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Try These Weird Web Experiences When You're High

While I haven’t gotten high in a long, long time, I certainly recall the silly adventures I had when I did. This was back in college—way, way back in college—when all we had was Super Smash Bros. Melee, lava lamps, and racquetball to entertain ourselves when sampling various (terrible-tasting) edibles. Ah, simpler…Read more...
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The Weird Web Experiences to Try When You're High

While I haven’t gotten high in a long, long time, I certainly recall the silly adventures I had when I did. This was back in college—way, way back in college—when all we had was Super Smash Bros. Melee, lava lamps, and racquetball to entertain ourselves when sampling various (terrible-tasting) edibles. Ah, simpler…Read more...
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AgencyLogic Support Series – An Overview of the AgencyLogic PowerOffice Brokerage System

AgencyLogic provides PowerOffice, a set of tools and features that allow brokers and franchises to manage enterprise volumes of single property Websites. To get access to PowerOffice give us a call on:   (888) 201-5160   or email:   [email protected]   Step 1: Log into your account. You will see PowerOffice from the main menu: Step 2: Click on the PowerOffice link. From here a pop-up window will appear giving you one-click access to all of the PowerOffice features: Step 3: The PowerOff...
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Red Oak Realty reveals new website, platform redesign

Red Oak Realty has launched a new website and redeveloped tech platform to streamline its business, epitomizing the way indie brokerages are increasingly beefing up their software capabilities.
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Klaviyo Puts Google, Facebook, Amazon on Notice With $150M Raise

Klaviyo, a Boston e-commerce startup, wants retailers to take their advertising spending back from the tech behemoths Google, Amazon, and Facebook.The thinking behind the push, according to CEO Andrew Bialecki, is whether in the long term companies are better off handing over their ad dollars or doing the work and “owning” the marketing themselves.“How do we get off this drug that is advertising?” Bialecki says.To compete with the likes of Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), and Face...
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6 Signs Your Law Firm Needs A New Website

Your law firm website has been launched, but it’s not generating any new leads. So what happened? Shouldn’t the greater visibility a website gives your firm lead to more business? If it is a great website, then yes. But if it is a bad website that is not following the latest lawyer web design trends , then that could be just as bad as no website at all. Maybe even worse. That is because a poor website could give your law firm a bad reputation, which is even worse than no reputation. At l...
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Top 3 Web Hosting Services For Your Startup

As a startup, you normally do not have the luxury of a big, fat budget like the mega-corporations. You are often trying to make the most of what you get while making effective use of resources. The best way to make your presence felt is through the digital medium. Having a website for your company or business has become an essential requirement. So, building a website should be of utmost priority. You will come across packages that offer dedicated servers and shared hosting. If you are on a bud...
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7 simple website tweaks that’ll increase your lead gen

It's hard enough to get people to your website in the first place, and you certainly don't want them leaving without connecting. Make these tweaks to your site, and your lead generation will skyrocket.
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Does Your Business Need a Boost?

No matter how many years you have devoted to your business, are you sensing that your company needs a boost? If this is the case, what steps do you plan on taking to give your business the boost it needs to keep pushing forward? From a financial boost to more brand recognition, there are times where you have to act. That said is now the time to give your business a boost? Don’t Delay and Live to Regret It If your business in fact needs a shot in the arm these days, here are some ways to go abo...
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Opera Touch brings website cookie blocking to iOS

Last fall, Opera introduced Opera Touch for iOS – a solid alternative to Safari on iPhone, optimized for one-handed use. Today, the company is rolling out a notable new feature to this app: cookie blocking. Yes, it can now block those annoying dialogs that ask you to accept the website’s cookies. These are particularly problematic on mobile, where they often entirely interrupt your ability to view the content, as opposed to on many desktop websites where you can (kind of) ignore the pop-up ba...
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The Five Most Common HTTP Errors According to Google

Sometimes when you try to visit a web page, you’re met with an HTTP error message. It’s a message from the web server that something went wrong. In some cases, it could be a mistake you made, but often it’s the site’s fault. Each type of error has an HTTP error code dedicated to it. For example, if you try to access a non-existing page on a website, you will be met by the familiar 404 error. Now, you might wonder, which are the most common HTTP errors that people encounter when they surf the We...
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Prevent Procrastination With This Chrome Extension

I’ve found myself in a vicious cycle lately. Whenever I have free time to kill, I’ll typically rotate through the same, stale list of websites, sucking up whatever new content comes along to relieve me of my boredom. I’ll bounce between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Gmail (and occasionally Slickdeals) in one…Read more...
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10 Ways to Grow Your Love for Your Website

February is Love Your Website Month at OurChurch.Com. We want you to absolutely love your website! Every meaningful relationship takes insight and effort, and this includes your relationship with your website. This month we want to help you understand your website better, spend some quality time together, and help your relationship with your website reach its full potential. We’ll be expanding on many of these topics throughout the month. In this post, we’re just going to introduce the ideas… 1...
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Investing, Real Estate, In-Game Ads: Sputnik ATX’s Third Accelerator

Austin—Startup accelerator Sputnik ATX has a picked five startup companies for its newest program, the third Sputnik has run. That includes software makers and entrepreneurs focused on investing, commercial real estate, advertising for gaming, and building websites.Founded in 2017, Sputnik ATX runs two programs annually, selecting a group of five startups that are seeking help with product development, mentorship, sales, and more. The accelerator gives each selected startup $100,000 to particip...
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How Can I Use a Fingerprint to Log into Websites?

As we round out wake-up week here at Lifehacker, I hope that you, like me, look forward to a generous pour of Tech 911 every Friday a.m. This week, we’re taking on a question that I’ve been curious about for some time—not that I’m never not curious about your questions, but this one is a topic that’s bounced around my…Read more...
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How to Pick a Web Host That Isn't GoDaddy

I’m not sure there are many people who like GoDaddy, but there are plenty who still use the web registrar and host because they don’t know any better. I can’t fault them. I’m pretty sure I used GoDaddy to register my first domain name, either because I heard the company’s name on a commercial and associated them with…Read more...
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Determine the Suitable Web Design Agency for Your Project

When thinking of building your business website, you usually consider many aspects, such as the cost, the quality, the delivery time, the after sales, etc, hence you’ll always keen to choose the right web design agency from the beginning & not bounce between agencies & lose both your time & cache. In the below article we’ll present 4 questions you shall ask yourself & your web design agency before starting a project.   What’s your website main goal? I myself consider this as the most imp...
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A Startup’s Guide To Making An SEO-Friendly Website

Search engine optimization became an integral part of digital marketing. Companies use SEO strategies when creating their ecommerce website design and it enables them to up their ranking in search engine results pages. It’s even more cost-effective because it’s free compared to paying to be advertised in SERPs. As a startup, you have to compete with lots of similar businesses. You have to take your SEO strategies up a notch to outrank your competitors. Here’s a guide for you to create the best ...
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Say 'Happy New Year' to Friends in Different Time Zones

It’s New Year’s Eve, and if you’re the kind of person who likes texting all of your friends when the clock hits midnight in their time zones (in addition to yours), that means you’re in for some mental math tonight. Those who are partying hard—or playing The Jackbox Party Pack, like I probably will be—probably aren’t…Read more...
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2018’s Top Posts & Pages

Even though my main interests do not generate the most site traffic, I’m okay with that. I do get more traffic from random topics—when I can’t easily find answers I have questions about, I’ll... The post 2018’s Top Posts & Pages appeared first on @djchuang.
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Top Web Development Trends That Will Influence Website Success

There is no way of moving away from grabbing the attention of the target audience. With each passing day, the competition on the digital front is becoming tougher and it becomes important to keep the audience interested. Only such kind of audience can lead the websites to make conversions. When it comes to grabbing the attention of the users, web developers are said to play the crucial role in it. They are capable to do or carry out some tactics which can affect the website in a positive way. ...
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Free online tool helps you automatically remove backgrounds from photos

Who needs Photoshop? Appropriately named, one web developer's new website will help you automatically remove backgrounds from photos and bring out your inner graphic designer.  The post Free online tool helps you automatically remove backgrounds from photos appeared first on Digital Trends.
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How to Add Google Tag Manager to Your Website?

If you are a digital marketer or online business owner, you need to update with everything that can affect online marketing industry. It doesn’t matter what type of online business you have a personal site, an e-commerce website or a small business site, and it’s important to understand how your website users are interacting with your website. If you are using the old techniques of injecting the java scripts and tags on your website, then your users may have to suffer from slow website loading s...
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Making the Call: How Businesses Can Choose a Web Application Framework

It’s no overstatement to say that modern businesses rely more on technology and digitization today than they have at any point in history. That also means that we’re creating more data now than ever before. Experts expect that by 2020, we will be creating 1.7 megabytes of data every second for every single person on Earth. The takeaway is that we’ve completely transitioned away from the industrial economies of the past, and have embraced an information economy, with data as the principal curre...
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9 Tips for Creating a Successful Credit Broker Website in the Finance Sector

Credit broker websites are extremely important for consumers. They assist them with initially understanding how lending works, detail the options available to them and help them find the best possible deal for their personal requirements. All in one place without having to go to individual lenders. They are a vital service and when implemented well can be very successful businesses. If you have plans to set one up, here are nine essential tips for success from Solution Loans, a well-established ...
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How To Get More Visitors To Your Travel Website

Getting traffic to your website can seen like a huge slog when you’re just starting out. It can seem like you’re just a tiny drop in the ocean – and getting out looks as bleak as it gets. However, with a point in the right direction and some top tips, you can get your travel blog from zero to one hundred in a matter of weeks. As long as you follow our guide on how to get more visitors to your travel website, you can’t go far wrong. So, without further ado, here are our top tips to get those cli...
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Tips For Tracking Your Website Performance Metrics

Building a website is now easier than ever. Even if you have no prior experience in digital commerce, you can easily get your website online and see heavy traffic from it. All you need is a domain name, hosting, a website template, and you’re good to go. But don’t expect to see instant success once the site is up. You have the ability to see high traffic from your site, but you’ll need to pour some time and energy into this process. It starts with setting goals and then tracking your website...
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Why is IndiGo risking a firestorm over web check-in charges?

India’s largest domestic carrier IndiGo, found itself at the centre of a public relations firestorm when it announced a policy change and decided to universally charge for seat allocation during web-check-in. In a rather casual manner the airline clarified that those who did not wish to pay the charge could come to the airport and … The post Why is IndiGo risking a firestorm over web check-in charges? appeared first on Bangalore... >>> To read the full story click on the headline above.
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12 Things Every Website Needs To Be Successful

This article is contributed by Jason Dirkham. Owning a website is hard work, but turning it into a successful business seems near impossible. With so many different aspects to running a website, it can be hard to know what to prioritise in order to ensure you have website success. Luckily, I’ve had years of experience in creating websites that thrive in business, and because of that, I can give you great advice on what it takes to ensure your website is the best it can be. With that in mi...
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7 Versatile Monetization Tips That Work With Any Business

A business website is a great way to communicate with your audiences and deliver value using quality content. Did you know that a website itself is a powerful tool that can be used to generate passive income in the process? There are lots of ways to monetize your website that vary from easy and general like selling content or advertising and more laborious like creating sales funnels. We are going to share some tips applicable to all business situations. Even if you want to make money from webs...
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