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“Brat Loves Judy” Exclusive: Deb Antney Checks Da Brat For Cold Feet After Delaying Her Wedding Date [VIDEO]

On Thursday night's episode of "Brat Loves Judy," Deb Antney questions Da Brat about why she's pushing back her wedding date with Judy, asking whether she has cold feet. Da Brat says she's never had cold feet and would have wed Judy yesterday but she's trying to protect her from her own legal woes.
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Some Sweet Black Matrimony-dom: LeBron And Savannah James Celebrate Eight Years Of Happily Wedded Bliss

LeBron James and his wife Savannah both took some time to share sweet eighth-anniversary messages on Instagram. The couple were wed in 2013 but have been nearly inseparable since they first started dating as teenagers in Akron, Ohio.
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Going to a wedding? Newlyweds will take cash, the new pandemic king

By Daniela Sirtori-Cortina | Bloomberg After the first year of the pandemic put many nuptials on ice, Americans started getting married with a vengeance when summer arrived. Even now, couples are still rushing to tie the knot — albeit with additional precautions given the latest infection wave. Were it any other time, this matrimonial flood would have family and friends scrambling to buy gifts, a prospect made worse this year due to supply-constrained retailers and pumped-up prices. But there’s ...
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The 14 rules to follow to make sure you stick to your wedding budget, according to a financial planner

It's easy to spend more on your wedding than you'd planned. khamiak/Shutterstock It's easy to get carried away and to spend more on your wedding than you'd planned. It's important to know your financial limits and to stick to them. Here are 14 tips from financial planner Adele Martin to help you stick to a budget. See more stories on Insider's business page. Planning a wedding is a tricky task, and it's easy to end up spending more than you'd originally plan...
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Weddings might finally be happening, but your gifts probably won't arrive for months

A wedding in San Francisco on August 15, 2021. Wu Xiaoling/Xinhua via Getty Images Many wedding registry items are backordered or delayed due to global supply chain issues. Those issues have led the housewares industry to issue a plea for relief to President Joe Biden. Experts say many couples are willing to waiting for their gifts; others are opting for cash funds. See more stories on Insider's business page. It wasn't until I was partway through making my wedding registry that I ...
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‘We love everybody’: the French drag couple making non-traditional wedding dresses

James and ViviAnn Du Fermoir-de-Monsac want to create an atmosphere where those who don’t fit the vision of an ideal bride feel comfortableOn the third floor of a typical Alsatian building in Strasbourg, a door opens on to a bright atelier, dotted with mannequins draped in bridal wear. This is where James and ViviAnn Du Fermoir-de-Monsac live and work, designing couture wedding gowns watched over by their cheerful mascot – a yellow parakeet named Adam. And they do it in drag.The pair say seeing ...
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How to Plan an Affordable Backyard Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan an Affordable Backyard Wedding on a Budget is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money! The COVID-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. The pandemic restrictions closed many marriage license bureaus, houses of worship, and halls. Couples canceled, postponed, or drastically downsized their nuptials. But instead of wallowing in a wine-soaked pity party, many couples turned to backyard weddings with a smaller guest li...
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Forty-year-old slice of Charles and Diana's wedding cake sells for $2500

Someone paid $2500 this week for a hunk of stale wedding cake left over from the 1981 royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Dominic Winter Auctioneers, which sold off the, er, collectible, states that there were apparently 23 official royal wedding cakes and this slab came from royal staff cake. — Read the rest
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"You know who doesn’t need a plus-one? The married, engaged, or cohabitating. They live together. They see each other constantly."

"There could be no greater gift than allowing the coupled up a chance to flirt with strangers, watch bad hotel TV and order weird room service, and wake up blissfully alone in a king-size hotel bed. Oh God, and the person who’s left at home? They get the bigger gift (assuming there are no children, of course), which is that they are alone at home. They are standing in the kitchen topless eating a rotisserie chicken with their bare hands. For 48 hours, the person at home is feral.... And think of...
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The 23 best bridesmaid gifts we've ever given or received, from custom gift boxes to bridesmaid dresses

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Birdy Grey Sending your bridesmaids a thoughtful gift is a great way to celebrate your wedding day. We asked Insider staffers to share the best bridesmaid gifts they've ever given or received. Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all Insider Reviews gift guides here. Bridesmaids are more than just a handful of people you choose to pose for pictures with on your wedding day. They are your closest ...
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I accidentally moved to my hometown during the pandemic. After postponing my wedding, too, I finally regained some normalcy by moving back to New York and setting life in motion again.

Me about to take my first subway ride since March 2020. Insider I traveled home to Buffalo, New York, in March 2020 for what was supposed to be a weekend trip. I ended up spending 15 months there and decided to postpone my wedding, too. Now, it feels like the right time to move forward with life, despite continued uncertainty. See more stories on Insider's business page. I really wasn't planning to leave New York for what turned out to be 15 months.On March 12, 2020, I went home ...
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Pace yourself and party on! 10 ways to avoid social burnout this summer

Even social butterflies might find themselves a little overwhelmed as everything reopens. Here’s how to ease in gently, keep conversation light and avoid the dreaded ‘hangxiety’Call it the lockdown paradox: after spending so much time in isolation, adjusting to smaller lives, we may now be struggling to expand them.Now that restrictions have been lifted, the pressure to pack our calendars, make the most of the summer and say yes to every invitation is coming up uncomfortably against a public tha...
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Scarborough predicts a bumper tourism season (if it can find enough staff)

Tourists are fuelling record bookings but severe staff shortages due to Brexit and workers self-isolating have kept many hospitality firms closedThe log cabins are gleaming, the tipis look tip-top and the champagne is on ice. Pinewood Park will host its first wedding in 22 months on Saturday as 120 guests descend on the popular glamping site near Scarborough, Yorkshire. Continue reading...
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"Peter now needs constant supervision and does not appear to remember his second wedding."

"Soon Lisa will probably have to place him in a care home, but for now they can still live together. 'My mantra has always been to have no regrets,' said Lisa, who worked in radio advertising. The couple met in 2001 after both went through divorces while neighbours in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They have five children between them. When Lisa joined her husband to exchange vows for the second time, his delight was clear for all to see. 'It was just magical — straight out of a fairytale,' she said...
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Man with Alzheimer’s proposes to his wife after forgetting they were married. She said yes

‘He doesn’t know that I’m his wife,’ Lisa Marshall said. So when Peter proposed again, she decided to go for itA married couple from Connecticut hosted a second, especially touching wedding ceremony when the groom, battling a type of dementia, proposed to his wife again after forgetting they were already married.Despite struggling to remember his marriage due to early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Peter Marshall, 56, has never forgotten the love he has for Lisa, 54, his wife of 12 years, whom he ha...
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Man with Alzheimer's proposed to the woman he doesn't remember is his wife, and they have a wedding.

"Peter Marshall, 56, has early onset Alzheimer’s disease....In January, her husband’s mind began declining at a faster pace. And so 20 years after their romance began, with her husband’s recent proposal, it seemed like perfect timing to renew their vows... 'It was just magical — straight out of a fairy tale... There wasn’t a dry eye, and I was over the moon... I hadn’t seen Peter that happy in a long time'" —WaPo reports: [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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I listened in on the first-ever Clubhouse wedding along with 26,000 other people. It included heartwarming vows, a registry to gift a $5,000 Caribbean getaway, and snapshots of the happy couple.

Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano. Misha Krutiy Photography Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano are the first-ever couple to get married on the audio-only app. The two-hour traditional ceremony included the walk down the aisle and a Corinthians reading. Guests were instructed to "Push to Refresh" to update the couple's profile photos as it went on. See more stories on Insider's business page. Natasha Grano and Michael Graziano made history on the Clubhouse app yesterday when they b...
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The best places to buy wedding rings online

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Shopping for wedding bands online might seem daunting, but these sites make the process stress-free. Our favorite wedding band sites are easy to navigate, have tons of options, and are eco-friendly. Brilliant Earth; Ritani; Krikawa; WithClairty; Alyssa Powell/Insider The engagement ring might be the star of the show when a couple decides to get married, but the weddin...
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Diana’s wedding dress goes on display at Kensington Palace

Princess of Wales’s gown will be at exhibition Royal Style in the Making from 3 JuneFashion fans and royal followers will be able to get a closeup look at the dress that Diana, Princess of Wales, wore on her wedding day in 1981.The gown, with its 25ft sequin-encrusted train that dramatically filled the aisle of St Paul’s Cathedral, will be on show for the first time at Kensington Palace in 25 years. Continue reading...
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Bride dies at wedding, groom marries her sister instead

Last week in the city of Etawah, Western Uttar Pradesh, India, a bride named Surabhi reportedly died of a heart attack just as her wedding ceremony began. Shortly after, Surabhi's sister married the groom, and following the wedding ritual, last rites were held for Surabhi. — Read the rest
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And the bride wore … a rental gown: is hiring clothes the future of fashion?

This weekend, Carrie Symonds married Boris Johnson in a wedding dress she had rented. She isn’t alone. From dresses to shoes to hairbands, clothes hire is growing fastWhen Carrie Symonds married Boris Johnson over the bank holiday weekend, it wasn’t in a dress handed down by a relative, or a custom-made designer frock destined to take up space in her wardrobe for years to come. It was in a dress she had rented for a few days from a website called My Wardrobe HQ.You might not expect a person who ...
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How to Plan a Frugal Destination Wedding

How to Plan a Frugal Destination Wedding is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money! At first, the idea of having a destination wedding can seem expensive. Traveling is often not cheap and there are lots of things that go into planning a wedding in a location far from your hometown. How does a frugal destination wedding sound? That said, traditional local weddings can cost a pretty penny as well. Once you add up costs like the venue, meals fo...
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Walmart's latest sales ring in a marriage boom as couples hit by COVID-19 delays look to race down the aisle

ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images and Jens Büttner/picture alliance via Getty Images The latest sales data from Walmart indicates that the summer of 2021 may kick off a wedding boom. Shoppers are grabbing up products like bridal jewelry, artificial flowers, and wedding décor. The COVID-19 pandemic forced countless couples to delay or change their wedding plans. See more stories on Insider's business page. After months of postponed ceremonies, a wedding boom may finally be...
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Taffeta with no tantrums: How we created Diana’s fairytale wedding dress

As the gown of the 80s goes on show, David Emanuel, its co-designer, describes working with his ‘sweet as pie’ royal client For David Emanuel, the memories are always close to the surface. Straightening the veil, smoothing ruffles of ivory silk taffeta, whispering “a few sweet things” to Diana Spencer before she walked down the aisle in St Paul’s Cathedral and became the Princess of Wales.“It was a long time ago, darling,” he says, of creating what is probably still the world’s most famous weddi...
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One of London's most iconic luxury department stores, Selfridges, is hosting in-store mini weddings for $9,000

A couple cuts their wedding cake. Olga Shevtsova/EyeEm/Getty Images London's iconic department store, Selfridges, is hosting mini wedding ceremonies in its store. Each ceremony costs more than $9,000, and can include a private DJ set and film screenings. Couples can choose from three different packages that vary in extravagance. See more stories on Insider's business page. Couples now can wed in one of London's most iconic luxury department stores. Selfridges, founded more than...
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Songs That Never Fail To Make White People Beyond Turnt: A Playlist

It's like going to your cousin's wedding, without leaving the comfort of your COVID-quarantined home! (Except for "Don't Stop Believin'" because I hate that song with the fire of a million exploding suns.) Image: Shawn Burns / Flickr (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
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Lava in a cold climate: Icelanders rush to get wed at volcano site

The ‘quiet’ eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula lets scientists, the public and even marrying couples enjoy the spectacle close upIt was not the wedding they planned when they got engaged in 2017. But for Sumarliði and Jón, their ceremony in front of neon orange lava erupting from a volcano in Iceland was “weird, gorgeous and terrifying all at the same time”.The grooms hiked for more than two hours through snow and wind to reach the spot on the Reykjanes peninsula. “I thought I might freeze to d...
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"I have COVID-love shame. I don’t tell anybody about this … A lot of my dread is purely, for lack of a better word, selfish."

Said a man ("William") who got Covid — nearly symptomless Covid — and loved the solitude and inactivity it imposed on him.Quoted in "A Great Excuse to Do Nothing’: The People Who Don’t Want to Return to Normalcy" (Intelligencer). More from William: "I’ve had explicit permission to just stay home and I have got my own self-sustaining ecosystem here … work, food, exercise, recreation. I just feel so much more control of my experiences. I’m just dreading traffic, ‘meet me at the coffee shop at th...
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'You just have to be creative': couples in England tie the knot as lockdown eases

Couples are going ahead with smaller ceremonies, with up to six attendees, including bride and groomCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHaving trimmed their guest list from 180 people to four, Jessica and Jonny Chope were one of the first couples to get married on Monday when restrictions in England eased to allow weddings to take place again.They tied the knot at Alton register office in Hampshire in front of their parents while a registrar read the vows from behind a pl...
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'You just have to be creative': wedding couples in England tie the knot as lockdown eases

Couples are going ahead with smaller ceremonies, with up to six attendees, including bride and groomCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageHaving trimmed their guest list from 180 people to four, Jessica and Jonny Chope were one of the first couples to get married on Monday when restrictions in England eased to allow weddings to take place again.They tied the knot at Alton register office in Hampshire in front of their parents while a registrar read the vows from behind a pl...
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