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Read this wonderfully surreal webcomic about intergalactic orgasms and the moon landing.

This is one of the things where you go "What the fuck did I just read and why am I feeling so incredibly moved by it." It's by Mads Horwath, who has also worked as a cartoonist for the New Yorker and . — Read the rest
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Read this powerfully personal comic about top surgery from the creator of "She-ra" and "Lumberjanes"

Noelle Stevenson is the Eisner-award winning creator of such wonderful comics as Lumberjanes and Nimona, who later served as creator and executive producer for Netflix's celebrated She-ra reboot. In March 2020, Stevenson also released a memoir titled The Fire Never Goes Out: A Memoir in Pictures, which combined personal essays and graphic narratives. — Read the rest
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Read this moving webcomic about peaches as they related to mental health and racism.

At The Catapult, writer/artist Shing Yin Khor has an incredibly beautiful illustrated essay about her relationship with peaches and depression — connecting both things back to their own Chinese heritage, and to the fruit's relationship with Confederate white supremacy in America. Khor takes a touching personal narrative and deftly weaves it through and around hundreds of years of colonialism and racism in a way that's beautiful, resonant, and thought-provoking. I came away from this short co...
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A black cartoonist had a powerful comic about police protests pulled from the New York Times

Illustrator/Cartoonist Ronald Wimberly shared on his Patreon: The comic was scheduled as the lasts to run in The Diary Project Series on the back page of the Arts page of this Sunday's NY times. The editor told me that, after much deliberation, after rigorous discussion that went to  the top of editorial, the center image of the burning cop car was too much. …something about "editorializing violence". They couldn't see it running anywhere in the entire paper. I was told I could remove the cen...
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A bleakly touching webcomic compares our apocalyptic fantasies to the real experience of coronavirus quarantine

Nate Powell is the writer and artist behind About Face, a brilliant webcomic about America's obsession with fascist fashion. His latest comic, Hide Out, is less of a macro-scale political analysis, and more of a quiet, reflective, internal piece about life in apocalyptic scenarios — but it's just as powerful, and just as much worth reading. icymi, my new comic “Hide Out” is up at The Nib— old, romantic visions of The End shattered by the disorienting quiet of mass deaths in our slow motion ca...
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Enjoy "iCthulhu," a free Lovecraftian cyberpunk webcomic

My buddy Dave Ganjamie and I have been collaborating on comics for a few years now. Not all of our brainstorm-and-sketch sessions end somewhere exciting, but we did have one fun idea that came to fruition. It was the fall of 2013, and Dave half-jokingly challenged me to write him a — his words, and I quote directly from our GChat — "cyber -craftian Eldritch- punk time travel" story. I assumed this was meant to be deliberately absurd. But I'm never one to back down from a challenge. So we pitch...
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