers along the way. Born in 1920, Burrell grew up in Detroit, Michigan. In the seventh grade, he gravitated to the c...
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Welcome To The Club: Younger Generations Embrace Classic Cars

Recent data shows Gen Xers and millennials are taking more of an interest in classic cars. Muscle cars are the most desirable, with the Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang topping the list. Despite the onset of autonomous vehicles, younger generations still appreciate going for a drive.   “There’s an adage in Detroit,” writes author Tom Glatch in The Art of Mopar. “You can sell an old man a young man’s car but you can never sell a young man an old man’s car.” Glatch describes how Dodge was an old ma...
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Detroit Urban Solutions Seeks to Amplify the Regional Tech Ecosystem

TechTown Detroit, Wayne State University, and NextEnergy have formed a new consortium to advance the Motor City’s tech ecosystem and apply new innovations to tough civic challenges.Called Detroit Urban Solutions, the consortium will focus primarily on mobility, digital health, civic, and smart city technologies. We called Paul Riser Jr., who is stepping down from his position overseeing technology-based entrepreneurship at TechTown to lead Detroit Urban Solutions, to find out more.“The collabor...
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Roundup: Riser’s New Role, STEM Summit, U-M AV News, and More

Let’s catch up on Michigan’s latest innovation news:—[Clarification, 2/11/19, 9:31 p.m.; see below.] Earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI 12) announced that the University of Michigan will receive a $2.5 million grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Centers program to continue funding for the . The center is a regional consortium that also includes Washtenaw Community College, Purdue University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Un...
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Roundup: Riser Leaving TechTown, STEM Summit, U-M AV News, and More

Let’s catch up on Michigan’s latest innovation news:—Earlier this month, U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI 12) announced that the University of Michigan will receive a $2.5 million grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Centers program to continue funding for the . The center is a regional consortium that also includes Washtenaw Community College, Purdue University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Akron, and Central State University....
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2020 Kia Sportage: Refreshed & Ready To Mingle

On the heels of an emotional Super Bowl ad for the Telluride, Kia is staying on the gas in 2019. While the Telluride is the largest member of Kia’s house, the Sportage is no couch potato. Refreshed and recharged for another round, the 2020 Kia Sportage comes with a handful of tech and safety upgrades. Those not looking for the space (or cost) of a larger SUV may find the new Sportage does the trick. We would opt for the new S trim personally, which has a more athletic exterior look. Yet, regardl...
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Does Your Favorite Football Team Have A Matching Vehicle?

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta will host Super Bowl LIII this weekend. An ambitious Los Angeles Rams team will face the mighty New England Patriots, a contest even super computers are analyzing. With football fever in the air, the staff at All-Fit Automotive sought to find vehicles for each NFL team. Some were rather easy, like the Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars, but others required a little more digging. “Some of the cars I’d never heard of before,” admits A.J. Dudon, CEO of All-Fit ...
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2020 VW Passat: Now With “Tornado” Lines

The 2020 VW Passat strikes a balance between new technology and proven performance.  VW says the new Passat’s design is coupe-like with a “tornado line” running through the car.   The 2020 VW Passat is the very definition of a good run-around car. These are cars we buy for driving to work; or for our spouses or kids as they go off to college. We feel relieved when we, or someone we love, is behind the wheel of a good run-around car. We don’t break the bank with the 2020 VW Passat, but we get e...
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2020 Ford Explorer: History Repeats Itself

The 2020 Ford Explorer arrives as Americans demand more and more SUVS. Ford analyzed consumer feedback and designed the 2020 Explorer accordingly.  New, more powerful engines compliment a host of convenience and safety tech. In March of 1990, minivans broke into a cold sweat when the 1991 Ford Explorer moved into the neighborhood. While the two-door Explorer “Sport” helped the single crowd pursue all things 90s, the four-door became a viable option for families. Contrasting the minivan, the Ex...
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Campus Access problems may indicate short-fallings of Church

United States (MNN) – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has increasingly faced campus access issues. More universities have been reviewing InterVarsity’s leadership requirements followed by claims that the organization is discriminatory because it requires Chapter leaders to be Christians. In 2018, InterVarsity was kicked off a couple of college campuses under the guise of discrimination. Following the Chapter removals, InterVarsity filed lawsuits against two separate colleges: Wayne Stat...
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Work, Relationships & Family: Do Trucks Make Them Better?

A survey conducted by Chevrolet and Harris Poll sheds light on why we love trucks. The data shows a link between truck ownership and serving the local community. Trucks owners even name their pickups and consider them part of the family.   Although the poll was conduced by Chevrolet, it is not brand specific.  Sometimes, it’s the young working class who reflect why trucks are the greatest aspirational vehicles in the United States. Many don’t have their dream truck yet, but when they tell you ...
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Fiat 500: Still Influencing Design & History 60 Years On

A vintage Fiat 500 will be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in 2019. The tiny, yet affordable car helped put Europe on wheels following World War II. MoMA’s exhibit includes the 500 as one of the world’s more significant design works. Last year, on its 60th birthday, the Fiat 500 joined the permanent collection of the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, in New York. MoMA acquired a 500 F series, arguably the most popular 500, manufactured between 1965 and 1972. Fiat’s “great little car” becam...
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Goodbye Keys! Hello Hyundai’s Fingerprint Technology

Hyundai’s technology allows drivers to unlock and start their vehicle with their fingerprints. An on-board security system helps determine the driver’s actual prints to prevent theft. The technology is another example of how consumers want a vehicle to fit their lifestyle.   It sounds like something out of science fiction. Like those movies where the crew, in order to open the hatch to the spaceship’s next corridor, place their hands on a blue-lit screen. Hyundai is now using that Hollywood ma...
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Can The Ford Raptor Take On Santa’s Sleigh? You Might Be Surprised

Is the 2019 Ford Raptor more capable than Santa’s sleigh? A comparison chart from provides some insight. The Raptor is as tough as they come but can anything top St. Nick’s sled?  As we speak, Santa is preparing for his yearly journey around the world, stopping at every house along the way. The only evidence of his visit are the missing cookies, empty glass of milk and, of course, a tree surrounded by presents. Kids this year will hide under their covers, pretending they ar...
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Can The Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE Take On Santa’s Sleigh?

Is the 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE faster than Santa’s sleigh? A comparison chart from provides some insight. At first, it seems close – really close – but a clear winner does emerge.   When I was a kid, I wondered how Santa Claus made it around the world, to every house, in just one night. My parents and I lived in an apartment, which only complicated matters. Since we didn’t have a chimney, one year I asked my father how Santa was going to get in. When my father, a distinguis...
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New memory study first to use intracranial recordings

Research led by Wayne State University is first memory study to use intracranial recordings to better understand how maturation of the prefrontal cortex drives memory development.
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2019 GMC Sierra AT4: No Road, No Problem

The 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 is a more muscular version of the popular Sierra. Factory additions include a two-inch lift, two-speed transfer case, and a new performance package. Although SLT and Denali models lead the lineup in sales, GMC is attempting to reach the off-road buyer. GMC Sierra fans are getting a little more bite for their bark as the 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 arrives. GMC says the truck is a “unique formula” because it blends off-road capability with technology and refinement. In person, i...
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2020 Jeep Gladiator: The Warrior Emerges

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator sends a clear message to the competition.  However, this is not the first time we have seen the Gladiator namesake.  Join us for a brief walk through history, then an in-depth look at the 2020 Jeep Gladiator.  The debut of Miracle on 34th Street. Christian Dior’s “New Look” for women. The Doomsday Clock. Chuck Yeager flies faster than sound and David Bowie is born. 1947 was a year of firsts. On the automotive front, Army veteran John C. Hennessy Jr. brings the first Vol...
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Can a party drug stop the increasing rate of suicide?

The popular party drug has shown promise in stopping suicidal thoughts in a number of small clinical studies.First synthesized in 1962, the anesthetic was used to treat Vietnam War soldiers in the early seventies.Though the accompanying hallucinations are a roadblock to widespread therapy, innovations in psychiatry are necessary. None The dirtiest drug I ever tried was ketamine. Besides having a general aversion to snorting powder, I vividly recall one evening in 1995 when, after ingesting a hea...
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Roundup: Accelerate Michigan, Waymark, ACM, Detroit FinTech Bay, More

The holiday season will soon be upon us, but that doesn’t mean work is slowing down in Michigan’s innovation hubs. Here’s a look at recent technology and entrepreneurship news from across the state.—The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, hosted by Invest Detroit’s ID Ventures on Nov. 13, announced the 2018 winners selected from a field of 300 applicants. Most of the winning companies in the ninth annual pitch competition are based in Michigan, although some are headquartered in other s...
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Ram 1500 North Edition: Over The River & Through The Woods (Literally)

The 2019 Ram 1500 North Edition takes it to Old Man Winter. Goodies include a one-inch factory lift and locking differential.  Ram’s special edition lineup has seen multiple new entries over the last year.  Pick your poison Mopar fans! The Hydro Blue Sport, Lone Star Edition, Heavy Duty Night Editions; even a Kentucky Derby Edition. More recently, the 1500 Rebel 12 and 2500 Power Wagon Mojave Sand Editions come to mind. Ram is stacking the deck with special edition trucks and they are adding a...
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Best Time To Buy A Car? The Holiday Season Might Be One

When is the best time to buy a car? Should you wait until the end of the year?  Data over the last few years suggests November and December are the best months. However, don’t believe everything you hear just yet.  Brace yourself. The holidays are coming. Extended hours, big savings, and hordes of ambitious shoppers camping out (literally) at the front of the line. While clothes, games, and electronics are often top of mind, what about a larger purchase like an automobile? Do Black Friday and ...
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Automoblog In-Depth: Terrifying Realities of Halloween

The scariest things this Halloween season have nothing in common with the latest creature features on Netflix. While trick-or-treating is certinately enjoyable for children and families, things become far more risky once the porch lights dim, and the real costume parties begin. “We don’t discourage having get-togethers during Halloween because it’s a fun time not only for children but also for adults,” explained Special First Lieutenant Jim Flegel, Traffic Safety Specialist, Michigan State Polic...
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No Tricks Only Treats: These 13 Vehicles Were Made For Halloween!

With Mega Millions turning into Mega Billions these days, it makes you wonder what you might do with a winning ticket. Hence why we came up with this list of Halloween vehicles. Since money would then be no object, what “scary” vehicles would we put in the driveway? What vehicles would be a real treat this Halloween season? The Rundown The vehicles below are in no particular order, and our requirements were relatively simple. Mostly, they needed to have certain capabilities beyond the scope of...
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Roundup: OptimizeRx, Parabricks, URC, Startup Detroit, ACM and More

The weather is finally starting to cool—I’m a fan of fall —but Michigan’s tech startups and entrepreneurs are still red-hot: they’re raising money, buying competitors and complementary companies, launching new products, and more. Read on for recent news about the state’s innovation community.—Rochester’s OptimizeRx, a digital health company focused on facilitating digital communication between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, last week acquired Somerset, NJ-based CareSpeak Communication...
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The surprising psychology of sex with your ex

In the first study of its kind, researchers have found sex with an ex didn't prevent people from getting over their relationship.Instead of feeling worse about their breakup after a hookup, the new singles who attempted sexual contact with their ex reported feeling better afterwards.The findings suggest that not every piece of relationship advice is to be taken at face value.It seems like a rule about breakups so obvious it hardly needs stating; don't have sex with your ex-partner. However, even...
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Going to bed with your ex might not be as bad you think

Conventional wisdom holds that people set themselves up for even greater heartache when they jump into bed with their ex-partner after a breakup. However, according to the findings of a study in Springer's journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, having sex with an ex doesn't seem to hinder moving on after the breakup. This is true even for those who continue to pine after their ex, says lead author Stephanie Spielmann of Wayne State University in the US.
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